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Everyone was shocked and stood up from their place in a hurry.


And that wasn’t all. Angel was covering his mouth, and Franz was pressing down on someone’s arm.


‘Is the person Franz holding a page-turner? Come to think of it, why is the person who should be next to me flipping through the sheet music in the middle of the audience?’ 


The Baron’s eyes widened after examining the situation with confused eyes. 


“Miss Lucette?”


Isn’t Lucette rolling on the ground in hugging Ximel’s child! 


‘I thought she was a polite and common sense kid, but what the hell is she doing?!’


She seemed to lose her balance in the dark and fall. First, he has to stop it. 


But Duke Ximel’s husband said something unexpected just as he was about to approach.


“I, if it weren’t for you….” 


‘What if it wasn’t for Lucette?’


“Are you okay?” 


“I, I’m fine. Ugh.”


Luce, who got up before he knew it, was looking at the boy. 


It was when he saw the boy quickly fix his glasses while raising himself by grabbing his head and speaking in a thin voice. 


“What are you doing, guard! Send the audience out and control access!”


Franz, who was holding the page-turner and shouting, felt the strength in it suddenly weaken.


“…what is this punk? Did you bite your tongue? Hey, you crazy punk, don’t you get a hold of yourself?”  


When he grabbed the hair and turned it around, the page-turner’s face was revealed.


Then everyone who watched was shocked.




“W, what is this!”


When they saw everything, Duke Ximel’s husband and Luce grabbed the boy and Angel and quickly covered their eyes.


His face melted from the jawbone as if hydrochloric acid had been sprayed on it.


Seeing Franz step back in confusion, it’s not what he did.


The page-turner committed suicide after failing in his mission.


In a very horrifying way and in a way that will never reveal the culprits.


“What is it! Let go of this!”


“…No. Don’t look, Angel.”


It was such a horrible scene for Luce, to the point where she would have fainted if she hadn’t had to cover Angel’s eyes. 


Luce, barely holding on to her senses, hesitantly backed away with her eyes tightly closed. 


What the hell is going on? What—.


She’s dizzy. Her eyes are spinning round and round.


The melting bones of the face, the burning skin, and the red blood that spreads all over the floor.


‘I’m scared.’


Franz took Angel, the weak Baron fell, and the guards were also confused and heard the sound of stamping their feet. 


It seems to weigh on the ears. A sharp noise, a disturbing burst—.






She can hear Rev’s voice.


It’s an angry voice that wakes her up. It’s the first time she has heard such a voice. 


A cold hand is placed over the closed eyes.


A body that was standing suddenly leans. It seems that the place where she collapsed was in Rev’s arms. 


She was familiar with the strong heartbeat and constantly neat scent. 


Then Luce lost her mind as it was. 




“I really don’t know how to apologize for this, Duke Ximel’s husband. Hugh…” 


“…That’s enough. The child didn’t get hurt, so let’s put that aside now.” 


“I apologize, Duke Ximel’s husband. I checked the participants’ identities several times in advance, but I didn’t expect such an unfortunate incident to occur. I will take responsibility.”


“Did you say aide Yohan? How can ordinary people know the hearts of those who are determined and trying to deceive? I’m also responsible.”


Even in the midst of the confusion, she could hear a faint voice.


Luce opened her eyes heavily. She can see the white ceiling. It seems to be a doctor’s office on the side of the Lord’s castle.


It was blinding. The vision was too bright, as if the anti-night-blindness potion hadn’t worn off.


‘It was fortunate that I had this potion.’


The anti-night blindness potion that I made recently.


Equipment that can block the lights, knowing how to operate by watching the demonstration.


A place familiar to me, the Lord’s castle.


As soon as she remembered the three conditions, Luce drank the potion. 


「Rev, don’t ask anything. Turn off all power to the tower equipment when I give you a signal. I mean, turn off the lights. Do you remember how to do it?」




He turned off the equipment’s power, and when it got dark, she ran towards the page-turner, which was only looking in one direction.


The night blindness potion made her eyes brighter to see clearly, and something glittering silver was in his arms.


At first glance, it would be a knife or a dagger. The will to hurt people is certain.


If the assassin is stopped somehow, the knight Franz is next to him. If there is a commotion, the Baron’s guards will step in. 


So, all she has to do is stop the page-turner from stabbing the boy—that was the calculation, and her intuition was right by chance.


‘Why does my head hurt so much?’


The curtains were pulled back as soon as she turned around and groaned.


“Miss Lucette!”




“I don’t know what would have happened had it not been for Miss Lucette. You really did a great job today. Thank you. Thank you.”


The Lord, whose eyes were full of tears, grabbed her hand and shook it. 


She can’t see properly, but shaking it around makes her dizzy.


She didn’t even have the energy to speak. Luce only nodded, trying to hold back her bad stomach.


“Stop it. It looks like she passed out and didn’t fully wake up. Will she remember if you tell her now?” 


“Yes, it is. Of course.”


It’s not to the point where she can’t remember. 


It’s true that she isn’t fully awake yet, but it’s strange if she doesn’t remember because he said it while shaking her hand like this.


However, there was no energy to correct it, so she closed her eyes and shut her mouth. 


“Did you say Miss Lucette? When you wake up, send a letter straight to the Ximel estate. You are the lifesaver of the child, so they want to repay you.”


From what he said, it sounds like Duke Ximel’s husband is not a very bad person.


‘Actually, it’s fine to pretend not to know.’


She opened her throbbing eyelids and saw a boy who seemed to have passed out through the curtains.


She thought the golden hair with the fedora half off was a little long for a boy, but it could be a unique hairstyle. 


Anyway, the boy looks really pretty.


Luce, who had blinked helplessly, closed her eyes again.


“Duke’s husband, I will definitely find out who the culprit is.”


“Didn’t I already tell you? He’s prepared to melt his face. There is no way he left a clue about the behind.”


“There are people who have witnessed his face, so if we search it…!” 


“I’m saying this because it’s just us, but I want it to be handled as quietly as possible.” 


To be handled as quietly as possible? Why? 


Of course, that’s what she wished. It’s a lot better than sending an investigator from the capital to the Rodante estate to look for it. The worst scenario didn’t happen.


However, that person almost suffered the least stab wound and the most assassination of his family, but why is he trying to bury it as if it were natural quietly?


Does he feel humiliated to be embroiled in a scandal?


“T, that’s true, but.” 






“Can I know that you are the only one responsible for sharing if you wish to deal with it loudly?”




The Baron’s expression, which must have been greatly distorted, stood out.


The Duke’s husband’s low voice was heard.


“You have only one thing to send me. The news is that a girl named Lucette has woken up. No investigative reports or suspect lists are in it. Did you understand?”


“Yes. I understand. 


“Then I will leave.” 


She heard the sound of a few escorts coming in and then leaving.


Seeing that she couldn’t feel any signs in the next bed, he seemed to have taken the child with him.


Duke Ximel’s husband is a person who can crush people with a soft tone and a gentle expression.


‘I understand the comments. People like that are the scariest when you get to know them.’ 


Is it okay for someone like that to know my name?


Was it a good thing to have saved that boy? 


Can’t I tell a story about someone who told me something about a mysterious incident?


‘…But what did he look like?’


Strangely enough, the idea of the man who talked to her was cut off without continuing. 


“Oh, Revinas, you’re here? Did you bring all of Miss Lucette’s luggage?”


“Yes. Mrs. Chelsea is coming too.” 


“Yeah, yeah, You’ve work hard.” 


‘So Rev is here. No wonder he wasn’t around, he must have gone to pick up my Mom.’


She almost felt a little sad because only that boy’s bed was crowded with people. 


“You can leave if you have work. I will protect Luce’s side.” 


“Is that so? Miss Lucette woke up for a moment and then passed out again. As you said, I think I have to go, so please take good care of her.”


“Please take care of her, Revinas.” 




Even that weak Baron must have been very surprised.


The sound of footsteps presumed to belong to the Lord and Yohan faded away. 


Finally, the surrounding calmed down. 


Only complete silence and the cold body temperature of Rev’s hand remained. 


Since Rev had come, she should at least say hello, but as she held his hand, she felt tired.


But Rev’s words immediately stopped the rushing tiredness.


 “I’m sorry.”


Where did the voice that answered people coldly and with a lot of sharp edges goes? He apologized in a low voice. 


‘Why are you sorry? What are you sorry about? If there is no reasonable reason, you did what I said without asking anything. You ran to me in the hall, where no one took care of me.’


“…It’s all because of me.”


‘Why is it because of you?’


“Now…not anymore. I’ll do everything to protect you. I’m gonna erase all the errors.”


‘What do you mean?’


“I’m going to do the right thing, Luce.”


But Luce fell asleep without asking anything.


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