When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 51 - 17. Is a Refreshing Protagonist (2)

Author: alyalia

February 3rd, Royal Castle


On the morning of February 3rd. Today was the day of the debutante, which Fanora suffered from before her regression. When she opened her eyes in her dream, she saw the view of the Great Hall, where the young men and women shyly made eye contact and danced in pairs.


In her dream, Fanora leaned alone against the cold wall with a gloomy face. She stared endlessly at her fiancé dancing with another woman. The sadness of that time was still clear, but she had no time to hesitate. Because today was the chance to change those memories.


Debutante. It was one of the important events in the Kingdom Kasius, where the young nobles officially stepped into the society. Even at a younger age, the children of nobles could make small social events such as tea parties. Still, after their debutante, the range of events they could participate in has changed in earnest.


“Come on, everybody, come with me.”


First of all, the process of debutante of the Kingdom Kasius was like this. As the young nobles of each family showed their faces to the society for the first time, the first person they had to greet was the King.


“Then, each of you will come inside for one minute at a time. You can return the other way when you have finished greeting the King.”


Currently, the young ladies of each family were standing in a line in front of the huge audience hall, dressed in pure white and simple clothes. Of course, Fanora was in that long line too. Although her family hierarchy wasn’t that high, she could stand quite in the front row because she was Duke Jalier’s fiancée.


“…greetings to the King.”


Soon after, a high chair was placed under the guidance of the royal attendant. When it was her turn, Fanora walked in front, bowed her head, and sat down on one knee just like a knight had sworn an oath.


“My name is Fanora Celsius, the eldest daughter of Count Celsius.”


And on top of that chair sat none other than the King of Kasius, Valmont IV.


That was the first ritual of the debutante. It was a procedure in which you presented your greetings to the King.


“Yes. You can get here now.”


King Valmont reacted reluctantly when she kissed his right hand as a sign of allegiance as a noble.


“Hoaaam… next!”


There was never a chance to see the King so close unless you were from the Marquis or Duke family.


The King yawned loudly, how bothersome the precious ritual was, without even paying attention to the people around him.




Fanora knew it but quietly turned around and got out without changing her expression. Outside, there were countless ladies still waiting for their turn to say greetings.


It was definitely too early. Since the opening ceremony of the debutante began in the early morning, when it was still the time for them to close their eyes, the hallways were lined up with the yawning nobles. But Fanora never showed any signs of disarray.


“…Lilac Fort from Baron Fort is entering!”


“…Kate Livis from Baron Livis is entering!”


The event that followed was finally the ball, the core of the debutante. Usually, after waiting in the order from the lowest family, they entered the Great Hall with their mother or partner, according to the attendant’s announcement.


“Fanora, are you nervous?”


“I’m not nervous because Godmother is by my side.”


Fanora looked at the huge door she would enter from the Castle hallway. Then Countess Maquil, who was standing by, slowly grabbed her left hand and said, “The next time you go to Sir Ronwe’s condolences, please tell him.”




“I kept my promise.”


She felt strange. Originally, Fanora entered her debutante alone when she was 16 years old. So, as my name was called out loudly, many nobles laughed at the fact that she came alone at that time. The voices of those who pointed their fingers at her, asking why she came alone and how she could find a godmother or partner, and the vague memory of her looking at the floor of the hall was still there.


However, today was different. As Ronwe’s last will, Countess Maquil held her hand as she made her debutante.


“By the way…”


Besides, Fanora was blessed with one more figure who was idly by her side today.


“Are you sure you’re alright by yourself, Aloken?”


Fanora asked the person who had been staring at godmother and her. Then the black-haired man standing nearby replied, “What if Lady Fanora desperately wants to throw her fiancé away? I have to do what I should do.”




“If you had such a great Godmother, I wish you would let me know in advance. Ah, Countess Maquil, I’m sorry for the late greetings.”


“Greetings to Duke Jalier.”


This was the first appearance of Aloken since the New Year’s Eve. He had already made his debutante, but since he was qualified as her fiancé, he showed up dressed up here. Still, when he heard that the seat next to Fanora was already full, he expressed exaggerated disappointment.


“But what can I do about it? With the sole intention of holding the hand of my beloved fiancée, I gave up my work and entered the palace… Thanks to you, I will go to a party by myself for the first time in my life.”


At his words, Fanora glanced at her surroundings, then moved away from godmother for a moment, beckoning to Aloken. As Aloken bent down to her action to lend his ear, a cold voice pierced that man’s ears.


“It is the punishment for making a habit of appearing without an appointment every time.”




Aloken, who was smiling softly like a fox, heard the words, nodded, and stood up again. Then he shouted as if to let everyone listen.


“From now on, you don’t have to be shy to say that you love me!”


He was a man who never lost from begging to the end.  


“Did he really propose to you first?”


“Yes, Godmother.”


After that, Aloken moved somewhere, saying he wanted to change his outfit before entering. Then godmother glanced at his back and smiled faintly.


“If Ronwe had met Duke Jalier in his lifetime, he might not have sent me a letter.”




“It means you weren’t alone.”


With that, Fanora also realized herself. She didn’t know if it would be like this or that, but her second debutante must be that warmth.


“Lady Celsius, please get ready.”


“Ah, yes.”


After a while, Fanora was placed in the order of entry. What in front of the huge door of the Great Hall, which she often see after becoming an adult.



“What’s that? She said she’s getting engaged. Why is she alone?”

“Oh my gosh. A once-in-a-lifetime debutante, she is wearing a dress like that.”

“For that lady, you need to consider asking her to dance. Even if she pretends not to be, she’s an outcast child from her family. What good are you going to get involved with her?”


She stepped forward, trying to erase the fear of her debutante that remained in her memory.


“Fanora Celsius from the Count Celsius is entering!”


Before long, the voice of the servant who announced her name resounded in the air. The gold door opened wide, and the light of the gorgeous chandelier in the Great Hall poured down.




Fanora frowned for a moment as her eyes were dazzled by the light pouring through the door. As she walked forward, she held godmother’s hand even stronger so she wouldn’t fall.




And a few seconds later. When she got used to the light, she finally opened her closed eyes. She raised her gaze and captured the scenery of her second debutante.


It was the same as back then.


As she entered the hall, the eyes of the nobles inside turned to Fanora. Stabbed by those sharp gazes, she felt like a nightmare repeated itself.




“Is that Lady Celsius?”


“Countess Maquil, who had retired from society, took her as a goddaughter. Hoo~”


“She’s not that fair, but she’s really an eye-catching lady.”


Fanora noticed that the faces of the nobles whispering from afar were different. They had curious eyes rather than faces that were laughing at ridiculous clowns.


“Well, let’s go inside.”


“Yes, Godmother.”


Then, what about the next step?


Originally, Fanora crouched after entering and hid behind a pillar out of sight. Still, she could stand proudly in the center of the hall this time.


“Greetings to Countess Iva Maquil! It’s been a while.”


“How sad I was that I couldn’t see Countess while you were recuperating! I want to make a place to celebrate your return!”


“Your goddaughter is so mature!”


As soon as we appeared in the hall’s center, the crow gathered instantly.


It’s like bees gathering in nectar.


The goddaughter of the Countess. At the same time, she was in the position of being the fiancee of Duke Jalier, so she was treated quite differently from the last time. But it was good. Gathering eyes like this were what she was hoping for.


“Hello. Even though I’m not good enough, please take care of me in the future.”




Fanora greeted the nobles who gathered around her. She had a rather heavy expression until now, but she made a soft expression for this moment. 


To behave according to etiquette properly at such a young age. The Madams who participated as godmother to the young nobles admired this.


“How can your greeting attitude be so perfect?”


“It’s all thanks to the good teachings of Godmother.”


“Hohoho. Lady Celsius, if you don’t mind, after the debutante, my family—”


It was around when they had been in the conversation for a while.


“Aloken Jalier from Duke Jalier is entering!”


At last, it was her fiancé’s turn to come in. When his name was called out loud, the people who were talking turned their heads at once.


“It looks like little Duke Jalier is also participating in this ball… Ups, I should stop making this mistake.”


“Lord, how could you still get confused by his title? He’s a duke now, so be polite.”


After entering, Aloken looked around the hall leisurely. The outfit he wore today was a suit mainly made of white fabric, which says it’s time for a new start. There was also a dark blue embroidery on it, a color permitted only to high-ranking nobles.


“Oh my, he’s like a painting.”


“People in the North say that the climate is rough and people in there look thin, but when you see Duke Jalier, you can’t believe that word.”


Soon after, Aloken walked to Fanora without hesitation. What followed was a conversation in a flat tone.  


“This year’s debutante is bigger than last year.”


“Aloken, is there a more powerful person than you?”


“Of course, there’s no one more powerful than me.”


Aloken stopped talking and then turned around. His gaze touched the entrance of the hall.


“But there is only one person who can match my power.”


At the same time, the servant finally called out the last participant.


“Vasago Guelder from Duke Guelder is entering!”


Aaah, that’s right.


At the slowly open door, the protagonist of this banquet and the protagonist of this world began to appear.


Finally, it was the prelude to the second chapter of the novel. 


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