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“Is your non-prophecy magic also like that?”


“Aha… It’s not a prophecy but magic.” 


Radanum shrugged his shoulders and replied coolly.


“Magic is somewhat different depending on the degree of wish.”


“It depends on the degree of the wish, not scale?” 


“Yes. Imagine you are a person who is really, really afraid of bugs. If you think, ‘If only someone would remove the beetle from my face, I would give everything!’ I should accept everything, even if it just removes the beetle from your face.”


“Then does the Emperor pay for every command he gives you?”


Radanum, who was staring at the Prince with glowing eyes, shook his head very slowly.




Rev could see the faint interest and anticipation oozing out of that short answer.


“The Emperor of Vladin is my one and only master, so he doesn’t have to pay the price. If he had to pay the price every time, either Vladin’s Treasury or His Majesty’s mind would have run out long ago.”


“If I become the Emperor, will I be able to use you as I please?”


“Yes. I am Vladin’s very faithful and sincere guard dog.”


“Guard dogs. Does His Majesty know that dogs sometimes bite people?”


“Unfortunately, I have a muzzle. That’s impossible— under normal circumstances.”


Radanum’s eyes sparkled strangely, shaking his restraint in the flowing sleeve.


“It sounds like you’ve arranged other possibilities.”


“You may think so. Is the only way a dog can harm its owner is by biting it…?”


That’s Radanum’s real laugh.


Seeing Radanum laughing with his fangs exposed, Rev thought.


Rev looked down at Radanum’s leash and restraints, which were supposed to be muzzled, closed and opened his eyes tightly.


“Or something that cannot be killed, just as Luce did to Menelik.”


The Emperor can’t kill him. Because of a certain prophecy that ‘Radanum can’t tell others’.


If he didn’t like it enough to lock it in the northern tower, he could have dragged him out of the palace and killed him.


But he’s alive. Even though he was imprisoned in this faraway village, his life continues. 


In other words, Chelsea gave the answer to why he has been alive so far.


Just as Chelsea’s premise was wrong, so was his premise.


He wasn’t kept alive.


It was because he couldn’t be killed.


“So you are still worth the use of your family.”


Meanwhile, Radanum wants to use him. Instead of obeying the Emperor’s orders, he is a tool to bring down the Emperor. 


The reason is probably because of the restraints that the Emperor won’t release.


Rev knew that what he would say would change his fate in the future.


However, it must be done.


Feelings of guilt and pity for Luce, as well as the idea that he could use himself and Radanum together, made him open his mouth.


“I command you, Radanum.”


Radanum’s expression, which had been filled with anticipation, calmed down when he heard the words.


“Manipulation of memories.”


“Memories? What memories are you talking about?”


“Memories of fire today.”


Is that the only thing he wants to do, even if he gives away something precious?


Radanum opened his mouth with such a questioning face.


“Should I erase from everyone’s minds the memory of the girl sleeping downstairs? I’m manipulating that she die with that fire. If that happens, Your Highness will be able to take the girl completely without any worries. Is that what you want?”


Radanum’s eyes, which were shaking with interest and joy, soon went back to their usual dullness as if he were bored.


“Then Lucette is still unhappy. Because she has to live with the memory of losing her mother all her life.” 


The voice of the Prince, who had lost his biological mother, sounded very painful.




However, Rev’s voice sounded very welcome, at least to Radanum.


Radanum, who had been staring at the silence of the prince who seemed to be conflicted, looked outside.


A red-haired man hurriedly got out of the carriage and was seen running blindly toward the burnt house.


‘Are you worried about the price? Then it would be good to encourage it a little more.’ 


“I apologize if I didn’t hear what you said. A red-haired man rushed to the burnt house so quickly, I wonder what happened and stop watching.” 


At those words, a shadow fell on Rev’s face.


Radanum smiled and waited for Rev to speak.




Radanum furrowed his eyebrows.


“Erase the memory of Chelsea being Lucette’s mother. From all the people of Xenon and Rodante, including Lucette.” 


“So, you mean the people who live around here, right?”


Radanum, who slightly moved and covered the window, asked naturally.


“Yes, for now.”


‘He can’t let Menelik lose his memory because the young Lord is looking for Luce because of the Empress Consort’s edict. If he suddenly loses his memory and stops looking for it, she will find out that he used magic in the palace.’ 


It was a calculation that it would be more advantageous to fail after repeated searches.


Radanum asked again.


“Are you serious?”




“Are you saying that’s what Your Highness wants, even if you must give something precious in return?”


“Yeah. Didn’t you tell me?”


It was an answer with a sense of urgency.


After thinking for a moment, Radanum bowed his head deeply.


“I will obey your orders.”


Golden vines rose from his fingertips. It was bizarrely bent.


The vines that had been growing slowly along the floor and walls suddenly moved, and their stems quickly spread out.


Each stem swelled and shrank, perhaps injecting memories into people’s heads.


Seeing that, Rev somehow felt sick.


“Really, I often thought that something was strangely somehow…” 


Radanum murmured.


“You make me so happy.”


He looked very happy.


It seemed that the work of manipulating memory had been completed. The stems extending from Radanum’s fingertips were lifted in an instant.


After a few flicks of his long, twig-like fingers, Radanum approached and smiled with his fangs exposed. 


“Okay, my work is done.”  




“Shall I get what you’re going to give me?”


Rev silently held out his arm.


He could feel his skin being ripped away. It’s a familiar feeling.


In a form similar to bleeding away, the wizard seemed to be taking the price.


What will he lose as a result of manipulating their memory of Chelsea?


Even in the midst of dizziness, Rev thought.


‘It is not Luce who is going to be taken away.’


Rev was sure.


It wasn’t because it wasn’t important.


It was none other than Radhanum’s words that made him convinced.


“Think again and answer what is most valuable and precious to Your Highness. Can you give it to me if I ask?”


Radanum asked such a question only to confirm once again that he valued Luce.


To know what his own weaknesses are.


“If he had to pay the price every time, either Vladin’s Treasury or His Majesty’s mind would have run out long ago.” 


Radanum spoke of the ‘treasury’ and the ‘spirit’.


It seemed he was taking gold, jewels, or an element that belonged to the person who requested the magic, not money.


He doesn’t know the prophecy, but at least the Master of Magic takes what belongs to him.


At least, really at least not the person itself.


Rev thought—it’s not the entire Vladin, it’s manipulating the memories of the villagers, so the intensity of the desire will not be so great.


Rev thought of the ‘moderate’ things he would be deprived of.


‘As long as it’s not Luce, it doesn’t matter.’


If it’s gold or jewels, it’s a good thing.


It doesn’t matter if it’s swordsmanship, engineering, or memorization skills.


Oh, there was one thing that would be a problem if it disappeared.


‘I hope it’s not my cooking skills.’


It was when a faint smile formed on Rev’s lips as he thought of Luce enjoying the food he made for his birthday.


The creak faded away. Rev opened his eyes.


Radanum bowed his head again in a very polite manner.


“I’ve received the price well.”


“What did you take?”


When he asked, Radanum smiled.


“It’s not that great by my standards. You will find out soon.”


Then he added.


“Then see you again.”


Then he disappeared.


Left behind, Rev thought.


‘Why did I laugh when I said it wasn’t great?’


He moved his steps and carefully opened the door to the room where Luce was. Then, he looked at Luce’s face, who was still asleep.


Tears no longer flow from Luce’s eyes. It was just swollen.


Rev, who naturally kissed the tear-stained eyes, thought while stroking Luce’s hair.


‘That’s enough because Luce doesn’t cry anymore.’


Rev pressed his lips down to the corners of her eyes, cheeks, and chin, where tears had stayed, and smiled kindly.


‘I’ll be able to see her smiling when she wakes up.’


Contrary to Radanum’s words that he would know soon, he didn’t realize something had disappeared. 




“Go back?”


“I apologize Your Highness the Duke. She said she would cancel the interview scheduled for today at 5:00.”


She heard it. 


Duke Ximel, who was good at hiding her expression, was nevertheless dumbfounded and almost laughed. 


Not too long ago, she was sent back by the Empress Consort, but is it the Emperor this time? 


The Duke of Ximel knew the Emperor and his wife well, no matter what others might think. 


It’s surprising that a couple who doesn’t have any right corner behave right at this time.


The Duke Ximel asked the servant, who glanced at her, clearing her throat. 


“The Empress Consort did that to me before. Perhaps, is something happened to Vladin?”


“Y, yes?” 


“As the Duke of Vladin, if His Majesty the Emperor has a problem, shouldn’t we know together? I understand all too well that you are worried about the lower ones, but I want to tell you that sometimes you can share the burden.” 


The reputation she has built up is very useful when digging up information. 


As expected, the servant, who was conscious of the situation, opened his mouth quietly.


He seemed to think that he had no reason not to tell Ximel.


“That is… His Majesty the Emperor.” 




“A little sick….” 


“Is he sick?” 


Duke Ximel needed time to sort out what she had heard. 


It was hard to believe that the word disease was attached next to an Emperor who was strong enough to ridicule the whole world. 


The Emperor’s health is directly related to the imperial authority. Even a country as powerful as the Vladin Empire was no exception. 


Moreover, the current Emperor is a person with many enemies in many ways. 


He would keep it a secret if he were sick. He is not the type of person who would reveal it. 


‘Moreover, there is an old ghost attached to the Emperor’s side.’


Ximel’s forehead furrowed as she thought. 


‘Are you deliberately trying to spread rumors?’


That’s all she could think of.


If anything, she wonders if it was his political goal to eliminate all the rebellious aristocrats by taking advantage of his illness. 


‘Even after so many purges, there are still nobles left to kill.’


It’s been 20 years since she’s lived with the Emperor’s doubt. 


A flash of thought passed by with physiological anxiety.


‘How long will it last…’


The Duke’s body stiffened for an instant, enough to make the back of her neck stiff.


But then she asked in a worried tone.


“What kind of illness is it? Perhaps, is it a symptom that even the pharmacist in the imperial palace couldn’t handle?”


“Uh, Your Highness. That’s.” 


“I’ll hopefully see if there’s any way I can help. No matter how difficult things are, we can help together.”


The servant, whose lips were pursed at the kind but strangely pressured words, spoke softly.


“I don’t know the details either. However, according to rumors, he suddenly laughs out loud… I heard that he often shouted.”


“So what you mean… he’s stranger than usual?” 


It was a bit disrespectful, but the servant agreed with her words. 


“Yes, more than usual. Not too long ago, the maid told me she had seen him talking to himself” 


“You can talk to yourself. Isn’t it something that many people do when they have problems?” 


“Phew, would he have just been talking to himself?”




“Wasn’t he talking to something?” 


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