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The vision was red.


As soon as Rev realized the touch of the red cloth that covered his eyes, he was horrified.


The fact that he had just been at his house in Xenon Village and that he had just said goodbye to Luce didn’t give him a clue as to the situation.


Radanum may have summoned him back to the palace at the request of the capricious Emperor.


So maybe he’ll be punished again. This punishment of being blocked from sight, having hands and feet tied, and being treated like a beast that has harmed people.


What else did I do wrong? Why did I go against the Emperor? What else did I—.




He learned about the fear from it.


In a blind situation, all he could lean on was hearing.


Rev, who was shaking his body and trying to turn his steady wrist even though he knew it was useless, heard someone’s footsteps.


Tak, tak.


It was the sound of light, silent footsteps as if they didn’t want to leave a trace.


Knights stomp, ladies-in-waiting walk lightly, Delmar clatters, the Emperor doesn’t seek me, and Radanum makes no footsteps.


There is only one person in the palace who walks like this. As soon as he realized the owner of the footsteps, Rev could tell.




That this is an illusion, an hallucination.


A warm, long hand ran down his face. Despite seeing nothing, Rev closed his eyes.


“Your Highness the Prince.” 


His mother, who was only the Emperor’s mistress and not a member of the imperial family, called her son “His Highness.” 


“Did you grow up like this before…” 


She said in a watery voice as if holding back her tears.


It was the words and voice that had been buried in Rev’s memory. The words she said to him right before she disappeared somewhere.


Then Rev had his mouth shut. He couldn’t say a word while listening to her.


“…If I continue to stay here, Your Highness will be in danger. A prince born in from a mistress of unknown origin is just good prey for people.” 




“Even though I may not be able to protect you, I have no intention of becoming your weakness.”




“Please be happy.”


Rev called her even though he knew she couldn’t hear him because she was just an illusion.


“Is it time to go now?”


She talked to someone. It was a word to a person who couldn’t feel a trace. 


Standing without the sound of footsteps, he must be Radanum.


“You can’t… don’t go… no…” 


The sound of footsteps is fading away.


“Don’t go. You can’t leave me behind, mother….” 


It’s like a knot has been made in his heart. It was as if a knot that could never be untied was clogging his throat.


Rev, who had been calling her with fever and breathlessness, stopped for a second. 


“…Be happy, Rev.” 


His name wasn’t Aurelio, which was just a random name the Emperor gave him. His middle name was Revinas, which she had to ask about for three days and nights before giving it. 


Even though it was a name that no one would call anyway, after three days of hard work, the Emperor gave permission as if it were a good choice.


Only at the last moment could the mother call her son’s name after leaving only the sound of footsteps. 




Rev, who had stopped as if he had frozen, knew that the warmth that had long since left him had gripped her hand.


I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going.”


The words flowing with warmth rang in his ears.


“That’s why I’m here…That’s why I came.”


A sweet and warm voice slowly came to his mind.


“It’s okay, Rev.”


He wanted to answer anything.


Then he opened his mouth. However, something crossed his lips before he could speak.


Something hard but warm carefully melted his words with his breath, and then he swallowed them.


You don’t leave. Don’t do that to me. Even if I’m a little more unhappy, I’ll handle it, so stay with me. Please don’t go. 


Despite passing the bitter words, there was sweetness at the end.


“It’s all right.”


She smiled as if she knew all the hidden words.


The sound of her laughter softened the knots in his tied, frozen heart.


‘You know everything. So I’m not going. You’ll stay with me. We promised…’ 


Soon, as in his dream, the girl came and hugged him sweetly.


Until his melting heart filled all the empty spaces, Rev held her in his arms, fearing she would scatter.






The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a green bottle of medicine, which was colored by the dawn light of dawn.


Last night when he arrived home, he headed to the kitchen without turning on the light. He went to find the medicine, but the bottle was empty. 


He needed new medicine. He walked to the second floor, filled with portraits of the magic circle and his birth mother, and green medicine, with the heat boiling so badly that he couldn’t even think of putting the empty bottle down.


The memory was cut off there.


While searching for the right one among the five or six keys he always carries with him to open the locked door on the second floor, he collapsed in sudden pain. 


He looked like he had fallen down the stairs while clutching his neck and having difficulty breathing.


In his memory, he was obviously unable to take medicine, but it was surprising that he woke up in such a normal state.


For some reason, as he looked away, he realized that the weight was on his arm.


Her bright red hair was tangled in his arms.




Instead of an answer to the careful question, a choked breathing sound was heard.


Rev, who couldn’t bear to touch her and hardened, recalled the occasionally disconnected memories.


‘Then the voice yesterday wasn’t an hallucination or a dream?’


The evidence was right in front of his eyes.


When Luce leaned her back on Rev’s arm, it looked more like she fell behind him than hugged him.


‘Why are you here….’


Why was she lying down on the stair with him?


Before he could grasp the current situation, questions arose.


Why is she not going back home and by my side…?


‘Don’t tell me.’


Did he show her all his ugly appearance because he couldn’t take the medicine?


Delmar, who always followed him, once avoided him and Rev heard the reason later.


Delmar, who secretly hid in Rev’s room to sleep in his brother’s room, ended up seeing him as he missed the time to take medicine because he was being called by the Emperor.


Perhaps it was such a terrible situation that Delmar was shocked.


Instead of asking further, he just swallowed another glass of medicine.


A familiar despair brought him down, but soon a small hope sprang up like a spark.


‘But…Luce didn’t abandon me even after seeing such a terrible me. She didn’t run away.’


Rev gently brushed Luce’s hair.


It was smooth and soft to the touch.


He was just stroking her hair when he was surprised to hear a dull sound in his ears.


Thump, thump.


After running through his hair for a while, Rev realized that the mysterious sound was coming from his heart.


‘I feel strange…’


When he was with Luce, he always felt strange, but today a feeling he couldn’t even imagine came to him. 


All of his nerves went to his arm, which was touching Luce. He didn’t even feel sick, but his whole body was hot, and he was out of breath for no reason.


Everything else was blurred, and only Luce was seen in his arms. Why? For what reason?


Rev, who unconsciously bit his lips because of the heat, came to his senses with a faint bitterness.


‘I must have taken medicine.’


Did Luce give him the medicine bottle?


Rev pulled Luce’s body carefully. Her small face welcomed him when he arranged her messy hair. 


His gaze stopped abruptly as if bewitched by the round forehead, high nose bridge, tightly closed eyelashes, and weakly breathing lips.




A green stain remained on her lips.




No, no, it can’t be. Luce to me, no way! 


There were thoughts that passed through his head like a lightning bolt.


“This medicine was prepared only for Your Highness the Prince.”


Radanum explained slowly.


“Because you have a lot of nature symptoms of diseases. If it were not for me, a skillful pharmacist, how could you bear the symptoms? You know this, but I’ll say it one more time. I’ve made this medicine especially for Your Highness the Prince. Therefore, it should only be eaten by Your Highness the Prince.”


A medicine that shouldn’t be taken by other people.


The panic Rev held onto Luce. She was dragged down by the pull.


“No, Luce. Luce! Open your eyes, please, Luce…” 


‘It happened again. Again…someone is being sacrificed because of me.’


Perhaps his own existence itself is a disaster. Rev, who was lost in thought, panicked when it hit him like a tsunami. 


Between his words, in which he was looking at Luce’s face and body without knowing what to do, there was a cry that he didn’t notice.


“Luce, please. No, to you… Do I have to lose you, too?”


No, we’re going to be together forever.


You know me well. You don’t do anything I don’t like. That’s why, that’s why—.




There is no bottom to despair.


It was a time when Lev’s frustration was heavier than anything else he had ever experienced.




The sleepy green eyes turned toward him.




Luce rose up, pressing hard on her eyes.


Luce, who had looked first at Lev, who was stiff and pale as plaster without being aware of his condition, let out a sigh of relief.


“It’s a relief that you woke up. I was really surprised yesterday.”




“…Why is your expression so bad? Are you still sick? That. Just in case, I didn’t go up to the second floor. But still, I’m sorry.”




“Ung, Rev.” 


As soon as he heard her name, Lev, who was looking blankly at Luce, hugged her.


It was such a strong force that she couldn’t even breathe.


Even though she was coughing, Luce was still in his arms. It seems to be the first time he hugged her.


‘Why is he like this?’


Rev locked Luce in his arms as she patted him on the back in bewildered. He thought he knew what this intense feeling that seemed to be eating away at his mind was. 

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  2. Do u need someone to proofread? Seeing word errors makes my eyes hurt.