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▶ Episode 31. Kidnapping (5)


“I want to save people. But…not doctor, healer save more people.”


Yoon Seokae, who was looking at me with warm eyes, smiled and shook her head. 


“No. Wizards save more people than healers.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes. As a healer, what you can do is more limited than you think. It is usually treated after an injury. But wizards are different.”


“How are they different?”


“It can be done after people get hurt, and there are many ways to help people before they get hurt. You can stay by your fellow hunters against monsters, and you can benefit the world by developing various artifacts through various research without entering the dungeon. A high-ranking wizard with excellent skills can prevent disasters like dungeons from exploding.”


“I see…” 


“Yes. I see. So if you want to save people, if you want to save more people, become a wizard rather than a doctor.” 


Uncle Kim Changho said the same thing in the past, but it didn’t really impress me.


However, the words of Yoon Seokae, who saved countless lives as a healer, touched me more deeply.


“Of course, I’m saying this because I feel sorry for Hunter Lee Heesun’s natural ability. Being a wizard will be of great help not only to Korea but also to the whole world. But it is true that wizards save more than doctors.”


“Yes, certainly… that’s true.” 


Somehow, I felt relieved.


“Thank you for your words.”


“Was it helpful?”




“I’m glad it helped Hunter Lee Heesun.”


I said a little shyly.


“Would you mind talking to me? I’m your sister’s friend.”


“Is that so? So, would you like to call me Unnie?” 


Yoon Seokae was delighted. 


“Yes, Unnie.” 


“Okay. Shall we sign a contract today?”


“Hunter Yoon Seokae, you can’t do that.”


Dad approached and said coldly. 


“You can’t just ask to sign a contract like that.”


“What’s wrong? I’ll give her the best treatment anyway.”


Yoon Seokae, no, Seokae Unnie said and whispered to me with her face taking a step back. 


“I’ll be waiting tomorrow with a blank check and a contract. Write down all the conditions you want. I’ll listen to you all. No, you can think about it slowly. I’ll listen to everything later.”


Dad said.


“Other conditions are based on the SSS-class hunter standard, and the distribution yield is 96%.”


“96 percent?!”




“T, that’s a bit…!” 


“The guild allocation yield of Cherokee, an SSS Class hunter, is 95 percent. Our Heesun, who is SSS∞ Class, of course, needs to get higher. It’s a matter of pride as the world’s best hunter.” 




“I think 4 percent of guilds will be enough.”


“I don’t think Heesun will be active much.”


“Yes. Our Heesun will be less active. That’s why we don’t ask for a down payment.” 




“If you don’t like it, don’t.”




Seokae Unnie called out to her sister as if asking for her help.


The guild leader of the Jewel Guild, Yoon Boae, came running.


“96 percent?!”


After hearing the explanation, Yoon Boae was very surprised, but she immediately straightened her expression.


It seemed that she had a calmer personality than her sister.


“I will ask for a treat worthy of an SSS∞ class hunter.” 


Dad said it firmly, and Yoon Boae thought for a moment before nodding. 


“Yes. 96 percent, let’s do that.” 


“Good. However, if I find something lacking on the field trip tomorrow, I won’t sign the contract. And the period will be two years instead of the usual three years.”




Dad smiled very faintly only then.


‘He recommended the Jewel Guild to me, but he is really good at negotiating….’ 


I was quiet.


Yoon Boae smiled and said confidently to me.


“Tomorrow, come prepared to sign a contract. Because there is nothing lacking in our guild.”


“Please speak comfortably.  I’m your sister’s friend.” 


“Yeah. Can you call me Unnie?” 


“Yes, Boae Unnie.” 


The two twin sisters smiled brightly as if they were happy.


Soon we arrived at Sokcho Port.


The coast guard, Department of Ability’s staff, and mobile skill hunters were waiting in advance. 


I didn’t know how to lower my defense yet, so I moved with movement magic, and the others went to the Department of Ability building with the help of the mobile skill hunter.


“I’m going to have a meeting.”


Dad and the twins headed to the conference room.


I went to the waiting room with Baek Youngsoon and her family.


As Seokae Unnie said earlier, Dad and the two twin sisters came just before the 5th hour.


Soon Baek Youngsoon and her family opened their eyes.


Baek Youngsoon looked at me and blinked her eyes. 


“Heesung, when did you come to my house?” 




I wanted to say that this is not his house but the Department of Ability building, but I couldn’t.


Tears would come out if I said it, so I closed my mouth and hugged Baek Youngsoon.


“What is it?”


Baek Youngsoon looked embarrassed, but she hugged me.


And Baek Youngsoon’s parents.


“Really cool…!” 


“You look so much better in person!”


They were saying this while looking at my Dad.




“Hello, I’m Lee Beom-jin, Minister of the Department of Ability.” 


Dad seemed familiar with this reaction.


He explained in a calm and professional manner.


Baek Youngsoon is an A Class hunter with unusual skills, and that’s why her entire family was kidnapped today.


“Hunter? Our Youngsoon?!”




Baek Youngsoon’s mother and father were confused.


When he mentioned the kidnapping, Baek Youngsoon was also confused. 


Dad waited for the three to calm down a little, then asked.


“What’s the last thing you remember?”


“I only remember lying in bed last night.”


Dad nodded.


“I see. That’s a relief.”


It was a relief that there would be no mental shock.


“It may be inconvenient, but until the culprit is caught, you will have to live with the guard hunter for a while. You must always carry a protective artifact with you. The Department of Ability will provide it.” 


“Dad, wait.”


Baek Youngsoon’s parents’ eyes widened.




“Yes, he’s my father, my own father. Bbangsoon, didn’t you tell them?”


“I didn’t. You said it’s still a secret.”


“But I really didn’t know you wouldn’t tell them… thank you.”


I was very grateful to Yoon Kyungae, who didn’t say anything to her sisters, and Baek Youngsoon as well.


“Heesun-ah, is he really your father?”


Baek Youngsoon’s mother asked as if she couldn’t believe it. 


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Oh my!”


“It’s still a secret.”


“Yes, yes. But oh my gosh!”


Baek Youngsoon’s mother looked at Dad and suddenly turned her head and looked at her husband’s face.


Then she sighed heavily.


Baek Youngsoon’s father looked depressed for a moment, and when he saw Dad, he nodded as if he understood his wife’s reaction.




Anyway, I brought out what I was thinking while the protection story came up.


“Wouldn’t my protective magic be better than an artifact?”


Boae Unnie nodded hard.


“Right, that’s good. As expected, Heesun is smart because she is our Jewel Guild member.”




“Heesung, are you joining the Jewel Guild?”


“Maybe? I’ll decide after tomorrow’s field trip.”


“Then should I join the Jewel Guild? Kyungae will work there. Can I join, too?”


The Jewel sisters opened their eyes like jewels in the sun.


“Of course it’s a welcome!!! But what skill do you have? What kind of unique skill is that? Do you have a code name, too?”


Baek Youngsoon couldn’t answer and looked at Dad’s face.


“They both have Level 2 Secret Handling Authorization, your parents are your guardians, and they were even kidnapped, so it’s okay to let them know now.”


Dad said about Baek Youngsoon’s code name and skills. And the danger.


Boae Unnie thought hard and then said this.


“Youngsoon, our guild doesn’t have hunters with that skill, so it’s hard to give much help. How about joining the Beomho Guild? There are hunters with slightly similar skills.”


I heard that high-grade hunters are very rare, so they don’t mind doing all sorts of dirty things to attract even one more. 


But Boae isn’t doing that; she’s just thinking about Baek Youngsoon’s position and telling her.


‘I see why Dad called them trustworthy.’ 


They were really nice people, too, who tried to protect me by openly saying something to the country’s hero and minister, my Dad, on the ship. 


I liked it.


“The hunter is a member of the Beomho Guild, but she belongs to the NIS. Then it’s safer because she can directly receive government protection. I think you should do the same.”


“Actually, the Department of Ability was considering the plan.”


Baek Youngsoon’s mother asked Dad. 


“If we do that, will our Youngsoon become a civil servant? Because she belongs to the NIS.” 


“Yes, that’s right.”


Baek Youngsoon’s mother sparkled her eyes like the midsummer sun. 


“Civil servant!”




“Youngsoon, let’s do that. You’re going to be a civil servant!”


“…Yes, I will.”


“I’ll call Hunter Ko Sooho, the head of the Beomho Guild, right here. Hunter Baek Youngsoon is my daughter’s friend, so I’ll sit with her and help her sign a contract on good terms.” 


“Thank you! As expected from Heesun’s father!”


“Yes, I’m Heesun’s father!”


Dad shouted very proudly.


I was a little shy for some reason.




“Then I’ll put a protective magic on it.”


“Shall I give you the spell?”


Boae suggested, but I shook my head.


“I’ll just do it my way. I think that would be better.”






I use it (again) to Baek Youngsoon, following Baek Youngsoon’s parents.


I also approached the twin sisters.


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