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“What happened to the kids who won first place? The children who went to the capital.”


Baron Felice, the Lord of Rodante’s territory and who worked as a court musician 30 years ago, asked.


His aide opened his mouth with a troubled face.




“Nevermind, I understand without having to say it. They must have decided to settle down in the capital.”


Baron let out a long sigh. 


The children who placed first in the Rodante territory’s quiz contest are given a tour ticket to the capital.


The word ‘tourism’ was a concept similar to training. Scholarships are provided to excellent and smart children in the territory to stay in the capital for a while. Then, the children who experienced the developed culture and engineering of the capital will return and contribute to the development of the region. 


—That was the purpose, but there was a problem.


The children, who saw the bustling capital in person, didn’t want to return to the small Rodante estate.


“So, how about nailing it down to the rules? So that children who receive scholarships are obliged to serve in Rodante.”


“…Even if we force it, will they feel like working passionately in Rodante? It could be breaking the wings of talented children for nothing.”


The aide with a sullen face thought that even if his boss is soft, he is too soft. 


He has never raised taxes since he was granted the estate because he was soft-hearted.


He is a person of great sensibility and ability who is not affected by profit and loss calculations that fall well short of the mark. 


The aide sighed and poured another cup of tea.


“It would be good if there was someone who was passionate about learning yet didn’t leave this territory and devote themselves to development.”


“With all due respect,”


“That must be a bit difficult. I know. People in our territories think that farming is the best. Of course, that’s not wrong. There are many things to learn from the land.” 


The murmuring Lord’s face became darker.


“Even if we invite teachers and hold an academic festival, the attendance rate is at a level that is ridiculous. It’s only that time when a quiz contest is held, or is it just about taking answers and guessing all of them? If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to open up all of my study—”


The complaints of the Lord continued.


The aide, who had memorized all his repertoire, rolled his head and quietly opened his mouth.


“Your Excellency, do you remember the children you asked to find out their whereabouts?” 


“Ah, you mean the kids who came in second place? I felt like they knew the last question—but they didn’t get it right.” 


The Lord was pleased. It was a good opportunity to put an end to his grumbling.


The aide whispered, even though no one was listening.


“Those children. The bookstore owner said that they had bought books that had not been sold in the past, which were kept for display.”


“Is that so? What book did they buy?”


“These are <Fundamentals of Pharmacology> and <Applications and Practices of Engineering>.”




There was hope in the gray eyes of the old Lord while listening to the story.


He spoke vigorously, as if he had never been sullen.


“It would be nice to talk to them once!”


The aide prayed to an unknown God.


‘Please, don’t let the little kids disappoint the Lord.’


It’s really hard to listen to his boss’ lamentations day and night—.


He paused when he was about to go out.


‘Who got the last question right?’




‘Oh, my stomach.’


Luce, who held her stomach in pain, squirmed.


It hurts this much today, so if it stays like this, she will definitely be sick tomorrow. She was sure. 


‘Kill this menstrual cramps…’


Luce, who had been blessed with no premenstrual syndrome or menstrual cramps in her previous life, was distracted by this new and foreign pain.


She was about to turn 14, so of course she knew that she would start having periods. But she didn’t expect menstrual cramps to come along with it!


It seemed as if someone was poking at her stomach with a sharp awl.


In a cold sweat, Luce opened the old door. The old man in the magnifying glass raised his dim eyes. 


“Grandpa, give me some painkillers.”


“A medicine for toothache?”


“No, painkillers! Pain! Killers! It’s a medicine that won’t let you feel the pain!”


“Did your foot hurt? Well, let’s see. Mix this with the grain…”


“Noo! Not that, ugh.”


Luce didn’t even have the strength to shout.


There was no pharmacy in Xenon Village.


She didn’t know that the pharmacist who had one in the next village was so old, deaf, and even handled livestock medicines together.


She didn’t want to come again, but she couldn’t help it because there was no substitute. Luce, sitting on a nearby chair, shook her hand and held a pen.


‘When Mom told me not to visit the pharmacist’s grandpa and just hold it in, I was upset about what was wrong with her, but I’m sure it was because of this.’


“I guess you just went to the pharmacist.”




“Listen to your mother!”


Luce had just sneaked in because of Chelsea. 


As expected, she should have listened to her mom. At this rate, she’ll die of anger disorder before a menstrual pain.


「Please give me some painkillers. Medicine for menstrual pain.」


The old man, who had been staring at the letter the size of a gate, took out the medicine with his slow hand.


It was as fast as a turtle or a snail. Even though she knew she shouldn’t do that to the elderly, she wanted to say, “Get out of the way, I’d rather find it!”


Luce, who took the medicine, swallowed the medicine with water while taking it from the hand of a pharmacist who was too slow.


“I’m going to take a rest for a while, Grandpa.”




“It’s not that—. Yes, please take care of it.”


Desperate, Luce leaned back against the chair’s back and thought. 


‘Grandpa didn’t give me any weird medicine, right?’


Luce turned over the empty medicine bottle a few times with suspicious eyes and continued her thoughts.


‘I will look at some herbs in a pharmacology book and dry them, so I don’t have to come here next month.’


Luce’s thoughts shifted when she glanced at the pharmacist.


‘At this point, just like Mom bought a general store, someone should open a medicine store, but no one does. Do I need a license? Is it difficult to get it? Of course, it must be difficult, because you can’t leave it to anyone when you’re dealing with medicine.’


However, the pharmacist’s grandfather looked like ‘anyone’.


Luce sighed heavily, wiping her cold sweat.


‘Rev doesn’t seem to know anything about medicine either.’


Luce found something she didn’t understand while reading <Basics of Pharmacology>, so as usual, she went to see Rev.


Rev also knows about areas she hadn’t thought of, so she wondered if he might know this too. 


But Rev had no knowledge of pharmacology. It was as if he didn’t know at all. 


Luce felt sorry once again at his troubled reaction with a slight frown on his face.


‘He’s not an encyclopedia, so he can’t know everything. Still, I’m curious, so from whom should I learn about pharmacology?’ 


The company where Luce worked in his previous life handled health functional foods.


Of course, health functional foods are different from medicines, and Luce was not an expert.


However, since there were some things she heard while planning and launching the product, it was possible that she wasn’t in a completely no-base state.


It seemed that in this world, there was no distinction between the two.


Still, she was always interested in knowing even a little bit, and above all, she thought she would need knowledge about medicine to continue living in this town.


‘Because Rev is sick too, it might be helpful, and above all, I can’t keep visiting that pharmacist grandpa. oh, it still hurts. Is it effective?’


Luce grabbed her stomach and trudged along, narrowing her eyes.


The person she encountered also had narrow eyes. He approached.


“It’s red hair. Perhaps, are you Miss Lucette?”


“Who are you?”


The man’s face brightened.


“My name is John, an assistant working under the Lord. Are you Lucette?”


John, the aide who showed Rodante’s mark, greeted her. 


Then, is this the person who knocked on the door of the house and followed her in the past?


Luce pouted her lips a little because she was sick and had a bad feeling.


“At the time, you didn’t introduce who you were, but now you do.”




“Uh… It’s nothing. Anyway, I’m Lucette. Is there something wrong, Aide?”


“Didn’t you win a prize in the Rodante quiz contest that time?”


Is there another signature question? Almost half a year later?


Is this how you handle things, aide?


The words that came to Luce’s ears, who had promised not to file a complaint this time, were truly unexpected.


“The Lord wants to see you.”




At Luce’s question, John laughed softly. It seemed that the purpose was to relieve one’s vigilance.


Although she had a rather tall appearance, Luce, who had already grown accustomed to Rev’s face, was indifferent. 




“Yes. Your friend who participated with you, too. Where is your friend? I’ve been searching through all the village houses listed in the Xenon Village Directory, but I can’t find him.”


“Excuse me, Aide.”


“I’m in a hurry. Are you friends from other villages? No, there’s no way that’s the case. I checked then.”




“Ha, I have to take you today—”


Let me talk, you crazy man!


Luce made a promise. Even if it’s not about the signature, she will still file a complaint against this person.


“I’m sorry but I’m sick.”


“You’re sick? Where is it? Did you fall down?”


“It’s menstrual cramps.”




“I feel like I’m going to die .”


“Uh, um, ah. I’m sorry.”


John’s face turned red.


What is it? What’s wrong with menstrual cramps? It’s all the same pain. Luce, who crumpled her face, continued clearly.


“I’m so honored and grateful that the Lord is looking for me, but can’t I visit you the day after tomorrow because I have an unavoidable situation?”


“Well, uh, yes. Sure. I hope you get better soon.”


“Yes, thank you for your understanding. So can I give your name for the next visitation? And do I have to bring anything when I see you? Something to prove my identity, or a witness.”


Luce was not familiar with the courtesy of having an audience with a nobleman, so she said this with the courtesy of social life.


“…Uh, you don’t have anything to bring. Just tell the guard my name.”


But John, who listened to her, didn’t think so.


‘This must be the child the Lord wants!’


A child who seems to be only 13 or so at most tries to negotiate, even asking in advance if she needs anything!


He asked to confirm.


“Have you ever bought a book at a festival?”


“Ah, yes.”


“Do you happen to remember what kind of book you bought?”


“It’s the Basics of Pharmacology.”


He found it. 


John had an expression full of joy.


‘What’s wrong with his expression? Let me go home.’


Whether John misunderstood with joy or not, Luce wanted to quickly put on a coldpack. 


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