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Luce rolled her head hard while Arthur caught her hand.


‘Did the ointment sold at the night market the other day become a problem? Or is there a reason for disqualification in the submitted apprenticeship documents…?’


When Arthur pulled the chest of drawers aside, a staircase came out, and when they came down the stairs, she didn’t even have time to feel a sense of wonder at the fact that a very secret storage room appeared. 


Arthur fumbled and turned around after he locked the storage room door. 


“Lucette, I have something to ask you from now on. So tell me honestly.”


‘I don’t think it’s an ointment problem. Is it about the documents? There’s nothing wrong with the documents that Aide Yohan gave me.’


Luce tilted her head but answered without hesitation. 


“Yes, anything is fine. Please tell me.”


However, Arthur’s expression was not good when he heard Luce’s answer.


She gave a positive answer, so why would he do that?


It was when Luce’s nodding head grew louder when she looked at Arthur’s wrinkled hands as he washed his face dry.


“Do you perhaps have a lot of debt?”




“Are you on the run?”


Arthur’s dim eyes began to tear up.


“You’re my apprentice and partner, so there’s no need to hide it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a fresh start!”


“No, that, Grandfather.”


“No matter how much money is involved, this child has to come to the first job she finds with great difficulty. Isn’t this just too much for them?” 




“I hate private loan sharks because of this. When you lend money at first, you smile softly and lend it to me, but when the time comes to pay it back, you turn into gangsters without blood or tears! What’s the point of dressing up and pretending to be a banker? They’re just people playing with money!”


It wasn’t until she heard Arthur’s complaint about the loan shark for another 20 minutes that Luce was able to correct her situation as a debtor.




“There’s a man looking for you. He asked if there was a woman around 18 entering this place.”


Arthur’s voice rang in Luce’s ears as she waited for the documents.


“I didn’t feel very good when he asked that. If you live to this age, your hunches are usually not wrong. So I said I didn’t know anyone like that. This is a flower garden, and as you can see, my eyesight is bad, so I can’t afford to take disciples. That’s why the man laughed for a while and then said, ‘Ah, is that so?’.”


“And then?” 


“But the man did not intend to leave. Leaning over the counter, he asked me about personal matters, so I asked why he was looking for a woman because I wanted to get rid of him quickly. So that man said.” 


‘I have something to bring… that’s what he said.’


Arthur told her that the man had red hair like blood. 


From what Arthur said, it was clear that the man, about whom he knew nothing except that he smelled like very cold cologne and was dressed in expensive clothes, was a loan shark.  


For now, Arthur replied that he had no idea, but she couldn’t just pass it on as she had heard the uncomfortable story.


So, as soon as Luce finished her shift, she headed straight to the bank. She was checking to see if there were any ‘official‘ debts she didn’t know about.


“Customer Lucette Scintilia? There are no debts in your name at our bank.”


“I don’t have any debt that you inherited or plan to inherit, right?” 


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Is there a way to inquire about the debt owed to private finance or a system to refinance it at the legal interest rate? Oh, and I also want to ask if there is a system that inherits debts only within the limits of my property, or if there is a system that can give up both inheritance and debt.”


The bank staff, who blinked at the sharp question, kindly explained, but there was only one conclusion.


There is no way to inquire about the details of private financial transactions, and there is no repayment system. Of course, there is no system such as limited approval or inheritance waiver.


Luce, who laughed bitterly at herself, asked for confirmation. 


“Is there any legacy left behind for me?”


“In the case of a trust account, you can check it on the date specified by the consignor. You usually receive it on your first birthday when you come of age.”


Luce, who came out with an empty debt certificate, trudged and leaned heavily on the bench.


Her stomach hurt from menstrual cramps, and her head hurt even more. Luce, who had taken the medicine without water, rubbed her temples.


‘There are things that have changed from my previous life. I was an orphan in my previous life, and I am an orphan in debt in this life.’


She had watched a friend from an orphanage get into trouble because of an inheritance of debt she didn’t even know about.


If it hadn’t been for the experience of finding a way in every way with her friend, she would have been crying and despairing by now.


However, even if she tried to think calmly, she couldn’t help but feel confused and helpless. 


‘It’s not confirmed, so there’s no need to panic. He might be mistaken for someone else, and it may be for a different business.’


Even as she made this promise to herself, her heart skipped a beat.


‘It would be better to meet the man who is looking for me and ask him all about it. At least he would know who my parents were and how they inherited the debt, but Arthur said he didn’t know such a person…  Do I have no choice but to wait until he comes back?’ 


The night air in the capital was cold.


Luce, who was brushing her cold skin, bit her lip.


‘What kind of people were my parents?’


People who left behind a baby, some money, and a note saying 『Lucete』 in the mountain village of Xenon. 


People who thought that the only thing they inherited was their name, but they might have passed on huge debts.


Looking at the truth, they were very irresponsible and thoughtless people, but strangely, Luce didn’t think that they were ugly and cruel. 


‘Is it because it doesn’t feel real? Or do I not know the feelings that I would have for my family because I have never had a family?’


Luce recalled the families she knew.


It would be nice if there were only harmonious families in the world like Angel and Franz, Dominic and Dahlia, but she knows. That there are many families in the world that are not like that. 


Alois and the Duke of Ximel’s couple did, and above all.


“Don’t go… don’t.” 


Luce’s gaze fell to the floor, thinking of Rev’s voice, which was holding his mother dearly. 


Luce, who was casually tapping the stone floor with the toe of her shoe, murmured softly.


“Would it have been more difficult for you, who had a mother and then she disappeared? Unlike me, who never existed in the first place.”


The stomachache subsided a little, but the headache was still there.


Luce, who took out another medicine and swallowed it, moved slowly. It seems that she won’t be able to sleep tonight.




Delmar fell asleep in the North Tower today as well.


He fell asleep so deeply that he didn’t wake up even when the long, thin shadow that was over his face waved his hands. 


The owner of the shadow, who was smiling and looking down at Delmar as he snored, stood up. 


“It’s cute, too.”


He treated the prince of a country and the regent king as small animals.


Just by hearing his voice, he seemed to see Delmar as cute and lovely, but Rev knew it. 


Radanum’s eyes, hidden under the robe, would never be bent, unlike the corners of his mouth, which rose sharply. 


“You seem to be thinking a lot, Your Highness the Prince.”


Radanum glanced at the desk.


“It’s probably not because magic engineering products aren’t as efficient as you thought.” 


Before being exiled to Xenon, the North Tower had no personal items except for Rev’s book. 


But not now that he is back.


Excluding the scarf, earplugs, first aid kit, and wine in the box on the top shelf of the bookshelf, there were three things that could be seen.


One is a dried rose in a vase, and the other is a drop-shaped pendant hanging around Rev’s neck. 


And the last one, a very exquisite and beautiful snowball.


Rev remodeled the snowball right after entering the imperial palace. The audio receiver is mounted on the pedestal.


Rev, who made a voice transmitter on a similar principle to the pendant he made to listen to Luce’s voice, planted the devices throughout the imperial palace.


He decided that it would be better to hear it directly, as he didn’t know how it would become distorted by going through people, putting aside the lack of power in the imperial palace.


Rev’s choice was correct. 


It was far more stable with magic engineering products than the attendants, who were often replaced, and he didn’t hesitate to speak out because he was worried that he would offend his superiors unnecessarily.  


“I wonder if it’s not a problem because the efficiency is too good.” 


And the point Radanum pointed out was also correct.


“Didn’t I tell you, I would help Your Highness the Prince by all means?” 




“Your Highness’s magic tool only raises questions, but doesn’t provide answers. But I can tell you both the problem and the solution. Sometimes you can ask me for help… It sounds like you’re trying to do something yourself. You didn’t ask for medicine first, and if you had used my ability to do the work in Peter’s Country, you could have done it in an hour, but it took more than a year because you used the method. Of course, I’m glad you succeeded.”


The point of the scraping words was to use his magic after all and pay the price.


On the other hand, the only time he used the wizard was for the work of the red-haired Lucette, the enchantment toward the prince. 


“A year or so in my long life was just an arrow passing by, so it wasn’t that long. But a year was quite a long time for Your Highness the Prince, who lived more than 20 years… That’s enough time to forget someone… I’m saying this because I’m a little sad.”


The wizard who gave strength to the word ‘forget’ leaned on the doorstep.


“Now then, what is the reason you haven’t used me in the past? Also.”

He was the best card and the most obscure card held by Rev.


“Should I ask you why you’re looking for me only today?” 


The joker smiled.

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