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“Haa, ha…” 


When she saw that Alois was breathing heavily, Luce ran out.


Searching through her bag and wardrobe, she was able to find what she was looking for.


“For now, this! Put it on your face and breathe only with this!”


“Haa, haa, get it away!”


“You’re hyperventilating right now, so you have to breathe only with this. Even if it looks like it’s going to be suffocating, it’s not. It’s caused by a drop in carbon dioxide concentration, so it might help if you breathe your own breath again…” 


‘Oh, what am I explaining? She can’t even understand.’


“Don’t say anything for now and just put your face on this paper bag!”


She must have hyperventilated for the first time because she waved her hand in protest when the paper bag was pushed in. 


After holding Alois by the shoulder and handing her the paper bag, Luce spoke slowly. 


“Now, don’t think about anything else, just focus on your breathing. Exhale, inhale. Exhale, inhale.”


“Uh, ugh.”


“Slow down, Princess. Exhale, inhale. You can rest assured. I’ve done this a lot too. So, the princess can do it too.”


It’s a very strange thing.


Like the little boy she met at Rev’s house, and Princess Alois. Even though she initially hated it, if she told them that she also had that experience, they would still listen.


The paper bag, which had been going up and down quickly and irregularly, was very slight, but she was gradually regaining her normal frequency.


Following Luce’s words, the blood slowly returned to Alois’s fingertips, which had been exhaling and inhaling for a long time.


Carefully opening the paper bag, Luce looked at her.


Her skin, which was so pale and blue that it looked like bleached paper, has gone back to its normal, slightly pale color.


“That’s a relief. Are you okay?”


“What is this…” 


Alois, who was stroking her stomach, made a face that was half distressed and half confused.


“It’s called hyperventilation, and it often happens to people who are anxious or nervous. Difficulty breathing, dizziness, numb fingertips. Is that right?”


“You, how do you know this?”


‘When I was a newcomer in society, I often experienced it because of the shooter who caught people like a mouse.’


“Because of a very scary teacher, I was like that too. My heart races just by hearing her footsteps, and on the day I go to see the teacher, there are times when I get dizzy and sit down on the street. I felt like I couldn’t breathe as well as the princess had just experienced and someone was blocking my lungs. At that time, a passer-by helped me, so I knew how to do it.”



Alois, who had squeezed and opened her hand a few times with an unreal expression, squeezed the hem of her dress. 


“Scary teacher…?” 


“Yes. She doesn’t talk to me, and when I say it with courage, she ignores me every day. She didn’t teach me properly, but if I made a mistake, she scolded me to the point I would cry. She even scolded me for something completely unrelated, such as not liking the color of my shoes or why I ate something like that for lunch.”


Alois’s bloodless lips twisted.


Luce thought, keeping her seat without adding more words.


‘It’s strange that she’s fine.’


She may not have fully recovered from the shock of being attacked not long ago.


She didn’t know the Duke and the Duke’s husband very well, but as she smiled at her today, she thought it might have been the same for her daughter.


Furthermore, because she is an aristocrat, she must have been educated to be patient rather than express her emotions.


Then, suddenly, the sound of a knock sparked tension.


‘She must have come without the Duke’s and her husband’s knowledge.’


The sound of the knock must have scared her because she came without telling anyone.


At least her suspicions that she might have been ordered by the Duke’s couple were cleared away. 


Above all, if she had come at the order of the Duke’s couple, she wouldn’t have revealed that she was the boy first. 


‘The reason she came all this way despite enduring extreme stress and anxiety is to ask about Rev.’


It was still impossible to hastily judge the princess. 


She didn’t know why she wanted to ask about Rev, and she wondered why she didn’t tell the Duke’s couple since they already knew everything. 


But looking at the pale Alois, she thought it would be okay to postpone her judgment a little.


‘It’s hard to be harsh with a sick person.’


The squatting Luce rummaged through her bag.


“Would you like some?”


“What is this?”


“Chamomile extract and gardenia extract. I don’t know gardenia, but have you ever tried chamomile as a tea? If you drink it when you are anxious, it has a calming effect. They are extracted and compressed from there. I didn’t add anything more or mix it.”




“If you don’t like what I’m giving you, you don’t have to eat it, but make sure to eat chamomile tea and bananas on a regular basis. It will help with any anxiety symptoms.”


It was when she pulled her hand back.


“No, give it. I will try it.”


“Would you like to?”


“You’ve helped me twice, there’s no way you will kill me the third time.”


“That’s right, I can’t do that because it’s a pity that I saved you until now.”


Contrary to the bloody jokes that came and went, Alois carefully took the medicine.


As she examined the pills closely, she took the two pills at once.


“My heart is still beating fast.”


“So, if the condition changes as soon as you eat it, it’s poison not a medicine. Please wait a little longer.”


What the hell do people in this country think of pharmacology? 


It seemed that it would be difficult to change perceptions in a short period of time without launching a national project.


There is a long way to go.


“Yes, I am studying pharmacology.”


The corners of Alois’ lips rose slightly.


“You lie so well that it’s hard to tell if you’re serious or lying.”


“If you thought it might be a lie, why did you eat what I offered you? What if I was the one who was only looking for a third chance?”


“…I don’t know.” 


Maybe that’s what she wanted, she doesn’t know.


Alois, swallowing her words, thought that the first and second causes were her mother, the Duke.


The low-set eyes looked very sad, so Luce didn’t talk to her and just waited.


“Your friend Revinas.”




“He’s not from Rodante, right?” 


Luce answered plainly.


“I don’t know either.”




“Really. I don’t know. It’s not like I’ve known him since birth, how do I know where he’s from?”


“You didn’t even ask?”


“I am a person who has never been anywhere except Rodante Estate until yesterday. I don’t care what territory is in which region. It’s not easy to be interested in something you don’t know very well.”


Maybe Rev was born in Rodante before she was possessed.


Alois’s face showed some doubt.


It was sincere when she heard it, but the record of lying was so colorful that she couldn’t seem to clear her doubts. 


“And, even if I knew, I couldn’t tell the princess.”


“You mean a lie.”


“No, it just means that I don’t like to hand over my friends’ secrets to other people in their absence. I believe my friend will too.”


Luce whispered to Alois, who had been hit by a blow.


“If you’re really curious, just ask him. That’s a way to know for sure.” 


“That… I can’t.” 


‘Did she fall in love at first sight?’


Or that the gory-minded Duke couple hates their daughter talking to men?


Whether it was the former or the latter, it was a bitter guess.




“You didn’t tell me either, so I won’t tell you either.”


“You have a rather cheap side.”


“What can I do?”


Alois smiled slightly as Luce echoed what she had just said.


Even for herself as a woman, she had a pure smile like a lily of the valley.


Alois was ready to go out if Rev’s social status was the only reason to ask.


She cautiously opened the door and looked out, then turned around with ‘Ah’.


Alois, who was hesitant, said softly.


“…By any chance, if you want to tell me about your friend.”


‘I don’t think that’s going to happen, but.’


“Please contact me through the Brut merchant. You just need to find someone named Patricia…She never tells anyone else.”


“I’ll refer to it for now.”


“So you won’t be contacting me in the near future.”


“Maybe for the rest of my life.”


Unlike when she greeted her, she was able to smile a little.


It also seemed that Alois, who had pulled over her hood, was smiling a little.


Unlike Franz, who was stomping, she didn’t hear even the slightest sound of Alois’ footsteps.


Luce, who had been stuck to her door just in case, slipped away after a while.


‘Ha, really.’


Here at the Duke of Ximel, where they went to solve the problem, her medicine was stolen, and she felt like she was in a lot of trouble. 


Luce, lying on the bare floor, didn’t fall asleep until dawn.

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    1. Me too. I love when the MC and an OG Fl or villainess become besties and wreak havoc