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The prize winners were announced with a salute cannon. 


Luce, who got the 2nd place prize, feels puzzled. 


She was a little embarrassed that she had received a reward despite doing nothing, and it seemed that the Lord was staring at her with a piercing gaze.


Rev, who couldn’t climb with her because the stage was too small, was waiting for her below the stage.


“Congratulations. Luce.”


“Someone would think I did it alone if they heard it.”


“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought of coming out, so it’s right that you’re the official one.”


It seems to be the case just by listening to it. So Luce decided to be pleased. 


The salute cannon seems to have smeared pollen all over it. 


‘Can I take it off?’ After asking politely and getting permission, Rev’s hand, which removed the pollen one by one, cast a shadow on Luce’s face. 


“You really have big hands, Rev.”


Unlike his big hands, Rev smiled with a pure face.


It was a face Luce knew. Therefore, his unfamiliar expression, which had hardened by memorizing the wizard’s name a while ago, would be nothing. 


“Are you going to buy a present for your mother now?”


“Oh, yes. If it’s 125 gold, I can buy really nice clothes.” 


“Isn’t the prize money 250 gold? If it was 250 gold, you would be able to buy shoes and accessories that fit the dress.” 


“What do you mean, do you think I should take it all by myself? We should split it in half!”


Luce, who was tired, shook her head.


But before Luce could continue to speak, Rev began to persuade her step by step. 


“I’ve always wondered if there is any way to repay your  mother because I’m grateful that she’s been nice to me. It’s the same with the straw hat today, and the usual food for me.” 


It’s the same with allowing him to hang out with her.


Rev, who pointed to the hat and said the last word, gently led Luce. It was in the direction of the clothing store.


“But I thought that if I buy something myself or give her a return gift, I thought she would refuse for some reason. I don’t have a good eye for things that your mother would like. So I would like to share my share of the prize money with you.” 


How did he talk so well like this? Luce was taken by surprise. 


“Let’s decide to buy another gift for your mother. What do you think?”


“Thanks for saying that, but… “


Even though that was true, she couldn’t receive 125 gold worth of money.


Rev’s sense of economics seems to be a little blurry. He shouldn’t give this to anyone.


Luce, who was worried, stuck out her pinky. 


“Okay! Instead, I should return it. I’ll grant your wish.” 




“Yes, one is too little and two are not affectionate, so three! I’ll grant you three wishes. That’s how I feel at ease.” 


What does it mean by wish? 


Rev, who was thinking, put his finger on it. He always came to a quick conclusion after thinking slowly and deeply. 


“Okay, I like it, too.”


“I’m saying this just in case, but I can’t do anything too difficult.”


“For example?”


“Um, like solving a problem you can’t solve?”


She heard low, pleasant laughter.


“Ung, I won’t ask for that.”


“It hurts my pride if you accept it so naturally… be a little disappointed.”


“Ung. I wish you could help me, but that’s too bad.”


“Are you saying it so straightforwardly?”


The Lord of Rodante beckoned to see the two of them quarreling and moving away. 


The aide ran quickly and bowed his head.


“That, the boy with glasses and a girl with red hair walking.”


“Yes, Your Excellency.”


“Didn’t they get the last question right? I think I heard a muttering voice.”


The aide shook his head with a puzzled expression on his face. He said he didn’t hear it. 


The old lord knew that there were times when intuition was important in life, even if it was the old man’s suspicions. 


“I don’t know which of the two is… But just in case, let’s check which village they come from.” 


“Yes, I will.”


The Lord watched for a long time the two children until they became dots. 




The clothing store they arrived at was a salon specializing in luxurious women’s wear. 


Most of them were clothes for adult women, but there were also quite a few children’s clothes and accessories.


Luce, who had been looking around with the shiny accessories on, suddenly came to her senses.


“I’m going to give my mom a present! Yes, she’s a little taller. About a span taller than Unnie?”


As expected, shopping is fun.


The only shopping she could do in Xenon Village was to buy a few apples at best, so Luce was excited to buy things.


The wide blue skirt recommended by the clerk, the white shirt chosen by Luce, and the Mary Jane-style low-heeled shoes chosen by Rev with a face that wonders if this is the right choice. 


Not only that, she also bought two outing clothes of good quality. She was short on money, so she took her pocket money and gift certificates she received as a gift.


Luce, who was drinking the orange juice the clerk brought, smiled as she looked at Rev, who looked a little tired. 


“Are you tired?”


“I’m not tired. But I don’t know which one is pretty.”


“Hmm, standards may differ from person to person, but I think that the completion of clothes is the body and face. The person who wears it is more important than the clothes.”


“Body and face.”


Luce, who was looking at Rev, who was seriously listening to nonsense with a smile, said, “Oops.” 


“Right, did you take your medicine?”


“Oh, I’m going to eat now.”


Rev takes medicine that is hard to get used to just by looking at it.


Because he was sick, she decided not to ask where he was taking medicine, but she was still curious. 


‘It doesn’t seem like there is a set time to eat. Like coffee or a vitamin drink, I think he drink it whenever he feel he need it. So, it’s not exactly a medicine but a nourishing tonic or red ginseng?’ 


His eyes seemed to show it. 


Rev, who put down the medicine bottle, looked awkward.


“It’s a medicine I’ve been taking since I was little. I’ve been taking it since I was a child with a faint memory, and now it’s become a habit.”




It could be like herbal medicine.


Luce, who was now convinced to that point, looked at the time. It was time to take a carriage back to the village soon.


Her hands were sticky with a little orange juice.


“I’ll wash my hands and come back! Let’s leave as soon as I get back.” 


“Ung, I’ll keep my luggage.”


As she was about to go to the bathroom, Luce’s gaze stayed on the accessory stand nearby.


‘Wow, it’s really pretty. It must be expensive, isn’t it?’


The brilliant jewels, which were painted in the shape of flowers on the double leaves, were both white and a light brown color.


It was really pretty, but she spent a lot of money buying Chelsea’s gift, so the wallet with only the carriage fee was very loose.


It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing she can do.


Rev, who was looking at Luce’s back as she returned with regret, got up as soon as she moved away.


“I’d like to see this necklace.”


“Oh, you want to give it to your friend as a gift? Yes, it’s good to see.” 


The clerk looked at the boy with delighted eyes.


He can’t easily buy it because it’s too expensive, but he still wants it for his friend. How nice. 


“It seems to be a jewel from the Galian region. It’s well cut.” 


“Oh my, how do you know—?”


“Because the spinel of this color only comes from there.”


“How about a spinel? Usually it’s mistaken for a crystal…”


“Please wrap it up as a gift. How much is it?”


“It’s 200 gold….”




The clerk seriously doubted that he was dreaming.


The fairy of jewels or something like that? However, there will be no fairy of jewels in this countryside who takes out 200 golds at once.


The clerk was tying the ribbon of the box with a blank feeling after receiving the money, and the boy asked as if it were passing by. 


“It looks like a flower. What flower is it?”


“Ah, this is a crocus.”




‘What the hell is this kid?’


As soon as the clerk finished packing and handed the box, the girl arrived.


The boy, who was polite but had a stiff tone, smiled widely at once when the girl came.


“Let’s go back, Luce.”




Looking at the boy carrying the luggage and the girl walking hurriedly, the clerk clapped and stopped.


‘Can I send it without explaining anything like this? I didn’t know much about jewelry, so I didn’t have to explain it, but the language of the crocus flower and the tale… Isn’t it a bit too much to give as a gift to someone, especially a friend?’


The clerk scratched the back of his neck and shrugged his shoulder. 


‘Nevermind, I’ve already sold it, what can I do?’ 


Even though the unit price is a little high, it’s like a kid’s little joke gift. 


It would be good if the clerk didn’t know who that kid is. Then the clerk smiles brightly.


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  1. I noticed few errors that I’ll point out:
    The salute cannon seems to have smeared pollen all over it.

    ‘Can I take it off?’ After asking politely and getting permission, Rev’s hand, which removed the pollen one by one, cast a shadow on Luce’s face. (Here it seems that confetti is written as pollen?)

    Luce, who was drinking the orange juice the clerk brought, smiled as he looked at Rev, who looked a little tired. (‘he looked’ instead of ‘she looked’)

    1. Ah right, thank you for noticing and correcting it! I will fix it 🙂