When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 82 - 26. However, (4)

Author: alyalia

And again, the story returned to the house of the King of Kasius.




Fanora flipped through her diary, using the noise of the servants organizing her luggage as a background sound. The diary was written in messy handwriting that only she could understand. She carefully wrote that in fear someone might find out this precious secret. This was the novel that appeared this week.


<#4. Royal Street Capital


It was a street full of people. Two hooded people looked around the stalls.


Vasago: It’s the first time I’ve been to the market without an escort. How excited I’m!


Aloken: (Smiles)


Vasago: I couldn’t eat anything because of their nagging. What is the name of this food?


Aloken: Dried olive leaves.


When she became interested, Aloken willingly paid for the dried olive leaves and put them in her hand.


Vasago: You don’t need to buy it.


Aloken: You speak so well on the subject that you only brought platinum coins in your pocket to the market.


Vasago: It wasn’t on the schedule. Hmph, thank you anyway.


Aloken: Really? So, in return for your gratitude, are you ready to be my wife now?


Vasago: (Laughs) You too often forget whose daughter I am.>




Looking at the contents of the diary that appeared this time, Fanora felt a strange sensation. Presumably, the date in the novel now would be the spring of next year. It must have been the beginning of the social season. However, somehow, the daily life of Vasago in the novel seemed similar to the day she had spent a week ago.


“What he said or did when seduced a woman… it was the same.”


Fanora reflected on what Aloken had said and done over the past week. He bought her a portrait from the stall she had her eye on. And then he said this.


“Really? Then, in return for your gratitude, do you feel a little more willing to become my wife now?”


Why was his voice so vivid in her memory?


Anyway, this was the omitted story of the midnight novel that she didn’t have to recall until now. At some point, Aloken began to be attracted to Vasago, and he showed his crush on her and confessed his feelings to her in front of the clock tower. Vasago, who was secretly attracted to Aloken, naturally accepted his confession.


I knew this would happen.


So, in the novel, the two have already become lovers.


I knew…


Just like one day she predicted, the male protagonist of this world was Aloken. However, one question remained for Fanora.


She hadn’t heard that Princess Gueldger, Kasius’s pride treasure, had a lover in her past life. Of course, in the novel, it was said that the relationship between Guelder and Jalier was very bad, so they decided to keep their relationship a secret until the hostility between their families was lowered.


Bow rumors easily spread in society. To keep it a secret until the end… Could it be that Haures had something to do with them last time, and they didn’t end up together?


After weighing their relationship, Fanora returned to the main subject.


“Anyway, are the two of them originally a pair?”


No matter how much the story went around, one fact didn’t change. Lately, every weekday at midnight, she had been reading a novel about Aloken and Vasgo going through the hardships of love. In conclusion, Fanora stole the attention of Aloken, who should have been Vasago’s lover.


You reap what you have sown!  


Of course, Fanora didn’t feel guilty.


It serves you right.


Before being regressed, if only Vasago had pretended to listen to her request to return Naverius, she would have felt a bit sorry…


It feels strange to see Aloken using the same trick on Vasago as he did on me.


She closed the diary she was reading and got up from her seat. There was no time to indulge in a novel with a title such as ‘Dangerous Love.’ After all, the only thing she got from today’s content was the information about how Aloken seduces women.


“Cecil, Cecil!”


Fanora recalled her forgotten goals. In the novel, she meets a woman who is having a happy time every week. So she couldn’t have forgotten her anger.


“Where is my funeral dress?”


Today was the long-waited funeral of her enemy. However, she was endlessly greedy despite achieving her desired goal… There was still a long way to go. Fanora had to wear this black dress a few more times before she could put an end to this novel.


* * *

It was a few hours later. Someone’s funeral was held in a heavy atmosphere with gloomy clouds and humid air. The number of nobles gathered in the narrow chapel was small, but many came from prestigious families. Because the dead was the successor of Count Demangdwi.


No matter how declining they were for several generations, their lineage shared the same roots as Duke Guelder. Using this historical bloodline as a pride, Demangdwi was able to manage to get Duke Guelder to attend the funeral. As a result, the gathering nobles at this funeral came because they followed the duke.


Sob, sob…


“I can’t believe such a young person has passed away in such a vain way.”


“This is a big deal. He was their only heir…”


The Celsius family, who had a connection with Naverius in his lifetime, also attended today’s funeral. Fanora stood between her parents, who put on their cold faces, then she wept silently. It was an appropriate expression that was neither excessive nor insufficient. 


I was wondering if I could meet that person at the funeral today. She felt sorry for the Demangdwi family, who lost their only heir.


Fanora looked around silently through her tears. Her gaze sank as soon as she noticed that Vasago hadn’t come to this place. Why? Why didn’t you come? You were originally close to Naverius, right?


Whether it was in the midnight novel or the past life she experienced, Naverius and Vasago, distant relatives, maintained a close relationship. There, Vasago noticed that Naverius had the same political views as her, and he had a crush on her, so she had placed him by her side to take advantage of his hands and feet…


Then why didn’t Vasago come to this funeral? Could it be that Naverius didn’t have a crush on her in this life? It was clear that their relationship wouldn’t have begun if Naverius hadn’t pursued her first.


“How come…”


Fanora wiped the tears from her eyes and looked quietly at the coffin. If his ghost ever appeared, she wanted to ask him why he hadn’t fallen in love with Vasago in this life. But that wouldn’t happen.




A heavy dress colored black weighed down Fanora’s skin.


If only I had known I would be this happy.


But she felt more comfortable than ever despite the weight of the clothes she was wearing.


I will diligently avenge my past life.


How many had she taken her revenge on? Fanora spent her time reflecting on what she had achieved. Then, in the blink of an eye, the funeral process was over.


“Oh my.”


But right after that, a small problem arose. A sudden rain began while the nobles were preparing to return. If it was moderate rain, I would have ignored it, but it was heavily raining.  So, in the end, the nobles who attended the funeral decided to wait until the rain subsided.


“Lady Fanora, Lady Fanora.”




It wasn’t long before she had to wait up in the building. Fanora was alone on the porch of the chapel, watching the rain. But after a while, a small voice whispered her name.


“Yes. I’m here.”


When she turned my head, she saw a familiar face. In fact, that person was an eyesore at the funeral earlier. No matter how much he wore a black robe, his physique wouldn’t be easily hidden.


“Carl, were you acquainted with Naverius?”




“And yet you have come to this funeral.”


He really grew up day by day. Before she knew it, Fanora glanced at Carl, who had grown so big that she had to look up, then said, “So you’re here talk about animal lover club? I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble here. I feel so sad right now.”


It was their own signal. Animal lover club means Fanora’s revenge, and her sentence’s interpretation meant, ‘don’t talk about that here.’


“Um… that’s… I don’t know if I should say this is about the club or not…”


Some of the nobles passed by where they were standing. This was an open place. It wasn’t an exceptionally secret place, so nobles passing by didn’t pay attention to the two of them while they were talking. Even though the main culprit who created this funeral was right in front of their nose.


Did he come to ask for a reward for contributing to my revenge? Fanora thought so as she looked at Carl, who was troubled to bring his words. However, contrary to her guess, the sentence Carl brought out was unexpected.


“I don’t think I will be able to see Lady Fanora for a while.”




“By royal order, I need to go to the battle.”


Ah, come to think of it, he’s a member of the knight orders, right? Fanora belatedly recalled a large-scale conflict with Sankrit on the western border around this time.


“Are you going to deal with the remnants of Sankrit?”


“Yes! That’s right. There have been conflicts from time to time in the past, but looking at the order given, it seems that this time the royal family is planning to completely wipe them out.”


“Carl, if you say something… like military importance here…”


However, during the conversation, Carl revealed the king’s order. Fortunately, there were no ears around them not, but Fanora was worried that he was always like this.


“Uh? By any chance, Lady Fanora, should I tell you about this somewhere else?”




“Then it’s fine,” Carl replied with a sad smile, saying it was fine since he only spoke about it to her.


I thought the security of this kingdom was going to collapse. Well, it didn’t matter.


As Fanora nodded with a relieved face, Carl belatedly added an explanation. “Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be able to hear you for a while because of that, and I can’t even go to the club! Is it going to be okay? What if Lady Fanora gets in trouble in the meantime?”


“What can I do? It’s a royal order.”


“But now Lady Fanora’s order is even higher. If you tell me not to go, I can pretend to be sick for a while, but what should I do?”




She couldn’t believe he had put the side of order from the royal. This was dangerous if anyone heard about it. However, it was confirmed that he was a loyal man, so Fanora spat out a word of praise briefly.


“Where else can I find a friend more trustworthy than you?”


Fanora then ordered. “I’m grateful, but you’re still going to the battle. Anyway, I think I won’t be able to participate in the club anymore this year.”


What came out of her mouth was a signal again. In short, it meant, ‘I have no use for you for the time being.’


“What a relief!”


When Fanora’s permission fell from his mouth, he jumped with joy. It was obvious why he reacted like this.


“To be honest, fighting with each other between knights was also being limited these days. I’m so excited! If I go out to this battle, I can enjoy it to the fullest, right? Then again, it’s worth putting up with at least one social season!”


“Ah… yes…”


“Battle is a wonderful thing. I’m glad there are bad people who threaten our people like the Sankrit! Thanks to that, I can knock them down to my heart’s content. I must be in the vanguard!”


“Others are anxious to avoid the vanguard…”


If Fanora had ordered him not to go to the battle, he would have withered to death. 


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