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Not forgetting to take snacks, straw hats, and even small amounts of medicine, the two headed for the empty lot where the carriage was.


The two of them stopped walking while talking about hats and the weather.


“Luce!—and that boy.”




It was because Dominic, who was about to get into the carriage that had arrived earlier, found the two of them. 


Even though Dahlia told him not to, he quickly jumped up and ran toward them quickly.


“What? Are you two going together?”


His face showed that he was a little upset.


Unlike Vincent, Dominic was mean, but he wasn’t a bad kid, so Luce didn’t ignore him.


“Ung, I’m coming with him.”


“When did you not go with me?”


“Well, is that so? I don’t really remember.”


“Hmph, nevermind. I’m not coming with you either. I’m going with my mom.”


“That’s great if you have someone to go with. I was worried that you were playing alone because I wasn’t there. “


“Uh— don’t worry about it.”


Dominic’s eyes went from Luce, who was shaking, to Rev, who was standing next to her.


Unlike himself, who was a little bit tanned from running in the sun, he has white skin and a somewhat intelligent atmosphere.


If it were Dominic before, he would have teased him for being a bookworm or a glasses man, but not now.


Because he realized something from Luce’s words.


Dominic held out his hand.


“You know, if Luce bothers you, you can stick to me.”


It was a request for reconciliation and an apology in its own way.


It was a very gentlemanly gesture for Dominic. At least he thought so.


Rev, who was looking at Dominic’s hand, thought for a moment and answered briefly.


“That won’t happen.”


Unlike Luce, who leaned down due to laughter at Rev’s answer, Dominic’s expression was wrinkled.


“You don’t think there’s anything?!”


“I’m not going to bother him, that’s the point. So it’s an argument that has no basis for Rev, right?”




Since when did they get along well? Dominic’s expression became even more wrinkled.


“What are you talking about to make it hard— you guys are annoying.” 


“So you should say it again, Dominic, that’s not how you apologize.”


Luce, whose face turned red from holding back her laughter, explained. 


It seemed right to hear that. Dominic, who wiped his hands heavily on the pants, held out his hand again, avoiding his gaze.


“…I’m sorry about that time. I made fun of you with the other kids.”


His self-esteem was hurt a little, but he didn’t feel bad when he spit it out.


This time, Rev accepted the handshake. It was a cold hand.


“It’s okay. I understand.”


“I’m Dominic.”


“I know, Dominic. I heard from Luce.”


“And you?”


“I’m Revinas.”


“Revinas? But Luce calls you Rev?”


Rev cut off his words with an expressionless face.


“Call me Revinas.”


“Well. I’m not even thinking about cutting it shorter because it’s itchy.”


It was a word that felt a strange sense of distance.


Anyway, Dominic, who achieved his goal of apologizing, thought that smart kids were a little uncomfortable and moved away.


But Luce didn’t think so. 


“Rev, are you still mad at Dominic?”


“No, I’m not mad.”


He looked at Dominic indifferently, but when he saw her, he smiled.


Is it just her? It’s like a cold wind blowing. 


Besides, why did he act like he didn’t allow the nickname Rev to Dominic?


Luce thought about it and shrugged her shoulders. 


‘Ah, it seems like he hasn’t gone through his friend procedure yet, right? Well, once they get to know each other later, they’ll figure out what to do about their names.’ 


As she tried to think, the hot sun was stinging. 


The two got on the carriage and shared a cookie with each other.


Rev watched Luce eating and carefully grabbed the cookie with his bare hands.


“You don’t need a plate today?”


At Luce’s playful voice, Rev smiled slightly.


“Because the way you eat looks good.”


“Is it comfortable?”


“Ung. It’s good.”


Luce almost coughs. 


‘Come to think of it, it’s my first time going out of town.’


Luce yawned while looking out the window and waving her legs with a fluttering feeling.


It was natural for her to be sleepy because she stayed up late the night before and got up early the next morning.


‘Oh, I didn’t study at all, but I’m sleepy. It’s a problem.’


She thought she was just yawning a little, but Rev seems to have seen everything.


“Get some sleep, Luce.”


“But— I didn’t study at all.”


Rev was surprised by the word “study,” but he decided to check Luce’s condition first, thinking that there could be a common sense quiz in the beauty contest.


“I can help you in any field I know, so why don’t you close your eyes for a while?”


“Of course you’ll help me, Hoam, but still, I feel sorry to leave it all to you.”


“…I don’t know what you mean, but you don’t have to be sorry, Luce. I’d be glad if I could help you. And if you’re worried about the competition.”


Rev, who was looking at Luce in outdoor clothes, spoke softly. He seemed convinced. 


“It’s okay because I have you.”


“Why are you talking so nicely?”


“I’m serious. If my sincerity sounded pretty to you, I’d probably have learned from you.”


She has to add one more to the <What Rev is good at> list.


This little boy has a talent for making a face that says he doesn’t know anything and choosing only words that blow one’s heart.


Luce, who was peeking at Rev, rubbed her eyes. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take care of her condition and keep her eyes closed for a while. 


“Then I’ll sleep for a while—”




Luce, who closed her eyes, quickly fell asleep.


Luce’s body shook here and there and leaned heavily somewhere. It was Rev’s shoulder.


Rev, who was holding Luce’s head stiffly, gently took off her straw hat.


Her curly red hair, round forehead, and cute features on her face made him want to smile without realizing. 


It was irresistible.


“If you want me to be close to a kid named Dominic, I will.”


The whispered words were out of his will.


“If you want me to go to the competition, I’ll do that, too.”


However there was some anxiety. Like maybe someone will recognize him. 


However, life in the imperial palace, which put him under a lot of pressure, ironically gave him freedom outside the imperial palace.


Because no one other than the people in the imperial palace even knew the existence of the imprisoned prince.


It took a full week by carriage from the capital where the imperial palace was located to Rodante’s territory.


Even the lord, who could be said to be related, was a low-ranking aristocrat and had not been to the Imperial Palace for a long time, so it was impossible to recognize him.


‘That’s why they chose this town.’


Rev leaned over and muttered as he slowly ruffled Luce’s hair.


“But Luce.”


“Call me Rev.”


“I want— only you to call me by that name.”


Is it the owner of the name, or the one who calls it?


Rev thought it was the latter. Just as an apple cannot call itself an apple, just as a carriage cannot call itself a carriage.


A name has meaning only when someone calls it.


“Because it’s yours.”


Rev, who was softly babbling, didn’t realize that his words about ownership of the name were, ironically, a sign of the possessiveness he had buried all his life.






Although it was a surprise visit, it was the first time the prince was not at home.


While looking around the house, the imperial wizard Radanum found a clue in the wardrobe.


Looking up at the shirts that were arranged in a different order than usual, he smiled unexpectedly.




It was when he returned to the Imperial Palace through the return magic circle.


He calmed down after frowning at a familiar voice.


He turned back and bowed his head.


“Yes, Your Highness Prince Delmar.”


He was the only remaining prince in the palace without Aurelio, and he was the heir to the current emperor, Delmar.


The little Prince’s big blue eyes were on the verge of tears. 


It was a sign of trouble to come, but the skilled wizard who had lived a long time didn’t show a sign of being sick of it.


“What brings you here?”


“Where did Brother Aurelio go? No one’s telling me—”


The wizard looked at Delmar, who was whimpering.


The wizard laughed as he shrugged.


“Don’t you know that name is taboo?”


“I know, but… I miss my brother. What should I do?”


“If Your Highness Delmar goes to see His Highness the 1st Prince, it will be His Highness the 1st Prince who will be punished. If you are truly concerned about your brother, you should hide your feelings, what to do?”


The wizard, with his arms crossed, imagined the thought of rolling around in his head.


The words that came out of Delmar’s mouth when he was biting his nails didn’t escape his mind.


“I can watch it secretly. Really.”


“Even though His Highness the 1st Prince is being punished?”


“I can use Radanum’s magic circle. I know that if Radanum keeps it a secret, I can see him without getting caught.”


“I’ll give you one more thing. Do you think His Highness the 1st Prince wants to see Your Highness Delmar?”


“Of course! I’m his younger brother. I’m sure he misses me as much as I miss him.”


“Is that so—?”


Ah, what a proud and innocent malice.


Radanum beckoned, holding back the laugh that he was about to burst out.


Delmar, who was following him, chattered.


“The etiquette class was canceled today. So today is my opportunity. I have two hours.”


“”Yeah, because one of the marquis, who contributed to the founding of the country, died, and all the nobles, including the etiquette teachers, must have gone to pay tribute. You call the death of another person an opportunity.”


“Did I say it wrong?”




“It’s good that Radanum didn’t refuse. I didn’t want to say that Radanum had to obey the imperial family.”


“I’m not going to say what you said now.”


Radanum, who closed the door of the Wizard Tower on one side of the Imperial Palace with a reckless gesture, summoned a cloak.


It was a black cloak with a blue luster.


“You must wear this all the time. No matter where you are, there is a spell that summons you to the Imperial Palace when it senses danger. Never take it off.”


“Huh… Am I going alone?”


“I have a cloak, what are you worried about? I don’t think you don’t believe in Radanum’s magic.”


“I, it’s not like that—”


“And I.”


He doesn’t want to punish His Highness Prince Aurelio.


Swallowing the back words, he raised an eyebrow. A blue light enveloped the little Prince’s body.


Radanum, who was gesturing in the air as if counting the stars, nodded.


“You will arrive in the town where the festival is held. It’s expected to be crowded, so be careful.”


“Huh? Town? Wait, Radanum! Wait a minute—”


“Then come back safely.”


The figure of Delmar, who had been struggling as if confused, disappeared in an instant.


As if nothing had happened, Radanum, who was holding a teacup, swallowed the black tea.


“Poor Prince.”


He just said that.


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  1. That wizard is really a good example of a person not ever being fully bad/evil or good. While he has done some terrible things he doesn’t want to hurt the prince and sympathizes with him. He is not necessarily good but not really bad either.