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▶ Episode 3. The Secret of Birth (1) 


+ Chapter 1. The Secret of Birth


My name is Lee Heesun.


I have hated this name since I was young. 


It’s very tacky, and unique names are bound to catch people’s attention for nothing. 


It was also the first name chosen by teachers who did not know students at the beginning of the semester.


‘It’s annoying!’ 


I was a good daughter until then, but when the black flame dragon was radiating from my hand, I couldn’t stand it.


“Mom, I want to change my name!”


I shout confidently. 


However, my mother showed this reaction. 




She struck the cutting board with the knife she was holding.


The kitchen knife not only cut the carrot on the cutting board in half, but it also got slightly stuck in the cutting board. 


“My daughter, will you say it again?”


“…No, mother.” (t/n: She uses 어마마마 which words were used in history.) 


 “Go and buy some tofu.”




“You can take the change.” 


“Wow, my mother is the best!” 


I danced out of the house with the 5,000 won that my mom had given me in my mouth. 


It was possible because I was an 8th grader.


“You are my ruler~ My Demon King~.” 


I was so excited that I hummed the songs of my favorite idol singers and ran to the nearest supermarket. 


Still, I was a good girl and didn’t cross the street without permission. I only crossed when the light turned green. 


But, whether the driver was drunk or did it on purpose, the car hit me and ran away. 


‘My head hurts a lot.’


As soon as I had this thought,  I lost consciousness. 


And I saw something like in a dream. 


It’s my past life. 


‘I was the Demon King?!’


Even though I was a demon king, I was originally a human.


To be precise, I was the most special human being in the world. 


Because I was born a princess with all the graces of the world. 


– This soul will save the world. 


I’ve even heard of this prophecy. 


But why did I become a Demon King?


The evil king sacrificed me to the demon to fulfill a wish only he knew! 


The demon devoured me and tried to evolve into a greater being but recognized that it wouldn’t work. 


It was because it couldn’t handle the huge amount of grace that united with my soul. 


So instead, he turned me into his own limbs, the Demon King. 


I, who was once the most noble and shining person, became the Demon King and began to tear and kill countless people and drive the world into destruction. 


Just before the end of the world, I faced two people. 


The warriors. 


One was a paladin, and the other was a ‘Saint of Grace.’ 


The saint was now the queen of the fallen kingdom and also my mother. 


After losing her beloved daughter to her evil husband, her mother has been studying with tears in her eyes. 


How to make her daughter human again, even if only for a short time. 


Then she finally succeeded by giving her own life.


That’s how I opened my eyes as a human being and joined forces with the paladin to seal the demon. 


Then, before I became the Demon King again, I willingly let the paladin’s sword cut off my head. 


‘I thought it was over.’


It wasn’t.


I was reborn in a different world.


And the power of the previous life is still there.


‘If I use this power, I will be able to rule the world.’ 


There were a lot of talented people here, too. 


However, no one can oppose the existence of all the graces of the world and the powerful magic of the Demon King. 


‘…I don’t want to.’


In my past life, I went through unimaginable pain because of this damn ability. 


I didn’t want to use this.




“My daughter, please, please wake up…”


My mother was there. 


I know it well. I know that my mother loves me more than anything else in the world.


She would die for her daughter if she could wake her up after a hit-and-run accident left her unconscious.


In fact, in the past life, the mother gave up her life to save her daughter. 


‘It’s the same thing.’


Now, just like in my previous life, I could see and know the soul.


My mother of this life was my mother of the previous life.


– The child you give birth to will have all the graces of the world. 


Her life was ruined when she was forced to marry the king because of this prophecy. 


Still, she does a lot of good things. 


A person who did not hesitate to give her life for her daughter until the very end. 




I opened my eyes and called her. 


I couldn’t talk because of a ventilator, but my mother heard me. 


“Yes, my daughter!” 


After I finally woke up, my mother cried tears of joy when she saw me. 


‘…Yeah, let’s not live like that.’


I didn’t want to live such a life that was so special that I was troubled again. 


‘Let’s live like I’ve done so far.’


With my mother, plain, calm, and peaceful. 


‘Let’s keep my power sealed.’


After that, I did what I decided to do.


‘To tell the truth, I did use some power before sealing it.’


For the safety of those around me. 


‘At first, it was a little difficult to live like before.’


Because it didn’t feel real.


However, I was able to live as Lee Heesun thanks to my mom, friends, and fans.


‘It should be like this in the future.’


But as time went on, the crisis kept getting closer and closer.


It was basically because of the monster.


Not long after I was reborn, a dungeon and a lot of monsters appeared out of nowhere in this world.


A ‘Hunter’ with the ability to kill monsters also appeared. 


Hunters and ordinary people soon learned that the magic stone, the core of monsters, has special powers. 


The corpse of a monster is precious and can be used in many different ways.


In other words, monsters, like oil, have become a new resource for humanity with limitless potential.


Furthermore, there was no pollution in anything created as a byproduct of monsters. 


It was only natural that every country would try to get more monsters.


To do that, they needed hunters.


Stronger and more hunters!


All countries were frantic about discovering and managing hunters.


In Korea, the ability test was conducted for all citizens. 


‘It’s a country that issues resident registration cards—’


Law also says that all Koreans must take an ability test the day after the CSAT in the year they turn 19. 


If they didn’t do the test every day without a good reason, they gave a fine of 1 million won. 


It was revoked if I had a passport, I was unable to obtain a driver’s license, and banking transactions were practically impossible. 


Above all, I couldn’t use my cell phone.


‘This penalty will be removed if it turns out to be a hunter.’


In any case, if I didn’t take the ability test, I’d be in a lot of trouble, almost to the point of social death. 


‘Still, this punishment is weak compared to other countries.’


The United States, which gives the most important people’s freedoms, threw them in jail because they were accused of risking national security by refusing examinations. 


Of course, only if a required inspection shows that they are not a hunter first. 


Europe, which cares about human rights, was in the same situation.


That’s why Hunter’s existence was so important.


It was a measure of military power and national power. Korea, which has more talented hunters than other countries, naturally entered the ranks of powerful countries. 


Most Korean hunters, including “Archer” Lee Beomjin, had a strong sense of patriotism and resonance. 


The government also treated the hunters well, which started by making a special department for them. 


‘According to the rumors, they said it’s all thanks to entrusting the Department of Ability to the Archery Association people..’ 


The Korean Department of Ability did a really good job. 


All Korean citizens over the age of 19 were required to take an ability test. 


No one has skipped the test since the dungeon first opened.


‘I can’t avoid the test.’


I had a hunch about it.


Of course, if I break the seal and use the power of the Demon King, I can escape.


No one, including the Department of Ability, will be able to catch me.


But I couldn’t leave my mother behind. 


‘Never, I can’t.’


Even if Lee Heesun’s life was a little boring but peaceful, I couldn’t leave it.


So the conclusion is. 


‘I have to get tested. But— what if my power is revealed?’


I felt like I was in trouble, so I looked around and thought about Hunter. 


‘This power is from another world.’


If so, it was likely that the device here wouldn’t be able to identify it. 




‘Cause I’m bad with machines.’


It was a little bit like that before, but after I remembered my past life at age 15, I became even less interested in machines.


I was often in trouble without even touching it.


It was hard to do anything with a machine, and it was hard to use.


So did the cell phone.


‘Yeah, the machines in this world can’t detect my power!’


It will be.


‘I’ll be able to continue to live as an ordinary person in the future!’


That’s what I thought. 


I was a little nervous, but—.


– SSS class!!!!!!!


I was going crazy!!! 


I could clearly remember how it felt to step on X spot.


I first followed Lee Beomjin as I tried to hold back my growing anger. 


Either way, it’s a legal procedure. 


There, some additional words hit me like a bolt of lightning.


[Class: SSS∞] 


It’s not just SSS, it’s a grade with an infinity symbol attached to it.


But that wasn’t the end.


An even bigger problem arose.


[Code name: ⬛ King]


After this, another window about skills popped up in front of me, but I didn’t see it.


I didn’t even have the slightest intention of reading such a thing.




It wasn’t long before I heard a voice.




I turned my head to the side and saw Lee Beomjin.


His face, which was much more beautiful than what I saw on the screen, was stiff and he seemed worried. 


‘What—? Ah, you’re worried about me.’


It’s only a little bit, but I came to my sense. 


“Are you all right? You look very surprised.”


“Uhm… yes…”


Lee Beomjin took something out of the jacket pocket of the suit he was wearing. 


It was pink candy.


“Sweets help calm your mind and body.”




“Please have some.”


I took it, peeled it and put it in my mouth.


“…It tastes like cherry.”




I blankly rolled the candy in my mouth.


“Uhm, Ahjussi?” (Ahjussi (아저씨) means older man or mister) 




“No, Minister Ajhussi?” 


“…You can call me Minister or Archer.”


“I see. Minister Lee Beomjin Ajhu— Minister, over there…. Did you see it earlier? The grade and the code name.”


“Yes. I saw it.”


I reflexively thought of this.


‘Should I kill him?’


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