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▶ Episode 8. The Destruction Ending (3)


My heart was pounding for no reason, so I spoke a little longer as an excuse.


“It’s a mess because of my grade. Hunter Lee Beomjin is very famous and popular, so I think it will be more difficult if it turns out that it is we’re a father and daughter. It’s the same for Lee Beomjin Hunter and me. Mom, too.” 




“My mother’s protection is my top priority. You know, right?” 


“…Yes, but… If you change your mind, will you tell me right away?”


“Yes I will.” 


Hunter Lee Beomjin’s eyes are now looking gloomy.


“Then, when there are other people… I will only treat you as a hunter. Now, people from the Ministry of Department Ability will come. Would you like to call Nahyun?” 


I went to my mom’s room, knocked, and popped my face out.


“People from the Ministry of Department Ability are coming.”


Mom had her makeup on nicely, and she looked determined. 


Hunter Lee Beomjin looked at my mom with complicated eyes again this time but quickly ended his emotions.


Kim Changho and two people I saw for the first time were in the living room on the first floor.


“I’m  Ministry of Department Ability’s spokesperson Oh Chajung. I’ll be in charge of the press conference today.”


“I’m Lee Geonhae, the Ministry of Department Ability’s protocol officer.  I’m an F-class hunter with ‘decoration’ skills. I’ll help you dress up for today’s press conference.”


They looked very professional.


At the same time, the expression that looks at me is like—.


‘I think I’ve found a savior.’


Among my group chat room friends, there is a kid who is very interested in Hunter.


Her name is Yoon Kyungae, and she had long written her nickname ‘I want to be a Hunter’ (now ‘Crazy’), and she had told me before this.


– The past two years have been a bit difficult for the Korean hunters and people in the Department of Ability.


Because there were two SS-class in Japan but only one D-class in Korea.


‘But suddenly SSS appeared.’


It’s a good thing for the country, but I felt like I was going crazy.


‘But, I think the SS class came out in Busan before me. A-class also appeared.’


It seemed like everything was buried because of me.


I felt sorry for them for no reason, but I wondered what kind of people they were.


‘I’ll find out later.’


Then Hunter Lee Beomjin quickly explained.


“As introduced, Lee Geonhae, a protocol officer, has a ‘decoration’ skill. Because of the nature of the skill, there is no need for you to lower your defense in order for it to be applicable to you. She will help Hunter Lee Heesun make an image that fits the press conference today.” 


“Would you like to go to the dressing room with your mother?”




 We went to the empty dressing room.


Lee Geonhae opened the big trunk she had brought and took out the national hunters’ uniform. 


It’s a design made with hanbok, and the Korean flag is attached to it.


‘It looks great on the Internet, but it looks even better too see it in person.’ 


Hunters in our country must wear this when they go to an official event such as a press conference.


‘I’m going to wear this…’


“I’m going to trim your hair now.”


The higher the level of the Hunter, the higher the defense and the stronger the body.


But my hair was like most ordinary people’s hair, so I could cut it or dye it. 


“Okay, that’s it.”


Even a small touch from Lee Geonhae made my hair look neatly trimmed.


“I’m going to put on makeup now.”


She picked up the eyeliner while putting on a polished, powerful look.


I didn’t want to look too young and gentle, so I liked it this way.


“I’ll remove it for you after the press conference. It will stay there until then.” 


My mom was amazed.


“This skill is really good.”


“Right? But I can’t do my hair either. It’s getting a little crooked. I can’t even wear my makeup. But I can remove my makeup. Even when I’m tired, I can remove it in one second. Are you envious?”


Mom nodded enthusiastically.


We laughed back to the living room.


“It looks good on you.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin said with a smile.


“I can’t believe he’s smiling….” 


Everyone looked surprised.


Hunter Lee Beomjin immediately erased his smile and said to Oh Chajung this time. 


“Spokesperson Oh Chajung brought the script for the upcoming press conference. Hunter Lee Heesun, after reading it, you only need to remember the important parts.”




Hunter Lee Beomjin gave my mother a bracelet. 


“It is an artifact that changes the appearance. Lee Nahyun-nim, please wear it.” 




“This is a protection artifact.”


Mom took the bracelet and put it on right away, but she didn’t do the same for the ring, and she flinched for a moment. 


“Do you want me to put it on?”


“That’s enough!” 


My mom responded sharply, taking the ring as if she were wearing it and measuring the size. 


The only suitable finger was the ring finger.


“Aren’t you going to wear it on your left hand?”




Although Mom ignored Hunter Lee Beomjin’s words, her fingertips were trembling slightly.


Oh Chajung and Lee Geonhae were both looking at each other with puzzled looks.


‘What the hell is this atmosphere?!’


‘What’s wrong with the Minister?’


They seemed to ask each other these questions roughly. 


“Protective artifacts are activated all the time, but artifacts that change appearance can only be used when they are charged with magic. It takes about two hours. I’ll do it for you before you get out of the car.”




“Let’s go now.” 


There were two big black cars in the parking lot that looked like they were for government officials.


Oh Chajung and Lee Geonhae got into the back car, and my mom, Hunter Lee Beomjin, Kim Changho, and I got into the front car together.


Kim Changho started to move the steering wheel. 


The car ran in silence.


I glanced at my mom sitting next to me. 


Her face was very stiff, and her eyes were complicated. 


‘…Does Mom have any lingering feelings?’


Hunter Lee Beomjin looked full of lingering feelings.


‘I don’t think he’s the kind of person who would play with mom and then throw her away.’


If they had broken up before I was born, it would have been close to 19 years ago, but his feelings for my mother still seemed very strong. 


‘Perhaps he has stayed single because he can’t forget mom?’


Hunters are more famous than celebrities, so rumors were endless. 


The same was true of Lee Beomjin, the hunter whom Koreans respect and love the most.


Moreover, although Lee Beomjin has a superior appearance, he is single, so some reporters have been writing novels.


Even though they wouldn’t dare do it again after receiving financial treatment.


‘People were guessing various reasons why Hunter Lee Beomjin didn’t get married. One of the most powerful is….’


– There are rumors that our Archer-nim… actually likes men.


That’s what Wang Shinhee, a big fan of Hunter Lee Beomjin, said in the group chat.


– There is a male hunter who has been with him since he was active in the Beomho Guild. The hunter’s name is Bull, and he’s actually dating that bull! I really like it! Archer is the best!!!




Without realizing it, I alternately looked at the driving Bull and the passenger Archer in a cold sweat.


Hunter Lee Beomjin who noticed turned around and asked.


“What’s wrong?” 


“That’s… it’s nothing.” 


When I saw that he was showing such desperate feelings for my mother and that he was treating me very well right now, I thought the rumors were ridiculous.


“You can say anything.”


“No, it’s nothing.”


As I bowed my head hard, Hunter Lee Beomjin’s face hardened coldly.


“A helicopter, a drone.”




“This is downtown, a helicopter? drone? What to do in case of an accident!”


Kim Changho looked surprised. 


Hunter Lee Beomjin took out his cell phone.


“Assistant Lee Parkhee.”


「Yes, Minister.」


Because the inside of the car was quiet, I could hear the other person’s voice clearly.


“Here is the east road 3 kilometers from the Department of Ability’s main building. Drones are floating nearby. And two. I can also hear the sound of helicopters.” 


「I’ll investigate right away.」


“Take care of it and report it.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin was back with the cold face I saw last night.


Soon the car turned to the right.


I could see that this was the direction to the Department of Ability building. 




There was a lot of chaos in the area around the big Department of Ability building. 


There were too many cars to count, including the broadcasting car, and the surrounding roads were completely stopped. 


There was nothing to say about the people. 


‘This metaphor is a bit like that, but the hustle and bustle are like a flock of dogs.’


 The general public also seemed to be driven by curiosity and anticipation.


“How did we get in?”


“There is a secret road leading to the underground parking lot of the Department of Ability nearby. We can use it.” 


“I see. Uh… there are so many people. I didn’t know it would be this big.”


I got a little tired.


Mom also had a pale complexion.


Hunter Lee Beomjin carefully looked at my face and my mom’s face, and then his eyes turned into a deeply troubled look. 


Then he asked this question. 


“Do you not want to attend the press conference?  Do you want to go back like this?”


“Minister, no way.” 


“Kim Changho, keep your mouth shut.” 




“Heesun-ah, you can go back like this. You don’t have to do any more press conferences. You don’t even have to be Hunter. So I’ll try my best to hide it.”


“Then wouldn’t you be in trouble?”


“It’s okay.”


“I don’t think it’s okay at all.”


“It’s okay. I haven’t done anything for you so far, but I can do it for you.”


I felt like I had something hot on my neck.


I swallowed dry saliva.


Still, this feeling didn’t go away.


“I only know who you are just today, so it’s only natural that I haven’t been able to do anything…And honestly, I want to go back to this. I don’t want you to attend the press conference.”


I heard Kim Changho in the driver’s seat exhaling openly.


“But I already said I were going to do it. So I can’t break a promise.”


“But… you want a normal life. There’s no turning back when you go to the press conference.”


“I can’t go back even if I don’t go out. Isn’t it?”


Hunter Lee Beomjin couldn’t deny it.


“If people gather like that and I just hide without going out, there will be a lot of bad words. I’m going to be distorted badly by others. It’s going to hurt my mom, too.” 


It couldn’t be overlooked.




I said with a smile.


“If it’s something I have to do, I won’t avoid it. I’ll do well. very well.”


Hunter Lee Beomjin smiled.


As I put cute, lovable and very proud at the same time.


“Heesun-ah, I…wait for a moment.”


Hunter Lee Beom-jin picked up his phone.


As if he smiled like a spring breeze, he returned to the face of the cold winter wind again.


“Did you find out?”


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