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▶ Episode 33. Announcement (1)


“Jongjin, you look a lot like your aunt.”




“Except for being short.”


The heat suddenly rose, but I held it in.


I closed my lips and glared, but the Prime Minister chuckled.


“You have the same angry expression.”


“…You’re childish.”


“You get childish when you get older.”


“Don’t blame your age. I guess that’s what it used to be.”


“Yeah. I am originally childish.”




“There are nasty rumors going around about you and Beomjin, but you’d better tell the truth quickly to end it.”


“I’m already doing that.” 


“Don’t do that at the restaurant of the Department of Ability, make an official announcement.”


It was right before I came here, but the news was really fast.


“Let’s say they broke up. Because that is true.” 


“I still plan on doing that. You will be cursed at by people. You might get pointed at.”


“I suppose so.”


“I won’t cut you some slack. You did something bad, so you have to take responsibility.”


“I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but I did it, so it’s natural for me to take responsibility.”




“You are so young. You should know how to hide your expression.”




“You will go through all sorts of things in your life from now on, so try to manage your emotions well. No matter what you hear, no matter what situation you go through, don’t be angry in front of it, and smile. Retaliation is done behind the scenes. Slowly, using other people.”


“…You teach me something very good.”


“It’s the teachings of flower grandpa.”


“Flower grandpa…! You said that with your own mouth…!” 


“Because it’s true. I’m happy and proud of the nickname. I’m born with it, but it’s all thanks to my hard work. I’m not a hunter, but an ordinary person. Do you think it’s easy to maintain a look like this at this age? Exercising every morning, putting up with my favorite drink, eating selectively, and packing up every night, it’s very tiring.”




“People are greatly influenced by what they see. The higher the fame, the more so. People all over the world know you, so take care of your appearance.”




“This flower grandpa has been rolling in politics for a very long time and has some strength. I also know people’s weaknesses. I know a lot of people, and I have a lot of money. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.” 


The Prime Minister pulled out his business card from his suit pocket and held it out.


I just wanted to ignore it.


But strangely enough, I couldn’t.


It was because of the eyes.


Mom and Dad, the one who loves me.




I held it in my hand with an attitude that I couldn’t help it while looking away. 


The Prime Minister smiled and pointed at the barrier with a nod of his head.


“Release  this so I can get out.”


“…I will pay in advance, in case I ask for help later.”


“The price?”






“Don’t forget it. This is an SSS Class protection spell, so if I ask for help, you must do so. Properly, definitely.”


The Prime Minister, no, my Dad’s father.


‘…Still, I can’t call him grandfather.’


He smiled and nodded his head.


“Yeah. I promise.”


I hesitated a little and removed the barrier.


Dad’s father turned around and slowly returned to his car.


Before he got into the car, he turned around and stared at me as if he had just remembered something he had forgotten.


“Tell your mother.”


When Mom was mentioned, I raised my eyebrows again. 


“What are you talking about?”


“She must have had a hard time alone, but she raised her daughter well.”




“Don’t reveal that your mother is the most precious thing in the world. No matter how SSS∞ Class you are, it’s not good to expose your weaknesses.”


“…A nagging man.”


Dad’s father laughed for a while and got in the car.


It’s tinted black, so I won’t be able to see it from outside.


But I could tell he was still looking at me.


I held the business card tightly and kept watching until the car started and disappeared from sight.


“…Heesun-ah, are you okay?”


Uncle Kim Changho approached me, worried.


I nodded.


“Yes. I’m fine. You don’t have to worry. I’ll tell Dad when he comes over later tonight.”




“Thank you for taking me back.”


I nodded and went into the house.


Mom was out at the entrance on the first floor.


“My daughter, you are not hurt.”


“Yes. Of course.”


Mom came up with a sigh of relief and hugged me lightly.


“What about Youngsoon? Looking at your face, he’s okay, right?”


 “Yes, he’s fine. He came back safely.”


“That’s a relief. But… he weren’t kidnapped because of my daughter, right?” 


“No. Bbangsoonie is also a Hunter. I can’t tell you the details because it’s a secret. I’m sorry.”


“What do you mean sorry? If it’s a secret, of course.” 


“Mom, and…” 


I hesitated a little, but I spoke.


I met Dad’s father right in front of me, and what kind of conversation we had.


I became conscious of Mom without realizing it. 


Because I say it’s not bad about Dad’s father. 


‘He’s a villain to Mom.’


Still, I didn’t hate it.


In fact, it would be Dad’s father’s intention that I didn’t see him badly.


All his words and actions must be the result of a calculation.


‘But it’s so strange.’


Even though I knew that it was his intention, I wasn’t offended.


Although he has been active as a politician for a long time, he has few enemies, and he seems to be popular with people because of his charm.


‘Is that charisma that attracts people?’


Come to think of it, Dad was similar.


No matter how dazzling his achievements were, he was very cold, but people loved Dad very much. 


‘But why didn’t I inherit that….’




“I got a business card. Should I throw it away?”


Mom smiled warmly and shook her head.


“No. Heesun-ah, you don’t have to hate your grandfather because of Mom.”


“I don’t think he is my grandfather. He’s still Dad’s father.”


“Yeah. Not yet.”




“You like him, right?”




“Heesun-ah, Mom really hate the Prime Minister, but…It’s not that I don’t understand that position at all.”




“Because Mom also have children. You will understand this when you are older, get married, and have children.”




“I raised you well…Hearing those words makes me feel strange because I feel like I’ve finally been recognized by the person who ignored me so much back then. I get angry because he gave me sickness and medicine.” 


Mom had an expression of her anger rising to the top of her head, yet her feelings seemed new.


She seemed to be experiencing several emotions at the same time.


Mom shook her head as if she didn’t want to think more and said this.


“If you want to get along with your grandfather, you can do that. Don’t look at your Mom.”


“I don’t really want to get along well. I still have a hateful heart.”


In any case, it was true that Mom and Dad suffered because of Dad’s father. 


Especially, my Mom.


‘Thinking about it again, I hate Dad’s father a lot.’


But still, I didn’t hate it.


“My Heesun, Mom is really fine.” 




Mom nodded as if she knew my feelings and lightly stroked my cheek.


“Do you want to see your aunts and cousins next time? Actually, I wants to meet your aunt. Because she looks like our Heesun.”


“I’m curious too.”


“Yeah. Let’s see her next time. Did you eat?”


“I ate. What about you, mom?”


“Mom ate it, too. Do you want a big strawberry?”


“Yes! Oh yeah, I’ve almost decided on that guild. As for where….” 


I eagerly announced other news.


+ Chapter 7. Announcement


Tyrone, the President of the United States, looked at the head of the Ministry of Hunter Matthew, who was sitting diagonally with sad eyes.


It was shining brilliantly.




Tyrone had a hunch.


‘My future…!’


It was.


His hair had fallen out so much today that he could see it.


No, it wasn’t just today.


Ever since he saw Cherokee break into Infinity Hunter’s press conference not too long ago, hair has been escaping from his head at high speed. 


At that time, Cherokee asked her to marry him, but he was sent away, which, to be honest, was very comforting.


‘Serves you right, you punk!’


But it was a problem for an American hero to suffer that way in front of people around the world.


‘In an era where hunters are the source of national strength, that would damage the country’s reputation.’


However, Cherokee was usually so eccentric and had many scandals involving women that most people didn’t see it differently.


Of course, a few Americans didn’t like the Infinity Hunters because their pride was hurt when they saw their country’s best hunter being kicked out.


‘That kind of view shouldn’t exist.’


If she offended, Infinity Hunter would not help retake Washington D.C.


Even if she did, it could have been a long time later.


Currently, there are countless countries that yearn for Infinity Hunter.


Especially in Western Europe, where the capital was blown up.


‘The first country that Infinity Hunter helps should be the US!’


She couldn’t be pushed to another country.


Naturally, the US government, including Tyrone, tried to make public opinion good about Infinity Hunter.


In the meantime, when a Korean Class A Hunter was kidnapped along with his family, Lee Beomjin, the Minister of the Department of Ability, asked Cherokee for help. 


Minister of Defense David, who spoke with Lee Beomjin at the time, said.


– Actually, I clapped hard inside. I’m sorry to hear that you were kidnapped, but I can confidently ask you to catch two bosses in Washington, D.C.




-The A Class Hunter who was kidnapped is said to be a friend of Hishun Lee. So I decided not to ask for anything in return.


Cherokee, who came back wearing strange tracksuits, smiled brightly and said that.


David passed out, foaming at the mouth, and was hospitalized.


He has now been discharged from the hospital and is attending a national security meeting, but his complexion is not very good.


His expression looked like he had chewed something, but his eyes were clear, as if he was firmly determined to do something.


‘I don’t feel good.’


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