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“Aren’t you staying at a hotel? Is the bedding there that uncomfortable?”


If she looked closely, he had a truly indifferent personality. Luce smiled without answering and looked at the things Yohan was taking out of his luggage.


“This is the medicine you mentioned, right?”


The day she met the boy who was whining about cherries, Luce wrote two letters. One was for Yohan, and the other was for Angel. 


She asked Yohan if he knew anything about the red-haired man and his debt, and if he could send her the medicine that was in the attic of Rev’s house. To Angel, she pretended to inquire about the well-being of his family and indirectly mentioned the letter he had written earlier. Since Franz was staying with Count Menelik, it was impossible to ask him, so Luce chose the next best option.


A reply came from Yohan yesterday. Yohan, who bluntly asked if she was skipping greetings and going straight to the point, replied that he had something to tell her and would like to meet her soon. She didn’t expect that the ‘soon’ he said would be the very next day.


However, a reply from Angel hasn’t come yet. Is she being punished for making him wait for a reply for over a year?


Luce, who had her eyes on the table, looked at the half-full green medicine bottle and nodded. 


“Yes, that’s correct.”


“Why bother bringing back just half of it?” 


“I have something to research….huh? What is it?” 


It was a star-shaped magic tool the size of a palm. It had a red gemstone attached to it. It looked similar to a dreamcatcher, as it started spinning when she lightly touched it. 


“I found it in the attic where the medicine was kept, so I brought it along. You don’t know if it might be useful. When it comes to manor housekeeping, details are important. Since we don’t know what the Lord might want, it’s better to bring everything similar so we don’t have to do the work twice.”


Come to think of it, it seemed like something she glimpsed while looking for Rev. Perhaps it was something Rev hadn’t managed to take with him. Would he be happy if she returned it to him? 


Luce clapped and smiled.


“As expected, the aide is the best.”


“It seems like the color changes too. When I looked at it before, it was orange, but now it’s turned red. Is it some kind of toy?”


‘A magic tool that changes color? …Just like the identification charm used in banks.’


However, she couldn’t think much about it because Yohan suddenly lowered his voice and started asking questions.


“And you asked about your debt? Why on earth did you ask that?”


“Oh, that’s.”


When she described the strange man Arthur met, Yohan tilted his head.


“I was wondering why you were asking that. If an underage kid like you has debts they don’t know about, it’s probably something inherited from your parents. But you…”


“I’m an orphan.” 


“Yeah, you’re an orphan. Why else would you be one? You’re an orphan because you don’t have parents.”


It was around the time when she wondered why Yohan was saying something obvious.


“So, in normal circumstances, even from your parents’ perspective, they wouldn’t know if you were alive or not. This is especially true for your parents, who left behind only a note and some gold coins. How can they pass debts onto a child whose survival is uncertain?”


I know what you mean.”


“Let’s say, ‘Whether the child is alive or not, I have a child, so go and collect from them.’ Then, would any debtor blindly believe such a statement without evidence? If they demanded proof, they would have to give it.” 


Luce, who had guessed the behavior patterns of debt collectors based on her previous life experience, realized from Yohan’s words that the debt collectors in 《The Cruel History of the Vladin Empire》 didn’t use very elaborate tactics. 


“I’ll bet on the debt collector mistaking someone. You said red hair, right? I remember hearing rumors a few years back about a man with red hair asking around the village.” 


Luce also knew that story. They’re asking about Chelsea’s disappearance.


Luce, whose head was pounding, took out some medicine and listened to Yohan’s subsequent story.


“He was asking about Chelsea, but he also asked about Chelsea’s red-haired daughter. Of course, the Xenon and Rodante people don’t know, and I haven’t seen Chelsea either, so how can I know about her daughter? But think about it. What if the red-haired debtor who came to you and the man who was looking for Chelsea are the same person?” 


“…He thinks I’m Chelsea’s daughter?” 


“Yeah, then it makes sense. Coincidentally, Lucette’s new house is built on the site of Chelsea’s old house. No wonder we haven’t heard any rumors about that man lately. It looks like he finally figured out your whereabouts and stopped the investigation.”


“But it’s strange. If it was just a misunderstanding on his part, wouldn’t it have been better for him to come and ask me directly while I was still in Xenon? It would have been easier to intimidate a younger me and scare me to get money than what he’s doing now.”


Yohan cleared his throat.


“I think maybe he was waiting for Lucette to leave her house for a while.”


“I don’t understand.”


“That’s… Lucette, someone ruined the floor in your house.”


“What did you say–?!”


Yohan, who said that the floor of the house had collapsed and there were signs of digging into the ground, added with a quick glance.


“Next time, get some help from a fortune teller when finding a house. Every house you find ends up collapsing, you.”


“Nothing is missing?”


“Your belongings are fine. The target was something buried under the ground.” 


“What was buried?”


“Isn’t it obvious? Gold, jewels, money, something like that. The treasure Chelsea hid and the debt that man was looking for. It’s been a while since the house collapsed, but I thought I’d tell you while I had the chance to see your surprised face.” 


When she guessed the timing, it was after she was told by Arthur that a man had come to visit her. Since then, seeing that no one else had come looking for her, Yohan’s speculation seemed to be correct. However, the lingering sense of time and the buried item still bothered her. 


“There’s no logic to what debt collectors do. Don’t worry too much about it. You haven’t done anything wrong, so if that guy comes back again, you should ask him for compensation for the damage to your house.”




“Yes, Nox says so too.”


“…Wait a minute, Nox?”


Ah, Yohan took his luggage from the corner and lifted it up.


“You said it was a good and gentle cat, right?”


“Yes, of course! Oh my, Nox, I missed you so much! How did you get here?” 


He said it solemnly.


“You’re being fooled by this fluffy furball.”


Yohan spread his hands. There were scratches here and there.


“I heard a cat meowing from the carriage. I got suspicious and decided to check, and there it was, hiding in the trunk! I came all this way, and since I couldn’t go back without showing you my face, I thought I’d catch it. But this naughty cat is so fierce!”


“…I’m sorry. Why did you do that, Nox?”




The cat seemed oblivious to her scolding. Instead, as if expressing joy, Nox meowed back, and when she waved her hand, the cat, acting as if to say, “When was I ever fierce?” behaved meekly. 


“Dahlia must have had a hard time because of this little troublemaker too. I heard she called it a real tormentor, as it constantly knocked down items in the store whenever it had the chance.” 


She felt sorry to hear that her cat had an accident, even though it wasn’t her fault. Yohan came to his senses late and scratched the back of his neck. 


“Oh, I don’t blame you, Lucette. You know, right?”


“Still, it caused a lot of trouble. What should we do with it? I’d like to take it with me, but the hotel probably won’t allow cats.” 


“Dominic lives nearby, doesn’t he? Why not leave it at Dominic’s place? I’ll be in the capital until tomorrow, so just keep it for today. I’m scared to be with it.”


Luce smiled awkwardly as she hugged the bag containing Nox.


“Why are you going to the capital until tomorrow?”


“Mhm, since I’m here, I thought I’d briefly see Franz. The Lord is worried because he hasn’t been able to contact him lately.” 


“I also sent a letter to Angel, but there hasn’t been a reply yet… There should be nothing wrong, right?”


“What do you mean by nothing wrong? Worry more about yourself than about such a sturdy knight like Franz. He’s probably just busy, you know.”


I have a lot to worry about these days.”


Is it okay to tell Yohan that she met Rev? Even if it’s not just Yohan, is it okay for her to tell other people?


Luce hasn’t told anyone about it yet. She couldn’t be happier about being reunited with Rev. 


Above all, the stories about his talent spreading out would most likely reach the ears of the Lord and Yohan.


‘Because not everyone who is good to me is necessarily good to everyone else.’


Yohan seemed to feel sorry for unintentionally leaving Nox behind and carrying his luggage to the hotel. 


“Then see you tomorrow, Lucette.”


The manager nodded his head willingly when asked carefully if she could bring the cat with her. It was almost a reflex reaction. It seemed like the manager would say everything would be fine as long as she didn’t set the hotel room on fire. 


Anyway, since she was given permission, she was going to move Nox. The manager approached quietly.


“I have a message left for you.”


The boy who talked about cherries? Or Rev?


Luce took the card and opened her mouth.


『’There’s something I need to discuss regarding ‘my younger brother.’ It would be good if you could come to the green-roofed mansion at 8 Breit Street late at night.




There was only one person who could send such a card.




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