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▶ Episode 18. Press Conference (1)


Hunter Lee Beomjin, no, my Dad, hardened like a stone for a moment. 


A few seconds later, he breathed in and hugged me tighter.


But it didn’t hurt a bit.


Never, it seemed like he could never do that to me. 




I couldn’t see his face, but I thought Dad’s eyes would have been wet.


Just like me now. 


I barely held back my tears again and said.


“To reveal that we’re father and daughter… I’ll do it later. A little bit, when the situation calms down… then I’ll do it.”


“…Yeah. Please do so. Thank you.”


Dad grabbed my waist and lifted me up.


I was surprised because it was my first time experiencing it, but it felt good to look down at my Dad smiling brightly as if he were enjoying the joy of the whole world. 


I grinned like a little girl and hugged my Dad tightly again.


+ Chapter 4. Press Conference


United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


The new capital of the United States, with the White House and National Assembly building. 


Originally, the two government buildings existed in the former capital, Washington, D.C.


But 18 years ago, when the dungeon first broke out, Washington, D.C., was in a state of chaos.


At the time, the United States was the world’s superpower that no one could disagree with, and Korean netizens even called it the ‘Country that God Saves.’


The nickname was created by the joke of using a thousand trillion for military power, and the U.S. military power was so strong.


When the monsters launched the attack, of course, the force was mobilized.


However, human weapons don’t work on monsters.


The president and many other government officials were killed terribly, and the city itself was completely destroyed.


Eventually, the capital was abandoned, as has been the case with many countries in Western Europe. 


Philadelphia, which was the former capital, was made to be the capital again, and the Hunter Department was newly established in the central administrative department, and the headquarters building was built near the new White House.


Also, great efforts have been made to train more hunters, who have become the new measure of national power.


Nevertheless, the United States has not achieved much success.


Despite boasting the third largest population in the world, there were remarkably few hunters found on U.S. soil. 


Then the U.S. turned around.


At the same time as the national effort to research magic stones and monsters, he began to write about bringing hunters from abroad to the United States under extremely good conditions and making them Americans. 


Among the hunters of the Third World who lived in harsh and painful environments, there were quite a few who were conciliated.


They became a new force in the United States, the country of immigrants.


But even so, there were limitations.


It was because A Class Hunters or higher were very rare in the first place, and it was almost impossible to bring them to the United States. 


Six years ago, they made the world’s third SSS Class Hunter as an assistant to the United States.


However, the Hunter caused a very serious problem.


In the midst of the U.S. government’s deepening concerns, one year later, five years ago, the first SSS Class hunter was finally born on the U.S. mainland and the fourth in the world!


All Americans were happy.


Not to mention the White House, in particular.




“(I’m going to Korea.)”


That SSS-class Hunter, Secretary-General of the World Hunters Federation, and the U.S. President who was dealing with Samuel Mankiller, Tyrone Flexen, were still dying as always.


“(No, Cherokee.)”


Samuel Mankiller’s code number given by the dungeon was ‘Teleport’. 


However, he insisted on being proud of the Cherokee tribe and asked everyone to call him ‘Cherokee.’


Of course, everyone had no choice but to listen.


It was easier than any other ridiculous request.


“(Why not? It’s not dangerous these days, is it? Most of the dungeons have stabilized.)


“(Even if that’s the case, no. The people of the United States of America don’t want you, SSS Class Hunter, to go out of the country. They’re nervous.)”


“(Isn’t that why I say I will go secretly? Didn’t I do that last year too?)”


Last year Cherokee went to Japan secretly, as he said.


He went and beat the Japanese SS Class Hunter, Ninja, until he was about to die.


Tyrone clearly remembered that he was suffering from dealing with it without the media knowing and appeasing the Japanese government, who protested.


‘My hair…’


Tyrone had hair loss from the start, but it worsened after becoming president. 


It was because of this man in front of him. 


On the outside, the 23-year-old Cherokee was a very handsome Native American.


The only SSS Class Hunter who appeared like a comet five years ago in America, where there was no S Class!


He was famous for his eccentricities, but he was also the most loved person by the American people.


However, Cherokee was the one the officials wanted to hit the most.


‘I barely planted it again last month!’


The more he dealt with the Cherokee, the more he felt like it was falling in real-time.


It was an era when magical things and medicines were being made using mana stones and monsters.


However, no medicine has been developed to restore lost hair.


St. Patrick, the only SSS Class Healer, couldn’t revive his hair.


‘Let’s clean it up right in front of my eyes!’


Tyrone said firmly and calmly. 


“(You won’t be able to sneak back this time. Right now, all the world’s attention is focused on Korea. The situation is very different from last year.)” 


“(Well, it is. It’s crazy right now.)’


“(Then you’re not going, are you?)”


“(Of course I will go.)”




“(I can’t do it secretly, so I’m going to go confidently!  It can’t be help, right?)” 


“(What do you mean can’t be help?!)”


“(I’m going to reclaim Washington, D.C. Are you not going to do it?)”


“(…Of course I will.)”


The United States was still the most powerful country in the world.


The number of hunters was very small, but as they were the best in the mana stone and monster research field, they were generating huge profits there. 


Also, it was true that the hunter was a measure of national power, but 99.95% of the world’s population were ordinary people.


The United States still had the power to lead ordinary people.


Of course, it was true that they suffered a critical hit in the early days of the dungeon era.


However, over the past 18 years, they have steadily developed their strength. 


Thanks to this, the United States is now quite safe, and there is plenty of strength to spare.


The power to reclaim the former capital, Washington, D.C.


The innermost boss of the dungeon had to be dealt with at regular intervals according to each level.


If not, all the monsters in the dungeon will come out to the outside world, and the phenomenon is described as an ‘outbreak’ or exploding. 


If there’s an outbreak, the dungeon is permanently destroyed. 


However, monsters from the outside were going to be as strong as two levels, so a big disaster was bound to occur. 


In particular, when a level 8 or higher dungeon outbreak, it was common for the city to disappear. 


In the past, there were three level 9 dungeon outbreaks at the same time in Washington, D.C.; in fact, it lasted a long time.


It was thanks to the concentration of almost all of the power of the United States at the time to protect the place of great symbolism as the capital.


Nevertheless, they had no choice but to abandon Washington, D.C., and run away. 


It left a deep scar on the hearts of Americans who watched the situation in real-time.


Of course, in the heart of Tyrone, who had just been elected senator and was one of the few survivors at the time.


So, he promised to reclaim Washington, D.C while running for president.


It’s partly because the opponent’s presidential candidate is so stupid and old, but thanks to that promise, Tyrone became president.


He began to carry out his promise at the beginning of his term.


Currently, in the second year of his term, he has dealt with most of the monsters living in Washington, D.C.


But by no means he couldn’t say that he had completed the promise.




“(How are you going to reclaim it? There are 2 bosses left, right?)”


As Cherokee said, it was because they hadn’t gotten rid of all the bosses yet.


There were a total of 3 bosses, and they killed one four years ago.


It was a feat accomplished by the signatures of SSS Class hunters gathered from all over the world, four SS Class hunters and five S Class hunters.


However, several people were almost killed, and one SSS Class Hunter had not been able to wake up until now due to some circumstances. 


‘That person will never be able to open his eyes again.’


Considering what the hunter had done, it was really fortunate.


In any case, due to these circumstances, they were unable to deal with the other two bosses in Washington, D.C. 


“(We can’t do it on our power. We need SSS∞ Class power. That’s why I’m going to Korea. I will go!)” 


Cherokee pointed to his face and shouted confidently.


“(I’m going to use the handsome guy style!)”


“(Handsome guy…?)”


“(Yeah, handsome guy! I read a book last time, and they said there was such a thing as Operation Romeo in the spy world? They said that it’s about seducing women and gathering information. The world’s most sexy guy! I’ll try to lure SSS∞ Class to reclaim Washington, D.C.!).”


“(…You can’t.)”


“(What? Why? Why not? Hey, Tyrone! Are you crazy?)”


“(…I’ve never been so clear-headed as I am now. Again, no.)”


“(Why! Why! Whyyyyyy!)”


“(According to information obtained by the CIA, it is estimated that it will be impossible for Cherokee to seduce the SSS∞ Class hunter.)”


“(What information?)”


“(I just received it now.)”


Tyrone handed over a tablet PC containing all the data about Hunter Lee Heesun. 


Even though it is a first-class state secret, Cherokee, the unofficial national treasure No. 1 of the United States, was allowed to access any information.


The Cherokee soon found a section describing Hunter Lee Heesun’s interest. 


It said she had never made a boyfriend, but her exact ideal type was written. 


“(Her ideal type is completely different from mine!?)”


“(Yes, that’s right. Of course, ideal type is just ideal type. At the time of writing this article, an SSS∞ Class was younger than she is now. But first of all, Cherokee is far from her ideal type, and above all, her ideal type became a hunter this time.).”




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