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▶ Episode 35. Announcement (3)


Cherokee, an SSS-class hunter, naturally had the right to attend national security meetings.


But he rarely appeared.


‘Some people interpret it as being concerned that he might be seen as an overly political act.’


It never seemed like that to Tyrone.


It was just annoying to him.


“(Didn’t you say that a new season of your favorite drama is coming out on Neflix today and that you watch it all day?)”


“(Don’t talk about that drama! My favorite character died in the first episode!)”




“(How could that be? How…!)” 


Cherokee was trembling all over his body.


“(…Is that why you appeared?)”


“(Yeah. It also reminds me of Washington, D.C.)”


“(Is the place where the favorite died in Washington, D.C.?)”


“(That’s right!)”




“(Anyway, it’s a place that needs to be recaptured. I’m just talking about that.)”


“(Yes. That’s right. We were discussing what to propose to Infinity Hunter while commissioning for Washington D.C.)” 


“(What are you going to suggest?)”


Tyrone, as always, patiently explained.


“(Oh, my flower must be really want it.)” 


“(Yes, I think so. Cherokee, what do you think of this proposal?)”


Even so, Cherokee had very good judgment.


In addition, if there was any new information found while working as a hunter, he provided it to the government.


Thanks to this, the Hunter Department received help creating a profile for Infinity Hunter.


Based on that data, the Department of National Defense began compiling a Class 0 classified file on Infinity Hunter. 


“(It’s a good offer, but it will be rejected.)”


“(What?! Why?)”


“(My flower loves his daughter very much. I don’t think those 2 bosses are dangerous to Hishun Lee, but he probably won’t let her go.)” 


The conference room was instantly enveloped in heavy silence.


“(…if you had agreed to pay the price! I could have entrusted it to you!)”


David screamed into his face, his blood pressure rising. 


(Hey, you shouldn’t get paid for saving her friend. Moreover, it’s a kidnapping case for the Hunter family.).”




“(But, since Hishun Lee is helping the Archer, not anyone else, I think Hishun Lee will want to act. The two of them got along well. Retaking Washington D.C is my wish, and the flower and me, and Hishun Lee and I are friends, so I’ll ask. I will work hard as a patriot!).” 


He doesn’t know about Archer, but Infinity Hunter didn’t seem to think of Cherokee as a friend.




“(Work hard?)”


“(Yeah. Work hard.)”


Tyrone’s hunch spoke out.


It’s ominous!


He’s going to make another mistake!


“(No! Cherokee, you don’t have to!)”


“(No. I have to come forward as a hero of this country.)”


Tyrone felt a chill run down his spine.


Cherokee put the box of nachos he was eating into Tyrone’s hand and said kindly.


“(I’ll go to my flower and Hishun Lee.)”




Amid Tyrone’s screams, a few strands of his hair escaped from the owner again. 


And after a while, Cherokee came back.




The day after I rescued Baek Youngsoon.


I went to the Jewel Guild and looked around.


After meeting the main guild members.


With the help of Dad, who sees everything more sharply than a dagger, I signed a contract with Boae, the guild leader. 


The terms of the contract were 96% of the rate of return, as Dad said. 


‘I think it’s a little too much.’


No matter how high my grade is in the world, I won’t be as active as Cherokee.


Moreover, the twin sisters were good people.


I wanted to help if possible.


– It’s profit, not sales, so even if your activity is low, there’s nothing to lose to the guild. The fact that you, the world’s best hunter, belonged to the guild is a great benefit to the guild.


– Is that so? 


– Yeah. Artifacts and accessories produced by the Jewel Guild will sell better in the future. The request fee for raiding the dungeon will also increase. 


I was a little worried, so I talked about it when the two of us were together, and Dad gave me this answer. 


It’s a relief.


– There are a lot of things you don’t know because it’s your first time, right? You can ask anything. No, you don’t have to ask if you don’t want to know. Do what you want, don’t do what you don’t want. I totally respect Heesun’s will.


– Thank you! 


I was so happy that I smiled and hugged Dad. 


Dad was satisfied, and he said this. 


– But Heesun-ah, can I ask you a favor? 


– Yes! Of course!


– Can I recommend a person to be your manager? 


– Yes. Of course, it does. But who? 


“Hello, Hunter Lee Heesun. My name is Lee Parkhee.” 


She was a person who worked as an aide in the Department of Ability. 


When Baek Youngsoon was kidnapped, she was also an employee who quickly and accurately handled various tasks in the conference room.




“My government is getting a little tired from my punching.”


“Are you punching the Japanese ambassador in Korea?”




“I think you hit it well.”


“It’s officially my fault. No matter how much you want to hit your opponent like dust on a rainy day, you can’t do that with foreign ambassadors.”


“Then informally?”


Lee Parkhee smiled silently.


Bright enough to light up the whole world. 




I nodded quietly.


“The Japanese government kept picking on me, and our government was in trouble. I gave up this ability because I felt like many people were getting tired for no reason.”


Dad let out a short sigh, and then he explained.


“I haven’t received her resignation yet. But it is true that Assistant Lee Parkhee is in an awkward position. Because of a lot of lawsuits. Of course, I will help as much as possible, so she won’t be legally arrested. I’ll pay for the attorney’s fees and the amount of the civil case, no matter what.”


“Thank you very much, Minister! I still have a house loan left, so it’s a relief!”


“…Assistant Lee Parkhee worked as a manager in the Jewel guild before joining the Department of Ability. And I said Jewel Guild will hire her again. And I think she’d better be your manager. Your presence will act as a shield to Assistant Lee Parkhee. She is a competent person and will be of use to you as well.” 


I nodded right away.


“Yeah. Please take good care of me in the future, Assistant Lee Parkhee, no, manager.”


“Yes! I look forward to your kind cooperation!”


That’s how Assistant Lee Parkhee became my manager, and since then, I also have a deputy manager.


“What would you like Hunter’s name for? Hunters are usually called Hunter names. That’s because it protects your privacy. My sisters just use their real names, but she regretted using the Hunter name. It’s too late to name it now, so I’m using the name as it is.”


It was my friend Yoon Kyungae. 


Dad told me it would be nice to have a friend like Yoon Kyungae by my side because I still don’t know much about the hunter industry.


Dad’s advice was right.


“If you have a code name, use the code name. For example, your father is called Archer. The same goes for fan cafes, and looking at public opinion on the internet, the wizard king is the most popular. But you seem to hate this, so I’ll pass.”


“Ung. I hate that.”


“The king of the wizard is too long.” 


“Ung. It’s long.” 


“There’s also GodSung, but I think you’ll really hate this?”


“What the hell is that?”


“It’s God Plus Heesun. God plus Heesung.” 




“Let’s just be Infinity Hunters.”


“Yeah. I like that too…” 


It was also cringe-worthy, but it was better.


“Named Hunter has a separate logo. It is a kind of brand mark. I’ll show you this as soon as the candidates are selected, choose.”




“Let’s do SNS. But you’re bad with machines, so I’ll take care of it. Let’s take a video later and upload it with the message that we ask them to take good care of you and call you Infinity Hunter in the future. The guild will take care of the filming and editing. The guild will manage your account.”




“I think you will continue to live in that house, so I don’t think I need to ask about the house— no, how do you do housework?” 


“There is a butler at my father’s house. It’s Uncle Kang Woocheol. He’s an E-Class Hunter related to housework, and he cleans Dad’s house and cleans my house every three days.” 


I was introduced by Dad a while ago. 


Uncle Kang Woocheol is said to have been a manager when Dad worked as a hunter and became a butler after Dad became the Minister of the Department of Ability.


He took care of both Dad’s house and ours. He also cleaned Dad’s house and was his personal assistant.


“So Hunter Kang Woocheol takes care of your house too. He is famous for his ability.”


“Ung. He did. it was amazing. Since he use the skill, the dust in the house blows away and the laundry is done in one shot.” 


“Then I guess we don’t have to worry about housework any more…Heesung, do you like clothes from this brand? I came here with a sponsorship offer.”


“Sponsored? Are they giving it away for free?”


“Usually sponsorship is provided free of charge, but it’s different in the hunter world. It means that there is an additional advertising fee for free provision.” 


“So, you say you’ll pay me if I wear clothes?”


“Ung. There are sponsorship offers for everything from head to toe, including accessories, mobile phones and cosmetics.”


“…How much is it?” 


Yoon Kyungae laughed and told me, and I was really surprised.


“That much…!” 


“It’s not that great. You’re SSS∞ Class, so you need to get more. Because the products worn by the world’s best hunters increase the brand value.”


“I see…” 


“High-ranking hunters are walking billboards, so they get sponsored for everything. But it could be a problem.”



“It’s like getting sponsored, but in reality, it’s like it’s going to come out that you’re using a competitor’s product. You don’t want to worry about this, do you?” 


“Ung, I don’t like it.”


“Then let’s not get sponsored for now.”




I lay flat on the sofa.


“Kyungae, I’m so glad you’re here….”


If I had been stuck with someone who didn’t know me well, I would have been much more tired than I am now.


Yoon Kyungae smiled, and then she eagerly taught other things.


After that, I also received basic training from the Department of Ability for a few days. 


The next day, I covered my face as much as possible, went to Neverland with my friends, played a lot, and returned.


And that night, it was officially announced through the guild.


Archer, or Lee Beomjin is my biological father.


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