When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 50 - 17. Is a Refreshing Protagonist (1)

Author: alyalia

“How can she do that with a body like that?”


Huh? Thinking about it, it was strange. Carl definitely resisted, but for a moment, he was pushed back by force. If his eyes weren’t wrong, it was almost impossible to reach that strength with Fanora’s muscle mass.






Perhaps… the owner of the missing Io. Doubt passed instantly, and Carl’s speculation was like a person with great interest in holy relics. But that speculation vanished from his mind within a few seconds. Ei, no way.


Carl walked diligently again. He would be late for dinner tonight if he delayed more than this. If she had it, she wouldn’t be doing that.


* * *

The next day.


“Lady Fanora, what—”




“What’s the matter?”


Carl and Fanora have made their second appointment this year. It was because she sent a letter urgently to Carl Andras, who was staying in his mansion in the capital. 


[See you tomorrow.]


A short sentence that seems to show a simple tone. Carl shook the letter in his hand and made a worried face. He was sure that what she said last time was their last meeting, so what was the reason for her suddenly calling him again?


Carl wondered if something terrible had happened to her in the meantime. However, Fanora tried to avoid his clear eyes and soon opened her chapped lips. “It was my mistake. I forgot what I had to say when we met because I was so immersed in the spar. Just like a fool.”


“Seeing that you memorized all the books I gave you, Lady Fanora is much smarter than me. It’s okay because sometimes it could happen!”


It was already snowing in the capital these days, and it was cold, so asking him to come a long way could annoy him. But Carl didn’t blame Fanora for her mistake.


Is it because I won the duel yesterday? I told him not to object to my actions in the future. It felt strange that she somehow gained loyalty through force. 


Fanora thought so and barely brought up the main point. However, the main point was not without problems.


“Anyway, Carl… please give me some money.”




When Carl tilted his head and looked bright at the words, Fanora added with a feeling of prickly heart. “Ah, a-about the money! I will pay you back. I’m going to call you and give it back!”


But somehow, the flow of the story became even weirder.


“Lady Fanora, are you gambl—” Carl tried to express his concerns at her subsequent remarks for a moment, but he shut up when he remembered she said not to refute her choice again.


“I-I will lend it to you right away.”


I feel like I’m stealing money from an innocent person right now! Naturally, Carl’s final answer was yes. But Fanora’s face darkened because she felt a guilty conscience about this.


“Um, by the way.”


And a little later, Carl, who was watching her, didn’t ask the reason she wanted to borrow money but brought up another topic. “I don’t know how much you need, but I don’t have much money. Is that okay?”


“How much exactly do you have?”


“Um, I don’t know. I will have to count to find out.”


Carl looked away for a moment and tried to remember something. “But no matter how much it is, it may not meet Lady Fanora’s expectations. In fact, my family doesn’t have any money.”


“Why? Your family is marquis. Your mansion was also very glamorous.”


“It was because the mansion is visible to others, but in the first place, our family shouldn’t have accumulated financial resources.”


They couldn’t build up their wealth? Fanora tilted her head at Carl’s words. He talked about it even though it was important information about his family.


“The king doesn’t like it if my family, which has the military command, would have enough money too. I heard that the royal family is keeping us in check.”




“Ah, similar to us, the two dukes are also under similar surveillance. In particular, the Jalier family has soldiers despite the northern environment.”


Fanora was momentarily surprised by what he was saying and then asked cautiously, “By the way, all these things… can you really talk about it to me?”


“Uh? Is there something I shouldn’t say?” 


However, Carl only blinked innocently as if he didn’t know that he had confided in his family situation. “Did something offend you? I’m sorry if so…”


Let’s not talk about it. Carl doesn’t go anywhere and is not into politics. Fanora couldn’t help but feel sorry for his demeanor, trusting in her. Anyway, that was not the point.


“Ahem, if you’re not an extravagant person, you probably have a lot of personal funds from your family.”


“I definitely have some savings.”


“I’d like to borrow it.”


The reason Fabira wanted his money was to invest. She was trying to take advantage of the spice shortage incident that was revealed at the new year eve some time ago. 


In order to enter the upper-class salon that Vasago attends in the future. The basic requirement I have to achieve is to donate at least 10,000 bil to the church.


In this world, money brought more money. In order to get such a huge amount of wealth, you needed large amounts of money or to own territories. But the money Fanora had now is all the pocket money she had saved up to this age and the small sapphire mine her father gave for her 16th birthday present. Even the profits from the mines were managed by her family, and if she sold the ownership of it, her family would notice it.


I can’t help it. When I told Aloken about that information, he didn’t even fully trust me… So Fanora decided to take this opportunity to slowly raise money. The beginning was only a small start, but as the results piled up, it would see the light someday.


“Anyway, give me all the money you have.”


“Ah, yes.”


Fanora spoke somewhat carelessly, preoccupied with the future plans in her head.


“Then, have a good time.”


“Hahaha. Yes! Lady Fanora, stay healthy!”


Unfortunately, that really became their last conversation before her debutante. It was ugly to wrap up their meeting by talking about money.


* * *

<#1. Guelder House (Morning/Montage)


Vasago woke up from the bed and bathed in the morning sun. She got her hair styled and makeup from the maid. Holding two necklaces, she asked the maid which one suited her. Fully dressed, she looked straight ahead and smiled.


#2. Royal Castle


February 3rd. It was the day of the debutante. As young nobles who started their social debut gathered in the Royal Hall, the last main character of the ceremony appeared.


Servant (V.O): The eldest daughter of Duke Guelder, Vasago Guelder, is entering!


When the servant with a good low-pitched voice shouts, the eyes of the people in the hall gather at the entrance.


Naverius: Is that the Vasago you can only hear of? The Duke Guelder’s daughter?


Haures: Close your open mouth. You’re going to drool.>


* * *

Two months later., the residence of Count Celsius in the capital.


“Welcome, Lady.”


“Yes, Cecil.”


As the new year began, the nobles who had gone down to the estate to escape the cold returned to the capital one by one.


“In the meantime, the interior of the mansion changed again.”


“It is said to be a trendy style.”


“Bright orange color…”


If so, it meant that the first event announcing the opening of the social season was just around the corner.


“It’s nice to have a lot of bright things in this mansion.”


Rattle, rattle. Fanora, who was looking at the carriages outside the busy window, soon turned her head.


“Lady Fanora, let me carry your luggage.”


Fanora Celsius. After completing the education with her godmother, she would also show her face in earnest from this season.


* * *

17. Is a Refreshing Protagonist


‘I think Lady has changed a bit in those few months. Cecil, who took the luggage Fanora carried out when she headed to Countess Maquil’s mansion, thought as she moved it to Fanora’s room. Apparently, when she first served her, her appearance was as thin and unseemly as a poor commoner. But Fanora, whom she met again today, had changed dramatically.


“…Lady has grown taller.”


“You notice it too.”


In fact, Fanora was not short stature from the beginning. In the past, Seir’s bullying caused her to lack nutrition during her growth period, but she was once an inch taller than her peers. If she ate well and moved well as she was now, the slow growth could be resolved easily.


“I came to the mansion earlier than expected. I will have to fix the dress for my debutante.”


Her appearance began to change from the past. She looked more like a different person thanks to correcting her crouching posture. If Fanora had to pick one thing she regretted, it was that she was still suffering from insomnia. Her under eye area was still dark, but she didn’t really care about it. 


Fanora then took hold of her skirt and moved at a rapid pace. There were more than one or two things to check from now on as her debutante was just around the corner. And then.






A familiar face appeared in front of her, who was moving urgently.


“You’re back.”


When Bael, who was talking to the butler in front of her room, asked first, Fanora answered politely, “Yes.”


After that, she tried to go straight into her room, and Bael made way with his usual blunt face. But then. 


“Lady Fanora, wait a minute.” When Bael disappeared to the first floor, the butler who remained in the hallway came in and delivered a brief message.


“Master has prepared a dress for Lady in advance. I will tell Cecil to get your debutante dress, so try it on.”


“Father was the one who ordered my debutante dress? It wasn’t mother?”


It’s weird. She was sure Hanar was the one who ordered her debutante dress ‘last time.’ Fanora tilted her head and followed the butler’s words. Soon afterward, Cecil, her exclusive maid, showed up groaning while carrying a heavy dress.


“I will help Lady change from now on.”




But the dress that appeared… was a splendid dress with various primary colors to the point of blinding. At a glance, there was no such thing as a stylish corner, and it was better than the cheap dress that Hanar had tailored before her regression.


Which dressing room sold such dresses to the Count? And, how old does Bael Celsius think about me?


When she saw the design with many frills and ribbons children would like, Fanora couldn’t help laughing. I didn’t like this kind of thing even when I was young. Besides, that was not the end of the absurdity.


“L-Lady, this is…”


“Take it off right now.”


“All right.”


The measurements were out of the match. Naturally, she grew a few centimeters tall while she was away from her family. Fanora didn’t think the outcome would be different even if she stayed still in this mansion. In a way, this could be seen as how Bael’s indifference to Fanora.


Well, he’s not a great enough person to care about his daughter’s growth. Still, what should I do with the pre-matched dress that was worn out…


“Lady, then… Shall we make an appointment for the dressing room today?”


In fact, there was already a way out.


“You don’t have to. Countess Maquil has decided to send me clothes to celebrate my social debut.”


Fanora’s clothes were ready. It was enough to just put on the accessories she gad.


“Come to think of it, did Aloken’s servant ever come to the mansion? We have to set departure time.”


“There has been an appointment for a visit tomorrow afternoon.”


The preparation was perfect, as she finished ensuring the person who would sit next to her.




Fanora recalled her first debutante at the age of 16 and her past life, which had been twisted since then. After a long time, she slowly opened her closed eyes.


My second social debut. It was finally the showdown. 

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