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▶ Episode 36. Announcement (4)


「Hello! Uhm, Parkhee Unnie, is this being recorded? 


“That’s right. You can talk now.” 


Then, hello once again! 


“Heesung, you should look here, not there.” 


Ah, okay. Well, again! Hello! This is the Infinity Hunter of the Korea Jewel Guild! Did you see my last announcement that I am greeting you through a video today? That I am my father’s daughter— Kyungae, please respond. It’s embarrassing because I’m just saying it.


“I got it.” 


Yep. I am the biological daughter of the Minister of the Department of Ability, Archer Lee Beomjin! The response was more enthusiastic than expected, and it seemed that there were a lot of questions. That’s why we made a place like this! 


But it’s embarrassing to just look at the camera and talk—the press conference is fine. Anyway! I’ve announced it, but I’ll tell you more details.


My mom and dad dated 19 years ago, but my Dad’s father broke them up. I’m supposed to say grandfather, but I can’t say that because I hate him. But the Prime Minister is a bit stiff—.


Anyway, 19 years ago, mom and dad broke up because they misunderstood each other badly. No matter what I think about it, Dad’s father is bad. Mom worked so hard to raise me by herself.


She was just 21 when she gave birth to me, and she’s only 2 years older than me now. At that age, she gave birth to a child and raised it alone…Isn’t it amazing? My mom suffered a lot…


“Heesun-ah, we’re still filming.”


…Yes, Unnie. I won’t say more about mom’s hardships because I’ll probably cry if I talk about it. Anyway, my mom is the best mom in the world. She raised me alone and studied hard, so she went to pharmacy school and became a pharmacist. It’s incredible, right?


“Yeah, great! Your mother is the second greatest in the world!”


Why second?


“First is my mother!”


Yeah, your mom’s the first one for you. My mom is the first one for me.


“Heesun, you have to keep filming.”


Yep. Uhm… So, don’t say anything about my mom being a single mother! Because she’s the best mother in the world! 


She didn’t tell me who my father was, but I understood. Because my mom thought that my dad was bad, it would have been hard to tell your daughter that her father was such a bad man. But it turned out to be a misunderstanding. It’s my dad’s father’s fault. 


My dad is a very nice man. He’s a hero of our country, and he really is. He’s cool and very sweet! Dad never knew I existed until now. Because of my dad’s father, my dad also misunderstood my mom badly. 


The misunderstanding between the two has now been resolved, but I don’t know what will happen in the future. Of course, I hope the two of them do well, but I don’t think it’s right to get married because of me. Marriage is not for children, it is for love.


Oh, but can we talk about this? That’s all about mom and dad’s story!


A little more about my dad’s father…I met him briefly. I thought he was a villain because of what he did to my mom and dad, but he wasn’t. I hate him, but…I don’t hate it. It felt really strange. Anyway, that’s all for dad’s father’s story!


Now…Parkhee Unnie, what more can I say? 


“You can talk about your future plans.”


Oh right. Umm, the reason I wanted to become a doctor was because I wanted to help my mom and because I wanted to save a lot of people.


But while talking with Seokae Unnie a while ago, I realized that hunters saved more people than doctors. So I’m thinking about doing more hunter activities. 


Of course, I will go to medical school. I studied hard and passed, so I really want to graduate. If I increase my Hunter activity, it will take a long time to graduate, but—anyway, I’ll think about it a little more!


But I’m actually very busy. I thought I could play until I entered school, but there are so many things to do. Studying Hunter’s world is fine, but yoga is too difficult…Why can’t I straighten my back?…


Hey, Yoon Kyungae, are you going to laugh like that? You’re learning with me. Hey, where are you running away! Unnie, catch her! As a deputy manager, you’re learning with me. Got it?


“You’re a bad friend!”

I can’t hear it. I can’t hear~ Well, anyway! We are preparing hard! My goal is to go to Nonsan Dungeon at the end of this month! I want to see the big strawberry in the dungeon! 


Oh, there were a lot of questions. One of them asks what my favorite food is, so I’ll answer it.


Spicy Marinated Crab! I like the marinated crab that my mom made the best!!! My mom cuts it into small pieces, so it’s easy to eat, but I’m so happy if I eat white rice and a piece of marinated crab!!! It’s the best!


“Hey, you’re scary… It looks like beams are coming out of the eyes….” 


Spicy Marinated Crab is the best! Don’t forget! Spicy! Marinated! Crab! 




All right, all right. Well, then, I’ll stop here. I’ll greet you like this from time to time! Bye, everyone!」


“I’m glad I didn’t edit it and uploaded it as it is. Look, it’s only been 3 days since I uploaded it, and the view count on YouTube is exploding. Everyone in the comments said you were cute.”


“…I’m embarrassed….”


Looking back, my hands and feet shriveled.


Yoon Kyungae giggled, and Parkhee Unnie said, holding back her laughter.


“This is the right thing to do. Heesun-ah, since you’re  an SSS∞ Class, people may feel distanced or scared. It’s good to show my age like this to give a sense of intimacy. A hunter’s image is also important.” 




“But you got a nickname, Spicy Marinated Crab Villain.”




“The spicy marinated crab CF came in, but you’re not going to film it, right?”


“Of course I won’t!…How much will they give me?”


Parkhee Unnie smiled and told me as if she knew I would ask.


“That’s a lot…!”


“But if you film that, you really become a marinated crab villain.”


With tears in my eyes, I gave up.


The laughter of Parkhee Unnie and Yoon Kyungae grew bigger. 


“Heesun, isn’t it worth it? Thanks to you, public opinion about your mom and dad has been set as we want.”


“Yes. That’s really fortunate. I’m glad it’s quieting down.”


The world has been noisy since the guild announced my biological father.


It was to the extent that it appeared as the front door of the portal site as well as the top of the news.


Breaking news not only in Korea but all over the world.


‘I heard it’s an unwritten rule not to cover the housing complex in Hunter-dong.’


Reporters even came to the house where we live now. 


Some even used drones and telescopes to take pictures and videos of my house and my Dad’s house.


It wasn’t until the Jewel Guild’s legal team and Dad’s legion of lawyers sued them all that it didn’t happen. 


After that, the reaction subsided a little after I took and uploaded that video, which I just checked again.


To be precise, people’s eyes turned to other places, but something great happened in the entertainment industry.


‘Could it be that Dad’s father did that?’


I had this thought.


“It wasn’t completely quiet, though. I keep looking at the internet, they’re cursing about your grandfather. I heard they were making a fuss about resigning as prime minister?” 


“Prime Minister Resignation? That’s a bit.” 


He separated mom and dad, but I didn’t want to get in the way of work.


But Dad’s father wasn’t the kind of person who would have expected such a reaction.


“Well, he know what to do.”


“Yeah, never mind. Shall I tell you something funny? Did you know your mom got a publishing offer?”


“It’s out of the blue. A publication offer?”


“Yes. How to raise your daughter as a medical student at Korea University on your own! It said they wanted to publish a book with this title?”




I collapsed onto the sofa, and Yoon Kyungae continued to giggle.


Parkhee Unnie also laughed, and she told me this and that.


It was a summary of the many suggestions and requests that came to me from all over the world through the guild.


There are too many, and there are many strange things, so they didn’t show them in detail. 


Even though I only listened roughly, two hours passed by quickly.


“Is there anything you want to do?”


“…There are so many, I don’t know.”


Parkhee Unnie nodded as if she understood. 


“It’s still going to be like that. For now, let’s just listen. After that, you will have something you want to do.” 




“Okay, then today’s schedule is over except for one.” 


Even if it calmed down a little, it was still noisy, so I couldn’t go to school yet.


Instead, I came to the Headquarters of the Jewel Guild in a car driven by Parkhee every morning. 


I did things such as learning magic from Boae Unnie, learning the hunter world from Parkhee Unnie, and hearing about various requests from all over the world.


And there’s one more thing, and that’s—.


“…I have to go to yoga now.”






“At this rate, you might not be able to go to the Nonsan Dungeon at the end of this month. Let’s do yoga a little harder. Then you can start the gym from next week.” 




“Come on, let’s go. Both of you.” 




Yoon Kyungae and I went downstairs slowly like a worm.


After walking into the yoga room and changing into yoga clothes, I made up my mind and went in front of the yoga teacher.


“Okay, I’ll count to three. One~ Two~~ Threee~~~~.” 




“I’ll do it one more time~ This time up to five. One~ Two~~ Three~~~~ Four~~~~~ Fiveeeee~~~~.” 




“This time on the other side~~~”


I wanted to die. Seriously.


After it was over, Yoon Kyungae and I couldn’t move from the corpse posture.


“…I never thought yoga would be the hardest thing in my work life.”


“I didn’t know that the hardest thing in Hunter’s life would be yoga….” 


But the good news is that I can eat whatever I want. 


It is said that no matter what food a Hunter eat, it works in the direction of strengthening their body. 


Still, I needed to take protein supplements for hunters to build muscles better, but I didn’t want to do that. 


Fortunately, my dad and Parkhee Unnie told me not to do that if I didn’t like it. 


Thanks to this, I was able to eat marinated crab as much as I wanted.


‘That’s a relief!’


Anyway, yoga was too hard for the high school seniors who always slouched.


“Now go wash up.”


When the yoga teacher lifted us up, it seemed like we would be tired for a long time. 


“Yes… Ah, it’s troublesome. I want to use shower magic. Shall we try it now?”


Yoon Kyungae immediately shook her head.


“You know what Boae Unnie said. You can’t use magic you haven’t learned. Of course, you instinctively use it well, but you never know. You have to be careful.”


“Ung, okay.” 


Even if I had never used combat-related magic, I was confident of success.


But it wasn’t the case of life-related magic. 


‘No matter what accident happens, my body boasts SSS∞ Class defense, so I won’t get hurt.’


There were areas where problems could arise.


It was right there.


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