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▶ Episode 4. The Secret of Birth (2)


I’ve heard that many incidents happen in the dungeon.


‘If I kill him and make it look like an accident.’


No one will find out that she is actually the Demon King.


The only time others can see someone’s rank and code name is when they first enter the dungeon. 


‘If I kill him—’


I bit the candy.




I heard it and remembered it.


That man was the one who gave me this sweet candy. 


Even now, Lee Bumjin was sincerely worried about me.


‘…I can’t believe I’m thinking about killing him.’


It was something a demon king would do.


‘I’m Lee Heesun.’


The daughter of the Saint of Grace.


I can’t bring shame to my mother’s name.


Lee Beomjin continued cautiously. 


“I don’t know for sure. I saw the last letter being king, but I didn’t see the front letter because it was painted black.” 


It was only then that I realized. 


‘It didn’t say Demon King!’


“What kind of king are you?”


‘What do you mean what kind of king—it’s the demon king.’


But I couldn’t say it.


“I didn’t see the first letter either.”


It wasn’t a lie.


“If you look at the class and skill, you may know what kind of king it is. Turn on the class and skill window. Just think about turning it on.”


When I did that, a status window really popped up in front of my eyes.


[Class: Wizard]


[Skill: All Magic]


‘It’s just the power of the Demon King.’


I took a deep breath. 


Fortunately, the ‘grace’ didn’t appear.


‘I guess it didn’t recognize the grace.’


“Hunter-nim, doesn’t it show on the window?”


“No, it’s not.”


“Can you tell me what class and skill you have?”


“The class is a wizard, and the skill is all magic.”


Lee Beomjin opened his eyes a little wider, as if he was surprised, and nodded as if he was sure.


“Then it must be the Wizard King.”




“If you can use all magic in the wizard class, you can say that you are the king of magic. So, the code name seems to be the Wizard King. What you can’t see accurately is because it’s an infinite grade.”




I kept my mouth shut.


My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would come out of my mouth.


“Now that the class and skill have been confirmed, the physical defense should have risen as much as the grade. However, please don’t use it as a test. In the past, there was an incident where another hunter told me to hit him, and he was beaten and died.”




“In general, a wizard must learn a spell before they can use it. After completing the basic education, you can learn magic separately.”


“Do I have to learn it?”


“Yes. Basic education as well as magic education is essential. Because you became a hunter.”




I sighed.


“You’ll hear it in basic training, but let me tell you two important things first. First, Hunters must not harm ordinary people with their abilities.”




“Second, you have to perform some basic duties, but other than that, you don’t have to work as a hunter. You can have another normal job.”






“We don’t force people to do things they don’t like or do not want. No one can do that to a hunter, especially a high-class hunter. A big accident can happen.” 




“Obviously, you can’t live as normal as you used to. Your life will be completely changed in the future. But don’t worry too much. I’ll do my best to help.”


Lee Beomjin never smiled from the beginning.


Even now, his cold expression remained the same.


But he was obviously being considerate.


I think he’s a good person. 


‘Actually, it may be worse than bad movement.’


The soul could be seen because the power of the past life was used.


It was a way to know exactly who she was.


But my opponent was an SS-level hunter, so if the seal was broken, I could have been caught, and above all, I was also mentally exhausted. 


‘Uh…how am I supposed to tell my mom this?’


“It’s very late, so let’s call it a day. Where is your house? I’ll take you home.”


We immediately came out of the dungeon and headed for the parking lot.


Lee Beomjin said as he started the car.


“You can contact your family now.”


“Mom is going to bed now. I’ll tell her when she wakes up tomorrow morning.”


“Is she not waiting?”


Lee Beomjin was puzzled.


It’s important to note that the ability test was a major national event.


Even if they didn’t like Hunter, they would wait for the results if their child took an ability test.


However, I told the truth.


“She probably thinks I’m not a Hunter because she thinks I went to the Hunter Center during the day. My mom hates Hunter so much.” 


“Does your father hate Hunters too?”


“My father isn’t here.”


“I see. As the Minister of Department Ability, I would like to visit your mother and explain the changes in the future. It’s late now, so I’ll see you in the morning. It’s early, but can I go at 8?” 




“Don’t tell the people around you until you have decided on your career path. In particular, do not post on the Internet. Don’t leave the house until I see you tomorrow morning.”


While driving, Lee Beomjin gave a few more cautions. 


The car arrived in front of the apartment building.


Before I opened the car door, Lee Beomjin held out a business card.


“If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us. It’s available for 24 hours.”


“Then… can I come in?”




I bowed my head politely.


“Thank you so much for today.”


“It’s nothing. I’ll see you in the morning.”


I stepped out of the car and entered the apartment, although my steps were shaky.


After making sure my mother was sleeping well, I went to my room and laid down on the bed without taking my coat off.


I couldn’t believe what had happened today.


‘I’m going crazy.’


It felt like going crazy and making me want to run away.


Still, there was something fortunate.


‘I didn’t get caught on the path of Demon King!’


I was given a code name like that, but it was literally just a code name.


Moreover, Lee Beomjin, the Minister of Department Ability, thought that the Demon King was an abbreviation for ‘The King of Magic’. (t/n: This is because 마왕 can also be read as 마법의 왕 like the King of Magic.)


‘I’m glad!!!!’


Compared to the first time I saw the notification window, I feel much better now.


It was all thanks to Lee Beomjin.


– You have to perform some basic duties, but other than that, you don’t have to work as a hunter. You can have another normal job.


‘Yeah! Don’t work as a hunter, let’s get a normal job!’


As originally planned, let’s live as normal, calm and peaceful as possible. 


It could be.


‘…I’m a little nervous.’


But I couldn’t think more deeply.


The shock of realizing that the planned life had gone to the moon was too great.


At the same time, I was very tired.


‘As expected, this body is too weak—’


But I didn’t want to strengthen it with magic.


I didn’t even want to break the sealed power.


Because that’s not normal behavior.


‘How am I supposed to tell my mom tomorrow? Ugh… Let’s get some sleep…’ 


I threw my coat on the floor and fell asleep.




After parking the car on the road right next to the apartment, Lee Beomjin took out his office cell phone.


‘As expected.’


A staggering number of missed calls greeted him.


Of course, there was a huge pile of text messages as well.


Lee Beom-jin quickly scans and dials the number of Kim Changho, vice minister and junior in the Department Ability.


「Yes, Minister!」


Kim Changho received it even before it rang once. 


It was 2:00 in the morning, but the voice was very lively. 


It’s not because he’s a hunter and has good stamina, but because he was excited about the birth of the highest-grade hunter. 


“What is the current situation?” 


「It would be less noisy than this when the dungeon exploded. There are too many visitors, and the phone calls are flooding in. The Blue House is also requesting confirmation from overseas as well. The World Hunters Federation.]


In fact, numerous phone bells were ringing like screams in the background.


“Whoever it is, keep blocking visitors, remind reporters that they will go to prison if they reveal Hunter’s personal information, ignore requests from the World Hunter Federation or other countries for confirmation, and I will contact the Blue House soon. Let the public know officially that I will hold a press conference myself tomorrow at 6 pm.” 


「Yes. I understand.」


“How much did they know about this hunter?”


「 3rd-grade high school, girl, very young, short, less than 155 cm tall, cute impression, and timid personality. That’s it.」


In Lee Beomjin’s eyes, the SSS∞ Hunter wasn’t timid at all. 


She had a personality that ran to the end of a great crime.


“Who spread it?”


「It’s Kim Byunggil, the head of the Southern Hunter Center in Gyeonggi Province.  I arrested him immediately, but he protested that it was not a violation of the secret pledge because it is not personal information.」


It wasn’t wrong. 


But he couldn’t let it go.


“Hold it as much as possible, reflect it for the evaluation.” 


「Well, I think he wanted to make a career out of it, but it’s over. What a pity.」


Kim Changho said in a voice that did not feel pity at all. 


“And keep an eye on it, in case someone approaches it.”


「Yes! Minister, that hunter is really SSS-class, right?」


Kim Changho’s voice was full of joy and excitement.


As a South Korean hunter, Lee Beomjin felt the same way.


But he responded with a habit of suppressing his emotions.




「No? Then— it’s SS-class.」


“There’s a lot of disappointment in your voice.” 




“It’s not SS-class.”


「T, then is it S-class??」


Kim Changho was about to cry.


He didn’t want to hear the cry of a junior who was as big as a bull.


Lee Beom-jin told the truth at that point.


“It’s SSS-class. It’s infinite.”




“Kim Changho? Are you listening?”




It sounded like cheeks being slapped.


「Uh! It hurts so much! It’s not a dream! This is real! Aaaaaaa!!!!」


“…Stop being happy, listen to me.”




“There is a problem. That hunter doesn’t seem to want to work as a hunter. She wants to live a normal life like before.”




“I think it’s because her mother doesn’t like Hunter. Get a QR code and sift through this hunter and her family. I’m supposed to meet her at 8 a.m., so report me at 7.” 


「There are less than five hours left. Ugh. Yes, I will do my best to investigate!」


“Is there any more important news that I need to know right now?”


「There is. They are SS-class and A-class, but their code names and skills are very unique. In particular, the situation is complicated because the SS class has dual citizenship. I’ll let Assistant Lee Parkhee report the details. Then I’ll get going!」


Soon, Lee Parkhee called. 


While making a few phone calls in the car, Lee BeomJin thought about different things that could happen in the future and how to deal with them.


He didn’t go anywhere else.


‘Who would dare to touch the high-ranking Hunter’s family.’


It was necessary to stay close in case of an emergency.


And 3 minutes before 7 a.m.


Kim Changho, who had a somewhat worried face, came directly to him with his materials.


“Minister, please check it out.”


Lee Beomjin looked through Hunter’s personal details.


Next, he checked the information about her family.


“There’s no information about her father.” 


“Yeah. I think her mother is a single mother.”


“It must have been difficult to raise a child alone.”


Lee Beomjin looked at her mother’s name and picture.


Then suddenly, he seemed to stop breathing.




Lee Beomjin opened the front page again with his trembling hands.


He double-checked the SSS-class Hunter’s birthday and blood type.


And he thought about her appearance.


Then he found out. 

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