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Author: Tam

[fhvksrhkddls: Writer, I was curious about that ending, so I read the last volume…But, is it R-19 because it’s cruel…? It’s not right…?] (Like 311)


┖ Ah, me too, I just opened it without thinking, but the last volume made me feel bad. ㅠ


┖ By any chance, if you want to see the R-19 scene, just make sure to buy the 2nd Volume… 1st Volume is a background description, and the 3rd Volume has nothing but the story of the male lead going crazy and killing everyone ㅠㅠ. Whoa. I’ve seen a lot of romance fantasy stories and R-19, this is the first time the rate level is this high and the first time that the violence description level is this high—.


┖ I think it’ll come out in my dream when the tyrant male lead does it at the end…I want to go back in time to before I saw volume 3 (Comments have been filtered due to spoiler reports)


┖┖ Huh, is that the content? Crazy.


┖┖ He still looked like a sweet man in the preview, but the back story is like that…? It’s probably not my taste… Thank you for saving money.


┖┖ Oh, I stepped on a spoiler ㅠㅠ


Of course, people should click the back button if there are a lot of reviews like this when purchasing a book.


‘…I wonder how much?’


But it was curiosity that killed the cat. She impulsively clicked the ‘pay’ button.


Still, she was hesitant to buy the entire volume because many people were trying to stop her. So she buys only the 2nd volume. 


As the first reviewer said, the R-19 level was so high that it was a “flesh-coloured feast” that made you shut your mouth from the first scene on.


‘Wow, it’s ‘that’ scene even if you turn it over. Crazy, it’s no joke.’


There were some scenes that made her feel like she had to cover the screen, even though no one was watching.


She bought it because she was curious about the scene, but it wasn’t something she could see on her way to work in the morning, so she turned the pages and found some words.


Thanks to this, she could get a rough idea.


‘Uhm, he was abandoned by his parents when he was young. Is he a child of a concubine? The younger brother, who was the right person to inherit the throne, was so kind and gentle that it actually triggered the inferiority complex. The name is Aw— Aw what? Aha, I think it is a love-hate relationship and hateful because the woman who gets married looks so much like her mother who abandoned him.’ 


Apparently, the process of the content flow just felt like a sad ending.  


‘If I look at the comments in the third book and see that everyone is shocked, is it possible for the male lead to kill the female lead with his own hands? That’s really cruel, too—? Ugh, I can’t watch that kind of thing because it’s sad. I hated that the female lead was suffering. The female lead is in love without knowing anything, and she dies. I feel sorry for her.’


Thank you to those who left anonymous reviews. Thanks to it, she saved 3,000 won.


When she looked up while sending a prayer to anonymous commenters in her heart. 






People say that memories of the past come to them when they are about to die, but before the truck hit her, she could only think of one thing.


‘Oh, please.’


A phone with a deadly illustration of the R-19 novel <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire> floating on it.


‘Please don’t let anyone see my phone.’




“Luce, why are you doing this?”


She had obviously been struck by a truck, but it seemed that she was uninjured. 


The clothes she was wearing were also strange.


The clothes she was wearing were also strange. Obviously, the clothes she wore to work were black, so why are these clothes yellow?


She suddenly saw a tiny hand as she stood up. What is this?


However, the collar was grabbed without panicking, and the body stood up. So who’s the woman wiping the dirt off her legs—?


“I asked you to dig some mushrooms, but what should I do if you sleep here?” 


“M, mushroom?”


She was bewildered and asked, but a clear voice came out. Covering her mouth, she fell from the woman who was brushing her legs.


“Where are you going, you punk!”


When she looked into the spring water, she saw a child who looked like she was about thirteen years old.


Red hair and green eyes? The shock didn’t last long. It would be more accurate to say that there was no panic when the woman who was chasing her slapped her on the back and said, “Ah, this is it.”


She slapped her back like she was used to it, so this woman must have been—.




“Luce, are you still not getting enough sleep? We have to go pick mushrooms for dinner tonight, so hurry and follow me.”


“Mother? You’re my mother, right?”


“Holding the basket!”


Luce rolled her eyes as she picked up the mushroom basket and followed the woman. 


The question was quickly resolved. Then, when she was picking mushrooms as instructed and asking questions about it, the woman explained with a gaze as if why she was asking such an obvious thing. 


‘So that woman is my mother, Chelsea. She raised Lucette, my father’s only daughter, who died at age 13 from an illness.’


This peaceful village has three rice paddies in a small mountain valley. And that Xenon village—.


“Vladin Empire?”


“Yes, the Vladin Empire. Wait, Luce, why did you pick the moss!”


A village that exists in the ‘Vladin Empire’, the background of <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire>. 


Ah, it’s like being possessed by an R-19 trash book. She thought she would die, but she’s still alive.


However, because she suffered from Chelsea who urge her to pick mushrooms without having any time to sentimentalize, Luce slept soundly from the first day she possessed.




Since then, Luce has always been able to sleep. 


Unlike in the past, when she was always busy, her life in the book was quite comfortable, and she felt that her desire to live in the countryside after retirement was realized strangely.


Her mother, who is a bit picky and impatient, made her do this and that, but that’s about it. Isn’t it something she should do as a family member?


“It’s nice to see you eat well these days.”


Most importantly, even though she grumbled and fed her mushroom soup, her mother was a good person.


The new family meant a lot to Luce, who had never felt the affection of a family in her previous life.


“Chelsea! My husband picked so many apples. Eat this. Dominic, should we say hi to Aunt Chelsea and Luce?” 


The neighbors were all good people.


Not only did they give out food, but the Chelsea family, who live alone, would come out and help if anyone in the family experienced any inconvenience—such as a broken roof—as if it was their own business.


If she had to choose one neighbor, it would be Dominic because they talked to each other the most.


Dominic’s mother, Dahlia, paid a lot of attention to Luce, probably because she had a son the same age as Luce.




“Ung. Hello.”


Maybe there is another reason?


A little boy full of small scars on his face greeted him with red ears and hid behind his mother’s skirt. 


Seeing Luce smiling, Dahlia frowned and had something to talk about with Chelsea, so the kids went out in surprise. 


As soon as they came out together, Dominic, who had followed Luce’s side, mumbled his mouth.


“Why? Do you want to tell me something?”


“No! I don’t!”


‘He’s grumpy, but he’s cute because he’s small.’


“I think you have something to say?”


“I, I told you I didn’t! So why do you keep asking!?”


He gets angry and hits her on the shoulder, then runs away. A ribbon tied up was dropped where Dominic ran.


He wanted to give it to her, but he must have been embarrassed because she kept asking, right?


‘Oh, but you should know that girl doesn’t like it if you act like that.’


Whether Dominic or not, Luce walked without picking up the ribbon. The sunset sky was beautiful, and the desire to see it from a high hill was even greater. 


As expected, when she sat on the hill, she could see the sunset scenery of the village at a glance. Smoke rose from the chimney and scattered through the sunset. 


The pinwheel of the windmill seen in the distance turned, and she could hear the laughter of people preparing dinner. It was a picturesque landscape that was very peaceful. Her heart melted. 




At first, she was scared to be in an R-19 novel famous for its brutality, but there was no need to be intimidated at all. After all, isn’t this a story about dying and killing each other in the imperial family?


Here, according to Chelsea, the Xenon town was the farthest border from the capital, where the Imperial Palace was located.


It was said that the estate owner was also a musician who had nothing to do with power struggles and only received a low title rank because he was good at composing. In addition, he’s so soft that he hasn’t raised taxes for decades.


So, it was safe to say that there was no possibility that Xenon Village would have anything to do with the mad emperor, the main character.


‘It would have been a disaster if I had been possessed as a member of the imperial family. I’m so glad I’m here.’ 


She doesn’t know anything about the back and forth, but anyway, this town is probably just an extra in terms of people. 


It’s such a small town, and it’s not even on the map, so what would the Emperor care about this place? 


It reminded her that people worried that she was living too well, but this place wasn’t anything to worry about.


‘I’ll have to tell my mom to plant tomatoes in an empty spot in the paddy field. I want to eat ketchup.’


A place where she can think about what to eat every day, what to play and what to do.


She smiled comfortably and looked at the clouds when she suddenly heard a noise. She was on this side of the hill down the city.


“Stop it—”


“Stop it, pft. Hey, glasses. You can’t see anything when you take off your glasses, can you?


“Ugh, don’t do that—”


“Who told you to look at the book while you’re playing?”


‘What the hell?’


Vincent, who was particularly naughty and big among the village children, and some of the children who followed him surrounded a boy. 


A bewildered Luce stood up, and Dominic appeared out of nowhere and explained with a snarky voice characteristic of a young boy.


“He’s been around for a few days. He didn’t answer when I talked to him. He was just reading.”


Certainly, the boy with black hair and glasses had a face that she had never seen before. However, that fact was not important to Luce. 


“Why are they bothering him? Did he do something wrong?”


“Well? I haven’t heard of anything like that. So there must be a reason, maybe Vincent just hated him.”




‘I can’t believe they are bothering him for nothing!’


The trapped body may be a child, but Luce was an adult inside. 


She was always angry when she heard that an easy and quiet child had been caught, bullied, and rejected. She also vowed to never ignore someone who went through something like that around her.


But they do this kind of bad thing in this peaceful, happy town?


“G, give it back!”


Vincent eventually took away the boy’s glasses.


The boy who was swinging his arms stumbled and tripped over a stone and fell. Then, pointing to the boy who had drowned in a puddle, Vincent laughed aloud.


“Look, I told you that he can’t do anything if we take off his glasses, right? So, who–”




At that moment, Luce burst into a roar.


The boy’s wet eyes, trembling with shame, turned to Vincent and the little girl running down the hill.


“Stop it, you rascal!”


Luce yelled as she kicked Vincent with all her strength.


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  1. Ok that was funny, she kicked him? Hahaha, thanks for the chapter!

  2. Haha, her thinking ‘Please don’t let anyone see my phone.’ before she died was real af.

    Unrelated, but, d’ya think the village’s name pronounced the same as mine?