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Vincent, who was kicked in the back of his knee, rolled up nicely.


He squawked while lying on his back.


“What is this, Luce?!”


“Yes, it’s me!”


“Why are you kicking me all of a sudden!”


“What do you mean all of a sudden! Why are you bothering someone who didn’t do anything wrong?”


Vincent stood up, snoring like a bull in a bullring, and stepped forward.


He was taller than his peers and had a rough appearance, so he was quite frightened when he made such an impression.


“What do you mean, nothing wrong? He’s being annoying! That’s wrong too!” 


But Luce was not discouraged at all.


“Huh, if that’s wrong, you’re in prison for life, Vincent. Your sneaky steps and ugly face are both annoying to me!” 


“I was just joking!


“Then it’s also a joke that I kicked you. Why? How many more times do you want me to kick you? It’s a joke with friends, so what do you think?”


‘You’re making the very typical excuses of a bully, pathetic. Everywhere I go, these guys are a problem!’ 


Luce snorted back at Vincent, who had a childish argument.


When Luce doesn’t lose, Vincent spits on his foot.


‘Ugh, where did he get such a dirty habit? This little kid is already imitating the neighborhood jerk. Vincent’s uncle was really nice.’


Vincent, who didn’t know what Luce was thinking, reached out with a much more wrinkled face than ever.


It was the hand that was holding the glasses that he had taken away.


His hand was pointing at the boy who owned the glasses.


“I guess you don’t know because you’re dull and blind, but look at his eyes. It’s red.”




Luce saw a boy with his head down. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes, but it seemed right to see the children around Vincent nodding.


So what if his eyes are red? Luce, who was dumbfounded, frowned. 


“So what about red?”


Vincent looked rather full of energy at Luce’s answer.


“Its blood. It’s an ominous and cursed color. No wonder I don’t like that punk messing around our town. What the hell do you know?”




What the hell is this punk talking about?


I heard it from my mother Chelsea.


Red, which reminded people of blood, was seen as a bad color in the Vladin Empire a long time ago, when there were a lot of wars.


Because of this, neither a nobleman nor a commoner wears red clothes.


I could understand it because every society has superstitions and taboos.


‘It’s a story I’ve seen somewhere.’


But it was annoying that he was bothering him just because he didn’t like it and acted like it was a good reason.


Vincent was showing off as if he had given a big lesson. The shameless mouth was very annoying.


“Ugh, do you understand now?”


Luce folded her arms after seeing Vincent once, and seeing the boy standing still as if it was a mistake. 


“No, I don’t know.”


The boy looked up at the remark.


He stared blankly at Luce’s very determined expression. 


“What? Luce, you don’t seem to understand—”


“If blood is an ominous color, what about my hair? My hair is also red. Why don’t you say this is an ominous color, too? It’s a color from my parents, can you say that in front of my mother? Did you think about that when you saw my deceased father? Don’t tell me?”


Vincent took a step back, feeling embarrassed by how hard Luche was pushing.


“Hey, it’s not like that. Eyes and hair colors are different!”


He looked at the children around him as if asking. But they were all shaking their heads.


They’re going to curse Luce’s dead father, too, aren’t they? Whoa, then they’re a real bad guy. It’s the worst, of all people. 


The way they looked at Vincent silently seemed to say that. Luce raised her eyebrows, took a step closer to the stuttering Vincent, and shot him.


“Well, if red is really an ominous color, would it matter where it is? It’s the same color on the eyes and on the hair, and they’re all cursed. Father, we’re in trouble. Vincent said my hair was cursed.”


Luce lifted her hair toward the sky and pretended to cry. 


“It’s not like that—!”


“If it’s not, then what? You don’t really care about color, do you?”


Vincent’s mouth shut tight.


“Don’t you think you’re just trying to find fault with him and say that he’s cursed and is crossing the line? How would you feel if I made a legend from today and spread the rumor that the name Vincent is all ominous?”


When Luce used her words to beat Vincent, the other kids talked behind their back.


Seeing the whispering children, Luce turned his head.


“You’re all the same. If Vincent is like this, you should think about stopping him. Is it a friend who leaves the friend alone whether he goes the wrong way or not?”




The other kids avoid her eyes as if they were also beaten.


Luce walked up to Vincent and hit the target.


“Don’t be mean and give me those glasses before I really spread the word.”






Was she this good at talking?


With half a heart of resentment and half a mind of bewilderment, Vincent grumbled and threw out his glasses.


“Tsk. I’m annoyed. This little kid making a lot of noise—”


This punk is so proud that he hasn’t reflected on himself yet.


Luce, who was thinking hard as she looked at the glasses rolling on the grass, gestured to Vincent. It was a gesture to bow down a little.


Normally, he would have ignored it and turned around, but he felt an irresistible power from today’s Luce. 


Like, for example, his older sister who went to work in the city a long time ago—


Luce approached Vincent’s ear, pretending not to win and losing.




“Huh? What did you just say—”


Vincent’s face suddenly turned pale while listening to Luce.




“Hiik. I, I’m sorry! I’m wrong! Whoa!”




“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll go soon!”


The children gave Luce the glasses and stared blankly at Vincent’s back as he ran away 


“What did you do, Luce? What did you do to Vincent like that?”


“Well, he’s afraid of cursing? I didn’t even swear a word.”


“Then how did you do it?”


“Are you curious? Do you want to hear it?”


Even the children who were frightened by the approaching Luce moved away from each other. Luce laughed bitterly.


‘Oh, the hard work experience at work is useful at times like this.’


In her previous life, Luce worked for a health food company.


Because it was such a small company, she sometimes did customer counseling, and she was proud to have met all kinds of bad consumers, from people who cursed at the manufacturing date as the expiration date to people who said anything about her parents.


‘I know how to shake people’s minds better than anyone else. Since I heard it a lot. Well, I’ve lowered the level for kids, but I’m sure they’re scared, right?’


He said mean things, left the innocent child out, and instead of reflecting on himself, he even threw the glasses, so he needed to be given a strict lecture. 


‘Vincent is a late child, and he’s the son of a local government, so who’d say anything bad? I should save some energy in advance.’ (T/n : What I mean by late child here is someone born when their parents were a bit older, in their late years.) 


When Luce said that he should have been stopped, Dominic, who was watching from the sidelines, slowly backed away from the scene and looked around.


Everyone who was making noise left, leaving them alone.


Luce and an unknown boy.


‘He’s still like that.’


Luce, who wiped his glasses, approached the boy standing in the water as if he were still stuck.


“Okay, here.”


Even though she reached out her hand, the child was staring blankly at Luce’s face. In the blink of an eye, Luce also faced him.


The child’s eyes, barely visible through his wet hair, were as red as Vincent had said.


But, far from being ominous, she just thought it was bright and pretty like a ruby.


By the way, why does he look at people’s faces so fondly?


Luce tilted her head as the silence of the child staring at her as if they were possessed by something grew longer.


‘Is his eyes very bad? Can’t he see I gave him the glasses?’


Luce shook his glasses in a more friendly tone.


“Hey, here are your glasses. I wiped it clean.”




The boy looked down as if he had come to his senses.


The boy took the glasses from Luce’s hand. The boy’s hands were trembling a little.


Luce, who was thinking about the reason for his trembling, made a ‘huh’ sound.


“Is it because you’re cold? You’ve been in the water all the time. Do you have any clothes to change? Where is your house?”


The child’s thin, bloodless lips trembled as she rolled her eyes.


Luce waited patiently for the boy who hesitated to speak.


“It’s over— there. Go up the hill to the mountain side.”


‘Wow, his voice is so nice.’


It was a low, watery voice, as if the speaker were underwater. However, there was no time to be immersed in the appreciation.


“Up the hill, on the mountain side? Is there a house there— anyways, then get out quickly. I’ll take you home.” 


“…Take me home?”




‘So how do I leave a child who is wet alone? It’s a big deal if you get hypothermia.’ 


The boy hesitated whether he knew Luce’s mind or not. 


It seems that Chelsea’s impatient personality has come to her. Or maybe she’s just worried about this innocent-looking kid.


Luce picked up a thick book lying on the grass and gently grabbed the boy’s wrist, the owner of the book.


‘Oh, it’s cold.’


“Let’s go. You’ll catch a cold if you do this.”


Luce said so and went ahead.


Luce’s warmth spread slowly over the boy’s pale wrist.


The boy’s cheek, which saw the caught wrist once and Luce’s small back once, slowly turned red. 


“…Thank you.”


He said it very little, but the girl named Luce seemed to understand everything.


A cheerful, pleasant laugh sounded like a song. It was nice to hear, and the boy couldn’t help but smile. 


It was the first time for the boy.


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    1. No, Dominic came up the hill where she was and told her about Vincent picking on an unknown new kid. They both went down the hill and she started berating Vincent. Dominic felt guilty about not stopping Vincent (from Luce’s words) and crept away near the end.

  1. Ok so is she the female lead? If she is then the story will get hella toxic

  2. The cider was amazing, lmao! I loved her speech and how she dominated the kids. It’s so often that the main characters don’t say anything or just very late. Thanks for the chapter!