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Even after washing off the dye, the color of the hair remained the same.


“Mom, I think you were scammed. Who did you buy this from?” 


“It says that your hair color changes when you look at the sunlight. It’s one day with short hair, so it’ll probably take two to three days with your hair.” 


It’s not that they dye their hair right away, but they have to see the sunlight to change their hair color? 


It seems that dyes that change when exposed to light were used.


She doesn’t know if it’s over-technology due to magic engineering or the lack of technology that can be dyed at once, but it’s a strange thing anyway. 


“How long will this last?”


“They say it’s forever unless you use a special neutralizing.” 


“Forever–?! Is that possible?” 


“The product must have come out because it is possible.”


‘It’s over technology. Is it even destroying melanin at all? Can I use this on my head?’


Luce looked suspiciously at Chelsea, who was packing her suitcase while brushing her hair to dry. It was too bulky for a bag to be taken on a short outing. 


“Why are you packing such a big bag, Mom?”


“When traveling, the bigger the bag, the better.”


“Just looking at this, it looks like a moving bag. What kind of book do you put in this? Can I take this?”


“If you suddenly asked me if you were learning pharmacology or something, would you say, ‘I’m still learning, so I don’t know’? I hate seeing my daughter look like a fool. And why worry about dragging your bag? Rev or someone will carry it to the carriage.”


Her mother is good at pretending not to know everything.


Pharmacology or something, Rev or someone.


She usually uses that tone when talking about something she doesn’t particularly like rather than something she really likes.


She knew she didn’t like pharmacology very much, but she wondered if her mom was originally like that to Rev?


As she tilted her head, a sharp gaze flew by.


“It’s dripping, so go dry it somewhere else.”


“Ack, okay.”


Chelsea looked at Luce’s back as she left sullenly, and then secretly slipped a small pocket into the deepest part of her bag.








He was about to turn off the lights in Luce’s room and leave.


Luce spoke.


“I mean about Dad.”


“…What about Lawrence?”


“Where did he hurt?”


The child’s expression was not visible.


Chelsea answered briefly.


“A lot here and there.”


“For example?”


“It’s safe to say that he had all the pain except menstrual cramps.” 




“Why, do you think Lawrence had a genetic disease?”


“It’s not like that. I am very healthy because I look like mom. Since I’m studying pharmacology these days… it reminded me of my dad. I thought it must have hurt a lot and he must have had a hard time.”


Chelsea looked at Luce, who was mumbling at the end of her words and gave a short reply again.


“It was true that it hurt, but it wasn’t hard.”




I was the one who had a hard time.


“Mmh. Your father was a very strong man.”


“That’s a relief.” 


Chelsea, who melted and swallowed the word, pulled the doorknob. 


“Stop talking nonsense and go to sleep. You have to get up early tomorrow to be on time, you know?”


“Mmhm, I know!”


“Mom can’t see you off because I have to leave quickly because of the opening time. Get up on your own. Do you understand?” 




Chelsea closed the door.


After waiting in front of Luce’s door for some time, Chelsea quietly opened the door.


Chelsea, who was staring at her daughter’s sleeping face in the moonlight, walked out silently and closed the door.


A portrait of Lawrence was caught in Chelsea’s eyes coming down to the first floor.


“…I will keep my promise.”


Muttering, she went out the door.


Passing by the cat wandering around, she arrived at a small house on the mountainside with a raspberry tree.


Knock, knock.


“Ah, Luce. I thought you were asleep…”


The boy who suddenly opened the door looked bewildered at first sight.


Of course it matters. Because Chelsea had never been here alone before.


It was when the boy’s head tilted lightly, blinking his eyes as if to guess her thoughts.


“I know who you are, Revinas.”


The moment she saw his expression harden in an instant, Chelsea was even more certain.


That’s why she came tonight.


There was a story to be told quietly and secretly.


“Let’s go in. I have something to tell you.”


The door is closed.


And for a very long time, Rev’s door didn’t open.




“What? Knight Franz is coming together?”


The carriage sent by the Duke of Ximel stopped in front of the Lord’s castle.


It was fine until Yohan and Franz came together and ordered Rodante’s regional products to be loaded.


She wondered if the pumpkin in the trunk at the back of the wagon was too fairy-tale, but it wasn’t bad.


But wasn’t Franz getting on the carriage first?


“Yeah, is there a problem?”


“No, there’s no problem, but I asked because I was curious why you were going.”


Franz laughed and waved his hand. 


“I heard you said you could bring your parents or friends if you wanted? It’s a very big carriage, so there’s plenty of room, so it’s good for one more person to go.” 


But he’s neither her parent nor her friend. Luce grumbled inwardly.


It was a bit of an exhausting answer for Luce, who was planning to go there while talking with Rev, but it wasn’t waste to look after her superiors in her previous life. 


This is a very shallow and vague answer.


Considering Franz’s temperament, he is not a person to turn it around, but seeing him like that,  it seemed like he had a reason not to talk about it in a crowd of people.


As expected, Franz opened his mouth as soon as the carriage started, and the people disappeared from sight.


“It’s not for a big reason.”


The coachman and attendant belonged to the Duke of Ximel. 


Franz muttered low enough that they couldn’t hear them.


“Anyway, there was an assassination attempt on that princess. The culprit is caught, but the person behind it is unknown. So, from the position of His Excellency, it must have been a little uneasy to send only two children. He asked me to come with you in case something happened. Since I caught the culprit, I have a reason to go with you.” 


“Aha, so… aren’t you taking up your time when you’re busy?”


“It’s all right. I’m free. There’s still a little time left to wander.”


Luce smiled for a moment, thinking of Angel, who repeatedly mispronounced the Wandering Knight. 


Where did the small talk go? Franz soon started talking boldly.


“Did you both do well today? Lucette and Revinas.”


It was as he said.


Luce was in a state of concern today. She took out pretty clothes and ironed them hard so that there were no wrinkles.


Rev was the same.


He didn’t seem to know how to style his hair yet, so his bangs remained the same, but he only wore clothes that Luce said were pretty.


It must be because he is going to the powerful Duke family, right? 


However, what was surprising was that he wore green lenses instead of glasses this time, too.


‘I don’t know how the Duke’s people are, but anyway, the outside looks pretty gentle and cultured, so it didn’t seem like she’s a great person who discriminate based on eye color openly.  Besides, that blonde boy had red eyes, right?’


Thinking about it, Luce concluded that Rev seemed comfortable with that side. 


Franz’s gaze at Rev, pretending not to be, was unnoticed.


“How long will it take to the Duke of Ximel? I heard it takes about three days by carriage.” 


Franz laughed at what was funny about that, even though it was just a pure question. 


Perhaps because of his size and loudness, his laughter rang through the carriage.


Ugh, her ear hurts. Luce, who was fiddling with her ear, looked at Rev. 


He said with the shape of his mouth.


‘Half a day.’


Half a day?


“Phew, how did you get from Ximel to Rodante if it took three days? Half a day is enough.” 


She couldn’t believe it even when she heard it.


Could this carriage’s horse be something like a pegasus or a unicorn?


Luce was seriously troubled.


“It’s not like Ximel’s horse are so fast.” 


Does Franz actually have a mind reading?


Luce was seriously troubled for the second time.


Franz laughed as if Luce was cute.


“Oh my, what should I do with this country girl? Revinas, why didn’t you explain it to Lucette?”




Rev, who had been looking at Franz with emotionless eyes for a while, opened his mouth.  


“In a city developed like Ximel, there are magic engineers who work exclusively under the lord, Luce. Depending on the needs of the Lord, magic engineering products are produced and provided, and the first thing they make is usually an engineering product that speeds up the carriage. There are engineering items that can be forcibly awakened by attaching them to horses, and there are also items that modify the wagon wheel’s rotational shaft. There are many types.


“Then what about this carriage?” 


“It looks like an electron.”


So, is it that the horse is forced to run fast?


Given its fast speed, putting it on a horse makes sense.


Even if they put it on a wheel, if the horse slows down or rests, the horse is sandblasted.


However, if the three days were to be shortened to half a day, the horse would suffer tremendously—.


Luce frowned. She wondered if it would be better if the horse suffered less, even if it was a little slow rather than fast.


Or develop a motor.


It was an unwelcome advance in technology.


“I feel sorry for the horse, isn’t it?”


She talked to Rev, but Franz stole the answer.


“What can I do with these guys who were born to pull carriages?” 


Ha, this is why people with high status are uncomfortable.


Luce answered as politely and moderately as possible.


“Horses were not born to pull carriages. A horse is just an animal that runs through the fields eating grass.”


“Well, that’s a theoretical thing that anyone can say. As long as we raise them, we can’t help but consider efficiency.”


“I think it is the role of a person to think about whether there is a way to make a horse happy even a little bit as much as it deprives it of its freedom.”


“That is an interesting opinion.”


Franz just said that and laid himself down.


In other words, that attitude was an expression that it was right, but he didn’t want to admit it.


Luce, who secretly glared at Franz, lowered her gaze.


It would have been better if Yohan had come. Or she could just go with Rev.


Luce felt a little uncomfortable in the soft and comfortable carriage. 


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