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The quiet prince looked like he was lost in thought.


Radanum took a very calm posture as he looked into the red eyes behind the glasses.


‘Prince Aurelio must know that Menelik has taken action.’


After the emperor locked himself in, several people came and went to the luncheon where there were only the emperor, Diana, and Delmar.


The nobles, who were still watching whether they should support the emperor or side with Diana and Delmar, secretly moved to Diana’s side after Peter Country’s subjugation.


The face of the attendees was quite splendid, but there was no real substance.


It was because the nobles of the Western Council, including Simel and Menelik, were still neutral.


Today, however, Menelik, who attended the luncheon, said that he decided to break the neutrality he had been keeping.


Coincidentally, it was when Delmar was away.


“Now that the situation outside the country is stabilizing, shouldn’t it be time to lay the foundation for the empire? It is not very good in terms of efficiency and value for a mother and son to alternately share the position of regent king. I believe that Her Highness the Empress Consort knows as well. Now is the time to qualify.”


Friedrich Menelik took the chance.


Thinking about the implications of those words, Diana answered briefly.


“I remember that Friedrich’s Young Lord was not very active in the selection of Delmar’s wife. Is there a reason you changed your mind?”


“As you know… My niece, who is like a treasure my older brother left behind in Menelik, was a bit on the thin side like my older brother, so rather than not being active, I was more inclined to hold back a little. They would tease my niece, saying, “ She’s not good enough,” but doesn’t Your  Highness understand what it means to have a child that won’t hurt even if you put it in your eyes?”


Friedrich spoke more gently.


“And… I’ll tell Your Highness my heart because I’m talking to you alone. Menelik has… a very friendly feeling towards Your Highness Empress Consort. It may sound impressive, but you’re so quick to finish the Peter Country, which was a thorn in the west. It occurred to me that Your Highness Empress Consort, whom we knew was right, and that you were such a determined person.”


“Thank you for the decorative words, but I need a point, Friedrich Young Lord. I don’t know if Young Lord knows it, but I’m a little tired of roundabout speech.”


Friedrich hesitated for a moment, then muttered, “This is what it looks like.”


He erased his laughter and spoke lowly.


“I’m going to be straightforward. Ximel will not act according to Your Highness Empress Consort’s will.”




“Isn’t it a family that has been friendly with the Hadasa royal family for generations? You have no choice but to be cautious. The reason why the Ximel family is liked by everyone and everyone wants them on their side is because of their unchanging honesty and a little old-fashionedness. But our Menelik is a little different.”


“Is it because of the lightness and slight openness that it changes easily?”


“I can’t deny it, but there is one more. The lineage of Hadasa’s collateral.”


Diana nodded slowly.


“Since His Majesty the Emperor is unable to see the current state of affairs, if Your Highness, who is acting as the Regent, only approves it, the betrothal will be rough.  As Your Highness knows, as long as Ximel is uncooperative, Menelik will be the best choice for Your Highness.”


“Let me ask you one thing.”


“Yes, as you wish.”


“Does Menelik’s frail Young Lady also want that betrothal?”


Friedrich’s face, which had been smooth, was cracked.


No matter what Diana said, he hesitated to open his mouth after smoothly leading the talk.


Diana, who had been staring at him for a while, rose up.


“Who, who wouldn’t want to be the wife of the lovely Prince Delmar?”


“I’m tired of the roundabout way of speaking, but I’m even more tired of this, Friedrich Young Lord. Seeing people whose lives have been twisted by other people’s will. I see people like that in the mirror every morning.”


“…Your Highness.”


“I understand Menelik’s intention to cooperate with me in the future. Unlike Duke Semel, I’m also happy to say that you will be my ally. I’ll gladly consider it. And from now on.”


Approaching Friedrich, she placed her hand on his shoulder.


“I think I would be able to welcome you more happily if you came with more courtesy as a subject rather than the attitude of daring to talk and teach the only Empress Consort, the regent king of the empire.”


And she pressed it with strength.


It was a forearm as thin as a feather, but the feeling of intimidation felt from that action was considerable.


After Diana left, Friedrich Menelik was left alone. He thought about a few things she had said, then left with a low laugh.


Radanum, who was watching their conversation from a distance, floated a bead on his fingertips.


‘At most, I brought ‘self-restraint’ in exchange for the prophecy.’


Radanum hummed when he received Diana’s “self-control” in the air, which would have been his favorite bead if it had not been cracked.


It was a dark minor key, but he didn’t mind.


It wasn’t as good as Prince Aurelio, but it turned out to be quite interesting.


Considering the choices Prince Aurelio would make after hearing all of her words, more interesting results would emerge.


‘Betrothal between Prince Delmar and Lucette…’


How far will the red-eyed Prince collapse?


Just now, Radanum smiled inwardly as he looked down at Prince Aurelio, who would have reached out with the feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff.


Does he want him to grab his hand? Or should he pretend to throw it away. Would that make him a little more desperate?


Radanum watches Rev’s thin lips open with a rare delight.


“It is because I didn’t need you that I haven’t used you for a while.”


Radanum, who raised his eyebrows, nodded.


“Sadly, it wasn’t a hurtful remark. Then why did you come to see me?”


“Since I left Xenon, I’m asking if you’ve touched Lucette’s memory.”


Radanum’s brows narrowed gently.


“I think about it every time I talk to the prince, and you haven’t asked me a few times, but really…… How can I say it… you ask a question that has nothing to do with the main subject. Are you afraid I’ll ask for a price? You’re careful, too.”


“What I want is your answer, not your evaluation. Radanum.”


Radanum laughed and shook his head at the tone, which was so determined that it was even cold.


“No, I don’t.”


“It was a question that included all cases where you touched memories with drugs or magic tools without directly touching them. Answer again.”


“It looks like you finally figured out how to handle me. Yes, I’ll answer again. I don’t do that either.” 


“Is that true for emotions, not memories?” 


“Yes, there isn’t.”


The prince’s already pale face turned as white as a sheet of paper when he heard the firm answer, but he quickly regained his calm. 


Radanum, who had been watching him for a while, asked slowly.


“To be honest, I thought you were going to ask me how to deal with Menelik’s Young Lord, but that wasn’t it?”


“Did you hear both of their conversations?”


“Yes, of course.”


“If you’ve analyzed the conversation, not just listened, you’ll know. What Menelik really wants.”


RadaUnlike cold answers, the pause between words is long.num’s rolling eyes turned to the front.


“That much is a problem that can be solved without borrowing your strength. Get out.” 


Unlike cold answers, the pause between words is long.


The corners of Radanum’s mouth were still raised as he bowed his head deeply and came back.


Ah, poor Prince. 


The Prince is excellent at analyzing conversations like formulas and drawing conclusions, but finds it difficult to know the human emotions and motives underlying the words.


“You think that because I touched Lady Lucette, she has changed…” 


He thought he was standing on the edge of a cliff and holding out his hand.


“I never thought you’d make up your mind to jump off the cliff yourself.”


Radanum, who threw the prince’s bright red bead, hummed a grim song of courtesy. 




“The house site is probably the problem, the house site.”


“That is what I think. How come all the houses in this place don’t have a normal day?”


“This is…I don’t know what to say when Luce returns.” 


Yohan made his way through the crowd and reached the front of the house. 


Dahlia was seen standing with her head up in the crowd. 


“What’s the matter?”


“Well, I was supposed to take care of the house regularly after Luce left for the capital, but when I opened the door last night, I don’t know, the floor collapsed….  so the ground is exposed like this?”


Yohan opened the door to Luce’s house and was at a loss for words.


Isn’t that really what people say? Why doesn’t every house in this place have a normal day? 


The house of a woman named Chelsea was burned down, and when he looked up the land ledger, it was recorded as vacant land, but then the floor of Luce’s house, which gave permission to build, collapsed?


“It’s not just that. It’s a problem that the ground is exposed, but look here, there are traces of digging. The color of the soil is different.” 


“Traces of digging the ground?” 


“What the hell is going on. It’s strange to say that there was a robbery, because I know Luce’s things roughly, but I don’t see anything missing.”


What kind of crazy guy came into an empty house, broke the floor, dug up the soil, and disappeared?


It was strange to draw a conclusion after thinking, but other than that, it was not explained.


The elder cautiously spoke to Yohan, who was suffering from a poor imagination. 


“I wonder if Miss Chelsea, the original landlord of this place, buried something here…?” 


“You mean Miss Chelsea?” 


“Yeah. Maybe she came to look for treasure or money that she had buried secretly, but she only saw that a new house had been built. She couldn’t lift and move the whole house, so she chose to dig up the floor.”


“Oh my, Chelsea is not such a child, Elder!” 


“Phew, this makes more sense than saying that a complete stranger did this! But who in our village would commit such an outrageous thing, wouldn’t it?”


 As Yohan watched the elder and Dahlia quarrel, he saw a distant mountain.


‘What on earth should I tell Lucette about this situation?’


Hello, Miss Lucette. It’s not just the house’s roof, but the floor can also collapse. Isn’t it amazing?


No matter how he uses it, Lucette will think it’s a bad prank.


‘Why does this only happen when I’m around…’


Yohan shook his head and walked away.




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