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‘No doubt. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and Radanum’s cloak.’ 


Even with only a passing glance, he was sure. The boy who was shaking his head around in the middle of the crowd as if looking for someone was definitely Delmar.


Rev’s half-brother and ‘true’ Prince.


‘Just how on earth, how—’


Why is Delmar in this village, which is far from the Imperial Palace? 


At the same time, why the hell is Delmar here when he came out with Luce, the person from whom he wanted to hide his identity the most?! 


He was out of breath. He didn’t know whether it was doubts, confusion, or anger.


“Hey, you! Have you not seen a boy with black hair?”


Rather than trying to understand how he felt, he had to stop Delmar from treating people carelessly. Delmar, who was upset as he gripped his wrist, widened his eyes when he checked the face under the straw hat. 






“Do you know how much I missed you, brother!”


Rev, who was pretending to hear, grabbed his wrist and led him to a corner alley.


Delmar was babbling a lot as he was being dragged in. 


“After Brother suddenly disappeared, no one talked about you. I don’t know why you left or where you went, so do you know how upset Delmar was?” 


No matter how upset you are. 


“You don’t know how angry I was because everyone turned away and shut their mouths as if they heard something that no one could hear, even when I asked.”


No matter how angry you are.


“Then I thought Radanum would know, so I called him. At first, he refused to tell me. He even asked if you wanted to see me. He was arrogant. Because he is a wizard who must obey the imperial family. Why didn’t he send me here at my earnest request!”


Am I really alone?


“I missed you. Brother.”


As soon as he got to an empty place, Delmar was delighted to meet him.


He rubs his cheeks and hugs his waist. It was a movement of those who didn’t even consider the possibility of being rejected.


That warmth, that luxurious innocence, suddenly made him uncomfortable.


“What about Brother? Did you miss me, too?”


Rev looked at his younger brother, who was only five years old, with cold eyes. Then Rev, who released his arms without answering, lowered his posture. 


He took a deep breath and asked, tying the hem of his cloak.


“Why are you here, Delmar?”


“I told you, I came because I missed Brother.”


His cheeks were red, with curly blonde hair falling.


He looked like a baby angel. Anyone who sees Delmar will love this lovely, bright prince.


“Why did you miss me?”


“Of course, my Brother always treats me kindly. Unlike the strict elders of the Imperial family, brother is someone I can rely on. I’m saying this because no one is here, but I don’t understand why the elders are asking to treat Brother disrespectfully like that.”


“…You are the child of an official concubine, and I am not. That’s why.”


“But I like this, brother Aurelio.”




Rev’s chin trembled for a moment when he saw his younger brother calling his name casually, but he soon regained his composure. 


“Delmar, the only reason you can treat me politely is because no one scolds you even if you act like that.”


“Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s just saying it—”


People say that. 


The Prince of Vladin, Delmar Artur Hadsa, is a blessing from God. 


He was like a jewel of the Vladin imperial family, whose children were precious. 


Everyone loves him. Everyone praises him.


A good prince who can’t kill even a single fly, a prince who is generous despite the mistakes of others, and a good-natured prince who takes care of even his half-brother. 


“If you break the rules, I’ll be scolded instead of you.”


But the reason Delmar can’t kill even a single fly is that someone else gets his hands dirty for him.


Even if he makes mistakes, they can forgive him because Radanum and others punish the wrongdoers for him.


His act of taking care of even his half-brother. 


“B, brother?”


In reality, it’s just self-gratification that his brother doesn’t want.


“Where will I go when someone finds out you’re here, Delmar? Where is it farther than Xenon Village, the end of the continent?”


“Brother, what do you mean—”


“Is it hell?”


It was a scary word that he had never heard from his brother, who was always gentle.


What does he mean hell? Rev was staring at the collar of the cloak under Delmar’s neck.


He placed his hand on the string that tightened the hood that covered his head and pulled it slowly.


Rev muttered as he saw the string that slowly tightened the thin white neck.


“I don’t want to leave here, Delmar.”


“Brother, are you saying that you come to this town because of me—it’s not, right?”


“I don’t blame you.”


That’s all the answers.


Delmar’s face had gone from pale to almost white, and that’s when he realized someone was trimming his cloak.


Surprised, Delmar backed away from Rev. He was clearly on guard. 


Rev smiled bitterly.


“I told you, I don’t want to leave here. I’ve been pushed to this place, but I like it here. I want to stay here for a long time.”


“But brother, this is a small, unknown village, and it’s a poor environment that can’t even be compared to the Imperial Palace.— uh, f there was a misunderstanding, I’ll ask father and do something—”


It’s so easy for him to say that.


Well, how can this child with a flower garden in his head know the gutter under the flower garden?


Rev said as if he had no more patience left.


“Then they’ll find out that you’re here. In your own words, not someone else.”




“I will be the one who is punished for your words again.”


Delmar’s cheeks were red with shame and embarrassment.


On the other hand, Rev’s hand cooled down when he saw his brother, who couldn’t tell front from back.


“So Delmar.”


“Yes. Brother.”


“Go back.”


He thought it was a pretty direct expression of opinion, but Delmar didn’t seem to think so.


He was biting on the soft flesh for a long time before he asked.


“Today, I visited suddenly, but next time I will be formal. I will stop by occasionally and even talk to you. I always looked at you and thought you were a wonderful person. It is my brother who I see living alone in this small town. How could I like to see this?” 




“In a country like this, it must be full of people who don’t fit your level—” 


Rev, who was looking at Delmar, grabbed his shoulder.


“So you don’t understand, Delmar.”




He gave strength to the hand holding his shoulder.


“Don’t come again.”


“B, brother.”


“Don’t ever come here again.”


Delmar thought it was strange that his brother, who had always been calm and friendly, sounded angry.


The strong hands and the cold air under the red eyes were all unfamiliar.


Delmar, who looked around, wondering what to do, fixed his gaze somewhere behind Rev.


“Rev! Rev!”


There’s a girl wearing the same hat as his brother.


The girl approaching through the boxes piled up in the alley was daringly calling out the Prince’s middle name. Also, by using a nickname.


“How dare you call the name of my brother—”


It didn’t take long for Delmar’s words to end.


Rev’s face softened when he heard the girl call his name. The cold eyes that had been looking at him vanished.


Delmar looked up at the face blankly. Then their eyes met.


Rev, who had quickly caught his smiling face, whispered in the shape of his mouth.




“Rev, I’ve been looking for you for a long time! What are you doing here—huh?”


The girl looked both Delmar and Rev.


Although the two Princes are half-brothers, they have the same father, so there is a certain point of similarity.


Delmar noticed that Lev’s hand, which was on his shoulder, was very strong.


It was then. 


“Are you lost, kid?”


Her bright smile instantly absorbed the precarious air.


“Well, you were wandering among people by yourself earlier. I remembered the cape because it was unique. You’re trying to find a way for this kid, Rev?”


“…Uhm, Luce. He was in a place he shouldn’t be.”


For once, Luce didn’t notice Rev’s lies.


At least it was true that Delmar came to a place where he shouldn’t be.


Delmar, tired of Rev’s eyes, slowly stepped back


There was a gut feeling in Delmar’s little head.


“Thank you. From here on—I’ll go back by myself.”


If he even refutes his brother’s words here, if that girl notices his brother’s lies—.


There really is no next time.




“Be careful, kid!”


The girl, who was in a hurry to see if something was happening, and Delmar, who was looking at the back of his brother who never looked back, swallowed his saliva.


He suddenly felt dizzy.


Dizzy was a sign that the magic of return was about to happen. So now, it means that the cloak has sensed danger. 


In this alley where there is only a harmless girl, himself, and his brother. 


‘No way. There’s no way—’


Soon a blue light greeted Delmar.


A strong wind blew from somewhere.


Luce, who grabbed the straw hat in a hurry because it almost flew away, looked back. Only an empty alley was visible.


“Huh? The child disappeared quickly.”


“Don’t worry, Luce.”


Rev said with unusual determination.


“The child’s destination is a place he can go to in no time.”


“Ah, really?”


Did he know that he had said something about helping the child find a way?


Luce, who walked ahead of him, said, “I guess so.”


While Rev’s face looked as cold as ice.


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  1. It’s sad how they can never be true brothers. I guess when Delmar grows up he’ll understand why Rev was so cold, but now he’s just innocent.