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“This is so good!”


Luce rolled her feet after eating a spoonful of strawberry ice cream.


The Rodante festival was more than expected.


It was a festival held once every three years, so it seemed that everyone had prepared diligently.


There were many things to enjoy, including the hot air balloon flying in the sky and the colorful fireworks that erupted anytime she was about to forget.


“You’re very good at darts, Rev.”


Who knew that Rev would pop all the balloons?


The store owner said, then handed a small doll to Luce, who was running around excitedly.


He said that her boyfriend is really good at it, Luce chuckled at that while Rev’s ears turned red.


“Where did you learn it?”


“It’s like shooting arrows to catch the target.”


“Wow, you know how to use a bow?”


“I’m not good at it.”


“If you’re not good at it, I’m like a goldfish—. I didn’t get any darts.”


Is that all? His luck must be good. 


In the roulette wheel, he won the first prize in a short time, and in the treasure hunt, he found the snowball without even walking a few steps.


‘He almost didn’t have to receive the allowance?’


‘We did it because of you, so take it all!’ Rev, who refused, agreed to the suggestion that they should buy something delicious with this.


She was happy as she sat on the bench with the ice creams she had bought from the stall.


Luce, who was looking around at the pretty snowball, asked.


“But why don’t you take any prizes? We did it together, but it’d be nice if you took the prize, too.”






When she looked back, Rev was squinting his eyes as if something was wrong.


Luce, who was looking at Rev, burst into laughter.


“Is it because there’s a lot of lemon taste?”


He nodded. 


How bad did it have to be for him to look like he was going to cry?


It was funny and cute, so Luce stroked Rev’s head without realizing it, and naturally changed the ice cream.


Rev, who took Luce’s strawberry ice cream, opened his eyes wide.


“Let’s exchange it. I like sour things, too.”


“It’s what I already eat, Luce.”


“It’s all right, we’re friends. Oh, do you hate it? Then a new one—”


“No, I’m fine, too.”


Why is Rev’s eye area red while eating cold ice cream?


Well, it’s probably because it tastes like lemon. When she took a bite, it tasted refreshing to Luce.


“You haven’t answered yet. Why don’t you take the prize?”


“I think you can use it more preciously.”


“But I feel sorry if I have them all. We won it together.”


“It’s fine with me as long as you’re happy.”


It seemed like Rev knew how to say things that made people happy.


He seems to be speaking plainly and without self-interest, but she doesn’t know if it’s because of the soft words he uses or his low, friendly voice.


He seems to have been born with it, so she thought she had to get used to the way he talked to get closer to him.


Luce blinked and held out a snowball.


“But I want you to have this.”


“Snowball? I thought you liked it, did you not?”


“Well, of course it’s very pretty and I like it! It’s a memory of coming to play together. There will be times when you look at this and think that it was really good. So think of it as a part of that memory and keep it to yourself.”




“Anyway, since I go to your house often, yours is mine and mine is mine, well.”


Rather than playfully behind the scenes, Rev seemed to be concentrating on the previous words.


He smiled and nodded his head, reflecting on the word “part of memory.”


“Then I’ll take care of this snowball and keep it.”


“Next time we go somewhere else, let’s buy something like this and keep it. What do you think?”


“Next time—ung. I like it.”


Anything is fine.


She seems to remember hearing something similar before. The crowd was so noisy around the festival crowd that Luce thought she had heard it wrong.


It was when she ate half the ice cream. Rev asked.


“Why are you participating in today’s competition, Luce?”


“Why? Did I not fit in with that kind of competition?”


Rev waved his hand at the joke.


“I didn’t mean that. I was just curious. What’s your goal?”


“I was joking, too.”


Luce gave a grim look, shrugged her shoulders, and stood up.


“Well, my goal is to be second.”


“Not first place?” If it’s you, I’m sure you can win.”


Rev seems to think very well of her.


Luce said and giggled. 


“For some reason, if I win, I feel like I have to win first place again the next time, and I feel like I have to keep my first-place appearance. A crown has weight. But second place feels comfortable. It’s a high ranking, but it’s relatively less burdensome.”


“I see.”


“Does Rev want to be number one?”


When asked, he shook his head.


“No, from what you said, I think 2nd place is better.”


A prince who loses his position of power and finds himself imprisoned.


To put it bluntly, he would be second place. The second place with no shadows, in contrast to the first place, which is a very high and shiny spot.


Ironically, Rev found comfort in Luce’s ignorant words.


“And that’s it. The first place reward was a travel ticket to the capital….”


The prize wasn’t written on the flyer, so it was the first time he had heard of it.


Then Luce whispered as if it were a secret.


“I’m not curious about the capital at all. I don’t want to go.”


“Yeah, me too…I don’t like the capital very much.”


“Have you been there? How was it?”


He feels like his heart will sink when he thinks about the capital.


But not now.


The medicine seems to be sweet strawberry ice cream.


If not, maybe.


“…It’s a cold and lonely place.”


“What? As expected, it’s not a good place, right?” 


The sound of a child’s laughter escaping from his ear seems to be medicine.


Rev watched Luce for a long time as she ate lemon ice cream and talked about various things.


After eating all the ice cream, the two stopped by the bookstore.


Since they received the prize and the free gift certificate, they decided to share one book at a time, and Rev chose a book related to technology.


He thought it was a good choice.


Luce, who was worried at the bookstore, also jumped and picked a book.


“I am this!”


“<Basics of Pharmacology>? It’s a botanical encyclopedia. It looks heavy.”


Of course, Luce also made her own choice.


“Because this seems to be the best.”




“And if I buy it, I can use it anywhere. Because there are many medicinal plants in Xenon Village.”


Rev smiled, nodded, and held the book up.


Luce asked while looking at each other’s books.


“What on earth is this painting?”


“Oh, it’s official. It looked like a painting because it was written in cursive.”


“Is this a letter…?”


In the presence of street vendors, the two, who had bought several fruit skewers, turned their attention to the sound of unusually loud fireworks.


Pollen was flying in the sky.


“We are accepting applications to participate in the competition now! All the territory residents who wish to participate in the competition are requested to line up!”


“Wow, I guess it’s just the beginning!”


Luce, who had been leading Rev, stopped all of a sudden.


‘That’s right, my mom asked me to say hello to the general store!’


She thought she should do it in advance because she didn’t know when the competition would end.


Wouldn’t it be a big problem if Marie from the general store had to leave work first?


“Rev, I forgot something. Would you like to go first and stand in line?”


“Together… Oh, ung. I will.”


Rev seemed to think she was going to the bathroom.


Before he could ask her where she was going, his ear turned red. He then nodded and walked away.


‘He’s a very polite friend.’


Luce smiled slightly and turned around to look for a grocery store.


So she didn’t see Rev going to the left at the crossroads, that is, to the <Mr & Miss Rodante contest>.


“Hello, Grandma Marie!”


“Oh, it’s Lucete! How about Chelsea?”


“My friend and I came today without my mother.”


“Oh my goodness. How old are you this year?”


“I’m thirteen. My mom asked me to say hello.”


“Are you that old already? Let’s see, let’s see.”


Grandma Marie, who was rummaging through the cupboard, seemed to be trying to get something out.


Luce looked around and tried to find Rev’s straw hat. But there were so many people and it was hard to see.


‘Hmm, it would be okay, right?’


She was feeling a bit uneasy.


Luce scratched the back of her neck and looked out the window. It was then. 


‘Oh, it’s an amazing cloak.’


In the crowd, a blond boy in a black cloak with bluish colors caught her eye.


Luche, who was looking at the cloak unknowingly because of its unique color, was soon distracted by Marie’s chatter.




Rev was standing in line. He was wearing the straw hat that Luce had given him.


The children participating in the competition were clearly dressed up.


There were also children with makeup on and children who smelled strong, like they had put perfume on.


A man who seemed to check each other’s faces approached him.


“You there. What are you, and what are you wearing?”


He seemed to be quite confident in himself.


The grumpy-looking boy was wearing a jacket with cheap cubicles on it. He seemed to think that Rev, who was wearing a white shirt and glasses, was no match for him.


“If you want to look good on girls, you’d better take off those glasses? Who likes a kid with white shirt and glasses—” 


“I want you to go.”




“You stink. It’s an unpleasant scent.”




Rev said exactly what he thought at the boy, whether the boy’s face turned red or not, and then he looked around.


Luce, who was supposed to come back soon, was nowhere to be seen. 


Rev’s wrist, who was looking for Luce’s red hair in the crowd, was caught.


“You, it’s not polite to enter the competition in that outfit! And what’s with your eyes!”


The boy, who had been arguing and then pointing out things as if he was angry, stopped all of a sudden.


The red eyes seen through the glasses were cold. 


Rev muttered as he backed away in shock.






“Hey, wait, you!”


Rev quickly left after leaving a word that didn’t make sense and hitting the boy’s hand, while the boy exploded with anger.


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