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“Luce, I missed….” 


“Ung, Rev. But can I ask you something first? What do you mean he’s the son of a Baron, but he’s not noble? He was even wearing some really cool, expensive-looking armor. The color of the armor worn by the guards is completely different! Aside from that, he said that I can treat people like that comfortably, but is it really okay to treat them comfortably? I should be able to know!” 




Only when she saw Rev’s blank face did Luce realize that she had said everything all at once, and she smiled awkwardly.


“Sorry, I’m so confused. I missed you too, Rev. The whole time I was studying, I only thought of you.” 


She’s going to meet Rev and ask him!


It was just that thought, but Rev’s ears turned red.


Luce thought about whether or not this needed to be corrected, but she decided not to add her words. Well, it’s not a bad word.


“Yeah, uhm.” 


After clearing his throat, Rev returned to his usual expression. He began answering Luce’s questions in an orderly manner.


“I will summarize the questions you asked. First of all, even if you are the son of a Baron, you may not be noble.” 


“Is that so? If it’s a son, isn’t it normal to inherit the title…?”


“The rule is that the eldest son usually succeeds to the title, so what you know is correct. If there is only one child, that person naturally inherits the title. However, if that son said that he was not a nobleman, then the lord of Rodante would probably be a Life Peer.” (t/n: Life peer (일대귀족)  is a person who is given a title such as ‘Lord’ or ‘ Lady’ which they can use for the rest of their life but which they cannot pass on when they die.) 


“Life peer? Are you saying that he’s the only one who is a noble?” 


“Ung. There are cases in which honor and fiefdom are given to commoners who have made contributions to the country or made achievements for one generation. Rodante’s Lord was a court musician, so he must have been praised for his achievements in creating operas and symphonies. Even though he probably didn’t have enough talent to work full-time.” 


“If they’re going to give something, it’s a little stingy.”


Rev laughed briefly as if it was an unexpected remark and then continued his explanation softly. 


“Rather, it might be better for the commoner. If a person who is not good at power struggle or conflict suddenly becomes a noble, they will only be subject to check.”


“Ah, since you’re not a hereditary aristocrat anyway, people around you say, ‘Yeah, what are you taking away? Don’t put too much effort into it, let’s just let it go’? Then it would be better for the Lord to be a life peer. He is so soft that if he were a real noble he would have been the perfect target to be eaten.” 


“Ung, that’s right. I always feel it, but you have a good understanding, Luce.” 


Luce scratched the back of her neck and thought as she felt embarrassed by the pure compliment.


‘Anyway, if that’s true, our Lord is a really great person. He’s not handing it down to his own children, but he’s diligently taking care of the territory, right? Because he wants his people to be happy? Wha, isn’t it the best mayor? No, since Rodante is small, is it something like a military governor or a village head? It’s cool anyway.’


Rev, who had seen Luce smiling for a while, continued slowly.


“You also mentioned the armor, right? You would be right to say that it looks more expensive than the armor a guard wears. Usually, there are a lot of cases where the son of the life peer  lives as a knight. Even though he is a commoner, he belongs to the upper class, so he is suitable for commanding the soldiers under their command, so they are scrambling to recruit him—from other nearby territories.”


‘Where did the knight work?’


High-ranking aristocrats collect information through their personal connections.


The Emperor and Radanum hid him with all their might, but there are always people who are light-mouthed. And aristocrats have an animal sense to recognize people who are vulnerable to money faster than anyone else.


But his thoughts were interrupted. It was because the face of Luce, who was listening with her eyes twinkling, got closer. 


“…Ah, the answer to the last question is difficult for me to answer.”


“Why? Because you haven’t seen him in person?” 


“Because that’s what you do better, Luce.”


Trust your intuition, he seemed to mean something like that. 


How could he speak so beautifully? Luce smiled and nodded her head.


“Ung, when I look back now, he looks like a very generous person. So, he probably wasn’t the type to gloomy and hide the implications. Troubles solved!”


“That’s a relief.”


“Thanks to you!” 


Then, as she was leaning against the tree, her stomach rumbled.


Even though it rang quite loudly, Rev in the seat next to her had a calm face as if he hadn’t heard it this time. 


Luce, who was a bit embarrassed, grunted a little.


“If it wasn’t for that kid, I could have eaten all of the cream bread!”


“…That kid?”


Come to think of it, she only talked about the knight man, but she didn’t say anything about the beginning of the incident. 


“Cream bread was served as a snack. I took a bite and it was delicious! So I was happy and was about to take another bite, but suddenly a round golden hair pops out from the side of the desk. I was looking at him saying, “What is this kid?” Well, do you know what he said right away?” 


“What did he say?”


“Marry me!”




“It’s so absurd that a kid who looks only eight years old at most would say such a thing. So I asked him if he knew what marriage was, and he confidently said he knew. It’s what pretty and handsome people do….”


Thinking about it again is absurd. Luce smiled and looked at Rev.


His cool mouth slowly drew an arc.






“That’s ridiculous.”


There was not even a slight movement around the eyes, which should have been bent together.


Is it because it’s so absurd? So it’s not surprising that he would do that, is it?


Unfortunately, Luce’s question didn’t come out.


“Miss Lucette?”


It’s because of the second knight that popped up today. 


He seemed to be a different type of person than Luce’s former boss, as he walked away waving his arms as if he was happy to see her face.


“Hello, It’s nice to see you again. Was the Lord in the right tower? I was afraid you might have gotten lost.” 


But Luce’s social skills and politeness let the words come out of her mouth without going through her brain.


It was too precocious for a 15-year-old to speak, but surprisingly, the knight didn’t seem to doubt it.


Rather, a smile appeared on his face as if Luce’s way of speaking was interesting.


“Well, I was worried about whether or not we would meet, but luckily, he was there. It’s all thanks to you.” 


“What about your son?” 


“My son…Hahaha. My son is having fun with his grandfather whom he has not seen in a long time. It seems that the etiquette teacher taught him quite strictly, but he told me to do it comfortably. Also, are you older? My son is Angel, and you can call me Franz or Knight Franz like that.” 


Franz, who was patting Luce’s head, hesitated.


“Ah, is this the friend Miss Lucette mentioned? Were you learning together?”


Rev slowly got up.


Seeing Luce’s hair messed up by Franz, he moved and stood close to Luce.


“Yes, nice to meet you. I’m Revinas.” 


It was a position where Franz had to take his hand off Luce’s head.


“Aha, Revinas. But I didn’t see you at the study earlier?” 


“We are learning different things, Knight.”


Franz naturally withdrew his hand without even noticing it and gave an interesting expression.


“Like what?”


“I am researching magic engineering.”


“Magic engineering? In here, the training ground?” 


“The place where magic engineering is researched is a separate place. The reason I am at the training ground is that I am also receiving martial arts lessons.”


“Was His Excellency also interested in developing talented knights?”


“I asked because I wanted to learn personally.”


“Hmm, is that so? What kind of people are Rodante’s martial arts teachers…? I don’t think it was that great in my memory.”


With his chin on his hand, Franz looked up and down at Rev.


“If you are talented and greedy, it would be right to take lessons from someone who is great.” 


“Because good disciples always come out of good teachers.”


“I’m going to stay at Rodante Estate for a while. Then, during that time, I will be the best swordsman in Rodante.”


There was a glimpse of mischief in his eyes.


“Okay! His Excellency is working so hard, how can I stay still? I’ll give you my special lesson sometime, see you at the training ground. Originally, once you do a good sparring, your skills improve dramatically. If you are a martial artist with passion, you must naturally be greedy for your skills, right?”


Rev answered with a stiff tone without hesitation.


“Yes, it is my lack of competence, but I will be honored to face the knight’s sword.”


“Yeah. Then see you next time, Rodante’s talented people.”


Yohan ran to Franz’s side, who was watching as the girl with the curly hair and the tall boy walked away.


“Franz! It’s time for the evening banquet to begin soon. Let’s go.”


“Yohan, that boy over there.”


Revinas? Did he make an accident?


No, but he’s a student who doesn’t have anything to complain about except for his attitude of keeping the minimum manners and his cold, hard tone.


Yohan’s head, who was tilted thinking whether it was a curse or a compliment, and leaned more heavily on the following words.


“Is that kid aristocrat? It is also high.”


“Yes? No, he’s a commoner.”


“That can’t be true. Did you check the directory?”


“Yes, of course. No matter how much the Lord insists on telling the children, ah, please keep this a secret. nyway, as an aide, I have to check the people who come in and out of the Lord’s castle, even if they are children. He’s a commoner. He’s also an orphan.” 




He can’t believe it.


Yohan got a little frustrated, wondering if his paperwork skills were being questioned.


“Really, would you like to check it yourself?”


“If it’s Yohan, then that’s probably the case.”


His dignified walk and his expressionless face were full of innate mischievousness.


It is not something that can be imitated by learning it in a hurry.


For a very long time, he have to learn in a place full of people who bite him.


Moreover, at the time, he was so natural and clever that he didn’t realize it, and even his attitude and posture made him withdraw from the girl just by standing silently.


Franz, who was thinking about everything, immediately nodded his head.


“But I’ll have to keep an eye on it.”


At least, his opinions about Luce weren’t wrong.


Franz is not the type of person who hides his intentions and speculates.


“Tell the martial arts teacher who teach him to come.” 


He was a very knightly man who couldn’t bear to run straight into questions when in doubt.

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