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▶ Episode 21. Press Conference (4) 


I reacted like this.




Cherokee disappeared in an instant.


To be exact, I blew it over the sky, but no one would have seen it.


“…Where exactly did you send him to?” 


Dad, who has now become an SSS Class Hunter, seems to have seen the direction.


“I don’t know.”


“You don’t know?” 


“Yes. I just throw him out because I wanted him to go somewhere I didn’t see. He must have gone somewhere. He’s an SSS Class Hunter, so he’s probably not hurt.”


“…You did a great job.”


Dad gave me a light pat on the back as if encouraging, then paused.


I wondered why, but I soon realized.


‘I was at a press conference right now—?’


And they are broadcasting live all over the world.


In such a situation, I was proposed to by an SSS Class Hunter and immediately blew him away.




I said in my mind to Mom, who was protected by Kim Changho from behind. 


‘I think it’s really wrong to live a quiet life….’


I am confirming the fact that I already know. 


When Cherokee suddenly appeared, reporters and people who were staring blankly as if possessed stood up like bees.


“Hunter Lee Heesun!!”


“I love you, Wizard King!”


“So you’re saying you’re not going to be doing any Hunter activities in the future?” 


“Are you going to medical school?” 


“Using the banishment spell means rejecting the Cherokee’s marriage proposal, right?”


Questions poured in like a waterfall.


It was physically impossible since I became an SSS∞ Class Hunter, but my ears were about to explode.


Even though my Dad told people to calm down, they didn’t calm down.




I groaned inwardly and decided.


“I will tell them.”


Dad looked worried, but he respected my wishes and stepped aside.


I got close to the microphone. 


The reporters glared more at first, but they seemed to have noticed that I was waiting for them to be quiet. 


Everyone hurriedly took their seats on the road.


“Hello, I’m Lee Heesun.”


Originally, I was going to leave just by asking for privacy, but it wasn’t an atmosphere that could be done by itself.


‘It’s right to answer the question right here.’


Before the reporters frantically stalked my Mom and me.


“People seem to have a lot of questions about me, so you can ask me directly. However, please don’t ask personal questions like weight.”


I said it lightly as if joking and smiled leisurely.


All the reporters flashed their eyes and waved with joy.


I stared at my Dad.


Dad noticed what I was asking for.


“I will call the reporter who will ask the question. Only reporters in our country can do it, and each reporter can ask one question. Also, I would like to inform you that you can’t ask privacy questions and you can’t ask about Hunter Ninja in Japan. First, reporter Lee Youngsun, please ask your question.”


A middle-aged woman with a friendly face jumped up from her seat with a bright smile on her face.


“Are you planning of not doing hunter activities?”


“No, I will. However, as the Minister Department of Ability said, it doesn’t mean that I will be active as a Hunter right now. I plan to work while preparing slowly while studying.”


In fact, I had no intention of being active. 


‘If I said that honestly, there would almost certainly be an uproar.’


So I agreed to talk like this.


“Reporter Lee Seokbeom.” 


“What kind of activities do you plan to do as a Hunter?”


“As the Minister Department of Ability said, I don’t know much about the world of Hunters yet. So I can’t tell you now. While focusing on my studies, I plan to make a decision after learning about Hunter and my abilities.”


“Reporter Park Soongeun.” 


“Then, are you not going to clear high-level dungeons or explosive dungeons overseas?” 


“I don’t know how many high-level dungeons there are overseas, and I don’t even know where the explosive dungeons are. I will make a careful decision after finding out more information.”


Even after that, some reporters asked about the World Hunter Olympics or high-level dungeon raids.


But the only answer I could give was that I would decide after thinking about it.


Then, the reporters changed the direction of the question.


“You just stopped and banished an SSS Class Hunter Cherokee just by saying a word, how could that be?” 


‘Isn’t it possible because I’m a Demon King in my previous life?’


I couldn’t say that, so I answered like this.


“Isn’t that possible because I’m SSS∞ Class?”


“I don’t think so. If that’s correct, the higher the rank, the shorter the spell should be, but that’s not the case.”


The reporter gave that opinion and then asked another question.


“Is there a special trick or something?”


“No, it just happened.”


“Oh, it’s just happened….”


Hunters, including reporters, were greatly agitated.


The reporters and the hunters were also in a big uproar.


Everyone admired and was very envious.


There were also many people who were shocked.


“You’ve shown that much power just by saying a word, wouldn’t it be more effective if you chanted a long spell?”


“I don’t know because I haven’t tried it. I’ll try it later and let you know.” 


“Hunter Lee Heesun seems to use magic very perfectly just now, but are you going to learn from the wizard separately?”


“I’m not sure yet.”


“If you learn, is it Yoon Boae, a domestic A Class Hunter? Or is it an overseas wizard?”


“I’m not sure.” 


“Can you use life magic besides attack and defense magic?” 


“I don’t know because I haven’t tried it. I’ll try it next time.”


Soon I heard this question.


“Are you sure you rejected Cherokee’s proposal?”


So far, I have answered calmly.


But this time, I had to try not to wrinkle her face.


“Yes. Of course, I refused.”


“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” 




“What kind of man is your ideal type? Do you like a man like the Minister?”


I rolled my eyes again and saw my dad standing to the right.


My Dad was staring at me intently with anticipated eyes.


“You can answer honestly. Do you like someone like the Minister?”


The reporter who asked the question again has a darker soul.


‘It seems like a question with some kind of intention.’


Looking at me from the side, my Dad’s eyes became even more intense.


It felt like being stabbed.




Of course, I like my Dad, but I didn’t think it was right to say yes here.


Furthermore, my Dad was very far from my ideal type.


“Then what look do you like? Can you give me a specific example?”


There is only one question per reporter, but that reporter asks persistently.


It was also because Dad, who had a stiff expression, couldn’t stop him in time.


“A specific example…Uhm.” 


Come to think of it, I thought it would be better to say my ideal type.


‘So people like the Cherokee won’t do anything again.’


I rolled my eyes again, then turned around and pointed at one place.


Anything within my reach.


“Are you talking about Bull, Hunter Kim Changho?”




Kim Changho, who was standing quietly next to Mom, opened his eyes wide.


It seemed to ask, ‘Do you mean me?’


“So he’s your ideal type. So.” 


“As I said at the beginning, please refrain from asking personal questions. I will take questions from the next reporter.”


Suddenly, my Dad interrupted me and emitted terrifying energy in all directions.


The dark soul reporter was pushed out without further comment when the next reporter was called.


‘Looks like he’s up to something.’


I remembered his face and name.


“Which guild are you going to join? Is it the Beomho Guild founded by the Minister?”


“I haven’t decided yet. I plan to take a closer look and then make a careful decision.”


“Are you thinking of joining an overseas guild?”


“No. I will join the Korean Guild. Because I am Korean.”


After that, questions continued.


As for the questions related to my personal life, Dad cut them like a knife with a stern expression and voice. 


Then the reporters again asked about my future as a hunter, and I could only give one answer. 


I don’t know, so I’ll find out and decide after careful consideration.


“Is there anything decided?”


A reporter asked this question in a sarcastic tone and with an annoyed look.


Dad immediately blew cold air.


“Hunter Lee Heesun was absorbed in her studies up until the day of her exam. After that, she was badly hurt and was almost unable to get out of bed. She didn’t even have time to properly learn about the Hunter world. It is natural that nothing has been decided.”




“Hunter Lee Heesun has already saved the lives of the people by preventing terrorist attacks. The lives of the journalists here.”


All the reporters were silent at the same time.


“Please respect the world’s first and only SSS∞ Class Hunter who has achieved great achievements. Opinions, as well as personal life. So far, the Department of Ability has reported on the spreading of personal information, rumors, and speculation about Hunter Lee Heesun’s family. As announced last time, as soon as the guild is decided, complaints and accusations will be processed without leniency. These measures will continue in the future.”




“Any more questions?”


The reporters seemed to want to keep holding me.


However, they couldn’t ask questions about my personal life, and they couldn’t raise their hand anymore, as if everyone knew the answer about Hunter wouldn’t change.


‘Or are they scared of Dad?’


Anyway, the question was over.


Dad said with satisfaction.


“Today’s press conference ends with this. A separate press release will be distributed at a later date. Thank you.”


I quickly bowed my head and greeted them.


“Thank you.” 


When I smiled brightly, the reporters who were scared by my Dad relaxed their expressions and smiled at me.


I moved with my dad and was surrounded by Department of Ability staff.


A car was waiting in the hospital parking lot.


As soon as I sat in the back seat, my Mom got on the side, and my Dad grabbed the steering wheel. 


“…My daughter.” 


When the car started, my Mom returned to her original self and hugged me tightly.


“How can you be so calm and good?”


“Did I?”


“It was. Aren’t you nervous at all?”


“Yes. They’re just people, well.”


No matter how many there were, they were not enemies, nor were they those who would be sacrificed at the hands of the Demon King.


There was absolutely no reason to tremble.


“You’re really great. I mean, it felt like you were wearing clothes that fit you. You’re really good at magic too…” 


Mom looked at me with her admiring eyes.


I was very happy with her praise, but a little embarrassed.


However, Mom’s face became dark.


“Heesun-ah, doctor… Are you sure you want to be a doctor?” 




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