When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 84 - 27. There’s a Problem. (1)

Author: alyalia

27. There’s a Problem.


A few days later, Fanora arrived at the picnic in the Jalier Duchy. In the high sky, the sun was shining brightly. However, unlike the central region of Kasius, the duchy had relatively low humidity and temperature, so it was a pleasant and refreshing summer day.  


“There was a perception that the northern region was barren, but I didn’t know it would be this good to live in!”


“That’s right. If I hadn’t been invited like this, I wouldn’t have known for the rest of my life.”


“I want to come here on vacation every summer!”


The weather was so nice today. The nobles were chatting in groups of threes in a wide field.


So this large park belongs to the duke. Fanora mingled among them, staring at the river in the distance. On the other side of the river, other groups of nobles enjoyed the race by releasing their ducks. As they called out the name of the duck they were rooting for and shouted, ‘Win! Win!’ Fanora turned to the man sitting next to her.


“I felt it during our engagement ceremony, but the summer of Jalier is worth living.”


“Is that so?”


“It feels cool as if there’s no summer here.”


Fanora was lost in thought, sitting in a white chair Aloken had prepared for the picnic. It was annoying at first because it was burdensome to travel long distances, but now that I think about it, I’m glad I came here.


The central region of Kasius suffered from various disasters during the summer. In fact, while nobles were drinking tea elegantly here, the capital was in a state of unusual flood. Originally, a clever official named Haures Hoppen should have predicted and solved that, but…


“I like it better than summers spent in Celsius territory.”


As you know, Haures could not play an active role due to ‘special circumstances.’ However, Fanora didn’t care about this natural disaster. Vasago, the protagonist of this world, will take care of it.


Fanora no longer had any lingering attachments to the Kingdom of Kasius. Rather, she would like it if this kingdom just perished. It would be nice if the commoners, who were angry at the incompetent imperial family, rose up and cut the heads of the nobles.


“Certainly, my territory is comfortable in the summer. However…”




“Thanks to this, farming is often ruined. It’s ridiculous to say this is a good land.”


While Fanora was lost in thought, her fiancé spoke. What followed after was an ordinary solicitation.


“Still, I’m glad my fiancée likes this place. Should I give you this garden if we get married?”




What do I use this for? Fanora swallowed the words that were about to come out of her throat and pretended to laugh. Then, the young ladies around them laughed together.


“How can you get so close?”


“I’m so envious of you two. No matter how much the world is getting better, it is still difficult to get engagement out of love.”


“It’s because Lord Aloken and Lady Fanora were the best marriage partners in the kingdom. They really match each other well!”


How many minutes has it been since they’ve been pouring out compliments like this?


Aloken was worried that Fanora would be bored if she came alone, so he invited the nobles from the central region. And as Fanora, she was getting tired of the pretentious conversation.


“Aloken? I’m a little dizzy because I’ve been in the sun for too long.” So Fanora finally decided to run away from her seat. The stage of expanding her network and getting invited to the salon had already passed.


“Can you take me to the mansion?”


“With pleasure.”


Aloken rose from his seat when Fanora pretended to be sick.


“Butler, now the situation is like this, I hope you take care of the rest of them so they can enjoy it.”


Soon after, Fanora disappeared with the escort of Aloken. But did she know?


“Oh my God. Look at him coming with her right away when she said she’s dizzy.”


“I’m really hooked. They’re like a romantic novel!”


That her companions were fussing over something she didn’t like.


* * *

“You’re so weak… we can’t cut off the line of the duke family only because of you, so I’ll have to make medicine to feed you.”


“Can you stop talking nonsense when no one is around?”


They soon set foot on the duke’s mansion within the estate. Glancing over the splendid building she was unfamiliar with, Fanora said to Aloken, “I have something to tell you. Please spare me some time.”


“Right now?”


Aloken drove out the escorts who were following them belatedly.


“Tell me.”


When the surrounding servants disappeared, only two remained in the wide hallway. But it seemed that Fanora didn’t just want the two of them to remain in the spacious place together.


“It’s a bit long, so standing still—”


“Ah, then, should we have tea time?”




As she asked for his time, Aloken suddenly rummaged through his pocket. Then he pulled out something jingling, which was none other than an iron key.


“I have a family meeting in the afternoon, so I have to go get ready now. If it’s such an important conversation, let’s do it after the work is done.”




“The shortest one is the study key, so wait while reading a book.”


There was definitely something hanging in there, as well as the study key.


“Wait. If you give me something so important.”


While Fanora was flustered by inadvertently receiving the bundle of keys, Aloken walked away without listening to her.


“If you give me something this important!”


Fanora tried to squeeze her voice as his back was still visible, but the only thing that came back was his calm gesture. He waved his hands in the air as if saying do whatever you want.


“What do you think I’m going to do…”


Jinggle. Left alone, Fanora looked at the bundle of keys in her hand.




She had never received a bundle of keys. It was because she was despised by her family, let alone trusted. No matter how much she wanted to read, she had to stare at the door when the study was locked.


When I turned 18, Hanar began to interfere with my study. A long time had passed, but the melancholy feeling of the day when Hanar was turning the door of her study, which had been locked, remained in Fanora’s heart.


But now.


“Was it something that could be obtained so easily?”


Fanora grabbed the keys that smelled of iron and made a subtle expression. A little later, she moved alone and entered the study as she already knew the location.


“How long will the meeting take?”


As soon as she entered, the unique smell of piles of books welcomed her.


“Let’s see…”


Her eyes were drawn to the grand bookshelf to her left, and she spent a long time choosing what to read. Nothing caught her interest because her interests were biased toward revenge these days, but fortunately, she got one. It was a history book about holy relics.


Reading a book like this doesn’t prove that I’m the owner of Io, right? After Fanora picked out the book, she looked for a suitable seat. The desk placed by the window came into her eyes. It was made from a good tree.


Did Aloken usually work here?


The room was still quiet, and there would be plenty of time. She looked at the desk that came into her eyes out of curiosity.


“I don’t know if I’m allowed to see this…”


A few papers on the estate business were presumably scattered on the desk. Fanora wondered why the servants hadn’t cleared the desk. Then she looked to the side.


“What’s the book that the proud duke usually reads?”


On one side of the desk was an open book. Looking at the surrounding traces, it seemed that it was probably a book he had read recently. However,




Fanora opened her eyes wide at the cover of the book.


 “Why is this in the study of the duke” Unconsciously, she reached out her hand and began to look hastily at the open book. The contents were almost shocking.


It was a little later.




The door opened with a rough sound. The black-haired man who rushed into the study was out of breath.






As soon as Aloken appeared disheveled and noticed his fiancée reading a book by the window, he hurried up.



Tak. Aloken then took the book she was reading with a violent touch.


“Didn’t the meeting…”




“Over too early?”


But Fanora showed no sign of surprise at his wild behavior. Because she had already been through all kinds of surprises.


“I’m sorry, but I’ve already read the book’s contents…”


Fanora picked a word to say momentarily in front of him, who caught his breath. And while Aloken’s breath stabilized, she finally uncovered the secret of the book.

 “No way”




“I can’t believe Duke Jalier learned to love from a book!”




“Say something. Did you really court me by studying every word in this book?”


Shockingly, what was on Aloken’s desk was a psychology book entitled ‘The Art of Love.’ She knew people could read books about this topic in their lives. But there was something else that was really surprising.



Spend time with your loved one on the street. If your loved one is interested in a food or item, it’s a good way to gift it on the spot. For a lover who is happy to receive a gift, how about asking for non-material love in return?



Compliments make even whales dance. If your lover shows up wearing jewelry you haven’t seen before, praise them for being beautiful.



~ 10 sweet sentences for your lover~

First, “I can also give OOO (mainly valuable items) for you.”]


Somehow, as Fanora turned the book’s page, she saw many familiar situations. Everything from the street date that Aloken wished for, to what he died when he was her new hair ornament. In particular, she had heard all 10 sweet sentences recorded in this 49p.


Everything from the street date Aloken wished for, to what he did when he saw his new hair ornament.

 “My God, Oh my God”


She had been completely deceived. Who would have known this near-perfect man would court me by memorizing this book?


“I-I couldn’t have imagined it. You just do what the book tells you to do.”


Fanora looked up at him in disbelief. However, the reaction of the person involved was also spectacular.




He threw the book on the floor with a frown. He looked down at the book he had thrown, turned around, put his hand on his waist, and bowed down.




Her fiancé, who didn’t respond to the call of his name, didn’t make up any excuse and just shut his mouth.


Fanora saw this reaction and thought. Is he ashamed of being caught…?


Since this man said his emotions weren’t normal, he could have expressed his shame differently. Is he ashamed that he was caught courting following the book? When Fanora reached this point, she suddenly thought he was cute.






Slap!  What followed was a slapping sound. Aloken was surprised by the sound and turned around.


I’m crazy. What was I thinking?


That was the sound of Fanora slapping herself on the back of her hand to get herself together. However, when her reflexive measures were ineffective, she hurriedly changed the subject of the conversation.


 “I’ll forget what I just saw! Ah, more important than that. Please take a seat first.”




“Shall I call a servant? Where’s the chime? I want to moisten my throat because the talk will be long.”


Fanora tried to say something else but went along with the atmosphere.


“…I will tell them to bring some snacks too.”


Aloken’s expression was still complex.


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  1. Okay, but this was so cute. Both of them. I wonder if Fanora got a blush. If she did then Aloken’s expression must’ve been spectacular. (THIS is what she likes???)

    1. Hahahahaha if he could see she likes that then things will gets more interesting than ever