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“Hhmm hmm.”


A small humming headed to the Duke’s Castle hallway.


Tong. Tong.


It was a light step that seemed to make such a sound.


The ends of the hair tied in pigtails shook up and down like a dog wagging its tail.


“The soup was well made, and the cookies were also baked well.”


Beatty hummed in a voice as if she was singing.


She once again looked meticulously at the tray, which was tightly gripped with her bracken hands.


Cup soup that is divided to maintain a perfect temperature to eat. Cookies that have just been baked and smell like butter full of flavor.


As soon as it was done, getting it on the tray and seeing the still warm snacks, her eyes were filled with pride.


“And the sauce for freshly fried sticks.”


Even among the many snacks, when the menu she prepared with the most strength caught her eyes, her black eyes sparkled with confidence for a moment.


“This is for sure!”


The already light walk moved as if she was jumping.


Beatty, who was humming like that, muttered quietly.


“He’ll like it, right?”


As she was thinking of someone, the question she shed without even realizing it herself had an unripe expectation.


“Since this is really delicious.”


A perfect combination of crispy fries in a dedicated sauce made of unique ingredients such as beans, sugar, rosemary, and lemon.


It must be because Beatty still remembered the shock when she first tried this combination.


“I’m sure Father will like it, too.”


Bringing her favorite snack to Father, Beatty’s cheeks were red with anticipation.


She couldn’t wait to see that face, so she hurried her short legs.


However, there was an unexpected preceding visitor in front of Father’s office, who arrived with such an excited face.




Ominously, a familiar back came into her sight.


The hair that has been tucked up flawlessly. As if exaggerated by her skinny body, a straight back.


‘No way….’


Fearing that her guess would become a reality, Beatty couldn’t even make a sound out of her mouth and just rubbed her lips.


“Oh my.”


The person turned his head.


A person she never thought she would see here.




Behind Beatty’s neck got goosebumps when she see her face.




With such a welcoming face, the nightmare-like aunt called her.


Clang bang!


Unknowingly, the tray fell from her hand which lost its strength.


The snacks which were prepared in anticipation of Father’s eating figure were scattered on the floor.




Aunt casually trampled on the snacks on the floor, then she quickly approached Beatty and reached out her hand.


“Do you know how hurt I was after sending you like that?”




As if she was stroking her cheek, Beatty’s side face that was held by the raised hand hurts.


“Don’t make me worry again.”




“Only if you do that, then you’re surely a good kid. Ok?”


A large shadow was cast over Beatty like a spider.


It was a strong touch as if grabbing the back of the dog’s neck that ran away.


‘It hurts.’


Beatty was rather alerted by the strength of Aunt’s fingers digging near her neck and plump cheeks.


‘Hmph. Did you think I’d be intimidated by this kind of thing?’


At the unexpected meeting, Beatty just flinched reflexively like a reaction engraved on her body soon after.


‘Now I’m not a child who shrinks just because Aunt frowned.’


“Let go of this.”




“You’re pinching me right now.”


“W-what? What are you talking about?”


At Beatty’s stern criticism, the Aunt, Firina stuttered in fluster.


“No, I mean, Niece. To think you say I’m pinching you. How can I do such a frivolous thing?”


Conscious of the surrounding eyes, Firina smiled pretentiously.


“Hoho. Because my niece is still a baby, so even a small strength must’ve felt strong.”


Looking at the expression, Beatty thought.


‘There was surely a time… when I thought that that was a sweet smile.’


There was a word that Aunt used to say at the end of every word.



“It’s all because I’m worried about you.”



So Beatty was thankful for any form of admonition.




‘It’s all nonsense.’


Now she knows.


Although it took a long time for the child who didn’t want to hate her only family around her when she was young to find out the truth.


‘What do you mean worry. Would that kind of person let me die?’


The last scene she saw before she regressed was enough to get rid of the last handful of her expectations left for Aunt.


“What’s with those eyes? Who was in charge of your education while we haven’t seen each other? Tsk, tsk.”


Firina was surprised by Beatty’s rebellious appearance for the first time.


Beatty confidently asked Firina, who intentionally clicked her tongue to hide her fluster.


“That foot. Take it off.”




“You’re making the floor dirty.”

“Dirt… are you now saying that I’m dirty? You? To me?!”




The speechless Firina fanned her red-hot nape for no reason.


In contrast to Firina, who was excited enough to breathe hot breath, Beatty pointed to the floor with a calm face.


“What’s thi… aack! On my shoes!”


Firina didn’t care about the food she stepped on badly, and made a fuss about the marks on the point of her shoe.


Looking at the remains of the snacks stamped with footprints, Beatty let out a big sigh.


“Eeet! You guys, if you saw it, shouldn’t you have cleaned it up quickly?!!”


Like in the Capital mansion, Firina took out her anger on the maids around for no reason. When Beatty’s forehead furrowed and was about to step up.




Perhaps he heard the commotion outside, the door to the office opened.






When she saw the side face of the Duke who cast his eyes at Beatty, Firina unknowingly looked ecstatic.


‘Oh my gosh. He didn’t change at all from when he was the most handsome person in the kingdom! No, rather, I think he’s gotten more handsome.’


The Duke spoke, not even once giving a glance to Firina, who looked at him frantically.


“It must’ve been heavy.”


“Yes? Ah….”


Puzzled, Beatty understood what he meant by looking at the tray and the snack remains that were lying on the floor.


‘Even though I didn’t drop it because it was heavy.’




Beatty sighed without realizing it herself after seeing the ruined snack and said, a little disappointed.


“I’ll clean it up and go….”


‘But his eating reaction, I wanted to see it.’


Her small shoulder drooped down out of regret.




Without realizing it himself, the Duke tries to reach out his hand to Baby.


‘I have to pick them all up quickly.’


Beatty sat down faster than him and bravely picked up the remains onto the tray. It made the Duke pulled back his hands awkwardly.


“Young Miss, we’ll do it!”


“It’s a dirty object that the Young Miss mustn’t touch. Here, I’ll clean your hand.”


‘But it isn’t a dirty object….’


Beatty slightly sad looked at the remains of the snack that became a dirty thing.




Meanwhile, perhaps while she hadn’t seen Beatty, she had eaten something wrong and became arrogant, Firina looked down at her niece who was squatting down on the floor according to her place.


‘Hm! Yeah. You have to keep your head down like that. There’s no such thing as that Older Sister’s daughter is arrogant to me.’


Firina, who thought it was savory and turned her head arrogantly, was surprised.


‘Wh-what kind of a person’s eyes…!’


The golden eyes of a lion shapeshifter, that makes the person who was facing the front of it hardened like a stone.


The cold gaze of the Duke with a natural sense of intense pressure was facing towards her like a sword being drawn.




“D-Duke. I apologize for the late greetings. I am Firina Seaulus.”


At the gaze that even she felt the pressure, Firina hurriedly bent her back to avoid his eyes.


“What is the Viscount doing in front of my office?”


Not even receiving her greetings, to think that he’s asking questions like he’s dealing with a subordinate.


Firina bit her lips when she ignored her thoroughly.


“…Hoho. How can you sound like someone else? And I’m not even someone who’s not related to you.”


Firina showed a confident innocent eye smile.


“If you look at it, isn’t it possible for me to be also said as an Aslan person?”


“Do you have Aslan after your name?”


“O-of course, that’s not it, but….”


“Then, refrain from saying useless things.”


The Duke cut off Firina’s words at once, as she was trying to stick to something.


His eyes were very cold as he looked down at the Firina, which flushed in humiliation.




Watching that, Beatty thought to herself.


‘Although Father doesn’t like me either.’


Beatty, who thought Father might not dislike her, had yet to imagine more than that.


‘Seems like he doesn’t like Aunt either.’


To think they’re being hated fairly. The savory made her feel satisfied.


‘Is this a bad thought?’


The Duke’s words fell to Beatty, who tilted her head.


“You, go in now.”


It was still a blunt tone, but it was a voice that was just like a breeze compared to when he was dealing with the Viscount.


She nodded calmly and the Duke watched Beatty’s back until he couldn’t see her back in the hallway.

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