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“Do you have any requirements?”


Franz, a wandering knight, changes masters every time.


The reason why he gets a higher salary the more he goes through is because of his career, but more than anything else, it’s because of the information he gets from shooting all over the empire.


It means that the more he knows, the higher he will be treated. 


Franz thought that Rev would be the illegitimate son of a nobleman.


Therefore, he tried to find out what kind of family this guy was and why he hid in Xenon Village and added it to the information he knew. He certainly was.


So, there was nothing to ask for from the person named Revinas itself.


He just had to find out.


But looking at those words and this calm expression—.


“If there is?”


Could there be something to be gained?


Such as settlements. Things like the position of a life peer like his father, Baron Felice. 


However, Revinas, who was looking at Franz, shook his head.


“Give up.”


Franz was confused.


His sword, which had pierced his heart, suddenly slipped away. 


However, the words that followed further confused Franz. 


“Don’t say who I am.”


“Why should I do that?”


“Because I don’t feel worthy of hiding and keeping you a secret.”


‘Don’t tell me more about me. The more you know, the more dangerous it is’ was a phrase he had heard many times. 


But they were mostly just bluffing. At first glance, it looked like they were just bluffing.


In other words, it was only a thin veil that could be noticed by the trembling at the end of the word and the frightened expression.


But how can this guy be so sure?


“Take care of the arrangement.”


He had no intention of waiting for Franz, who was immersed in doubt. 


Turning around, Rev headed towards the mansion first.


Franz did not move from the spot until the cigarette on the tip of his lips burned out.




Luce sighed secretly as she dipped her nose into the water.


She didn’t expect the maid to come with her to the bath.


She hasn’t done anything with her hands, not even taken off her clothes, washed herself, or drank the water prepared to keep her from dehydrating.


‘If I possessed a noble lady, would I have been happy and used to this? …Ugh, no. Even if I possessed as a princess, I would have felt burdened by this. I think this kind of character doesn’t suit me in the first place.’


It felt like a doll in a dress-up game.


She wants to wash up quickly and go out, so she rubs her skin in the soapy water, but she hears footsteps.


“Oh my, Miss. Please leave it to me. What makes you uncomfortable?” 


“Louise, can I be alone for a while? I want to wash my private parts or blow my nose.”


“It is my role to help with all of that! Just say something!”


It wasn’t that she wasn’t the maid who introduced herself as Louise, but she really seemed to take pride in her work.


If she had to kick her out, she could kick her out, but it was clear that she would be heartbroken.


She reluctantly gave her shoulder to Louise, who was holding the shower ball, and she said, trying to hide the tickle she felt.


“Who is coming to the banquet today?”


“The Duke of Ximel’s husband has decided to greet you personally. It will be a very big banquet, so you can look forward to it, Miss.”


It’s the man she saw then.


Seeing that only the Duke’s husband was coming, his wife, the Duke, seemed busy with outside work.


Come to think of it, is the boy who came then okay?


“How is the boy? Is he okay?” 


“A boy…?” 


“Why, there is a blond-haired boy wearing glasses. He is a little shorter than me.” 


Louise, who had a puzzled expression, suddenly came to her senses. 


“Oh my, yes, of course. And I’m sure he’ll appreciate it, too.”


Wasn’t the answer just a little late?


Louise’s hand, which was rubbing the shower ball, turned white.


She seemed terrified that anyone would have noticed that she had made a slip of the tongue. 


After looking at her for a while, Luce cleared her throat.


“Have you been here a long time, Louise?”


“I haven’t been here in a while. I think about a year?”


‘She’s new. Could I try to coax her?’


Luce decided to gossip quietly, pretending she didn’t know. 


Gossiping was Luce’s specialty.


“I saw it on the way, and there were many strange things. I’ve been living in Xenon Village for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve been to such a big and bustling place. I thought it would be okay to work and live here if I could.” 


“Ah, is that so? I’m not originally from this place, so I was very surprised when I first came, Miss.”


“Where did you originally live?”


“The Viscount Vismilla’s territory. It’s about a day’s walk east from here to the place.”


“Then you got a job in a foreign land by yourself at a young age? That’s amazing.”


Louise’s hand loosened slightly as she smiled shyly.


“What do you mean amazing…” 


“No, it’s really amazing. What’s easy about maid work? I don’t think anything will be easy. To clean this large mansion and to do all the laundry for so many people. It’s hard to serve the superiors. You have to keep an eye on them and make them happy.”


“I guess you’re right…?” 


“The Baron of Rodante I live with is a very easy-going person, but sometimes I realize it. It’s because he has a high status. I’m a commoner from the bottom of my bones, so it’s very difficult to deal with superiors and aristocrats. Louise, are you good at that?”


“Oh my, no. I am also a commoner, and I am learning while getting scolded by the princess.”


‘A princess.’


Luce, who blinked, kept talking as casually as possible.


“What should I be careful about? Actually, I’m a little worried about today’s banquet. What if I get scolded for not being polite because I am a commoner from the countryside?”


“Haha, no. No matter how Miss behaves, the Duke’s husband will look upon it with prettiness. You are a benefactor who saved a princess who was about to be attacked, but what can he say if you confuse the order of holding a fork or eating food?”


‘As expected.’


Louise hesitated because the person on the verge of being assassinated was the ‘princess’, not a ‘boy’.


Seeing that she hides the fact, it must mean that she visited Rodante for personal reasons that she couldn’t disclose it to her as her life safer. 


Luce, who had been chatting about other topics for a long time so that Louise wouldn’t notice, could find out a few more facts. 


‘She said that the Duke wasn’t absent but that she was meeting with someone inside the Duke’s residence. When her business is over, she might appear at the banquet for a while. And the Duke’s husband was more fond of me because I was sending back the gift, damn it.’


She should have kept the gold coins if this was the case. 


Luce shook her head, thinking of Yohan whining when he saw her, saying his back still hurt.


‘I’d rather make them lose interest in me for the last time today. Make him think I’m not someone they need to worry about.’


After thinking, that was the conclusion she came to.


‘They may be thankful for me, but the reason they invited me like this isn’t just because they’re grateful. Maybe it’s just an idea to see how far I know. They wondered if I might have noticed that the boy was actually a princess dressed as a man for some reason or just to make sure I wouldn’t brag about the assassination attempt.’ 


If so, she had a certain position to take.


‘A country girl who doesn’t know the world. The fact that the Duke herself gave me a banquet to welcome me was a great joy, so I would be happy to keep it a secret. A determined innocent lady.’


It just seemed appropriate.


‘But why did they say I could bring my family or friends? Do they want to check how far the people around me know?… About Franz, well, since he’s a wandering knight, he must be well aware of the physiology of nobles, and he’s also in the standpoint of Baron, so he’ll act sensibly, but Rev…’


If their purpose is to check the people around her, they will definitely check Rev as well.


Rev should also look like an ordinary country boy so that her actions have justification—.


Luce groaned.


No matter how she thinks about it, Rev’s attitude, appearance, and knowledge are far beyond that of an ordinary boy. 


‘Should I have a small accident on my line, so they don’t focus on Rev?’ 


Should she drop some plates in the middle of the banquet? Should she spill some juice on the clothes?


Luce, who thought of various ways, clapped her hands.


‘My bag!’


A bag that Chelsea put a lot of things in.


There was definitely an answer in it.


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  1. Well Luce you will definitely one answer in your bag, but it’s not to the question you’ve asked… And you’ll have a bunch more questions about why your mom packed a bag to let you live there in hiding for months…