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Duke Ximel laughed lightly as she looked down at the letter with the Empress Consort’s seal on it.


「I express my deep regret for the unfortunate incident that Princess Alois suffered.


I wish you a speedy recovery, and I have enclosed a gift from my family, so please accept it without hesitation.


Then see you soon. I hope that I will be able to meet Princess Alois, who has become healthier.」


‘Even after hearing the news of the attempted assassination, she still ignores it.’


It’s an unexpected letter.


What the hell happened to the Empress Consort for blindly pushing the Prince’s wife selection?


As a Duke who knew what kind of person an Empress Consort usually was, she didn’t understand her attitude at all.


‘I tried contacting the Empress Consort’s family, but they didn’t know anything about the Empress Consort who had changed.’


How should she put it? Like the ghost of a wizard—.


The Duke laughed and raised her head.


She could see a man who was doing something as if he had committed a crime.


It was Colette, the imperial court etiquette teacher whom the Duke had appeased and planted.


The Duke, who had folded the letter without regret, beckoned him.


“What about the imperial palace? Is there anything different from what I know?”


“No, Your Highness. The strained atmosphere over the past few years has only gotten worse as it got worse, but it doesn’t seem to be resolved. It’s no different from a cold place.”


“What about His Majesty?”


“…It’s still the same.”


“What about Prince Delmar? You’ll know better than anyone else because you’ve seen it near you.”


“There is a story… that His Highness Prince Delmar told me recently.”


Colette, who was looking around when no one was watching, tried to open his mouth.


Perhaps he wasn’t relieved by the whispering, but what he brought was paper and a pen.


「The rumor seems to be true.」


“There should be one or two rumors in the Imperial Palace.”


「Do you know? That, the missing mistress of His Majesty the Emperor… the woman with dark hair.」


“Rumors that she became a ghost after she died and wandered around the palace? Or the rumor that she sobs on top of the tower on thunderous nights?”


「No! Rumor has it that there was a son between her and His Majesty!」


Collette couldn’t tell if the Duke of Ximel’s silence when she looked at the paper was because it was surprising or because she already knew it. 


“Can you be sure?”


「Yes. Prince Delmar says…」


The Duke, who was looking at Collette, who was taking the ink of the pen, trembling with some fear, raised her hand and took the paper away. And threw it into the fire.


“I promise there will be no leaks of conversation here. Even so, if you want to have a conversation by writing, can I assume that the Viscount thinks I can’t even manage a conversation like this?” 


Collette, who made a tearful face, opened his mouth as if being forced. 


He recited the conversation he had with Delmar that day.


‘The eldest son has to get engaged first—’ After saying that, the face of Prince Delmar, who had hurriedly sent Colette away, caught his eye.


This is why children’s education should be done steadily and surely.


If they do something wrong, all the secrets of the family may leak out due to a careless child. 


Duke Ximel, who had been quietly pondering Colette’s words, muttered,


“If that’s true, the Empress Consort must be in a pretty difficult situation. yes?”


“Yes, she will.” 


“But that is just speculation. It’s just a guess that the Prince, whom no one knew about, may appear and try to take her son’s place. The Empress Consort is not a person who moves on speculation. Even though she is strangely stubborn these days, if she were that stupid, she couldn’t have survived on the Emperor’s side all this time.”   


Collette, who hesitated without being able to reply to quite irreverent words, doubted his ears.


“But if you were sure, it would be different. If you’re sure you’ll add weight to the speculation about her…” 


At first glance, Duke Ximel’s eyes looked strange as she kept talking.


“If the rumors about the mistress and son are true, then other rumors may be true as well, aren’t they?”


“Yes? What rumors are you talking about?”


“There are rumors that ghosts are playing tricks beside the Emperor.”


The weak Viscount Collette began to tremble more violently at the word of a ghost.


Of course, Collette knew the rumor about the ghost. It was more of a legend than a rumor.


It is said that ‘something’ that sticks like a shadow to the Emperor of Vladin unconditionally follows the orders of the Emperor and takes care of the royal family’s secret affairs. 


But no one has seen the face of such a faithful subject. There is a curse on it that will make them unhappy whenever they talk about him, or their skin and bones will overlap like a skull, making them look horrible. 


Even if it is not the imperial palace, there are always legends about ghosts or the figure statues in old buildings.


However, seeing that the Duke of Ximel, who seemed the furthest away from the bizarre rumor, was taking it seriously, Viscount Colette was somehow more horrified.


‘But how could something like a ghost exist?’


Raising his trembling head, Ximel said calmly.


“I’ll visit the Imperial Palace soon, Colette. I’m afraid I’ll have to visit His Majesty.”


“Not Her Highness the Empress Consort, but His Majesty?” 


“Yeah. You can go.” 


After sending Colette back, the Duke went to the room of Alois, her daughter. 


She talked to her daughter while stroking her hair while she sat like a doll. 


“Have you heard that the child who saved you is here? To be precise, the anonymous boy, not you.” 


“Yes, Mother.” 


“Would you like to go see her?” 


“No. It’s fine.” 


The Duke smiled broadly.


“Alois, my daughter. I am not asking your doctor.”


“….I know. I know, but I’m just saying I don’t want to go.”


“Get up.”


She is truly a huge, endless wall-like person.


She can’t be caught no matter what she does.


When the will is the same, it is extremely strong, but when the will is different, it is an impregnable wall that can never be captured.


Alois hurriedly stood up.


She followed the Duke to the Third Banquet Hall.


From beyond the door came the voice of a girl about her age.


“I was on my way to Franz by bending down. As you know, there was a sudden blackout. I was so surprised that the light suddenly went out… I just grabbed the person next to me.”


It’s a voice that sounds very timid.


“That was the man who came with His Highness…That’s why I said that what I did was nothing, and Sir Franz did everything.” 


The Duke, who had been quietly listening to the story, looked down at Alois.


“Is it the same as what you know?”


Alois nodded.


“Yes. That’s right.”


“If you listen to the voice, it sounds like the truth.”


“Because that’s right.”


The Duke beckoned, and the guard pushed on the door. 


She sees a woman with a red face. It was a familiar face. It was the girl who caught her.


She sees a man with a rough appearance. This is also a familiar face. It was the knight that caught and pressed the culprit.


She sees a man with black hair and green eyes.


…Is it also a familiar face?


Alois paused.




[Please talk to me guys: Actually, the most beautiful woman in the world is not a male lead, but a female lead… There is no direct description of the female lead’s appearance, but it seems that all the people who get involved with the female lead are in love with the female lead (Like 81)


└ But when you think about how fate was ruined because of that beauty…ㅠㅠ


└ It’s unique personality.


└ I think she’ll be very pure, and they’ll want to protect her, and I wish the female lead would come out alone, not in R-19 illustrations… I want to see her, I will hold my breath and wait until the female lead comes out.


└└ Is she alive?


└└└ No, she’s dead.


She could tell through intuition.


Even though the Duke, about whom Louise had warned her so much, was there, the girl who was drawing everyone’s attention like she was possessed was the princess.


But why did the comments come to mind when she was looking at the princess? Because she’s beautiful?


‘I definitely saw it in the preview of the first book. There was a description that the female protagonist had white blonde hair…’


She was small and very thin.


As someone said, the doll-like princess, who looked pure and they wanted to protect, looked somewhat surprised. 


Luce, who followed her gaze, widened her eyes.


‘Is she looking at Rev?’


Luce, who had blinked her eyes, nodded in agreement.


‘It’s strange if you don’t get surprised when you see Rev’s bare face.’


Still, it was fortunate that the Duke and princess arrived after the story was over.


Luce was relieved inwardly.


“Ah, wife. These are the guests from Rodante.”


“Nice to meet you, Your Highness the Duke.”


“As you can see, this is Her Highness the Duke, and this is my daughter Alois.” 


“Nice to meet you, Princess.”


“Let’s sit down.”


The Duke sat at the head of the table, and the princess sat across from Franz.


After greeting them, Luce looked down at her hands.


The red spots were coming up little by little. This is enough.


Luce cut a large slice of the baked pie with seafood, which she had never eaten before, and swallowed it.


As if to show off the traces of food, she also left traces of sauce on the plate. 


“I thought it would be nice to have dinner together. It’s a bit late, right?”


“No. The meal has just begun for small talk, wife.” 


“Small talk, like what?” 


“Miss Lucette told me about what had happened that day. It was a very interesting story.”


“Ah, I was curious too, so that’s good.”


‘Don’t tell me.’


“If the story isn’t over, how about continuing? You can tell me from the beginning.”


‘Hey, you crazy people!’


You want me to say that again? Like this?


Are you treating me like a storyteller?


Rather, isn’t there too little awareness of trauma here?


‘That princess, you’re the one who went through that! You’re the kid who almost died that day!’


The second problem is that she has to act twice and lay the iron plate.


She couldn’t talk about that day again with the person in front of me. It is the realm of conscience.


‘I’m so glad I brought it.’


What Luce applied to her hands was oak moss extract.


When used in small amounts, it is used to add aroma, but it can also cause allergies.


Luce, who is from a mountain village and is not familiar with seafood, suffers from a seafood allergy that she didn’t know about.


This was the ‘small accident’ that Luce thought of.


It’s an allergy problem, so they can just let it go because she wasn’t expecting it, and it’s also a personal characteristic problem, so the attendants who prepared the meal aren’t at risk. 


Most of all, there was a beginner’s antidote in the bag to alleviate the allergy, so there was no need to worry. 


Luce scratched her arm with a troubled smile and gritted teeth. The spots on her hands were gradually spreading, so they just had to see them!


It was just when she was going to raise her arm.


“Your Highness.” 


A bitterly cold voice penetrated the silence.


“The story is over.”


It belongs to Rev.


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