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▶ Episode 20. Press Conference (3)


「Our proud Hunter Lee Heesun Lee can use any magic, but she was seriously injured after recovering me. This means that it is not compatible with recovery magic. To protect the world’s only and first SSS∞ Class Hunter, a presidential decree has been issued from 0:00 today.」


Lee Beomjin said strictly.


「From now on, Hunter Lee Heesun is prohibited from using recovery magic, and requesting Hunter Lee Heesun to use recovery magic is also prohibited. The requester will be punished in accordance with Article 3, Paragraph 1 of the Hunter Special Act, which states that Hunters must not be forced to use their abilities unless there is a national crisis.」


After hearing the long words, Cherokee blew a long whistle.


“(He take care of it a lot.)”


“(Isn’t it inevitable? It’s not SSS Class, it’s SSS∞ Class.)”


As high-ranking Hunters are a measure of national power, the whole country has tried to protect them by any means.


That’s why Tyrone and other officials cherish Cherokee no matter what.


‘Though he’s a damn brat.’


It was the pillar of the country.


A pillar that accidentally speeds up the president’s hair loss.


‘Even though he clear all accidents.’


Cherokee was just like that. 


He had never committed a heinous crime like some high-ranking Hunters in other countries.


‘…it’s completely different from villains like Cirocco.’


That punk is a good guy.


No, in fact, he was a hero.


‘Yeah. He’s a good guy…He also give me a beer.’


Tyrone fixed his gaze on the screen, rapturously savoring his first beer in three weeks.


But he didn’t forget to glance at Cherokee to see his reaction.


He is an opponent that should never be overlooked.


「People will have high expectations for Hunter Lee Heesun. However, Lee Heesun is a model student who has been faithful to her studies for her dream of becoming a doctor.」


Tyrone felt a little ominous. 


「As much as she knows little about the world of hunters, various preparations are required. Korean citizen, I ask you to watch Lee Heesun grow into a doctor and a hunter, even if it takes a lot of time.」




Cherokee sounded like someone with a stone stuck in their throat.


Tyrone felt the same way.


“(He’s saying she’s not going to be active as a Hunter in the future…?!)”


He didn’t say it directly. 


But usually in a place like that, it was a way to announce how to work as a hunter in the future.


However, not only did he say she would become a doctor, but he also used an expression that it would take a lot of time.


Furthermore, the Archer called ‘Hunter Lee Heesun’ and changed her title to ‘Miss Lee Heesun.’


It meant that there was little intention to be active.


“(Isn’t the SSS∞ Class Hunter crazy?! What? With that mighty power, you’ll become a doctor? It’s crazy!! It’s really crazy!)” 


Cherokee shouted, jumped off the couch, and stomped around the office.




But honestly, Tyrone felt the same way.


He hasn’t told Cherokee yet, but he was actually going to ask that SSS∞ Class Hunter to deal with the two bosses in Washington D.C.


– What would you like to give in return?


Currently, the Hunter Department and the State Department are discussing the subject enthusiastically.


‘But, you’re hardly going to be a hunter?! Then what about Washington D.C…?’


Tyrone’s heart chilled as he remembered the horrors he had witnessed eighteen years ago.


‘No, it’s not confirmed. Let’s start by checking. Let’s call the Korean president directly and find out for sure.’


Tyrone settled his thoughts and reached for the receiver.


He thought of asking the secretary to call them.


But this time, a chill went down his spine.


Because he realized something was wrong.




He didn’t see him. 


Tyrone turned his head and scanned his office.


But there was no Cherokee anywhere.


‘No way, don’t tell me…! No, it can’t be. Maybe I didn’t hear the door. It’s probably like that. It must be like that.’


Tyrone’s thoughts stopped as if he had cut a ribbon with scissors.


Because he found it on TV.


Cherokee, who had been together until recently.




It was a spontaneous scream.


It was only natural that the guards outside the door would immediately come in with guns.


“(Mr. President! What happened!)”


“(Nothing happened to me! Cherokee, Cherokee…!)”


Unable to explain further, Tyrone pointed to the TV with trembling hands.


The bodyguards found the Cherokee on the television and felt the same way as the president.


Tyrone immediately shouted.


“(Immediately, contact the Minister of Hunter Department and ask them to bring Cherokee no matter how!)”




Tyrone and everyone else screamed in unison.


‘Please don’t make an accident with the SSS∞ Class!!!’


But, of course, Cherokee didn’t listen to their prayers.




A few hours before meeting the American SSS Class Hunter, ‘Cherokee’ for the first time.


“Did you sleep well?”


When I woke up slowly around noon, Hunter Lee Beomjin, or my Dad, greeted me with a friendly smile.


It was still a bit awkward, but it still felt good.


“Yes. What about Dad?”


Dad’s laugh got bigger.


“Of course, Dad slept well too. Are you hungry?”




“Let’s eat and prepare for discharge. Even the preparations for the press conference.”




After the meal, I met the people I greeted last time, including Spokesperson Oh Chajung and Protocol Officer Lee Geonhae. 


Everyone’s eyes were brighter than before.


“Nice to meet you!”


“Nice to meet you, too.”


I was happy to see that everyone was healthy. 


It reminded me that I had done well in destroying the shuriken thrown by Ninja and got rid of Ninja.


‘Come to think of it, what happened to Ninja? Did he go to jail?’


I didn’t want to know more about such a villain, so I didn’t ask.


I had no intention of finding out in the future.


“Heesun-ah have you read everything? This press conference will go like this. Is there anything you would like me to correct? Or do you want to say something?”


“No. I don’t.” 


“Then let’s do this.”




Time flew by as I listened to my Dad’s advice.


Before I left, I saw the dark face of my Mom, who had quietly withdrawn. 


“Mom, what’s wrong?”


“No, my daughter, go ahead.”




When the time came, I followed my Dad in the uniform of a Korean hunter like last time.


It was very crowded and noisy, but it didn’t bother me much.


All I cared about was my Mom, who had changed her appearance to look like a man, as she had before. 


‘As expected, she didn’t like it, right?’


Her daughter used her powers and vomited her blood like that in front of her eyes.


She seemed to hate press conferences or anything related to Hunter.


I understand Mom’s feelings.




‘…I, I feel fine.’


I thought I wouldn’t want to use my strength.


However, it was unexpectedly good because I used it for the right thing.


Maybe because I felt better, my body felt lighter.


It would be more refreshing if I went into the dungeon and defeated the monsters.


‘…No. I have to live a normal life!’


In fact, it was already wrong. 


‘…Still, let’s not lose hope. People should live with hope.’


Anyway, I shouldn’t have done anything more for my Mom to worry about.


‘Let’s finish this press conference well for now.’


I had to make a good presentation, and more than anything else, something like terrorism shouldn’t happen again. 


I looked around as I listened to my Dad in the pouring flashes. 


Since the seal had been lifted from earlier, I could see it clearly.


‘It’s well protected.’


Hunters giving off a friendly feeling were standing guard everywhere.


Of course, there were numerous protective artifacts installed.


“Now, Hunter Lee Heesun will talk to everyone in person.” 


Dad turned to me.


He had a serious and hard expression, but his eyes staring at me were friendly.


My mouth was itchy because I wanted to smile, but I endured it and walked to the podium.


It was right after I was short and climbed on the footrest that I had prepared in advance.


I sense something. 


Someone cutting through a distant distance and moving through space.


The destination was right to my left.


I immediately turned my head there and spat out a spell.





As soon as he appeared, it was a man in his early to mid-20s who was frozen in place like a statue by my magic.


It’s also very handsome.


‘Where did I see him?’


The black hair that grew long to the waist and the traces of wrinkles that remained clearly around the eyes as if he were always smiling was very impressive. 


There were also dimples near both lips.


‘Where did I see it? Oh, right.’


He’s a very famous hunter, so I’ve seen him in various advertisements, news, and the Internet.


‘His soul is very pure.’


I was wary of his sudden appearance, but this man was by no means rotten like Ninja.


He had a soul so pure that he couldn’t intentionally commit something evil. 


‘I think it’s a bit too bright. Who the hell are you?’ 




Dad blocked my way like a shield and explained briefly.


“It’s an American SSS Cass Hunter.”


I couldn’t see my Dad’s expression from this side. 


But there was annoyance in his voice.


“Is he a bad person?”


“…It’s not like that. You can release the thing that stopped it.”




As I poked my head out to my Dad’s side, I could see Cherokee.


He seemed in great shock.


The pupils were shaking.


“(Me, me…)”


I’m at level 1 in English, and I did a good job on the listening test even though I can hardly speak. 


There was no interpretation artifact, but I could understand it.


“(You are the first woman to stop me!)”




Cherokee must have been so excited that his face burned red like a torch.


The pupils that had been shaken like an earthquake after being stop by my magic were now completely fixed. 


Right to me. 


“(My name is Samuel Mankiller, Code Name Teleport, Hunter Name is Cherokee, the only SSS Class Hunter in the United States and the world’s greatest hot guy!)”


Cherokee shouted eagerly and took a step back.


Then he sat on one knee in front of me.


There was a loud noise as his knee was hit on the floor, but it didn’t seem to hurt at all like SSS.


Rather, the floor is slightly broken.


“(Hishun Lee!)” 


So, as he knelt down on one knee, Cherokee spread his arms out to the sides.


A red shirt was the only thing hanging over his upper body this winter.


His buttons hadn’t been properly buttoned, so most of his pectoral muscles were showing. 


A six-pack on his stomach was also visible.


‘He’s someone who trains hard.’


It was when I thought that.


Cherokee stared at me with blazing eyes like an oiled torch and shouted so loudly that the veins stood on his neck.


“(Marry me!)”


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