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The reactions of other visitors were not much different from Isaac and Dominic’s.


The children whispered that they wanted to become great knights like in this picture, and the parents smiled happily while pointing to the picture of a knight sticking a sword into the throats of people covered in blood. It was an uncomfortable sight, but there was nowhere to turn. This is because there were nobles not far away.


Luce glanced at the emblem of the Ximel Duchy behind her and put on the hood of her cape. And then she quietly mingled with people.


‘Marquis Lantier, Count Igniche, Count Bradbury.’


Luce repeated the information that came to mind the moment the faces and family names of the nobles sitting across from the exhibition hall matched.


The first was the Marquis Lantier. Even though his title was second only to that of a Duke, he was sitting far away.


‘He was the leader and presiding officer of the Eastern Convention, but he had been pushed aside by the Western Convention for a long time, so he was looking for another way to live. In the comments, everyone said, “What on earth is the East doing while the West is in such chaos?” So it can be said that there is no influence on the central political world.’


He was trying to appear dignified, but when she turned her gaze away from the somewhat intimidated looking Marquis, she saw a man with a mustache. He looked as if he was saying, ‘I’m a villain,’ with his eyes closed with his hair back in Pomade.


There was a badge and plaque in front of a man with a snake-like impression.




‘My guess was correct. It’s a family that produced many empresses, but they’re holding back because of the maternal relatives’ control. The emperor said that he only had his wife by his side, not the empress, so I guess the deceased empress was from that family. But the Empress is not the problem.’


According to the information, Count Igniche is dead. Not only did he die, he was even exterminated.


Perhaps because he was a rather obnoxious person, everyone cheered unanimously at his death. However,


‘That person is still alive.’


Luce’s gaze briefly glanced at Count Igniche, who was waving his hands in an arrogant manner, but soon stopped.


It was Bradburry, and even in history books, there wasn’t enough information about them. In the comments, they were mentioned as abbreviations such as ‘strawberry bread’ or ‘bread family’.


‘Bradbury is a military family famous for producing many knights, but their reputation is not as good as it used to be. That’s why it didn’t have any presence in the story. It is said that as magic tools developed, the battlefield changed from fighting with numbers to fighting with firepower, and it gradually declined.’


Since these pictures are propaganda, if there is an excellent weapon that can overwhelm the battlefield, it should be promoted to the people of the empire. However, in the painting depicting the period of Peter Country’s conquest, the knights are using old-fashioned weapons such as swords and halberds. This was before the aspect of the battlefield changed.


‘It may be because it is confidential and not disclosed, but it would be more accurate to say that it has not been developed yet. So, although Bradbury’s influence may be shrinking now, it is not the time for his downfall. The seat he sat was next to Ximel… When I see it in person, I see clearer and more useful information.’


The white-haired Count Bradbury, who was obviously from a military background, may be an old man, but his eyes still look bright. He was a person who was infinitely different from the abbreviation “Strawberry Bread.”


Luce thought of Franz’s family who had been staying in Bradbury. She also remembered Angel’s words about how he was more and more worried about Franz, the knight, who had returned from being dragged into battle that day. She overlooked it at the time, but the more she knew, the more she saw it.


「Did you hear that His Majesty the Emperor is sick? Did you hear that a new prince suddenly appeared and suppressed the rebellion?


I heard this from my father, but it seems that Count Menelik has something to do with the royal family.


The situation was confusing in many ways, so Count Menelik went up to the capital, and my father went up with Menelik because he was a knight.」


Angel’s letter was the same. Luce looked closely at the letter Angel had sent that night after hearing about the auction.


Unlike before, when she could barely decipher his greetings because his handwriting was as bad as an earthworm crawling, she was able to see a lot of things.


‘But there was no news in the newspaper that the emperor was sick. Of course there was no story about a new prince.’


Moreover, weren’t there a lot of articles reporting that the rebellion in Peter Country was successfully suppressed before entering the capital thanks to the Empress Consort’s base?


But suddenly a new prince?


‘Either Angel is mistaken or… Knight Franz’s status in Menelik County is much higher than I thought and he is in a position to know confidential information.’


However, it was not easy to come to a conclusion.


Franz was a cheerful and kind man, but he was serious in front of the sword. Even though he was his son, could he have leaked his master’s secrets? This is a secret. Even if he had said it, would he have said it in such a light tone that Angel would have felt there was no problem writing it in a letter?


‘Should I ask Angel again or go to the place where Knight Franz is said to be?’


Luce recalled Franz’s address card that she had received from Yohan.


This is probably the address of the accommodation where Menelik’s people stay as a group.


But it seemed like the second choice should be used as a last resort.


[duwntkfkdeks: How can you screw up the male lead like this…? Mr. Menelik, your place is not the imperial palace, but the sub-space of Radanum. Get out of here (Likes: 228)


└ Ah, no ㅠㅠㅠㅠ What is the crime of Radanum that has to carry that?


└ Ah, for some reason, the grin on his face made me feel uneasy.


└ Actually, I want to think that it was inevitable because it was either this or the way for the female lead to maintain her position in the palace… But… it’s still annoying… It’s annoying that the female lead has to hear things like that from that guy… ]


Count Menelik was also on the podium.


It reminded her of roses. It was not because he had a face so beautiful that it seemed decadent, nor because he had fiery red hair.


He was a flower with multiple layers of petals.


It surrounds itself with countless flower petals and doesn’t reveal its core to anyone.


Menelik’s smile was extremely innocent. The gap between the information and his smiling face, as if he had not committed any crime and would never commit any crime in the future, was so distant that it was dizzying.


“Are you going to take the medicine again? You took it earlier too.”


Dominic’s voice woke her up.  It seems that she was holding the medicine case without realizing it.


“No. I was just holding it. Let’s go buy some magic tools. I was too busy looking at the picture to do what Grandpa Arthur asked.”


“No matter how much you made the medicine, isn’t it bad if you overdo it?”


“Lucette, do you have a slight cold? Is that why you’re wearing a cape?”


“I’m fine. It’s my first time coming to a place with so many people, and I’m a little dizzy because I got hit all over the place. But I can bear it, so let’s go quickly.”


“Are you some kind of rabbit and afraid of crowds of people?”


Luce hurriedly headed towards the flea market, leading Isaac, who looked at her with concern, and Dominic, who was grumbling but making a gap through the crowd. Her steps were heavy, as if they were weighing her down, but she didn’t care.




“Your Highness the Prince?”


Viscount Collette intended to greet Prince Delmar out of courtesy while he entered the palace for a private auction.


He went in, believing the maid’s word that he would be there, but the room was empty.


‘It’s Her Highness Empress Consort’s Auction, so His Highness Prince Delmar doesn’t have to attend… but you don’t have any other plans, so if you’re not in your room, where are you going?’


As he looked around the room in wonder, his steps stopped at the desk.


Colette, who was secretly looking through the tightly written notes, came to rest on one of the messy documents. There was a checkmark next to the picture titles.


‘Ah, I heard that His Highness Prince Delmar also contributed to selecting the painting for the public auction.’


In addition to documents, books such as <The Monarch> and <Diplomacy> can be seen. It seems that the rumor that Delmar has been steadily following the return of the new prince was not false. According to Duke Ximel, it would be meaningless.


The wind blew and the bookshelf fell over. Colette was so surprised that he saw an underlined sentence.


「A monarch must be kind to his people. However, that loving-kindness should not be directed at everyone. Only good people should be allowed to enjoy the monarch’s benevolence, and ‘good’ people refer to those who are loyal and united. In order to distinguish between good people, understanding the lives of the people as closely as possible must come first—」


Colette sneaked away and didn’t notice that the wind that scared him was coming from the slightly open window.




“Thank you everyone. Thanks to you, I was able to choose only good items.”


Blacksmith Dominic checked to see if there were any basic defects, and Luce used her memory of looking over his shoulder to look at the color and condition of the magic stone.


Isaac, who greeted him, went back first, saying that he seemed to have left the garden empty for too long.


Dominic asked, touching his forehead as he watched Isaac walking away carrying a box full of iron tools, wondering if it was too heavy.


“I think you look okay?”


As he said, Luce’s condition improved as she moved away from the nobles. Her head didn’t hurt the entire time she was choosing the magic tool. Luce grinned without answering.


Dominic, who was walking together on the street where many of the crowds had already disappeared, was fiddling with Luce’s cape. He seemed to have something to say.


“You really don’t sell necklaces? You don’t even wear it.”


“Why bother selling it? It’s nice to have at least one accessory. Besides, it’s pretty.”


Luce added after a brief pause.


“It’s also a memory of my childhood.”


She thought only the necklace was left behind, but the face of the boy who had left behind knowledge about magic tools appeared and then disappeared.


Dominic, who looked at Luce’s eyes for a while, opened his mouth.






“You’ve been pretending you didn’t hear it since last time, right?”


“I really couldn’t hear anything. All I heard was ‘that’?”


“You can’t hear me with a cap on like this!”


Dominic’s face, who was still holding on to the cape of Luce, who was jumping up and down in frustration, turned red in anger.


“…I’ll buy you one. Something much prettier than what he gave you.”


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