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▶ Episode 15. My Dad (4)


“Yes? No! It’s okay.”


“Take it. I haven’t done anything for you yet. I want to give you some pocket money.” 


‘Unlimited black card as pocket money—?’


“It’s really fine!” 


“No. Take it, and use it.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin was very desperate.


It was a bit sad, so I accepted it. 


‘I’ll just not use it…no. Should I use a little? With this, I could buy everything in Neverland. No, the date we were supposed to go to Neverland has passed.’


I let out a sigh. 


“I have some wealth.”


‘It’s probably not just some.’


Hunter Lee Beomjin was one of the richest people in Korea.


“I’ll show you the list soon. Whatever you want, I’ll change it to your name.”


“What? Do what?” 


“The only thing I can give you is money.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin’s voice sounded like he was crying and he had a very sad face.


“…You don’t have to give me more.”


“No, of course I’ll give it to you. You’re my daughter.” 


Hunter Lee Beomjin was now staring at me with deep eyes. 


My heart was tickling again.


It was just a little embarrassing and awkward.




“Wait a minute. The chicken is here.” 


Hunter Lee Beomjin went out of the hospital room.


I used my hands to rub my slightly hot cheeks.


Soon, Hunter Lee Beomjin came in with chicken in both hands. 


He spread out a large bed table and loaded it with chicken.


‘There are too many of these.’


But that was an illusion.


When I came to my senses, I was almost done eating.


Only a few wedges of fries were left like debris.


“Do you want more?”


“No. I’m full. Wow, eating all of this—!”


“Considering that you woke up in a week, you ate less.”


“Really? Hunter must cost a lot of food.”


“Right. Still, it’s usually the same as normal people. Only when you recover.”


“That’s a relief. I’m going to eat a lot of marinated crab tomorrow!”


Hunter Lee Beomjin once again looked like he was going to die of my cuteness.


I was a little embarrassed, so I just laughed and then yawned.


“Are you sleepy? I guess so. You can keep eating and sleeping like this for a while. Then you’ll recover.”




I yawned again.


Hunter Lee Beom-jin laid the bed back to its original position.


I closed my blurry eyes.


It was faint, but I could hear it.


“Sleep well.”


The sound of Hunter Lee Beomjin whispering sweetly like honey.




In fact, Lee Beomjin still couldn’t believe it.


That he had a daughter.


However, this girl who slept with a cute snoring sound was definitely his own child.


With Lee Nahyun.


‘How could I not recognize it—!’


It was familiar at first for a reason.


She resembles his older sister Lee Jongjin a lot, and he had seen that child a long time ago.


He couldn’t forget Lee Nahyun even after the breakup.


As soon as the dungeon opened, he became a hunter because he thought about her every day.


Although Korea suffered relatively little damage, many people were still involved and died, so he was very worried about Nahyun.


He ran to the place where Lee Nahyun had moved and found her safe.


And the wedding ring that shines on Lee Nahyun’s left ring finger.


Lee Nahyun is holding a very cute baby who calls her ‘mother’ and is smiling happily.


‘That child must be Heesun.’


At that time, he couldn’t even say hello to Lee Nahyun, and he just stood and watched like a statue until the two completely disappeared from view.


It was then that he realized that his love was completely over.


‘…The wedding ring must have been for other people to see.’


She must have done it so no one would find out she was a single mother. 


It must have been because of the negative gaze that her daughter would receive rather than for her own sake.


‘It’s a smart move.’


Although he mistook Lee Nahyun for a married woman and completely broke up his heart. 


After that, Lee Beomjin only worked as a hunter.


The scars left by the first love were so large and deep, and no one could see them, and above all, the times demanded it.


As the best and strongest hunter in Korea, he runs a guild by attacking dungeons, leaving his mark on the world hunter history—.


He has been busy enough to sleep more than three hours a day.


He retired from the field last year and thought he had some spare time, but that was also a mistake.


Even after becoming a Minister, he was still busy.


‘By the way, I am already 39 years old.’


The age beyond the normal marriage age.


Of course, he could get married any time he wanted.


He could have a child.


But he didn’t want to and didn’t care about all the pressure and nagging.


In the dark, Lee Beomjin thought he would live a single life.


Without children.




‘Why didn’t I know?’


Rationally speaking, it was natural not to know it.


But his heart ached.


‘If I recognized that Heesun was my daughter when she was a baby, I could have stayed with her.’


It was already past.


There was no use in regretting.


But it was too painful to bear.


The fact that he couldn’t protect Lee Nahyun and stay with her while she was having a hard time as a single mother.


And he couldn’t do anything with the child.


His anger soared to the point that he couldn’t bear it.


In fact, he was also angry with Lee Nahyun.


‘…No. I can’t be mad at someone who has raised her child while struggling alone.’


Most of all, the past week has not been the case.




They hadn’t had a proper conversation about the past. 


However, there seemed to be a good reason why Lee Nahyun left with such a misunderstanding.


‘That’s probably—’


He wanted to check immediately, but he couldn’t due to circumstances.


Fortunately, his daughter woke up.


Now that she is recovering well, he can put his mind at ease.


However, they couldn’t leave the hospital right away and run to ‘that person’.


His daughter’s defense remained the same, but he was worried about Lee Nahyun.


‘Ninja had already been openly targeting Nahyun.’


They had to be as close as possible unless there were proper measures.


Lee Beomjin got up after looking at his sleeping daughter with affection for a while.


In the hallway outside the hospital room, five high-ranking hunters stood guard.


It was a precautionary measure in case of danger.


“How about Infinity Hunter?”


Hunters asked with their eyes twinkling.


“After finishing her meal, she’s sleeping again.”


“She’s recovering! What a relief!”


The hunters were very happy.


Lee Beomjin smiled unconsciously and entered the room on the right.


Although it was a hospital, he placed his daughter’s room in the center, using the room on the left as Lee Nahyun and the room on the right as his room.


It was possible because it was a Hunter-specialized hospital and a space for VVIPs.


Lee Beomjin called Kim Changho.


「Is she awake?!」


“Yeah. She is recovering well.”




Like the last time, a deafening cheer rang out.


「It’s a relief!!!!!!!!!!」


“Yeah, it’s a relief.” 


Lee Beom-jin said sincerely.


Kim Changho reported various things, and Lee Beomjin listened to everything and gave simple instructions.


「Wait…Minister, Hephaestus just contacted me to deliver something to Hunter Lee Heesun. There are SS Cass artifacts ready to protect your family.」


“SS Class? That’s great!”


Lee Beomjin was slightly excited.


That alone would be able to protect Lee Nahyun much more safely.


“But Hephaestus can’t give it away for free. Hephaestus going to ask for something huge.”


「That’s true. What should I do?」


So far, numerous requests have been made from all over the world to his daughter through the Department of Ability, but Lee Beomjin didn’t pretend to hear them.


But this time, he couldn’t.


“I’ll ask Heesun later and decide.”




“And… Changho-ya.” 


「Ugh. Why are you like this all of a sudden? It’s scary.」


“Let me ask you one personal favor.”


「Yeees. Please tell me.」


“Check if the Prime Minister’s Office has investigated Heesun separately.”


「Ugh…Yep. I will find out and contact you.」


A little later, Kim Changho called.


「It has been confirmed that a secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office has obtained the birth certificate of Hunter Lee Heesun. They also have detailed personal information about Lee Nahyun.」




「Do you have any more requests?」 


“No. Thank you.”


「Well. I’m on standby 24 hours a day, so if you need anything, call me anytime!」




After Lee Beomjin straightened his distorted face, he sent a text message to someone.


[Lee Beomjin: Call me.]


Thirty minutes later, the phone rang.




It was very abrupt.


Even though Lee Beomjin had expected this response, he felt strange.


Still, he spoke calmly.


“Help me.”


「Only if you say ‘Help me, Nunim’.」


“Help me, Nunim.” 




“Are you listening?”


There was an endless roar of laughter.


Lee Beomjin waited patiently again this time.


A little while later, Lee Jongjin, who was a powerful member of the ruling party and a family register mate, stopped laughing and said.


「Yes, I will help you. Please tell this Nunim what you need help with.」




When I woke up after sleeping for about 15 hours, the marinated crab that my mom made was waiting for me.


It was a huge amount, but I ate it all, and my mom seemed a little surprised, but she was satisfied.


But she nagged me not to lie down right after I finished eating.


“I don’t get indigestion anymore.”


“I know, but I’m worried.”


As a parent, it seemed that such feelings were unavoidable.


I laughed, hehe


Mom gently stroked my hair.


“What would you like for dinner?”


“Seasoned marinated crab.”




“I’ll take this opportunity to eat until I’m tired of it.”


My mom clicked her tongue at my determination but nodded.


“But this is a hospital, where do you make it?”


“In the hospital kitchen. This is a hospital specializing in hunters. Hunters need a lot of their favorite food to recover, and they have a separate kitchen. We have all the ingredients. There were also crabs ready for use in the seasoned marinated crab.”


“I see. It’s great to have crabs too!”


Mom smiled and stroked my hair.


“Would you like some raspberries for dessert? It’s new.”




“It’s in Mom’s room, I’ll bring it.” 


“My phone too.” 


Mom went out for a while and came back, and I was surprised.


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