When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 72 - 23. With a Confident Personality. (3)

Author: alyalia

It was the next day.


“It’s too fast!”


Fanora, who returned to the Celsius Mansion after the ball, sat at her desk early that morning. But while she was looking for the new inkwell, the letter she had been waiting for arrived.


[Dear Fanora.]




Fanora eventually stopped what she was doing and checked the letter first. What was in the letter was a greeting from Naverius.


“On the subject spread rumors even knowing what effect such rumors would have on young ladies like me.”


How dare he try to restore their relationship?


“He really didn’t reflect.”


She laughed at Naverius’s actions. But it was okay. Her purpose was to show her face at the ball and destroy the rumors.


“Let’s see.”


Cecil should have been called by the head maid and received her salary by now.


Fanora hummed herself down at her desk. A number of letters were strewn on her desk, all from her ex-fiancé.




Was it when Naverius was still a boy? When they were young, he sent her romantic letters to win Fanora’s heart. It was the first time she had ever received a letter from someone at her age, so she treasured all of them. After she grew up, she seldom took them out. However, it was fortunate that she still remembered the location of the box containing his letters.




Anyway, Fanroa looked at the letters scattered on her desk, then she picked up a pen and started writing on the white paper. No matter how carefully her pen tip moved, she seemed to be writing a love poem.


“Lady, this is Cecil.”


“Come in.”


When Cecil returned to her room a while later, Fanora had already finished organizing her desk.


* * *

Summer in the Kingdom of Kasius has already reached its peak. Young nobles gathered worldwide to find a mate to marry, creating a new atmosphere. When the rainy season of Kasius began, the heat of this social season would eventually come to an end.


The nobles who gathered in the capital burned their last passion, regretting the end of the social season. They moved from one party to another without getting tired, even after dark.


“Cecil, isn’t this garden wonderful?”


“Yes, Lady.”


“If only I could see these flowers every day, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to become a knight””


But in these busy times, she visited an unfamiliar place, not the ball held by the nobles. This place was none other than the courtyard of the royal castle. She was heading on her way to the knights training ground somewhere there


“I’m not familiar with the place, so I don’t know where it is. Uh, is it over there?”


She soon found the place she wanted. This was because she could vaguely hear the sound of the honest-voiced knights training in the distance. This is where Carl stays.


The reason Fanora entered the castle today was simple. She had a favor to ask Carl.


Found you! A red color could be seen through the sandy winds of the spacious training ground. Fanora thought it might be the color of Carl’s hair and tried to call him. However,


“Andra—” She closed her mouth naturally as the dust that had risen in the air settled.


“Haha! Is everyone done already?”


What she saw was a young man smiling broadly like the summer sun.


“This time, Roland held out until the end! Congratulations on your exemption from training.”


Every time the young man tilted his head and smiled. The blood splattered on his white teeth stood out.


“But why does everyone hate running in the front yard? I absolutely love running.”


It wasn’t long before Fanora realized. A mess of wounded people scattered around the red-haired young man. Three… four… no, five people? Of course, Carl Andras also had blood on his fists and face, but his injury looked relatively light.




Faced with sudden bloodshed, both Fanora and Cecil got stiffened.


It was at that moment. The young man, who was catching his breath with a refreshing face, belatedly looked at her direction. When he found Fanora’s face, he came running happily like a dog that met its owner.


“Lady Fanora!”




“Welcome! I just finished sparring!”


While he had an infinitely bright face, Fanora had a subtly firm face.


Uh? Is Lady Fanora becoming afraid of me because of the sparring…?  Carl was terrified that she would react like any other noble.


But soon, Fanora pointed to the ground of the training ground and said, “Isn’t that your clothes over there? It’s not really urgent, so pick up your clothes first.”




And here, belatedly, Carl remembered his clothes. It wasn’t only him; all the knights on the ground were like that too. During the training, all of them had their tops off.


“Even though it’s not urgent… he runs again.” Fanora quietly followed him as he went to get his clothes.


When she first met Carl in this life, he looked like an innocent boy. Carl’s appearance had also grown a lot as he had grown in height. How long will it take me to have that kind of body?


Broad shoulders and height that grew up following the lineage. His hair color is still bright red, but his neatly trimmed hairstyle stands out, perhaps because he joined the knights.


By the way… The part that caught her eyes more than anything else was something else. The face of Carl Andras, who had just begun to take off his boyish features, was getting closer to what she had seen in the future. Started from his eyes until the corners of his mouth were drawn with nice lines. It meant that he had become a handsome young man who could be liked by anyone.


Carl has so many scars on his body.


Fanora heard that Carl Andras made his debut last year. Fanora thought to herself. If it wasn’t for Aloken, he would have caught the eye of young ladies in the Great Hall. But all of a sudden, he made his debut in the same year as Aloken Jalier.


Fanora’s eyes suddenly became dimmed. It was because his misfortune overlapped with hers, who debuted at the same time with Vasago, the most beautiful woman.


“I’m sorry for showing you something you shouldn’t see. I’m all dressed up!”


“There’s dust behind your back…”


“Ah, is there a lot?”


She picked up the fallen clothes, patted Carl on the back, and said, “But do you usually spar this hard?”




“Thanks to you, my maid is out of her mind right now.”


At this time, Carl looked at Cecil standing near Fanora. Cecil’s usual rational expression was nowhere to be found. She was even breaking out in a cold sweat while looking at Carl as if he was a dangerous person.


Cecil became afraid of seeing blood after being almost assassinated like me. But Fanora considered her fear as a windfall.


“Your complexion doesn’t look good. Stop following me and sit in the shade over there.”




“I won’t get out of your sight.”


Cecil didn’t take a step immediately, worrying about Fanora’s safety. So Fanora reassured her again.


“Cecil, he’s my friend. It’s going to be alright.”




Her maid eventually accepted Fanora’s words.


Soon as Cecil sat down in the shade far away, Fanora turned her head. “…Why are you making expressions like that?”


“Yes? Ah, uh, it’s nothing.”


Fanora turned her eyes and saw Carl looked surprised, so she asked him. Still, he immediately returned to his usually smiling face.


“Anyway, I apologize for making you come all the way here.”


“I’m the one who should apologize. There’s still a long way until the next social club meeting, but I suddenly have something to say.”


“If it wasn’t for a day like today when my sister is around, I would have visited your mansion…”


Carl talked to her and wiped the blood from his fist and pants. Regardless of that, Fanora continued her words. “Anyway, Carl, I’d like to hold a quick party before this social season ends.”


“Is that an invitation?”


“Yes, I’m here to give you this.”


She handed Carl the envelope she had brought in advance. Carl noticed Fanora’s intentions here.


“…I see.”


“It’s the first party invitation in my life, so how can I send a servant to send the letter to my best friend? Of course I have to give it myself, right?”


One day Fanora instructed him out. If she ever handed him an ‘invitation.’ …Inside this is probably Lady Fanora’s instruction. There will be written about her revenge, so she must ensure he reads it by himself and burns it immediately. That’s what Fanora asked him to do.


“I will definitely live up to Lad Fanora’s expectations.”


“Thank you.”


As Carl spoke earnestly, Panora raised the corners of her mouth gently. Her message was well conveyed.


“Are you going back now?”


Then, since the invitation was delivered, her today’s work ends here. Fanora didn’t immediately retreat but added a few more words to Carl.


“No. More than that… It’s interesting to see the sparing of the knights. If you allow me, can I come and see you tomorrow?”


She’s going to visit to see the sparring? Carl didn’t answer her words right away but rolled his red eyes to look around. The distance from here to Cecil was so far that they couldn’t hear each other’s voices. It had been a long since her injured colleagues left the training ground for treatment.


“Since there are no ears around us, I think you can be honest.”




“Why do you want to come back tomorrow? Is there anything I can do to help…”


He saw through the lies mixed in Fanora’s words. She was surprised for a moment. However, she led the conversation without much embarrassment.


“You’ll understand if you read the invitation I gave you.”


“I see.”


“I plan to stay longer tomorrow than today. I’d appreciate it if you freed up some time in the morning, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t do that.”


Carl nodded at Fanora’s words.


“Then I’ll be on my way. Enjoy the rest of the training, Carl.”


“Haha. Everyone tells me to do my best in training, but this is the first time someone has cheered me on to have fun.”


“That’s because you…” Fanora stopped talking.


Carl smiled broadly, but he had a chapped lip on one side.


“…Do you really like to fight like that?”


“Of course. Life is so boring without it.”


When she hinted, Carl nodded with a smile. Fanora then tilted her head. “But what if you get hurt? Don’t you hate getting hurt?”


Carl also tilted his head. It was a cute act in its own way, but the words that came out of his mouth were not at all.


“I like that as well.”




“Of course, the most exciting thing is when you knock someone down.”




“The exciting feeling when you hit them!”


Fanora interrupted him urgently. “Stop, stop. The genre of this novel will change if you say more. The kids can’t read this.”



“What are you talking about?””


“If you feel such a thing, I know what you mean.”


Fanora somehow felt like she knew his taste that shouldn’t be known. But Carl had a different interpretation of why she stopped his words.


He spoke slowly with a softened expression. “Don’t worry, Lady Fanora. I know I’m weird.”


“I beg your pardon?”


“When I was young, I thought everyone else except my family was weird, but now that I’ve grown up, my family is the one who is actually strange, right?”


Carl was still smiling. But even looking at those sunken eyes, no one could say he was happy.


“But I can’t live without doing this… After thinking about what to do, I finally decided on the rules and memorized them. I only do that in legal sparring, bad people, and those who touch me.”




“I don’t want good people to be sad.”


So, he wouldn’t hurt them unless someone first asked him for sparring. He told her not to be afraid of him, no matter how aggressive he seemed.


“You don’t need to worry about that,” Fanora answered him right away. “I have never been afraid of you.”


“Lady Fanora.”


“The only thing I’m afraid of is failing my revenge.” She spoke with a casual look on her face.


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