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It was a phrase he usually said before doing something aggressive. He must be planning something else… I thought, and his hand slipped under my coat collar and into my neck. At the same time, he pressed his penis firmly into me.

Suddenly, the man choked my neck. It was an incredible force. Instinctual fear enveloped my body. I struggled to breathe, but it only tightened. Recoil increased the inhalation of prayer. The man sucked my throat with a force unlike anything else. It was the same method used to induce contraction of the inner wall as when he sucked my waist. The man applied even more force. “It’s okay… Relax…” he said, pushing his lower part hard. His voice was gentle, but his actions were cruel. The testicles thumped against the chin. He moved his waist slowly and then quickly, adjusting the speed.

The moans escaping the man’s lips were now filled with excitement. But if this continued, I would surely die without a word. My vision started to blur. Pain surged through my tightly squeezed throat. My hand, which had been gripping his thigh, slid down.

Just as consciousness began to fade, the man released his grip. The prayer was answered in the nick of time. I gasped for breath. At the same time, he ejaculated. Not once, but twice, three times, in succession. The man lifted my chin. Helplessly, he stared at me, who was swallowing his semen. Unconscious, I just breathed. Bitter semen flowed down my throat like a stream. As the man withdrew his penis, he rubbed the glans against my tongue.

“This was amazing!”

It was a cruelly joyful tone.

Eventually, the penis slowly slipped out of my mouth. Semen connected to the glans like a thread, coming out from deep in my throat.

“Lick it clean.”

I did as he said, then coughed and slapped my chest. Even though I continued to gasp, my breathing became normal.

“It’ll be fine soon. The marks on your neck will settle down by tomorrow.”

The man said as he zipped up. Exhausted, I lay sideways on the floor.

“It’s over, so leave.”

I said. But there was no sign of his shoes falling off in front of me.


A chuckle mixed with saliva.

The man reached out and played with my disheveled hair on the floor.

“I want more.”

It was another nonchalant tone. The man got off the pile of books and sat next to me.

“Feeling better now? Shall I pat your back?”

I shook my head. The coughing had subsided, and I no longer felt short of breath. The man carefully examined my exposed collarbone. At that moment, I realized that my hopes had been dashed. Still, I said again.

“Let’s go now. I’ve compromised as much as I can.”


Maintaining a relaxed attitude, the man mumbled absently. He ran his hand over my forehead and said, “You’ve sweated a lot,” tossing another meaningless comment. I didn’t respond.

After a pause, the man said, “Seems like you really don’t want to do it today. But what should I do? Today has been a very lucky day for me. I unexpectedly accomplished two wonderful things, and I wanted to finish it off nicely. Do you have any intention of changing your mind? I won’t be too harsh.”

I laughed at the man’s final statement. It was obvious it wouldn’t work, but I firmly reiterated.



The man, blinking, smiled cheerfully again.

“Well, then, I guess I’ll have to do it by force.”

Having had sex several times, Red Fox had a habit of not looking people in the eye. Similarly, he disliked it when the other person stared at him. Yet, Red Fox was now staring silently in my direction.

The piercing gaze of his blue eyes stirred something within me. The beauty, whose nose wasn’t particularly high, seemed unusually aggressive today. Sadly, it was also stimulating. Teasing him maliciously was truly amusing.

Red Fox, seen after a long time, had visibly changed. While his heterochromia remained, the chaotic, loosened gaze of the past was nowhere to be found. His auburn hair gleamed, and his fair skin faintly radiated a luster. There was no way I could leave him alone. It was only right to strip him bare and thoroughly explore that fair, milky skin. I had to insert my penis into his petite body and make love to him until his thighs overflowed. Oral sex was enjoyable, but it was far from satisfying.

Red Fox, who had been silently staring at me, spoke up.

“I’m not joking.”


I chuckled aloud. Red Fox’s serious reaction was delightful. In fact, it was half a joke, half serious. But I was confident I could persuade Red Fox. I was the emperor of finesse, acknowledged even by leopards. No bottom had resisted my finesse so far. Of course, after the “real deal,” they often cried and ran away.

“This is awkward. No, just kidding. I’m not that kind of person. Just trying it out.”

My words made Red Fox stiffen.

“Stop joking. It doesn’t suit you at all.”

That look reminded me of when our previous foolish partner stared at us like a Romanian vampire. I felt uncomfortable for the first time.

“Well, that’s regrettable. Doesn’t suit me, you say? Even though I’m known for being kind. Well, I admit to having certain hobbies in sex, but…”

“Perhaps it only seems that way on the surface.”

Red Fox retorted bluntly. I suddenly became intrigued.

“Only seems that way on the surface? Sounds like there’s some hidden meaning to it?”


Red Fox mumbled, lost in thought.

“Is it because of your sexual hobby?”

When I asked, Red Fox tilted his head.

“What about it?”

I discreetly unbuttoned his coat. Red Fox didn’t resist. It was an attitude of resignation.

“Take a look at this.” With a silent chuckle, I slipped my hand inside his sweater. I felt his soft, warm nipples. They were his most sensitive erogenous zone, and I enjoyed touching them. Immediately, he began to erect. As planned, I decided to enjoy him without oil this time.

“It’s okay… as long as it doesn’t draw blood…” I smiled quietly, waiting for his response.

Red Fox spoke slowly.

“I’m not just talking about sexual hobbies. Overall… I may seem kind on the surface. Most people would see me that way at first. And I am polite in reality. But…”

As I nibbled on his nipple, Red Fox reflexively shivered.

“Go on.”

As I teased him, Red Fox’s face reddened. I pulled up his sweater and exposed his chest. In the ashen shadows, his skin gleamed white. I kissed each of his nipples alternately, gently touching them with the tip of my tongue. As I lightly nibbled, his nipples sensitively responded. Just as I expected…

Red Fox let out a faint moan and spoke intermittently.

“But that’s just… a façade on the surface. Just a façade. In reality, I’m not kind at all. It’s just a façade to achieve my goals. Like that day at my place…”

“At your place?”

I asked as I pulled down his panties to his ankles.

“At that time, you said I didn’t have to swallow if I didn’t want to. But deliberately, you ejaculated deep in my throat and didn’t give me a chance to spit it out. You just watched me suffer, didn’t you?”

His words were true.

I remained motionless for a moment and then chuckled.

“That’s amazing. I didn’t realize you had the presence of mind to observe me even in such situations. If I was uncomfortable then, I apologize.”

“It’s just words.”

Red Fox snorted. His expression openly mocked me. I had momentarily forgotten, but he had a stubborn personality beneath the surface. I felt a hint of anger.

“Well, it doesn’t matter then. Since you’ve stayed quiet until I’ve stripped you down like this, I’ll accept it as your willingness to engage with me. It doesn’t matter, right? It’s about me putting my dick inside you and fucking you. Well, anyway, I’m a bad guy according to you, so…”

I deliberately spoke provocatively. Red Fox sighed deeply after a while.

“I didn’t say you were a bad guy… Anyway, even if I refuse, you won’t let go, so I’ve also decided to go along with it. So let’s just get it over with. But it’s only for today. I’m going to stop fooling around with men now.”

That’s your opinion. I chuckled coldly.

Without hesitation, I got into action. Anger surged within me. I couldn’t pinpoint a clear reason. Perhaps it was because of his arrogant attitude.

As planned, I did it without oil. I was a man with self-restraint. Even though I was furious to the core, I didn’t cross the line to inflict harm. Instead, I deliberately delayed climaxing with difficult positions, and for a long time, I fucked him until his cum diluted. Finally, I pulled out my penis after thoroughly ejaculating deep inside him. Fluids oozed from his writhing body below. His tweed coat lining, spread underneath him, was completely soaked. Red Fox groaned in agony without being able to lift a finger.

“I’m sorry. Was it very tough? Oh, I wonder if you’ll just say that again.”

I was annoyed. Despite fucking him hard, my mood was still a mess. I looked down at Red Fox as he dressed. His face was pale. The hair covering his whole body seemed like freshly pulled weeds. It was a strange feeling.

I thought about leaving immediately but changed my mind.

“Get up.”

Without waiting for a response, I lifted him to his feet. Drops of fluid fell from between his legs. He was completely spent. It would be impossible for Red Fox to walk home on his own in this state. I draped his naked body with just his coat and lifted him up.

I carried Red Fox to his home. We could have taken a car, but we just walked. It was a quiet, deep night. In the deserted darkness, the chilly wind roamed alone.

The streets were dark and shabby. The dilapidated roofs of the tightly packed houses were all covered in thick snow, resembling old men with white hair. The ground floors of these houses were usually shops, while from the second floor up, prostitutes, drug addicts, third-rate artists, thug gangs, and destitute elderly people lived. Red Fox’s studio apartment was in one of these rundown row houses. It was a five-story building with a red exterior covered in ivy like a blanket.

I laid Red Fox on the bed and went to the bathroom to wet a towel. While spreading his legs, I thought it would be better to wash him instead.

“Bathing would be better than this.”

Red Fox bit his blue lips in response to my words.

“Please leave.”

It was a tone suppressing anger. While doing so, he brought his legs together.


I deliberately cocked my head. A mischievous emotion arose in response to his attitude. What’s with the shameful act? Hahaha. Doesn’t he want to show off his full cum-filled bottom? I kindly spoke up.

“I can’t leave you like this. After coming this far, it’s only right to help you.”

I grabbed his knees and spread them wide. Red Fox let out a low scream. Fluids continued to drip from his still open bottom. I spread it open with my fingers.

“Don’t bother exerting yourself. Surely you don’t plan to fall asleep like this?”

I wrapped my finger, covered with a towel, as deeply as possible to clean the inside. There was quite a lot… Even inadvertently, I licked my lips. I had no interest in rape. What’s the point of doing something forcibly? It was all so trivial. True enjoyment came when the other person eagerly complied with our demands. The sense of accomplishment at those times was indescribable. And what lay before me was evidence of that.

Despite his insolence, Red Fox didn’t resist during the act. In his own way, he made an effort to accommodate me. Red Fox had tried in his own way for me. A pleasant feeling of conquest enveloped me. Regaining composure, I gently groped his prostate.

When touched here, it was inevitable for a man to react. Red Fox trembled and moaned. “Don’t do it…” he said, to which I returned a laugh. “I enjoyed it, so you should too,” I continued to stimulate him.

Then, I took him into my mouth. Slowly, I continued to stimulate him until Red Fox reached climax. After swallowing the cum collected in my mouth, I kissed his lips.

After pulling away, I met his gaze. Red Fox reflexively tried to turn his head away, but I grabbed his jaw and fixed it toward me. Red Fox averted his gaze, avoiding eye contact with me. It was a habit I didn’t like. It was a habit I disliked from the day I first met him.

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