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The wind was chilly in the evening.


Luce stretched out her hand and split the summer night’s wind, watching the wind ruffle Rev’s hair. 


He was a lot taller than she was, and although he was a bit naive, he was a smart kid, so he seemed to be good at taking care of himself. 


But why does she suddenly feel lonely looking at him?


So Luce talked to him on purpose.


“It was fun today, wasn’t it?”


“Ung. It was fun.”


“What was the most fun?”


The answer came at once.


“All of it.”




“I enjoyed playing dart games together, treasure hunting, and eating ice cream together, and I enjoyed going to the competition together and buying gifts for your mother, Luce. It’s all my first time doing it.”


Luce, who looked at him softly and smiled, answered. 


“Everything was fun for me, too. It was my first time playing outside the village like this.”


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had fun.


She said it with that in mind, but seeing that Rev nodded, he must have thought so too. 


“Let’s go to the next festival together. What do you think?”


“The next festival… I think it’s going to be difficult.”


Hm? Why? 


Rev said something a little grumpily to Luce, who was looking confused.


“I can’t participate because I’m 18 years old in three years.—It’s too bad.”


At the unexpected words, Luce laughed loudly with tears around her eyes.


He wondered why Luce was laughing, so Rev looked at her quietly.


Luce, who wiped away the tears, answered. 


“Wow, even if you don’t participate in the competition, you can play at the festival together. Are you not going to hang out with me in three years?” 


“That’s not what I meant.”


“That’s not what I meant.”


It seemed like he was going to say something like that.


As he spoke Rev’s words at the same time, his ears reddened. 


“…Now I know. You’re making fun of me.”


“Your reaction is so cute and funny. What can I do? It can’t be helped.


As long as you like it.


It seems like Rev murmured a little. 


“If you turn 18 in three years, you’re two years older than me… I didn’t think to ask your age.” 


“Is that so?”


“Yeah. Rev. Sometimes you look like a younger brother, sometimes you look like a friend of the same age, and sometimes you look much more mature. This isn’t teasing.” 




“In conclusion, you’re a good friend no matter when and how I met you. It’s a compliment.”


She thought it was a very friendly relationship before, but she felt like they got closer after playing together all day. 


There were many new things she learned.


Rev doesn’t eat sour things well, has a much better memory than Luce thought, and is good at throwing darts. He learned the bow, too.


It was natural for Luce to feel proud. 


‘If we get to know each other a little more, I can learn more about Rev, right?’


Newcomers could be divided into two categories.


A person who is worried about the bottom, and a person who is interested and expected to be revealed one by one.


Rev was definitely the latter.


“Anyway, we must go to the festival together in three years.”


“Yes. Of course, because we decided to play together for the rest of our lives.” 


She liked the fact that he still remembers the words she just said, and that he cherishes the promise.


Rev’s lips twitched as he put his finger on it and made an unknown promise.






“It’s the wish I mentioned earlier.”


“Ah, ung. I said I would listen to three things other than solving problems.”


Does he want to ask about the conditions again?


While waiting with a smile, Rev’s words were surprising.


“Can I use one now?”


“Already? No, more than that, in this carriage? There isn’t much I can do here right now, but okay. What is it?”


“Thank you. My wish is.”


What he took out was a small box.


“I want you to accept this.”


It is surprising that receiving a gift is a wish, but Luce was even more surprised by the contents of the box.


Inside the box was a necklace in the shape of a flower that she had seen earlier and thought was pretty.


“Rev, this…?” 


“You said it while giving me a snowball earlier. Please accept it as a piece of memory.”


Luce looked at him as if possessed, as he liked to hear his calm voice explaining in a soft voice.


“I want you to think of this as a piece of memory today. Like the snowball you gave me.” 


‘If I just give it to her, I’m sure Luce won’t accept it.’


Rev remembered that she refused for a long time when he gave her the prize money.


A gift is something that the recipient should want. If Luce doesn’t want to, he shouldn’t give it.


But nevertheless, Rev wanted Luce to accept my gift.


He hopes that by looking at this necklace, known as a piece of memory, she will recall the pleasant moments she shared with him, even if only for a short moment. 


“Isn’t this really expensive?”


“No, it wasn’t a burdensome price.”


It wasn’t a lie.


Even though it was said that he was exiled to the edge of the continent, Rev has the status of a prince. 


Spending roughly 200 gold was not unreasonable in comparison to the money he had.


Even though Luce’s face didn’t change when she heard the words, she seemed to believe them.


“Is it a wish that is difficult to grant, Luce?”


“It’s not like that… Thank you, I’ll take it. It’s so pretty. Rev, how did you know I like this? My eyes went crazy because of the shape of the flower.”


“It was called Crocus.”


“Crocus? It’s a pretty name.”


Luce’s cheeks, which are spreading bossy laughter, turned red.


Rev thought the blushing face was prettier than this necklace.


Luce was pleasantly surprised as she twirled the beautiful necklace around her slender neck a few times. 


“What should I do if you use your wish for me to receive your gift?


Use it for much bigger things, these opportunities don’t come easily.”


“There are still two things left, so it’s okay. And it was a big enough thing.” 


Luce, who tilted her head and smiled softly, coughed in vain.


“How are you going to use your wish?” 


“Well, I haven’t thought about it yet.”


“Just think simple. What did you like when I did it?”




It seemed like something come to his mind. Rev opened his mouth slowly. 


“When you patted my head.”


“Like this morning?”


“Like this morning… And when your mother first came, she stroked my hair right before you left.”


He bowed his head.


“It felt good to be praised.”




“Later, can I make a second wish with that?”


It is the first time anyone has been granted permission to make a wish like that.


And it is also the first time that anyone makes a wish to let someone receive their gift or to have a pat on the head. 


After thinking for a moment, Luce raised her hand without answering.


His eyes trembled as she gently patted his head. It soon closed gently.






“You’re such a good boy.”


Luce was going to give him a proper compliment when he said he liked when someone stroked his head because he felt like he was being praised.


“You’re cool, nice, and funny.” 


As she spoke to him, her heart ached a little. 


Has he ever been praised or had someone stroked his hair affectionately?


Probably not. If there was, there would be no reason to wish for something like this. 




“My lovely friend.”


With this word now, may his loneliness blow away a little.


Rev, who was flinching, said quietly.


“Thank you.”


For some reason, her nose ached at the answer.


Luce, who sniffed a little, said playfully.


“This is not included in the wish.”




“So, it’s okay if you ask me to pat your head anytime. Not a wish, but I’ll just do it for you.”


Luce remained still and stroked his hair until the carriage reached the village of Xenon.


Rev said he would see her off to her house. Luce said she would take him to his house. 


And it didn’t take long for both of them to notice that they didn’t want to part ways. 


After walking a few rounds of the vacant lot for nothing, they decided to part ways at the halfway point. When he reached the promised point, Luce waved her hand.


“I’ll stop going in. You go in right away, too. See you tomorrow, Rev!”


“Ung. See you tomorrow.”


She could hear small footsteps behind her back, so maybe Rev was watching her as she entered the house. 


Smiling Luce arrived home, however Chelsea wasn’t there. Maybe she was having a beer with Dahlia.


Luce, who put the gifts she bought for her and the letters she received from Marie of the general store on the table, even put the book “The Basics of Pharmacology” on the bookshelf and lay down on the bed. 


‘It was fun today. It was fun but—’


“Among them, His Majesty, who brought the last wizard who resisted to the end, even though he was an enemy, showed mercy and left his name. There is also a monument to him in the park west of the capital. What is the name of this last wizard?


‘I don’t know why that last question bothers me so much. Radanum? Radanom? I think I’ve seen Radha blah blah or something.’ 


In Volume 2 of <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire>, she couldn’t remember the specifics such as the name of the person or the place because she read it quickly while checking to see if there was a scene.


Rather than the main story, she read the comments more often because she was contemplating whether to buy it or not.


So this familiarity is probably because people have mentioned it a lot in the comments.


‘Is he a bad guy? I’m sure a lot of people left comments because he’s a bad guy, right? Ah, yeah. I think it was a villain.’


[Radanum you b*stard please… please go to hell…]


[Radanum punk ㅠㅠ Don’t bully our male lead.] 


‘But I think there were people who liked it…Were they people who liked the villain character?’


[Radanum punk. Don’t screw it upㅠㅠㅠ ]


[Ha Radanum is really annoying, but why are you so attractive? ㅠㅠㅠ I hate myself like this] 


What punk. It’s hurt. 


Her head throbbed.


‘And why did the Lord put that up as the last question? No one knew about it because of the discrimination.’


Except for one person.


She felt a chill run down her throat all of a sudden.


‘Maybe the answer is a taboo word, or does it mean something to filter out impurities or something like that? No way, it’s not like that, right? If that was the case, the moderator would not have been able to shout so loudly. Ha, it’s still uncomfortable.’ 


She didn’t expect this to be put in her life that she thought would be peaceful.


There was one more concern.


‘But how does Rev know the wizard’s name? He knows a lot about this and that, but—’


It was when Luce touch her head.


Knock, knock—.


‘Who is it at this hour? Is it Rev?’


“Who is it?”


“Miss Luce?”


An unfamiliar voice called her name. Luce held her breath.


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Hello! I'm sorry for being inactive for this novel for so long, hope everyone enjoy it!

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