When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 97 - 30. Is Trash. (4)

Author: alyalia

Looking at Vasago’s face now, it was unmistakably the description of the novel.


In my heart, I hope you will affirm yourself with these words. To think that the nobles who unconditionally say ‘yes’ and sympathize with her are just friends in disguise.


To win Vasago’s heart, you shouldn’t have been too positive. The key to win Vasago’s heart was to sometimes counterargument as if ‘I’m a person with integrity who can express my opinion even in front of the duke’s daughter,’ and to affirm her when needed like this.


It’s a nuisance. How many nobles are there that dared to refute Vasago’s words? Fanora thought Vasago had unnecessarily complex tastes.


“P-Princess, I can’t see the road well, so can I hold your hand?”


“Haha. It must be difficult for you to see well at night.”


But anyway, the process of winning her heart was smooth. If that’s the case, now it was time for assassins to create a dramatic situation…


Ah, it’s this way. There must be assassins here. Fanora found a private house with a red roof that appeared in the novel ‘Dangerous Love.’ However,


The assassins? No matter how long she waited, she couldn’t see a single rat, let alone an assassin. Fanora tried to walk without showing embarrassment, but she was confused inside.


Strange. The fact that Vasago went out to see full moon flowers and was touched by Aloken’s lines all matched so far, right? So why didn’t the assassins appear?


For a moment, Fanora thought that because she had changed the future, the timing of the assassination had also changed, but this lacked evidence.


How can they miss this great opportunity when two of us walk down a dark street without an escort?


In the midnight novel, the assassins who found Vasago alone, rushed as if they had been waiting. In order for such a situation to arise, perhaps the assassination request had started a long time ago, and they had been waiting for a gap in Vasago’s security to become lax. Why? Why didn’t the assassins appear today?


Fanora had become skilled at putting on an iron mask as part of her long-awaited revenge. So she moved quietly without showing any embarrassment. I can’t believe the novel’s content is wrong when it’s so important…!


After a while, as the lights of the Guelder Duchy began to appear in the distance, Fanora gave up half-heartedly.


“Fanora, can you keep it a secret that I went out today?”


“Sure. Ah, can I look out for Princess on the way back to your room?”


What should I do? The plan has gone awry. The two of them walked towards the mansion while exchanging normal conversations. However…


“…? What’s wrong?”

Vasago, who was beside her, suddenly stopped walking and listened somewhere. What did she hear that made her so vigilant?


“There’s someone ahead.”




“It’s like… they’re waiting for us to pass.”


Upon hearing this, Fanora’s heart began to race. They’re here! It was because she thought the assassins who were waiting for them finally appeared. But,


“Looks like they notice us.”


“Ah, it’s so nice to have a good sense.”


Soon, with a murmur, about ten people sprang out of the alley. To be called assassins, their faces were exposed, and there were too many of them.


“To think there are still bandits like this roaming around my territory.”




And Fanora belatedly grasped the situation with the sentence of Vasago, who subsequently opened her mouth.


Are they just bandits, not assassins? Looking closely, what was in their hands were weapons such as long swords and axes, not daggers, which were the exclusive weapon of assassins.




No matter if this territory belonged to a duke, this is a place where people live after all. In a way, it was only natural that there were a few robbers or poor people.


“G-get out of the way! You know who the person next to me is and commit such rudeness!” Fanora threw a side character line at this situation.


Then the bandits started threatening them with their weapons glimmering horribly. “That’s why you shouldn’t have gone out without a guard.”


“I think that b*tch thinks she is really strong just because she knows how to handle a sword.”


“You brought this on yourself. We’re all trying to make a living, but Guelder ruined everything.”


Ruined everything? As Fanora had questioned those words, Vasago spoke in a low voice that they couldn’t hear.


“These guys, I thought my father had already eliminated them…”


Judging by the atmosphere, they seemed to be a criminal group that had been troubling Guelder before. They must be from an underworld organization that didn’t hesitate to commit heinous crimes such as human trafficking and was suspected of colluding with the high-ranking officials of each territory.


“Fanora, step back.”




The conversation didn’t last long. This was because a group of bandits rushed at her as soon as Vasago took out her sword. As Fanora feigned surprise and crouched over her body, the sharp sound of blades clashing against each other rang through the air.


Being born as a noble didn’t mean that you wouldn’t feel any discomfort. It’s because of these kinds of things.


In the meantime, the economy of Kasius Kingdom has declined due to the continuous wars waged by King Balmong, and the number of poor people and bandits has increased. Because of that, nobles were often exposed to crimes such as kidnappings. That’s why having escorts has become essential these days. It would have been easier to get her revenge had it not been for such a dangerous era, but Fanora felt sorry.




Of course, she couldn’t think in vain for any time. Soon after, one of the bandits aimed at Fanora. And it was stopped by Vasago.


She’s indeed strong, without a doubt. How could she deal with so many bandits with that short sword? Indeed, she was a person who received the blessing of the Mother Goddess. However,



After a while, Vasago gradually began to be unable to block their attacks. The reason Vasago had been able to hold out so far was because the bandits tried to capture her alive. But she was outnumbered, and the bandits didn’t hesitate to wield deadly attacks.


“If I can’t make it, I should at least look at the rotten face of the duke!”


They seemed to have a considerable grudge against the Guelder family, who wiped out their organization.


To think that they would harm those who committed crimes first and oppressed them? In Fanora’s eyes, they looked neither more nor less than evil people. However, for this moment, he should be grateful for the bandits.




A few seconds later, in the eyes of Fanora, who was watching the fight, the right opportunity finally came. As the exhausted Vasago failed to see the attack from behind her, Fanora, without hesitation, jumped between them.




A touching situation in which she sacrifices herself to save Princess Guelder. At the same time, red blood spurted from Fanora’s forearm.




Pushing Vasago, who was in danger, Fanora took the attack instead. Before long, the wounded Fanora slumped to the ground. Vasago, staggering from the shock of being pushed, instantly changed her complexion.


“Fanora!” Vasago was shocked.


“Princess is tired. Run! Just run!”


Fanora didn’t stop here but even lunged at one of the bandits and grabbed him by the foot. As the bandit reflexively tried to cut Fanora, who was clinging to him, Vasago leaped forward and stabbed him at his vital point.




It wasn’t long before the situation cleared up. This was because Vasago squeezed her remaining strength and dealt with all the bandits.


“Lady Fanora!”


Vasago, who was gasping for breath, hurriedly ran to her when the last bandit fell. Fanora, who had fallen, trembled and opened her mouth as she helped her.


“A-are you okay? Princess.”


“Wound, your wound… It’s deep. Don’t move!”


A situation where you throw your body to save a dear person and get attacked instead. This plot had been expressed in many plays or novels, but it was rare in reality. Most people froze when someone pointed a blade at them. In addition, seeing the severe wound Fanora suffered, Vasago couldn’t even assume that this was acting.


“Butler! Call the doctor. Right now!”


“Lady? Why are you coming back from outside…?!”


And a few minutes later, the two hurriedly returned to the mansion. Because of Fanora’s badly injured appearance, their sneaking out of the mansion wasn’t immediately questioned. For a while, there was a commotion inside the mansion.




Fortunately, her wound was treated quickly. Their swords must have been covered with filthy dirt, and Fanora’s fever gradually rose as if something had infected her. Fanora, struggling with her high fever, eventually fell asleep after drinking the antipyretic prescribed by the doctor.




After a long time, at midnight, Vasago thought, sitting at the bedside where Fanora slept, holding her hand. Her first feeling was her self-confidence for going out for no reason. The second feeling she felt was that she thought Fanora, who followed her, was foolish. And lastly.


“Because of me, she…”


Trust in Fanora. It began to bloom in Vasago’s heart.




In fact, Vasago had thought that Fanora was a member of the noble faction.


There are stories I’ve heard beforehand.


The prospective wife of Duke Jalier suddenly appeared in the salon. Even conversation topics that fit her taste. At first, everything was suspicious. Vasago used to keep her enemies closer than her friends. So for the time being, she intended to keep Fanora as her close friend. However,


“Her wound is very swollen. Don’t you have to change the bandage again?”


“Princess, I know you’re worried, but now we can only watch.”


Even though Vasago had tried to read her opponent’s inner thoughts several times until now, she hadn’t gotten anything. Fanora acted as if she had no interest in her background, the Guelder family.


Vasago tested her by spilling her family secret, but Fanora proudly kept silent about it. Fanora seldom demanded anything from her, and even after belatedly investigating her background, the Celsius family had only formed an engagement with Duke’s family. She didn’t have any connections or relationships with other noble families. She maintained political neutrality even though she already gotten engaged.


Is what she told me true?


One day, Vasago asked Fanora why she wanted to be close to her. Fanora replied that because Vasago had become her idol since she was young, and she thought it would be great if she was by the side of a wonderful person like Vasago. Vasago didn’t believe the story of this childish dream. But these days, she thought Fanora might not want anything from her other than that reason.


Perhaps she’s not a member of the noble faction…


But today, Fanora even protected her from a life-threatening situation. Vasago then seriously agonized over something, clutching Fanora’s hand, who was bedridden.




Would Vasago even dare to know?  When Vasago lowered her head, Fanora, who was lying on a bed, was thinking like this. I didn’t expect to get hurt like this… Everything worked out well.


As Fanora awoke from her light slumber, she glanced over at Vasago holding her hand. She immediately thought, pretending to be asleep again. It’s rather fortunate that we met bandits. They’re like criminals who have long been rooted in this estate, so there’s no doubt that I manipulated the situation through them.  


Everything went by like a midnight novel. As Aloken did in ‘Dangerous Love,’ Vasago rapidly began to give her heart to Fanora after Fanora saved her from the threat of death. 

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