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▶ Episode 22. Scandal (1)


“There are things like applying to medical school and getting good grades, but actually, you did it to help Mom. To make a lot of money for and open a pharmacy for Mom.” 


That, too, was true.


But the biggest reason was that I wanted to be a doctor.


In my previous life, I killed so many people even if I didn’t want to, so this time, I wanted to do something to save people.


“From Mom’s point of view, my daughter seemed to want to be a Hunter rather than a doctor.”


This was something I had never heard of.




“Yeah. You often looked for things related to Hunter.”


It was because I was worried about the ability test. 


“You chose medical school but you didn’t care about anything related to doctors at all—”


I didn’t care because I would study hard when I went to medical school anyway.


“I think you chose something that doesn’t fit your abilities because you were thinking of Mom.” 


“It doesn’t fit my ability?” 


This was also a golden age.


“Yeah. Our Heesun is afraid of seeing blood.”




The demon king who tore and killed countless people in her previous life asked.


“That’s why you always cook the meat before eating it.”


It was because I like cooked meat.


“The reason my daughter said she wants to live a quiet life in the future is because of me. I was worried about what people would say if it became known that Mom was a single mother.”


Of course, it’s not like there’s no reason. 


However, my past life also played a bigger role in this.


‘…I can’t say anything!’


Mom’s face was filled with regret.


“Because of my desire for my daughter to be a daughter, Mom can’t say anything. I’m sorry.” 


“You don’t have to be sorry….”


“No. Mom is very sorry for you.  My daughter, you don’t have to be a doctor. If you want to be a hunter, you can do it. When I saw it earlier, you looked really cool. To think that Mom prevented you from doing so well—!” 




Mom hugged me again. More affectionately than before.


“Heesun-ah, Mom is very sorry! Don’t forget. Mom will always support whatever our daughter chooses!” 




The car ran quietly, and I swallowed a sigh.


+ Chapter 5. Scandal


“The public opinion is very good.”


Kim Changho presented the report he brought.


In yesterday’s press conference, responses from many different fields and classes were listed in detail.


“It was a good thing that we changed our plan to release only the statement to receive questions directly and answered sincerely. Reporters as well as the public are very positive about Hunter Lee Heesun. I think we also benefited from her looks.”


“Yeah. Our Heesun is very cute.”’’


“To be precise, it’s a nice-looking influence.”


“You mean our Heesunie isn’t cute?”


“No, of course she’s cute.” 


“You say our Heesun is cute?!”


“Yes yes. It’s cute.”


“How could you do that! You are 35 years old, and our Heesun is 19 years old.”


Dad was glaring at Kim Changho like the most vicious criminal in the world.


It was only then that Kim Changho seemed to realize what misunderstanding he had been getting.


He shook his hands in amazement.


“No, what the hell are you thinking now?! With such a child!” 


“Then what is this?”


Dad tossed some of the newspapers delivered today onto the table.


On the front page was written—.


[Hunter Lee Heesun Declaration, “I like Hunter Bull!”]


[Infinity Hunter, “Hunter Bull is my ideal type!”]


[Hunter Lee Heesun, “I don’t like Archer, I like Bull!”]




“Answer me.” 


“W, what answer?” 


“Why did this article appear!”


“Is this the first time you see trashy people writing an article by inflating a line of facts? Well, but it’s not wrong. Yesterday, Hunter Lee Heesun said I was her ideal type.”




Dad’s threatening mood was getting darker and darker.


Kim Changho broke into a cold sweat with an expression that he had made a mistake.


I said quietly.


“I guess I shouldn’t have answered. I gave a very specific answer on purpose because I was afraid someone like Cherokee would show up.”


“Then, a face like Kim Chang-ho is not your ideal type, right?”


Dad came close to my face and asked me like a bolt of lightning.


I hesitated and confessed.


“I like that face.”


Dad’s pupils shook as if he was shocked.


Then he opened his eyes as if he had decided to do something.


“…As expected… that punk…I have to keep it as far apart as I can….” 


“Dad, what did you just say?”


“No, it’s nothing. Heesun-ah?” 




“Never ever! Don’t stay with Kim Changho. False rumors can spread for nothing.”


“False rumor?” 


“There will probably be more people watching Kim Changho and you together. You better be careful.”


“But Hunter Kim Changho is a very old man, isn’t he?”


“I am not a very old man. I’m still 35!”


“35 years old is also a very old man.”


“…T, then what about the minister? He’s 39 years old this year!”


“My dad is my dad. And honestly, Dad looks younger than Hunter Kim Changho, right?”




Only then did Dad become a little calmer, and the corners of his mouth went all the way up.


“Mom, you also think so, right? Daddy looks younger, right?”


I just asked my Mom, who served big strawberries for dessert.


Mom glanced at Kim Changho, looked at my Dad from head to toe, and then blushed a little bit. 




“…Y, yeah. More than Hunter Kim Changho, Lee Beomjin, no, your… your Dad looks younger.” 


Dad’s eyes widened a little.


I couldn’t tell if it was because of the expression ‘your dad’ or because Mom had blushed before.


‘Uh, they did it again.’


Mom and Dad exchanged subtle glances with each other.


It was ticklish, and I felt like I was going to get goosebumps.


I rolled my eyes and looked at Kim Changho.


Kim Changho, like me, was embarrassed and offered me a strawberry.


“Hunter Lee Heesun, please eat.”


“Yes. But… would you please speak comfortably? I think you’re really close to Dad.”


“Right, right! This uncle is very close with the Minister! Hahaha!”


Dad narrowed his eyes and glared at Kim Changho.


But since he didn’t deny it, it seemed like they were very close.


“…Still, uncle is a bit.” 


“It’s fine with uncle.” (t/n: I’m not really sure how to put it, but she calls him first ‘삼촌’ and then ‘아저씨’) 


Dad calmly decided on the name for me.


“Yes, I will call him uncle.” 


“I’m not an uncle though….” 


Uncle Kim Changho timidly protested, but I just pretended not to hear.


“Daddy, have some big strawberries.”


I grabbed a fork with a big strawberry on it and held it in Dad’s hand.


Dad was touched. 


“It’s delicious, right?” 


“Yeah. It’s really delicious.”


It seemed like the reaction would have been the same even if I had offered a stone rather than a strawberry.


“I heard that it came out recently, but it grew in the Nonsan Dungeon. Have you been to Nonsan Dungeon?”


“The Minister has been to all the dungeons in Korea. The Minister himself is no different from the history of the dungeon.”


“That’s amazing!” 


“Right. He is a much greater person than is known to the general public!”


Dad’s threatening mood toward Uncle Kim Changho disappeared slowly.


“Do you know that Nonsan Dungeon is so popular that reservations are delayed, but the Minister owns a stake? Heesun, you can go in without a reservation. Shall we go around next month? How about raiding the dungeon and seeing the big strawberry? The mana stone there is higher in purity than the monster’s level. You can make a lot of money.”


“How much can you earn?”


“It depends on the level of activity, but usually the highest-rank Hunter takes 50% of the profits. As of last October, the average total profit of level 3 dungeons is about 300 million won. Nonsan Dungeon usually costs 320 million won because it has a lot of monsters. Of course, this is the amount excluding tax.”


“Then I can earn 160 million won if I visit Nonsan Dungeon once?!”


“That’s average, and a high-level wizard can leave a monster’s body or mana stone in a more complete form. In that case, the profits are higher. You’ll get about 20 million won more.”


“180 million won!!!”


It seemed as if a bunch of 50,000 won bills was flying in front of my eyes.


“How many times a week can I go visit the dungeon?” 


“It all depends on the rank of the hunter and the level of the dungeon. I’ll tell you based on Nonsan Dungeon. Heesun, you can go once a week.”


“Then I can make 720 million won a month just by going around the Nonsan Dungeon?! Wow! Oh, but I’ve seen an article before. It takes time to get the money after the dungeon. Is that true?”


“That was a long time ago, and not now. As soon as you leave the dungeon, you get paid half of the temporary amount. The other half is received after completing the calculation accurately within one month. The Minister made that change for our country’s Hunters. There were occasions when the payment of money was deliberately delayed, causing low-level hunters to suffer. Thanks to him, that bad practice has completely disappeared.”


“Wow! Did you do a good job, Dad?” 


“The Minister has done a lot of good things. The Minister also participated in the Hunter Special Act and ensured the rights of the Hunters, and it was the minister who created the Hunter safety insurance, treatment insurance, and pension insurance. The insurance is a little expensive, but the guarantee is certain. It also provides a lot of safety equipment, and if you are seriously injured enough to not be able to enter the dungeon again, and if you lose your life, you don’t have to worry about your family’s future—of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with Heesun, so you don’t have to worry!” 


Uncle Kim Changho, who was talking passionately, saw Mom’s surprised eyes and shouted in a hurry.


“Heesun is an infinite grade! Of course, the defense is infinite! She should be able to clear the level 10 dungeon without any damage!” 


“Then, our Heesun won’t get hurt if she doesn’t use recovery magic, right?”


“Yes. I think so. Now Heesun won’t use recovery magic, so don’t worry!”


“That’s a relief but… Looking on the internet, I heard that our Heesun also has a weakness. She is too small and looks weak in stamina.”


“It’s not wrong. The bigger and stronger your body is, the better it is. Hunters all build muscles for that reason.”


Dad said.


“Then, should our Heesun build muscle too? I don’t think she will get any taller because her height is the same as when she was 15.”


“If it’s 15 years old, have you not grown since the hit-and-run accident?”


“Ung. When I see it, there’s no way this child won’t grow up like this…I think it was the aftereffects of that accident.”


“You didn’t find the hit-and-run criminal, right?”


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