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Luce blankly looked down at her hands.


Her left hand is held by Dominic, and her right hand is held by Lev.


Dominic’s dark hand gripped her wrist in a way that fit his personality, and Rev’s big, white hand tightly gripped her fingertips.


‘It’s hot.’


What surprised Luce was the body temperature of Rev’s white hand.


Why is his hand, which she thought was a little cold, so hot now?




Even though it was raining heavily, she could clearly hear Rev’s low voice. 


Luce, who slowly raised her head, suddenly thought that Rev’s eyes under the umbrella were a little strange under the umbrella.


The red eyes, which seemed to be longing for something, were intense rather than the usual friendly and kind gaze.


Dominic’s urge made Luce, staring at him like she was possessed, come to her senses.


“Hey, I’m cold. How long will you be standing here?”


I turned around to see Dominic sneezing and pulling at his hand. 


“Even though Mom told you to hurry up?”


“Oh, yeah…” 


It seemed that Rev understood the careless words as an agreement to Dominic’s proposal. 


His right hand, which was holding her, slowly lost strength and then fell. 


Rev took his hand and smiled briefly as if he had never done that before.


“Hurry up. You must be cold, Luce.”


“Ah, yes, Lev. You can’t catch a cold either. Hurry up and see you next time!”


“Yeah. I will miss you.” 


The goodbyes she always heard made her feel strangely strong.


Even though Dominic’s torch was leading her, Luce kept looking back.


The figure of Rev standing still under the torrential rain was blurry, but there was one thing she could tell from a distance. 


His shoulders were wet. Not the side that held the umbrella over her, but his opposite shoulder. 




Coming with Dominic made her look like a rat in the rain, but her right hand was dry. 


Luce, who was wiping off the water with a face that looked like it had been lost, jumped up when her shoulder was touched.


“You surprise me!”

“What are you doing? Give me a towel too. Why are you using it alone?”


“You can take out one more and use it.”


“No, I’m in charge of laundry. It’s annoying.”


Dominic brushed his hair like a dog in the rain as if the laundry was really bothersome.


She went to Dominic’s house as often as she went to Rev’s, so Luce casually poured water and asked.


“By the way, what about Aunt Dahlia? She said to come quickly.”


“Mom? She had a regular town meeting, so she was called there for a bit.”


“What, I thought she was waiting again! That’s why I came in a hurry.”


“I waited for you, not my mom, that’s why. So you can’t make my mom wait, but you can make me wait?” 


“Ah, it’s not like that.”


Anyway, Dominic often says the same thing strangely. 


Still, it wasn’t totally wrong, so when Luce sat down with her lips covered, Dominic crossed his arms and sat down across from her.


“But you know what?”


As if thinking deeply about something, he said as if letting go.


“About Revinas earlier, why is he like that?”


“What do you mean?” 


“He asked you, ‘Are you going?’


“Are you going, Luce?”


“As if our house was somewhere you shouldn’t go.” 




Well. What made him do that?


It was a question that even Luce couldn’t answer.


“Because your mom and my mom are close, you used to stay at my house often when your roof was open, right? Doesn’t he know that?”


“I don’t think I’ve ever told him.” 


“There’s nothing wrong with it anyway. We’re friends. It’s the same as going to his house or going to my house.” 


“Isn’t… it?”


“Don’t tell me, he’s not asking why you go to my smaller house instead of his, right?!” 


“Rev is not that kind of guy!”


It was different from Dominic’s guess, but Luce was also curious about his intention.


If it were a normal Rev, he would have thought logically.


If there is no place to stay, and there is someone who shows a favor just in time, shouldn’t he be grateful? Especially if it is a house where their parents know each other and children know each other. 


If he thought it was wrong, he would have come up with an alternative.


Suggestions like “How about staying at my house?”


But why did Rev say that?


“If one of them disappears, will the remaining one become more special to you?”


‘Maybe I’m paying attention because those words from earlier are strangely memorable.’


Maybe Rev just asked without thinking.


Her nerd friend was literally wondering if she was going or not.


His eyes were a little different than usual, but Luce decided to stop understanding at that level after thinking about how Rev talked. 


“And what? I will miss you—?” 


“Rev is a kid who is good at saying things like that!” 


“He’s not like that and he’s like that. Just choose one of the two.”


“Seriously, it’s like a greeting. He says ‘I missed you’ as a morning greeting and ‘I’ll miss you’ as an evening greeting.”


“Why are you protecting him like that?”


“Tell me honestly, you want to say that because it looks cool, but you can’t because you’re shy, right?”




Luce, who had been arguing with Dominic and laughing, suddenly discovered something strange.


It was something she had never seen before, at least not in Dominic’s living room. 


“What are those books?”


“It’s my brother’s.”


Aha, so that’s why there are so many books piled up.


“Ah, brother Dietrich? As expected.” 


“Are you trying to tease me again? I was shocked to see this because I didn’t think something like this could be at your house, like that!” 


“But I didn’t say a word?” 


Dominic had an older brother, Dietrich.


Luce had never seen the face of the man who had been attending the capital’s academy. This is because Dietrich left to study before she was possessed. 


But Luce had a vague good feeling about him.


Passingly, it is said that he treated Luce like his sister and loved her.


He was said to be as hardworking and calm as a bee, unlike Dominic, who stung here and there like a wasp.


It was said that Luce followed him well before being possessed, so she had no reason to dislike him.


“Tsk. Anyway, my brother sent me a book.” 


“Wow, then is your brother returning to Xenon?” 


“He says he’ll coming soon…I don’t know what will happen if he get caught by the academy professor again.”


“Anyway, he’s coming, right?”


“He’ll have to come. Someday.”


There was one more reason to like it.


‘I’ve always been curious about the history of the Vladin Empire, but that’s great.’


Luce, who was flipping through Dietrich’s books, asked.


“Did your brother major in the Department of History?”


“Yeah. I don’t understand why people study dead people’s stories for fun.”


It was a voice that he honestly didn’t understand, so Luce laughed at him.


“I’d rather study legends and myths rather than those hard history books, then I’d have many stories to tell my friends.”


“That’s right, you are secretly timid and superstitious. Like the legend of red eyes?”


“At that time, I reflected on myself….”


Luce’s eyes twinkled as he looked at Dominic, who was embarrassed and blurted out.


‘Yes, If it’s Dominic, he knew a lot about that, right?’


There was one strange thing.


Both pharmacology and magic engineering, which Luce and Rev study, are definitely magical legacies.


Strangely, however, the book didn’t include an introduction to the magic that should have been there, the reason for the discovery, or the inventor. As if they had only left out that part on purpose.


In terms of a movie, it was like there was no prologue or ending credits. 


Cutting off the side branches and getting right to the point might look nice and comfortable, but she couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was missing.


‘I thought it was strange because Lord’s study had no history book about the wizard. With only one-line descriptions like this, the only thing in the series was the name of the last wizard, which was Radanum.’ 


But even if there is no book, the story continues.


“Dominic, do you know any legends about wizards?” 


From mouth to mouth.


“Of course, I know that. But you’re going to make fun of me again. Perhaps, did you know. I knew it.”


“No, this time I’m really curious. Let me know if you know anything.”


Dominic only opened his mouth with a very doubtful face after hearing the confirmation several times that she wouldn’t make fun of him.


“I heard this from my grandmother, too.”


It is said that a wizard who appeared near Xenon village created a well in the blink of an eye and that he made wings for humans who dared to test the wizard and made them soar endlessly into the sky.


They are legends that are inconsistent as they are told from mouth to mouth.


It was also confusing whether the existence of wizards did good or bad things.


But, just as a gem is hidden in a stone. If she listen to many stories, there will be truth among them. 


Luce listened carefully as Dominic excitedly told the stories. 


“They say that wizards can’t be killed with ordinary weapons. It means no sword or bow. So in the old days, it was said that the country with the most cooperative wizards always won. Of course, it’s like having a bunch of weapons that can’t be broken.” 


“Ung. And then?” 


“They say that wizards don’t take money in return. They move around many countries, and among them there are wizards who live very long, so the common people’s currency system seems to be of no use to them.” 


“Well, when the country perishes, all the money before that will be pieces of toilet paper. So it looks like they’re getting something like gold or jewels, right? I think they’re wise? Wizards must be rich.” 


“But what’s the point, they’re all dead. Now, only treasure hunters who found the wizard’s warehouse will be rich.”


They’re all dead—.


How did the wizards who said neither swords nor bows could kill them die?


“Among them, His Majesty, who highly valued the last wizard who resisted to the end, even though he was an enemy, showed his mercy and left his name behind.”


What did the last wizard, Radanum, think when he saw all his colleagues dying?


She was lost in thought, but Dominic bent down. It sounded like he was telling a big secret.


“And…they say wizards always need permission.”


“Permission? What permission? Can I use magic, or I’m going to hurt you from now on, can I? They have to ask permission?”


What kind of wizard is that? Dominic whispered to Luce, who was puzzled, lowering his voice as much as possible.


“No, they say that wizards can’t go into other people’s houses. That’s the rule. So my grandmother told me not to open it when a stranger knocked. No matter how kind and wonderful a guest they are.”


What’s that? It’s scary.


Looking out the darkened window, it was still raining.


Feeling little goosebumps, Luce swept her arm somehow.


“To open the door is to give permission to accept the wizard, so if you open the door after being possessed by a wonderful guest, you will see the wizard devouring not only your house, but also you.”


“E, ey, no way. Still, does it make sense that you can’t enter someone else’s house when you’re a wizard? Didn’t she tell you to be careful because there might be robbers or thieves among the guests?”


“No, really. Not all guests are wizards, but wizards always come as guests. I mean like this. Knock knock, knock on the door….” 


It was then.


Knock knock—.


A knock was heard.


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  1. I guess that explains why Rada didn’t just magic his way into her house like he does Rev