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Of course, it is also important to know how to make an antihistamine.


It will help cure people with grass poisoning or unexplained sneezing due to seasonal allergies.


But I couldn’t be satisfied with this level. 


Luce pulled up a chair and sat down. And she looked straight at Mrs Plum. 


“That’s right. Rodante is a mountain territory, and the only pharmacist there is a deaf old man, so that’s true. The goal is for me to sell honey and lemon tea to people who have colds and ointments to people who have itchy skin while claiming it is a side effect of poison.”


Mrs Plum’s eyebrows went up.


“But that’s not my goal, Mrs.” 


“Goal? Then what is your goal?”




What should I answer?


Why do I want to dig deeper into pharmacology, which I started learning with the intention of making menstrual pain relievers?


It was a person’s face that passed in front of Luce’s troubled eyes.


「You can’t go… Don’t go…」


He just missed the time to take his medicine, but Rev, who had a fever, swallowed his tears.


Luce nodded slowly.


“I hate it when someone precious to me is sick. If there’s anything I can do, I want to help. So yeah.” 


Upon hearing Luce’s answer, Mrs Plum’s face hardened strangely.


Luce continued with a polite yet resolute tone.


“I don’t know what the Lord said and why he brought Mrs. Plum. Perhaps he wants me to learn basic knowledge since the pharmacist’s existence in this village is about to be cut off. Is that right?”


There was neither agreement nor disagreement, but silence is usually an agreement.


“A person like that pharmacist grandfather, who just needs to know the names of herbs and give them to people, and who will run a drug store with more animal herbs than people. To put it simply, there should be at least one pharmacist in the territory, someone who fits the assortment.” 




“But I’m not. I really want to learn properly, Mrs.” 


Thinking of Rev made me a little more desperate. 


Mrs Plum seemed to have aged a lot as she listened to Luce.


Haa. After her short sigh, Mrs Plum said in a slightly subdued voice.


“You don’t seem to know what it’s like to live as a pharmacist.”


“Originally, ignorant kid like me are more braver.”


Was it a mistake that her wrinkled eyes were slightly bent at her joke? 


“You are right. I don’t know what life is like as a pharmacist. But, even if I find out.” 


Luce laughed softly.


“I’m not going to step down or be scared.”




“I have a lot of questions. There are reasons to learn. So Mrs., please help me. I am a pretty good student.”


Mrs Plum seemed to think for a long time.


She took a sip of water and lowered her eyes.


There was a rustling sound.


Luce wasn’t surprised when she pulled back her velvet robe and held out her arm.


“There are jobs that society needs, but people don’t really appreciate. Tanners and butchers who are ostracized for smelling of blood, and clowns who make people laugh but are despised for being vulgar. And.” 


Dotted scars remained on her wrists.


It looked more like an infection scar than a cut or scratch.


“A pharmacist who get stoned if they can’t heal, and who is accused of being a witch if they does.” 


She thought she knew what she meant.


“People in the Vladin Empire have always thought that a wizard is the best person in the world to deal with herbs. Anyone can adjust the proportions of herbs and mix medicines, but only wizards can make medicines that work well for humans. That’s right. Pharmacology is a discipline that wizards started studying in the first place. But over time, that truth has changed.”


Books where the contents of magic had been deleted.


An apothecary shop with at most basic painkillers and livestock medicine. 


Unlike the Lord, who lived in the capital city and had a relatively open mindset, Chelsea’s reaction was somewhat hesitant when she heard that she would be learning pharmacology.


“A pharmacist who is good at medicinal herbs is a wizard.”


Here is one proposition.


‘An apple is a fruit’ is a correct proposition.


However, the inverse of the proposition, ‘Fruits are apples’, is a false proposition.


But people are often mistaken.


Since the original proposition is correct, the reordered proposition must also be correct.


“Even after the wizards died, people still didn’t like magic.”


Luce recalled the stories Dominic had told her. 


Like the goblins in traditional fairy tales, the description of wizards, who did both good and bad things, became more bizarre as the story progressed. 


From the point of view of the imperial family that kills the wizards, they couldn’t have left any good stories behind.


“It seems that the situation in the capital and big cities is a little better, but the people who live in such small estates are still uncomfortable with the word magic. It’s like rejecting the appearance of red eyes, or taking herbs you know from experience as folk remedies without going to the pharmacist.” 


I know. I know it so well.


Luce nodded.


“People know it in their heads. But the heart can’t help it.” 


“…Yes, it is.” 


“And because people follow the logic of their heart more than the logic of their head… There are many things to rationalize by attaching reasons to what you believe in.”


Mrs Plum, who had her sleeves down, let out a very deep sigh.


“A long time ago, I was asked to heal a noble lady suffering from a skin disease. There was a dedicated pharmacist in that territory, but they couldn’t fix it, so they called me. The treatment took time, but it wasn’t difficult. After about a month of treatment, the Young Lady’s skin disease disappeared as if it had been washed away, and what I saw in my proud eyes, leaving behind a wide smile saying thank you.”


Something could be seen in her eyes, like regret or disappointment. 


“The nobles who called me didn’t give me the gift cart they said they would. Instead, they gave me a bucket full of filth, straw, and blades.”


Luce, who had been biting her lips tightly, quietly lowered her body. 


“Do you know who was the first to shout that I must have been able to cure the noble Lady’s skin disease because I am a witch?…It was the exclusive pharmacist for that aristocratic family.”


Luce took Mrs Plum’s hand.


Mrs Plum stopped talking for a while and looked down at Luce.


She was panting with her face filled with tears.


“He must have been afraid that I would take his place. He did it with the intention of kicking me out altogether. The day I arrived at my medicine store after walking three days and nights, I put down the sign…I can’t…I couldn’t continue working after going through something like that.”


“Everyone agreed with him even though they knew you weren’t a witch.”


“Why do you think so?”


“How could they have done that if they thought Mrs. Plum was a real witch? They couldn’t even harm your for fear of being cursed. Damn these people.” 




“Please pretend you didn’t hear the swearing.”


The girl in front of her seemed to have good empathy.


It didn’t feel bad to be comforted by a girl who muttered all sorts of curses with her mouth open.


“I lived through that era. I lived with people like that. Therefore… I was skeptical about making disciples.”


“This may sound presumptuous, but I fully understand.”


It was not presumptuous. The girl seemed to understand the feeling fully. 


“Do you still want to learn pharmacology after hearing this?”


Luce, who wiped her eyes, answered clearly. 




And she spoke with a determined face.


“It doesn’t matter what others say, such as being a witch or being a quack. Guys with that kind of personality are the ones who would have beaten and cut down any job that way. If you’re afraid, I tell you to be afraid. If you’re going to cut it down, I’ll cut it down. No matter how much other people talk about it, my essence will not change.” 




“And the person I want to help.”


Luce laughed lightly.


“He’s not the kind of person who would ever say that, so it’s okay.”


The corners of Mrs Plum’s mouth went up.


Luce, who had been patting her own hand, returned her hand to her place, and she cleared her throat.


“I am a very strict person. I’ll check it thoroughly every time, and even if it’s difficult, I won’t slow down or postpone the assignment. Okay?”




“You’re my first student, so don’t embarrass me.”


“Student…! Yes I understand!”

Luce’s eyes burned with enthusiasm as she pretended to clench his fist.


Mrs Plum saw her like that and smiled inwardly. 


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    1. From what we’ve gathered from Chelsea’s backstory, Lawrence, Luce’s father, was probably a nobleman. Maybe he was a wizard in hiding or had some magic ancestor?