Sunshine Shower Cover

Sunshine Shower



The emotions felt upon encountering an unfamiliar score cannot be expressed with just one word. Curiosity, faint fear, accompanied by excitement, the desire to conquer, the thrilling sensation that makes the heart race.

So Moon Seoyoon ran away.

“It’s fortunate it’s just unrequited love, isn’t it?”


“It makes emotions easier to sort out.”

Woo Yeonjae coldly dismissed the lie. Until now, he had been enduring well, Not wanting his flaws to be exposed so easily. Especially not to Moon Seoyoon.

I’m just like everyone else, so don’t think oddly of me.

Without Woo Yeonjae, there’s no one for me.

Someone other than me, whom Moon Seoyoon likes.

“I’d rather you like me. It’d be easier, then.”