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▶ Episode 32. Kidnapping (6)


“Are you going to do it for us too?”




“Is that okay? You used a lot of magic today.” 


“It’s okay.”


“Still, get some rest. Your body comes first.”


“Yeah. You can do it next time.”


The twin sisters were really nice people.


I smiled and shook my head.


“I will do it now.”




Baek Youngsoon’s parents have been attached to SS Class protection magic, but I have to use more strength to cast SSS-class protection spells on these two. 


Those who enter the dungeon would be dangerous. 


The two A Class people didn’t seem to notice, but the SS Class, no, the SSS Class Dad seemed to feel it. 


‘Doesn’t Dad realize he’s gotten stronger?’


I didn’t think he would know because he has lived as an SS Class for 18 years. 


There has never been a rise in grades in history. 


‘I shouldn’t get caught.’


“I’ll do it for Dad too.” 


“It’s okay. I can’t make our Heesun suffer.” 


“Not really. It’s not hard.”




Dad repeatedly refused.


‘Should I just do it? No. I’ll do it later when we’re apart.’


I’m going to walk very hard, so I’m backing down now.


“Now go home and rest.”


“Yes. Ah, wait.”


There was something that suddenly came to mind.


“Here, is there a restaurant in the building of the Department of Ability? How many are there?”


“There are three.”


“I’ll go eat at the biggest restaurant. Let’s eat together.”


“Yes, then. Now that it’s safe, let’s go up to eat.”




Baek Youngsoon’s parents seemed very happy to have dinner with Dad.


Especially Baek Youngsoon’s mother. 




My twin sisters seemed to want to talk to me.


But I ran to my Dad’s side and held his hand tightly.


Dad looked a little surprised but soon smiled happily.


“Hey, people get it wrong.”


Baek Youngsoon whispered.


“I will just make sure not to make them misunderstand.”


“Huh? What are you going to do?”


“Dad! I’m going to eat and go home. What is Dad going to do?”


I raised my voice a little.


Enough that others around me can hear it.


It was the so-called father’s tactic. 


When I moved to the restaurant and ate, I constantly called my Dad.


“I thought your father’s code name was not an Archer, but a Dad.”


Later, Baek Youngsoon whispered like this.


Anyway, many people around me were very interested in me throughout the meal, and everyone heard me say, ‘Dad.’


People’s reactions were divided into three categories.


They were either extremely shocked or astonished.


Or they think they heard it wrong. 


Whatever it is.


‘Dad won’t get any more impudent stares, right?’ 


I also liked that Dad was very satisfied with the endless ‘Dad’ calls.


It’s a bit embarrassing to be so happy that his lips are loose. 


“After signing a guild contract and sorting out the situation a bit, I will announce that we are a father and daughter.” 


I told my twin sisters almost at the end of the meal.


“Okay. I’ll prepare the contract for now.”


“Confirmation comes first.”


Dad intervened and said something.


The twin sisters got up from their chairs with slightly nervous faces.


“I should go and prepare it. We’re going to go now. See you tomorrow.”




“Unnies, thank you so much.” 


Baek Youngsoon bowed her head deeply to greet them, and Baek Youngsoon’s parents did the same. 


The twin sisters smiled as if they were familiar with this kind of greeting and left.


“Heesun-ah, you must be tired, so go home. Baek Youngsoon’s contract will be helped by Dad.” 


“Yeah, Heesung, you look tired. Just go. I’ll call you later in the evening.”


“Ung. Okay. Dad, I’ll go back then.”


“Yeah. My daughter, in case you don’t know, take a car and go back. Don’t use magic.”




It was a pity because magic was more comfortable, but I thought it would be better to listen to Dad now. 


After saying goodbye to Baek Youngsoon’s parents, I got into the car driven by Uncle Kim Changho.


“You must be busy, thank you!”


“No, of course I’m an uncle.” (t/n: He uses 삼촌 while Heesun uses 아저씨. 아저씨 is usually used for a stranger.) 


“Yes, Uncle!” 


“…it won’t take long, but you must be tired. Close your eyes.”


“Yess, Uncle.” 




I giggled and closed my eyes.


However, I couldn’t sleep or seal my power.


Maybe it’s because I’ve been through a lot of things today, but I couldn’t relax.




Uncle Kim Changho was perplexed.


I didn’t feel particularly threatened, but I opened my eyes wide as I prepared to cast my magic.


“What’s wrong?”


“Look over there.”


A large black luxury car stood in front of the house’s main gate.


“Who is it? Don’t tell me, is it a reporter? No, I don’t think reporters would drive a car like that.”


“It’s not reporter. That car…” 


Uncle Kim Changho swallowed his saliva and continued. 


“It’s the Prime Minister’s car.”


“Dad’s father is here?!”


“Yes. Seeing that there is a security car around, I’m right.”


“No one can enter the house because I put a barrier. He probably can’t even ring the bell. I guess that’s why he’s doing that outside. Hmm. Isn’t the Prime Minister busy?” 


“Of course, he’s busy.” 


“Then why is he here now?” 


“I think he came to meet you Heesunie or Lee Nahyun…” 


“Mom?! Please stop the car!”


“Wait. To meet the Prime Minister?”


“Yes. I want to make sure to warn him not to approach my mother.”


“Heesun, the Prime Minister is not an ordinary person. I prefer not to meet him.”




Wondering, I kept my mouth shut.


“I think they’ll see us if we go to the parking lot….” 


Uncle Kim Changho slowed down, not knowing what to do.


It was when there were ten meters left.


The driver’s seat of the prime minister’s car opened, and a man who looked like the driver got out.


The driver politely opened the back seat door.


An old man got off slowly.


“Ugh, he really came.”


Uncle Kim Changho stopped the car completely.




Dad’s photo or video is not better than seeing it in person, it was the same with Dad’s father. 


The real person is, as my friend Wang Shinhee said.


‘It’s really a flower grandpa.’


Not only was he wearing a suit that made him look like a British gentleman, but also the cane (artifact with various magic) on his right hand as if his legs were uncomfortable. 


Most of all, the coolest thing was the face.


People say that he is close to 70 years old this year, and his wrinkled face and white hair give him a heavy look. 


His eyes were gentle and powerful enough to attract admiration.


‘…Is it very different from what I expected?’


I’d assumed he was an evil guy because that’s how he separated Mom and Dad. 


However, the soul seen at this moment was not like that.


‘Although he’s not a completely upright person.’


There wasn’t even a speck of dust of wickedness. 


A person who knows what is right and wrong and works for justice.


However, he was a completely different type from Dad, who took the lead while facing all the waves with his whole body.


He was an experienced and mature soul who stood back and secretly manipulated his surroundings for his own purposes. 


‘I can see why Dad and Uncle Kim Changho say he’s not an ordinary people.’ 


I could also see why Mom and Dad broke up with a misunderstanding. 


19 years ago, the two were only 20 years old.


It was natural to suffer by someone with such a soul. 


‘It’s a little, no, it’s very annoying.’


I just stared through the window at Dad’s father’s slow walk.


This car’s windows had a function that let you see everything from the inside but nothing from the outside. 


But my Dad’s father seemed to know I was looking at him.


It was a bit slow, but he walked straight to the front of the car. 


He stopped just one step ahead and stared at the window.


‘It means to come out.’


To provoke like this, but I had no intention of avoiding it.


And we had to face each other once anyway.


I used magic as I opened the car door and walked out.




I put up a hemispherical black barrier to prevent others from seeing us or hearing our conversations.


Dad’s father didn’t blink an eye.




He was 25 cm taller than me.


In a word, he looked down on me a lot. 


‘I feel a bit bad.’


Still, it wasn’t particularly unpleasant.


What should I say? He was looking at me with a look of regret that I couldn’t understand. 


My heart stung and I was irritated.


“Are you here to apologize?”




“Did you come here to bow your head, saying you were wrong about making Mom and Dad break up 19 years ago?” 


“I didn’t do anything wrong.”




“Think about it. Can you agree that your dear mother is marrying a man who is not from a good family or a lot of money and who seems to have no future? Besides, they’re still young, aren’t they?” 


“What are you talking about now?” 


“I’m going to answer. Are you going to let your mother have a future with a man on very poor terms?”


I didn’t mean to get involved.


“You won’t apologize.”


“Yes, I’m not at fault.”


“Then why did you come?”




“Why did you come?!” 


Dad’s father, no, I even thought this title was a waste. 


The Prime Minister coughed briefly, then replied.


“…I came to see you.”


“Would you have come to see me even if I wasn’t SSS∞ Class?”


“I would. Whatever the grade, even if it’s not Hunter… Because you’re my granddaughter.” 


“Prime Minister, you don’t have the right to call me your granddaughter.” 


“Yeah. You are right.” 


Surprisingly, the Prime Minister admitted it without hesitation. 


“I don’t deserve that. I know.”


“…Why did you come when you knew?”


“I just said it. I came to see you.” 


“…If you have seen it, please leave.”


“Yeah. I will.” 


Again, the Prime Minister nodded obediently.


But instead of going, he glanced at me again and said something like this.


(t/n : The author really end the chapter like this xD)

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