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▶ Episode 17. My Dad (6)


‘Because of my Mom’s personality, I think something will proceed only when the past is completely resolved.’


Anyway, as a daughter, I felt very strange.


I wanted to cheer, but I was very confused. 


‘Life is changing so fast….’


I let out a deep sigh.


“Heesun-ah, why did you come out? Are you hungry?”


Mom’s face was still a little red, but she quickly focused on me.




“Mom will make you a meal soon.”


“Ah, no. Mom, you look very tired, so go to sleep.”


The door opened, and Hunter Lee Beomjin appeared again.


The pressed hair managed to return to its original state, and the shirt was neatly dressed.


But my Mom looked disappointed somehow.




“Nahyun, Heesun is right. You should go to bed now. I’ll do it for her.”


“Yes. Hunter Lee Beomjin can do it for me. Mom just goes to sleep. You look very tired.” 




When my Mom looked over my shoulder at Hunter Lee Beomjin, she looked somewhat complicated. 


Eventually, my Mom nodded and went back to her room. 


Hunter Lee Beomjin’s face was a little dark.


It was also a complex look like my Mom just now.


“I want to walk a little. Can I eat in the kitchen?” 


“Yeah, we can. Follow me. And keep this place safe.”


Other hunters alternately looked at Hunter Lee Beomjin and Mom’s hospital room with strange eyes. 


They were surprised and nodded their heads again with a look of discipline.


‘This is going to be a rumor….’


I walked after Hunter Lee Beomjin. 


There was no one else, maybe because it was dawn or if it was closed.


A kitchen-like space appeared, which was smaller than the school cafeteria but looked much better in facilities.


Hunter Lee Beomjin took the seasoned crab paste and other side dishes from the huge refrigerator and took out rice from the rice cooker.


“There’s Galbi-tang, too. Do you want some?”




“Wait a minute. I’ll warm it up.”


He seemed used to moving in the kitchen.


“Have you cooked a lot?”


“Not a lot, sometimes. It’s a hobby.” 


“Wow, do you like cooking? So, are you really good at cooking?”


“It’s not like that. It’s just enough to eat. Still—I’ll do it for you sometime next time.”




Hunter Lee Beomjin laughed deeply as if he was happy with my answer.


I was embarrassed for no reason because it was a pure happy reaction.


“Seeing that you’re moving, your body seems to have almost recovered.” 


“Yes, I think so.”


“Then let’s leave the hospital tomorrow. The house will be more comfortable. “




“Can you have a press conference at the hospital for a while before you leave the hospital? I think you’d better say hello to the people and protect your privacy.”


“Yes, but you mean the house from last time, right? Hunter Lee Beomjin’s?”


“…How did you know it was my house?”


“I heard there is a Beugatti Charon in the parking lot. It’s only given to transcendents, isn’t it? Among my friends . I have a friend who is a big fan of Hunter Beomjin. Sometimes we talked about things like that.” 


“I see.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin wasn’t surprised as he had many fans.


However, with a serious face, he asked this question.


“Are you not going to tell your friends who I am?”


“Yes, I don’t know about now but maybe later… and if I talk about it, I’ll spread.”


“…I’m okay if it’s spreading. I want to talk right now. But… then you’ll have a hard time.” 


Hunter Lee Beomjin looked distressed.


It bothered me, so I answered frankly.


“I’m fine. I don’t care what people say to me, whether it’s a curse or something.”


Of course, it was good to look at me warmly.


But not everyone could like me.


‘I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t like me.’


It was none of my business.


It wasn’t that I was afraid to look at it, but I didn’t care that they were swearing.


“But I don’t like it when they point at my Mom or swear at her. I can’t allow it.”


I said it flatly.


Hunter Lee Beomjin looked proud of me.


At the same time, he felt envious of my Mom. 


“You really like Nahyun.”


“It’s my Mom, of course. My Mom is the most important thing to me. Mom should always be safe and happy.”


“I wish Nahyunie was like that too. I hope she is always safe and happy.” 


I felt a lot of sincerity.


“Now, the Galbi-tang is ready, too. Eat it.”


“Yes. You should eat, too, Hunter Lee Beomjin.”




Hunter Lee Beomjin replied that way, but he hardly ate.


He looked full just by looking at me eating.


“Are you not going to eat more?”


“Yes, I’m full. I didn’t eat much—it’s not much different from usual.”


“It’s because you’re almost recovered. I’m telling you just in case, it’s better not to show how much you eat in front of others.” 


“Because it’s revealed that I’m recovering and that my body is not normal yet?” 


“That’s right. You’re smart as expected. Heesun-ah?”




“Perhaps, you’re a genius—?”




“Your grades were really good, too. And a medical school! You also got accepted to the medical school of Korea University!”


Hunter Lee Beomjin was very excited.


Clenched his fist, his eyes flashed.


“It’s amazing! I’m not saying this because you’re my daughter, but everyone will take it for granted! Heesun-ah, you’re a genius!” 




I couldn’t tell the truth.


‘My memory, understanding, and judgment are remarkably good thanks to my previous life.’


Of course, all the grace was sealed.


However, since grace is a very powerful force, once it is used, it leaves a trace. 


‘Come to think of it, Hunter Lee Beomjin was revived by the power of grace, right?’


There will be traces.


‘Did he get stronger?’


If I bring out the sealed power of grace, they can see the traces accurately.


‘Because it’s a trace, even if I unseal it, they have to observe it very closely to be able to recognize it accurately.’


I opened my mouth carefully.


“I have a favor to ask of you.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin, who was working hard and shouting ‘Genius! genius!’ approached me quickly.


“Yeah! Say anything!”


“Can I hug you?”


Immediately, I was held in a firm embrace.


Of course, it was in Hunter Lee Beomjin’s arms. 


‘The action is very fast.’


He knows how great my defense is.


Even so, Hunter Lee Beomjin held me carefully as if it were fragile pottery. 


As if I’m the most precious treasure in the world.




My eyes became teary as my heart tickled again.


‘Is this a father’s arm—?’


Something I’ve never enjoyed in my previous life.


Of course, it was something I thought I wouldn’t know in this life. 


I didn’t hate it.




‘I like it….’


My Mom’s soft arms are much better, but this was also fine.


I liked it very much.


‘And he has a really good personality.’


I saw the soul of Hunter Lee Beomjin while releasing the seal and casting the resurrection spell. 


It wasn’t that pure.


‘But that doesn’t mean it’s evil or bad.’


He was a skilled, mature, strong-willed, and clean soul.


He did not collapse in any worst-case scenario but had the power to win the victory with his strong will and experience. 


There was an expression referring to a person with this special soul.




Hunter Lee Beomjin is often called the hero of our country, and the expression fits him perfectly. 


In fact, it left such a mark.


‘So cool. I can’t believe this person is my Dad!’


The mood rose all the way up.


I smiled and hugged Hunter Lee Beomjin’s neck with both hands, making my choice. 




A power so strong that the end is unknown has awakened. 


Immediately, I examined Hunter Lee Beomjin with the power of grace and screamed inwardly.






Hunter Lee Beomjin was puzzled and released his hug. 


“Did you just use magic?”


“I feel like you’re using your power. Are you able to use magic right away? Usually wizards have to memorize spells. Oh, our Heesun doesn’t have to memorize spells. Because you’re a genius!”




“I watched the video carefully that day. You succeeded in magic with just two syllables in a row! That’s also against SS class hunters! That’s amazing! As expected, you’re a genius! With this power, you can target all the dungeons in the world!”




Hunter Lee Beomjin lit his eyes and shouted genius again.


Thanks to that, I couldn’t say what kind of magic I used.


But it wasn’t a time for relief.


‘I’m in trouble—!’


Perhaps because the resurrection spell was so strong, it left a huge trace on Hunter Lee Beomjin.


It was basic that defense and resilience, which had been weakened by the aftereffects of fighting with Ninja last year, were restored. 


‘He’s not SS-Class anymore!’


Just before Lee Beomjin died, I saw how big and tough his original strength was.


Now that he has come to life through my resurrection spell, it’s bigger and harder. 


‘He’s stronger than Ninja. Don’t tell me, did he become an SSS-Class?’


As far as I know, Hunter has never changed their rank. 


But that’s what happened to Hunter Lee Beomjin! 


‘Heol, how is this—?’


Fortunately, Hunter Lee Beomjin kept shouting “genius,” so he didn’t realize I was surprised until a while later.


“Ah—I’m sorry.”




“I thought it sounded like I was forcing you to act as a hunter. It’s not like that.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin hesitated for a moment, but hugged me again.


It was hard because it was so muscular, but it felt warm.


“Do what you want, and live a healthy and happy life from now on. Okay? That’s all I want.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin was sincerely praying with all his heart.


Holding a moving heart, I hugged Hunter Lee Beomjin with both hands as before.


“…Yes, I will.”


There was a burning feeling in my throat.


I gulped and whispered.

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  1. sksksks, Turning the Dad into a triple S ranker is so fun. but honestly the only person whose rank seems stable is the protags. I don’t even know if the dad was an A rank or an S rank before