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“What is this?”


A boy with blonde hair like honey and blue eyes?


But for Luce, questions came first before she could appreciate his looks.


What on earth is this child who appeared on the second floor of Rev’s house? 


And why is he weeping in the middle of a second-floor hallway that she is not allowed to enter?


Who is he? 


“You, who are you?”


However, the boy who was supposed to solve the question couldn’t return the answer. 


“I can’t sleep. Uh, huh, ugh. I can’t sleep. Why are you doing this, why….” 


The boy, who was easily hugged by Luce and crying, repeated the same words. 


I can not sleep. I’m sleepy, but I can’t sleep. It’s hard. I don’t know why you’re doing this.


Luce, who couldn’t even touch the boy in her arms and couldn’t throw him away, hurriedly looked around. 


‘I can’t see Rev here either.’


There were several rooms on the second floor, but most of them were locked.


They were probably unlocked with the key Rev always carried.


But two rooms were open.


In one room, Rev’s medicines were visible through a gap in the door, along with a faint blue light. It looked like a medicine cabinet. 


The other room is probably where this boy was.


It was a room with something that looked like a big brown mattress.


Both weren’t wide open, so she couldn’t see inside, but she could tell. There’s no Rev on the second floor.


‘If Rev was here, there’s no way he wouldn’t come out in this mess.’


Except for Rev, who disappeared, only one thing has changed in this house.


“Ugh, I hate it….” 


An unknown boy whose tears are welling up as he grabs the hem of Luce’s clothes.


Was this child the only one with the slightest idea of Rev’s whereabouts? 


But the boy didn’t seem to be in good condition for her to ask him about Rev.


He was weak, had a fever, had watery eyes, was crying a lot, and, most of all, kept talking about himself.


“You can’t sleep?”


“I can’t sleep. It wasn’t like that before. It wasn’t supposed to be… I thought I could sleep here, but why not? Why is there no one?”


‘I’m sorry but am I no one?’


Luce, who had been treated as no one, looked around with a half-bewildered face. 


For now, she felt like they had to get out of this cold place. 


There’s no way he can fall asleep here. 


Luce, who supported the boy who was drooping like wet cotton, moved him to the first floor.


The boy kept mumbling while she laid him down in the spot by the window where Rev always read.


“I’m sleepy, but everyone just tells me to be patient. Nobody helps, nobody. Normally, when I say I can’t sleep to people, they all close their mouths and say I shouldn’t tell others about it. Even if I get angry and cry, they won’t help me, and even my mother says the same thing, so what on earth is she asking me to do….” 


“Okay, I got it. I can’t understand what you’re saying, so lie down for now.”


When Luce came to this house, she always brought a blanket and leaned down to cover it.


“You want to sleep, but you can’t sleep?”


“Yes, ugh.”


“Don’t cry and talk slowly. You’re tired and not feeling well, and you think you need to sleep right away, but you can’t sleep when you lie down, right?”


The struggling boy nodded.


“It takes a long time to fall asleep, and you wake up easily even if you barely fall asleep?”


“Eung. Ung.”


“It’s not solved by drinking warm milk or reading other people’s fairy tales, is it?”


“I’m sick of milk now!”


She knew at once.


What this boy experience is a typical symptom of insomnia.


It takes him a long time to fall asleep, and when he does, he doesn’t get a good night’s sleep, so he has nightmares or wakes up quickly at the sound of a small noise.


If he can’t sleep, he inevitably becomes sensitive, and if he becomes sensitive, the vicious cycle of not being able to sleep more repeats.


Luce, who was thinking, asked cautiously.


“Have you ever taken medicine?”


“They don’t let me take the medicine.”


“Why? Do you have a chronic disease?”


“Chronic disease?”


“Oh, is there a place where it hurts?”


“No, I’m not. I’m healthy. I’m very, very healthy! It doesn’t hurt!”


Even in situations where unconsciousness and consciousness are mixed, the answer comes out without hesitation.


It was an almost obsessive answer. Rather than really being healthy, he believes that he’s healthy. 


At first glance, this child seems to have a nervous breakdown due to insomnia, but he clearly doesn’t know his condition properly.


“But don’t take the medicine…I can’t even talk about drugs. Why can’t I just eat it, why? I want to take medicine too.” 


“Yeah, yeah. Okay.” 


Luce, who was roughly accepting the word, looked at the boy.


What does it mean that he can’t take medicine while wearing clothes with expensive jewels hanging from them?


It will never be without saving.


There was something in her mind. Luce, who was looking around, found a familiar box and opened it. 


“What are you doing?”


It was an emergency medicine box that she gave Rev as a gift.


After rummaging through the box, Luce returned to the boy with water.


The expression on the boy’s face was obvious as he looked at the pill and water.


He doesn’t know what it is, but he thinks it’s a medicine that makes him sleep, so he want to take it quickly.


Still, he half thought that he should know what this was with a minimum of reason. 


Luce, who lowered her body, explained lightly. 


“It’s a medicine that helps you sleep. It’s made with rat pee and a lot of stuff….” 


“Rat pee?!”


“Ah, I should have said the name I use here.”


Only then did Luce enter the eyes of the boy, who was startled and backed away in shock at the word “rat pee.” 


He was just sleepy, and since he wasn’t in the imperial palace, he didn’t care much who was in front of him because he thought no one would scold or watch him. 


As long as he left the imperial palace, there was no one higher than himself, the prince, so he didn’t need to be polite.


But the woman in front of him with red hair and green eyes. 


‘She looks familiar.’


But now, the shock of the word “rat pee” came first. 


“I’m not saying that rat pee went in, but that’s the name of the grass. Just because it’s mom’s hand pie doesn’t mean mom’s hand is in.”


“Mom’s hand!?”


“Damn it. You know Meat Loaf? Loaf means bread, but that food is not really bread. It just made the meat look like bread. That’s right, a name is just a name.”


After successfully explaining, Luce looked at the boy.


The boy, who had been thinking for a long time, hesitated and asked.


“Can I eat it?”


“Mhm. It’s made with herbal ingredients only. You can trust it because I made it myself.”


“Made…. You made it yourself?” 


“That’s right.” 


“…Are you a witch?”

‘As expected.’


Just as she thought. 


Clearly, this child, who was probably the Young Master of a noble household, had grown up in a conservative family that thought medicine was a wizarding legacy. 


He says he wants to take medicine but hesitates when she gives it to him.


‘Maybe he doesn’t trust me because this is the first time we’ve met.’ 


Luce shook her head and looked at the still hesitant boy.


“I am not a witch. If I were a real witch, instead of giving medicine to a crying and noisy kid, I would have put a spell on you to keep your mouth shut. Don’t you think so?” 


“…Nobody can do that to me.”


“Oh, well, whatever. Anyway, if you’re anxious, I’ll try it in front of you. So you should try it too. Got it?”


Luce, who had swallowed one of the pills, shrugged her shoulders proudly.


The boy carefully took medicine from Luce’s hand and swallowed it. 


The boy, who mumbled with a frown on his face, murmured.


“I thought it would be bitter, but it’s a bit sour.”


“I also added cherry extract called Xinyang cherry.”


“I’m not sleepy even though I ate.”


“If you feel sleepy right after eating, is that poison or medicine? Just relax a little and wait.”


The brow, which had been narrowed as much as possible, slowly widened at those words.


Talking to an insomniac doesn’t help.


Luce wanted to ask many questions, but she was a little bothered by this boy, who seemed Angel’s age at most.


‘How hard and painful it must have been not to be able to sleep, so you would have asked to help you when you saw me for the first time. I guess I’m weak to someone who’s sick or in bad condition.’


Luce thought as she scratched the back of her neck and pulled her knees up to hug her legs.


‘First, I’ll go to sleep and ask him when I wake up. Why are you here? What is your relationship with Rev, and what is he doing?’ 


She must have seen him somewhere but couldn’t remember who it was.


Rather than his face, the mantle the boy was wearing was somewhat familiar.


A black cloak tinged with blue.


Where in the world did she see this?


While she was thinking hard, she heard a small breathing sound.


‘He must have fallen asleep.’


Luce, who was quietly and silently looking at the child, raised the blanket to the tip of his neck and covered it.


Still, it seems he fell asleep earlier than expected?


While thinking, Luce realized that drowsiness was coming to her as well.


‘I also took medicine. Besides, I didn’t sleep well… When I close my eyes, I keep thinking about that day.’


The assassin’s body, whose face was half blown off, was a sight she wouldn’t forget until the end of her life. 


The blood spreads slowly, and the screams of the frightened people are still vivid.


‘Will Rev be okay? He must have seen something like that for the first time.’ 


She doesn’t know why everything turns to Rev whenever she thinks about it.


Luce, who was bent over uncomfortably, soon fell into a deep sleep. 

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