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▶ Episode 26. Scandal (5) 


“Ung. Actually…Rumors must have spread between the hunters and the reporters. The relationship between you and the Archer-nim is unusual.”




“Shinhee-ya, seeing as you asked Heesung, did you hear that rumor too?”


“Ung. I saw it at the Archer-nim’s fan club. Actually… I asked because I thought it was a little different. Our Archer-nim never smiles like that. Proud, he doesn’t even use that expression.” 




I fell flat on a chair, trying to shake off the shock.


“With Dad… A scandal…” 


The kids clicked their tongues as a group.


I burst out.


“No, why doesn’t everyone think we are father and daughter?!”


“Look at Archer-nim’s face. Who would think that he has a 19-year-old daughter?”


It was.


Yoon Kyungae spoke clearly.


“Hurry up and reveal it.”


“I think I should…But I’m afraid my mom will get cursed at.”


People in our country, especially very conservative adults, won’t look up to single moms.


I could never handle seeing someone point a finger at my mom.


“Curses will come out somehow. Because no matter what you do, those who curse will curse. But, there is a way to reduce the swearing to a minimum.”


“What’s that?”


“Tell the truth. The Prime Minister Grandfather forcibly separated them. That’s why your mother raised you alone. Then people will feel sorry for your mother and won’t curse. I know you don’t like being pitied, but sympathy is a really good shield against insults.”


“I see. But then, will that grandfather get a lot of swearing?” 


“He should get cursed. He did something bad. Whatever happens in the future, shouldn’t the person who did the wrong thing be responsible?”


“Kyungae is right. I vote for Kyungae.”


“Me too.”


“Me, too. Kyung-ae spoke well for some reason. Yes, the person who did the wrong thing should be responsible. Your mom and dad are victims.”


“Hey! I’m always good at talking!”


“No way!”


“That’s right!”


“No it’s not!”




This time, the chase between Yoon Kyungae and Chae Aesil began.


Then, there was a knocking sound.


“Can I come in?”


It was Dad.


“Yes? Yes.”


Soon Dad opened the door and came in.


With the kids’ eyes wide open (Wang Shinhee rubbed her eyes hard with her hands), Dad smiled affectionately.


“Heesun said that her friends were here, so I came to say hello. Hello.”




The kids shouted as bravely as babies in a daycare center, even though their faces were red.


Except for one person, Baek Youngsoon.


The person with the nickname “Bbangsoonie” froze up like a recruit in front of a very scary instructor.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


“Did you have a good dinner?”




“What about dessert?”


“Not yet!”


“I have something prepared, I will bring it to you.”


Several large plates that were on top of it landed on the table.


It was full of all kinds of sliced cakes and tarts, as well as colorful macaroons, mille-feuilles and éclairs of various flavors, and handmade chocolates that were as pretty as works of art.


“W, whoa!”


“Ugh! Are these all from a handmade hunter store?”


Cha Gieun, who is very interested in dessert, recognized it right away and opened her eyes wide.


“Yes. That’s right.” 


“I heard it’s hard to buy even if you make a reservation a week in advance! Whoa! As expected, Archer-nim!” 


“I’ll eat well, Dad.”


Soon, Dad smiled brightly.


It was as dazzling as the sunlight on a summer day.


“Did you say Dad?! “


“Yes? Yes.” 


“Whoa, it’s dazzling…!” 


“Me, too! As expected, Archer-nim’s beauty is…!”

I let go of the kids’ nonsense and said in a slightly embarrassed mood.


“Guys, say hello properly. He is my Dad.”


The light radiating from Dad’s face became brighter.


I started introducing each of them one by one.


“This is Wang Shinhee, she’s Dad is a huge fan.”


“I see.” 


“Archer-nim…! Body, is your body okay?”


“Of course it’s all right.”


“Dad, take it easy. They are your daughter’s friends.”


“Right, please speak comfortably!”

“Yes, I will.”


“I never thought I would be welcomed by Archer-nim!” 


I pushed Wang Shinhee aside.


“This is Yoon Kyungae.”


“Hello! I heard a lot about you from my sisters!”


“Yeah. You are the younger sister of Hunters Yoon Boae and Yun Seokae.”




“You created and run our Heesun fan cafe, right? Thank you.”


“No! We’re friends, so of course!”


I introduced the last kid.


“This is Baek Youngsoon. I’ve been close with him since the first year of middle school.”


“I see. Hello.” 


“Yes. H, hello! Nice to meet you!”


Baek Youngsoon, still frozen, bowed and greeted him.


“Yeah. This is the first time we met.”


Dad was greeted with a smile.


‘Something…Isn’t something a bit strange?’


I don’t know about Dad, but Baek Youngsoon certainly did.


‘I’ll have to ask separately later.’


That was not the case now.


“I’ll call a safety taxi later and take you home, so you can hang out until late.”


“Yes! thank you!”


After saying one more word of amusing surprise, Dad left.


“A, amazing!” 


“He looks the best in person!” 


“It shines, it shines!” 


“…Since Archer-nim is a physical-type hunter, he will hear all of you screaming.”


Yoon Kyungae said a word.


“So what if he hear it! Archer-nim! I love you! I love you!”


Wang Shinhee shouted, even making a finger heart toward the door.


I poked Wang Shinhee in the waist.


“Eat quickly.”


“okay! Let’s eat!”


For a moment, we focused fiercely on dessert.


It was a huge amount, but of course, there was no trace left.


Everyone was satisfied and started talking again.


“Hey, but Kyungae, he knew who your sisters were.” 


To Park Aera’s words, Yoon Kyung-ae replied calmly.


“He must have done your research. When a high-level hunter comes out, everything in the surrounding will shake. It’s not just our country, people all over the world do it.”


“Heol… Perhaps, perhaps they kidnap our friends…?” 


“I don’t think it’s going to happen? An incident like that happened at the beginning of the Dungeon Age, but the World Hunters Union completely destroyed it.”




“Ung. They can’t do that after that. What’s more, she’s an infinite grade. It is said to be the best in the world. How can they touch her? There are some crazy countries, but I don’t think that will ever happen.” 


Choi Aesil, a model student, raised one hand as she did in class and asked.


“Didn’t Ninja try to attack Heesung’s mother last time?”


“That’s because he’s crazy. So Japan is going crazy right now. The World Hunters Union banned foreign hunters from attacking Japanese dungeons for the next six months. Everyone is withdrawing now.”


“There are very few hunters in Japan. What if the dungeon explodes?”


“Even so, the attack ban won’t be lifted. He tried to kill Hunter’s family. He tried to ruin a country by exploding a high-rank hunter. He was going to do something completely insane, he should be punish for sure. That way it won’t happen again.”


I was amazed.


“Yoon Kyungae, you know about it really well.”


“Because I hear a lot of things. And, in fact, I’ve been educating myself since childhood.”




“Ung. Hunter-related training. Even if I couldn’t become a Hunter, I was thinking of helping my older sisters work in the guild. In fact, deep down I knew I wouldn’t be a Hunter. So I studied it hard.”


Cha Gieun said admiringly.


“That’s why you couldn’t study at school….” 


Yoon Kyungae opened her eyes, and Cha Gieun lifted her hand and asked.


“By the way, are you not going to college?  You didn’t seem to be thinking much about it.”


“Ung. I hate school. I’m going to enter the guild as a regular employee. The activity itself is done by hunters, but they also need a lot of regular staff to help them.”


“I see. Actually, I’m not going to college either.”


Cha Gieun suddenly declared, and everyone was surprised.


“You got accepted to the college entrance exam, right?”


“Ung. But it was roughly determined based on the grades. I thought about it a lot, but decided not to go because I thought it would be a waste of time. Finally mom and dad gave permission! I am going to study abroad!”


“Study abroad?”


“Ung. In Lyon, France. You know, right? My sister is working as a patissier there. I’m trying to prepare for cooking school while staying together. I’m almost ready to depart.”


“..When are you leaving?”


“The day after graduation… Hey, Park Aera, why are you crying?”


“I, I’m not crying!”

Park Aera’s eyes filled with tears as she shouted.


Cha Gieun smiled.


“Are you sad that this Cha Gieun is going to go far? Don’t worry. I’ll be here every vacation. And France is, well, nothing in this day and age. The internet is also all over the place. You can’t kick me out of the group chat room!”


“I will kick you out!”


Park Aera shouted again and was crying in earnest.


Cha Gieun took her handkerchief out of her pocket, put it in Park Aera’s mouth, and whispered affectionately.


“Shh, don’t cry, my little baby bird.”


“Are you crazy!” 


Park Aera stopped crying, chewed the handkerchief, grabbed Cha Gieun’s neck, and shook it gently.


Cha Gieun just laughed.


“Is there anyone else who changed their career path?”


Hwang Eun looked at Yoon Kyungae and Park Aera and then at me and asked.


The other kids didn’t respond much.




‘Why is Bbangsoon like that?’


He was staring at the floor, which the other kids wouldn’t find strange.


But I know.


That’s the habit of Baek Youngsoon when he lies.




Baek Youngsoon flinched for a moment when he saw my eyes.


But he acted like he didn’t know.




We chatted until late, but it was a shame.


“Let’s go to Neverland, and let’s go for one night and two days trip before graduation.”


“Let’s do that!” 


“Heesung, when are you going to go to school?”


“Maybe after I decide on a guild?” 


“Come to the Jewel Guild!”


“Hey, cover this kid’s mouth. I’m sick of it, the Jewel Guild!”


“But I’m not tired? Heesung! Jewel Guild!”


I pinched Yoon Kyungae’s cheek.


Yoon Kyungae rolled her eyes at me, but she didn’t say anything else and just calmly took a taxi.




“I had a great time!”


The kids disappeared in a taxi one by one.


The last person to go was Baek Youngsoon, but I glared at him.


“You call me later. Tell me what you’re hiding.”


“I, I can’t.” 


Baek Youngsoon took a taxi and left as if he were running away.


‘He’s not saying he doesn’t hiding anything, but just say he can’t?’


It was strange.


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