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“…Is that a prophecy?”


“It’s a guess.”


“You’re saying it’s not certain.”


“Isn’t one guess supported by numerous clues usually called the correct answer, Your Highness?” 


‘Why are you telling me this? Didn’t you hate me? What if it’s a clever ploy to take away something precious from me?’


“It’s the first time Your Highness the Prince has asked me to do it, so it’s okay to listen to it without any compensation at least once. Since I didn’t use magic and did it sincerely, it doesn’t break the wizard’s rules that we must get compensated. But.”


Ordinary people will be thrilled to think that the wizard has shown mercy.


However, the Prince still had an expression that he couldn’t understand.


‘I like this kind of temper.’


Radanum added briefly.


“This is the last time I can help you without a price.”


Radanum left the word behind and turned around.


“Then goodbye.”


It seems like something interesting is going to happen.




“Have you been waiting for a long time? I didn’t know you called because I was washing up.”


「Ah, no. It wasn’t long.」


“Tell me honestly. How long have you been waiting?”


「About…30 minutes.」


“It’s really long time! I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”


She picked up the pendant after washing and coming out because it was shining, but she didn’t expect him to wait 30 minutes!


Rev would have looked at the necklace like a puppy as long as he said he waited. He was wondering when Luce would answer. 


She felt bad for him, so she quickly threw away the towel that she had used to dry her hair and sat down.


“Why? Is something wrong?”


「I said earlier that I needed time to think.」


“Are you done thinking?”


「Ung, I will go, but… I just want to attend the academic festival and go home. Will it be okay?」


Only academic festivals?


Since it is a harvest festival, an academic festival, and a music night, the main event is probably the first word, the harvest festival.


Maybe it’s only at the Harvest Festival that they can unveil the equipment, taste the delicious banquet food, and have fun with the people enjoying the festival—.


“Ung, of course!” 


If my good friend is not comfortable with such a noisy festival, of course, I can be considerate!


As if relieved, Rev’s voice brightened a little.


「That’s a relief. Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier. You can sit in the back seat at the academic festival. After washing your hair, dry your hair and go to sleep. I will miss you.」 


A farewell message was heard to end communication. Luce hurriedly lifted her necklace and said.




「Ung, Luce.」 


“Then there’s a place we should go.”




What do you mean where? Luce grinned.




“Sister, I don’t think this is right.”


“I think so too.”


“He has fair skin, so a white suit suits me very well.”


“It’s all white, so I think I’ll only see that kid in the banquet hall.”


“Besides, my friend is seriously embarrassed, so why don’t we dress him up in something else?”


“That would be nice.”


Yerena, the owner of Rodante’s salon, The Kingfisher’s House, was in an unusually energetic state.


A boy and a girl who occasionally stop by to buy clothes stopped by the store today.


As usual, they were going to buy the boy a checked shirt or a white shirt that was a little bigger around the shoulders and chest, but hadn’t they been in the robes section for a long time?


‘What are you looking at? Where are we going to play?’ He asked, and Luce, who had a good affinity, replied quickly.


“Because we’re going to a festival soon!”


“Ah, harvest festival, academic festival, music night festival?”




Isn’t Luce making a sign with her eyes at the same time?


There is only one case where men and women come together and wink at her. 


She has a favor to ask! 


“Sister, are there any clothes other than the clothes he usually wears that would suit him?”


“Not a white shirt or a check shirt?”


“Yes. I came with him because he asked me to help him choose, but he always says he likes similar clothes. So I want to try another style.”


“I’ll put my pride on the line and recommend a good one.”


After the conversation between the two women, who could communicate only through their eyes, Rev, who was standing far away, was grabbed by Luce and pushed into the changing room.


He didn’t even realize what the situation was. He blinked his eyes, but clothes were on top of the dressing room partition. 


“A white suit?”


“Try it on. I think it will suit you really well.”


Then he wore a white suit.


Since he has fair skin and good bones, the slightly unusual white suit looks great on him, but there is one problem.


The person wearing the clothes has become too stiff. Luce, who was wondering whether this was a wooden doll or a person, shook her head.


“Rev, try this on too.”


So, he wore a navy blue suit with small embroidery as his second outfit.


“Why are his pants so short? Is it because the jacket is short that even the pants look short?” 


“It’s the usual length for a jacket. Ah, the pants are short. It’s just that your friend has seriously long legs. His upper body is at a level of courtesy.”




“Even if I repair it, I can’t cover it with that design. I don’t have any extra fabric to add to the embroidery. We can’t with this.”


It was rejected because of the length of his legs.


She had never seen someone who couldn’t wear clothes because their legs were too long instead of too short.


The third outfit was a dark gray suit. The color was fine, and the length was fine.


Yerena cheered, saying she had finally found something nice.


“…There are no buttons, Luce.”


This time, a client who couldn’t stand the buttonless type of jacket rejected it. 


Are there any clothes that fit the taste of a friend who has to wear all the buttons and feel different than usual?


Yerena grabbed Luce, who was in trouble.


“This is perfect. The length is the same as that gray suit, and the material is pretty good.”


“There’s even a button!”


It was as she said.


The length was appropriate, and the material was soft and quite luxurious. Above all, it has a lot of buttons.


But Luce shook her head.


“Ah. This is very pretty, but we can’t, Sister.” 




Luce, who laughed without answering, left behind the burgundy suit that Yerena was holding.


‘I’ve already heard this and that because of the color of his eyes, so there’s no need to add controversy.’


There will be a lot of people at harvest festivals and other events.


It would be nice if all of them were people with culture and common sense, but Luce knew that they couldn’t.


‘Even if I don’t say anything, I’ll be bothered. Is there any way? Is there a good way…’


Luce quietly headed for the locker room in a light mood.


“Rev, do you have any clothes you want?”


When Luce told him that their clothes for the festival had to match, he said that he didn’t know much about clothes and would like some help.


He wondered if it would be strange to see that he couldn’t tell the difference between ivory and white when he first saw it. 


She came along to help, but she also wanted to see how Rev, who looks good in anything he wears, would look in other outfits. 


“Uhm… I’d like black.”




“Ung. Something normal.”


Finally, her client said his taste! 


This is the first taste he mentioned, except for “clothes with buttons.” 


All good. If he likes it, it’s good. If he wants it, let’s do it. 


If her friend, who always said he wanted to be average, wanted to do that, she would let him. 


With the momentum, Luce rolled up her arms and dug up all the clothes in “Kingfisher’s House.” And.


“This is it.”


While wiping the sweat from her brow, Luce sat down in the chair across from the dressing room.


Yerena approached and whispered.


“Isn’t black too common? I don’t think it’s special and different from the usual style.”


“It’s the first time my friend said he liked a certain type of clothes, so I want to listen. And… It’s probably not common.”


‘Because anything Rev wears is pretty good.’


“I’m all dressed up, Luce.”


The tone of his voice brightened a little. Rev seems to like it too.


Luce smiled and rested her chin.


The door to the dressing room opened.




Yerena involuntarily exclaimed.


Even though it wasn’t made just for Rev, the black suit that Luce picked out and matched fit him perfectly.


The high-collared shirt, shoulder line that fits his broad shoulders, and jacket that reveals his figure moderately gave off a neat and intelligent feeling.


His hair, which always covered his forehead, was a little messy from changing clothes, but it looked great with the clothes he was wearing. 


‘Your body is really pretty… No, what am I thinking?’


“Do you like it?”


“Ung. I like it. Thank you.” 


‘You might like it because you think it’s normal, but that’s not the case. You don’t know how much effort I put into choosing!’


Luce smiled with a proud face.




Unlike Rev, who successfully finished shopping, Luce couldn’t buy clothes.


She couldn’t pick it because Rev, who was supposed to look at her clothes, smiled and said, “You’re pretty,” “You look good,” and “You’re cool, Luce,” no matter what she wore.


Later, she’ll have to come alone so she can decide with a clear head.


Rev, who was waiting for the carriage without knowing what Luce was promising to herself, looked back. He saw Chelsea and Dahlia’s shop.


The store was very crowded.


“There are many customers at the general store.”


“Right? They said the business was very good. It looks like we need to hire another employee besides Mr. Elliot.”


“You mother must be busy.” 


“Ung, Mom says she won’t be able to see the festival either. Apparently, there will be more guests during the festival, so they are preparing very well.”


The chatter that started with the general store story moved on to talking about other stores.



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  1. thank you for the translation TL-nim! I wonder if Rev will be in trouble during the festival.. lets hope everything goes well ^^

  2. The struggle was so real. He expresses an opinion on colour! *cheers*