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“It looks like an artificial color rather than a natural hair color.”


When the word “artificial” was added, it was ambiguous whether it was a compliment or a curse.


Although the color was similar to the illustration drawn on the box of hair dye at the general store, it wasn’t very pleasant to comment on the hair color that someone else had for life, so Luce replied with a smile.


“Instead of saying it’s artificial, can you say it’s beautiful like a painting?” 


“I agree to the point that “it’s like a painting,” but to the point that it is beautiful—” 




Franz’s face had a clear hint of teasing.


It seemed right that Franz also regarded Luce as his niece. 


As she glared at him in vain, she heard a horse neigh.


It seemed that a carriage had arrived for Menelik.


“By the way, what about your friend? He was always by your side like a cicada attached to an old tree, but where did he go today?”


In terms of size, she thought that Rev was an old tree and that she was a cicada, but Luce answered plainly.


“He’s a bit busy these days because he has a lot of research to do. He asked me to tell you that he regretted not being able to attend the farewell party today.”




Franz had a look of disbelief on his face, but it was true.


Rev has been very busy these days. He didn’t come out because he was stuck on the second floor and only showed his face for a while when making food. 


She wondered if there was so much homework, but Luce soon remembered that he was studying magic engineering on his own.


‘Did he get stuck somewhere else, like when he made this magic tool necklace?’


She didn’t ask because he would only give her explanations that she couldn’t understand even if she asked anyway, but she was a little curious.


What new inventions will he create?


However, Luce decided to wait a bit, not wanting to take away Rev’s proud smile while revealing his invention. 


‘I haven’t seen him so interested for more than a day or two.’


While she was thinking about it, Franz put Angel in the carriage and came back.


“Well, I’m saying this because he’s not here.” 


Franz, who looked at Luce’s face with a question mark for a moment, scratched his eyebrows.


“Do you trust him?”




At the farewell party, she heard a question and answer that was not appropriate to do just before getting in the carriage.


Luce smiled broadly.


“Of course I do.”


“How much?”


“How much… It’s a bit difficult if you ask how much. Can faith be quantified in numbers? I don’t know if I can figure it out and say, “If it’s Rev, I believe about 70 percent,” but I’m not that kind of person.”


“Well, then, speak in a way that is convenient for Miss Lucette. Either talk in comparison to herbs or talk in comparison to the romance novels that Miss Lucette often reads.”


Dietrich, how far did this man spread false rumors?


Luce, who clenched her fist, thought hard at the same time.


“This may sound a bit clichéd. If Sir Franz and I fall into the water at the same time, I think Rev will, of course, come to rescue me.


“It was a very clichéd and obvious answer.  Even if it weren’t Revinas, everyone would go and rescue Miss Lucette if Miss Lucette and I fell into the water, right? I think I can swim out by myself. Any other examples?”


“I think Rev will save me even if I and the only book in the world fall into the water at the same time. What about this?”


“If you’re a human being, of course you should. Above all, books are not worth the time they fall into the water because the ink spreads out. Revinas is smart, so he’ll pay that much. Anything else?”


Being blocked from answering, Luce suddenly realized that Franz was superior, that is to say, a person in the position of superior.


It is the duty of a subordinate to write a perfect report, considering what kind of report it will be, which chart to use, and who the final approver will be.


‘Damn it.’


Luce again began to think about the intention of the question with her brow furrowed.


‘There’s no way you’d ask about a person you like this way. Sir Franz certainly doesn’t like Rev that much. But asking how much I believe is… it seems that what I have to say depends on the strength of my faith.’


And usually, it’s bound to tell her something bad. 


Luce sighed deeply and opened her mouth. 


“I believe in Rev. To what extent, I believe that when it rains, he will put an umbrella over me first rather than a book. I believe that if I lie on the cold floor, he will cover me with a blanket and bring me a pillow. I also believe that we try hard to keep our promises to each other. More than anything.”   


Then she looked up at Franz with a mysterious expression and shook her head.


“I believe he won’t talk about me in my absence.”




“I’m not sure what story you want to tell me, but I don’t think it’s a good story about Rev. Of course, I know that you are thinking of me, but I want you to know that I can only hear it as epilepsy when you say it in that way.”




“Whatever the intentions are.”


Franz thought for a moment.


The eyes of a 15-year-old child, which should shine brightly, reflect at first glance.


He had met many people and had come face-to-face with many people. He was an expert in judging people based on instinct and intuition.


He thought that this smart, well-spoken girl was a little desperate.


She wants to believe in just one thing and leave at least one thing to believe in.


It was deplorable that it was, after all, a suspicious boy.


Franz, who was trying to tell her about his conversation with Rev at the Duke of Ximel, decided to give up.


“Yeah. I know what you’re thinking.”


Instead, he decided to leave the room.


“But, I got it a little bit wrong. I wanted to tell you that men of any age are not to be trusted.”




Luce, who was becoming reluctant, opened her mouth. 


Franz hid his intentions behind his words.


“He is like that too. I know that Miss Lucette is friendly with Revinas, but the guys called men have a secretly cunning side. Even if Miss Lucette doesn’t think so, we don’t know about Revinas….” 


“Ack, what are you talking about! He’s like— what is it, he’s like my son!” 


“Have you forgotten that Revinas is two years older than Miss Lucette? Seeing you hate it like this, it seems like you’ve never thought about it like that before? I am saying this as a man who lived his life first, so take my advice carefully.”


“Really, where did you get such a story! Did you know you really said something like an old man right now?!”


“I knew it was right because of the situation and because I’m an old man.” 


Franz, who was closely examining the terrified Luce’s reaction, turned around.


Angel was shouting.


“Father, they say they are leaving soon!”


“Yes, yes. I get it.”


Franz, who made a rough gesture to Angel, snapped his fingers a few times.


She wondered if this was some trick again, but a card popped out of his fingertips.


“…Do you do magic too?”


“It was one of the tricks to attract my wife’s attention, who was sitting next to me at the bar. When they have a girl they like, men typically tend to want to show off what they are good at doing. Whether you realize it or not. Take this, by the way.”


The card she reluctantly accepted looked like a small business card.


The gold-coated business card had an address written on it. The strange address system didn’t seem to be an official address.


“It’s a mailbox in Menelik County, where I will stay. Well, I don’t think Miss Luchette will likely come to Menelik County. If you have something going on, need someone to ask for advice, or are just short on pocket money, send a letter here.”


Luce was at a rare loss for words.


“If I didn’t write the real home address where I would be staying, I could move somewhere in the middle. The PO Box address won’t change as long as I work in Menelik County, so you can send it here.  I’m saying this just in case, but you must write your name, okay? I’m more popular than you think, so I might throw it away thinking it’s a fan letter.”


Come to think of it, Franz hadn’t talked to his father, the Baron, for a long time at the farewell party. 


Whatever the implications of the conversation, Franz seemed genuinely concerned about her.


She was a little touched and very grateful. She also seemed to have tears in her eyes.


As if he knew such Luce, Franz patted her on the shoulder with his rough hands instead of just talking nonsense.


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  1. … Luce’s mother will just die and be forgotten like that…?

    1. Holy cow… it gets worse and worse the more I think about it. Even Dahlia lost her best friend – even knowing she had such a best friend. And everything Chelsea did to keep herself hidden just makes it that much easier for the memory manipulation to work 🙁 That’s terrifying as much as it’s sad.