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“Eighteen is the age at which you can get married. No matter how good your friend is, you can’t just live together with him.”


“Oh…. Right. That’s true.”


‘I’ve been staying at Rev’s house for too long.’


Since her house collapsed in the summer, Rev has been taking care of her at his house for more than six months. 


She was given some gold coins as compensation for the land. It was quite a large amount of money to compensate for the old house in the birch forest, but Luce decided to think about it as if Yohan had taken advantage of it a little.


She kept silent since it would be difficult to question whether that was the wrong amount and have it taken away from her because he made a calculation error.


She’s not sure why he took that money to the Duke of Ximel.


There was also a little pocket money the Baron gave in the name of educational expenses and maintenance of dignity.


She could rent a house on the outskirts of Rodante because she had saved money by selling books for display and taking notes that Yohan had left behind. 


“I’ve been looking for some houses, but I can’t find a suitable place.”


So Luce went around looking for a house. Because it was a real estate transaction, Rev always accompanied her because she was likely to be ignored if she went alone. 


There were only three criteria for Luce to look at the house—a house with good ventilation, good lighting, and a strong roof.


Since there are so many old buildings in Rodante, there were some places that were not good, but there were also some that were quite good than she thought.


It was good for a girl to live alone. The price wasn’t bad either.


However, it was common for the broker to shake his head with a very embarrassed expression when he took the down payment to make a transaction for the sale.


Was the transaction completed in the meantime?


“That fast?! It’s only been less than half an hour!”


“T, that’s what happened.”


‘It’s really hard to get one room of my own, it’s hard.’


Did she take Rodante’s interest in real estate too lightly?


Luce was tired after finding out that the house wasn’t for sale, so she lived in Rev’s house half and half in others. 


Of course, Luce didn’t hate staying at Rev’s house. She was grateful for it. But continuing to live together was another matter.


He was the opposite gender, and most importantly, he was a stranger even though he was a friend.


They care and respect each other, but they can’t be as comfortable as a family.


‘I’ve never lived with my family, so why is that?’


Mrs. Plum asked Luce, who was tidying her hair with a throbbing headache.


“Are there not that many empty houses in Rodante?”


“Right before the contract, someone kept stealing the property.”


“Was Rodante such an active place for housing transactions….” 


Mrs. Plum, muttering, clapped.


“What do you think about building a house instead of looking for it?”


“Build a house?”


“I’m trying to find a house in Rodante, partly because it’s easy to take lessons and partly because it’s what the Lord wants. I plan to open an apothecary shop here.”


“Yes, I see.” 


“But wouldn’t it be nice to build a house in the village of Xenon, not just Rodante? It’s a short distance to Rodante anyway, and since it’s a grassland area, shouldn’t there be plenty of land to build houses on? We can ask Aide Yohan for the land captain, and if you build a house, you can get permission quickly.”


“It sounds great, but I never thought about building a house. Would it be okay?” 


It’s not like she’s heard of a real estate scammer in her past life.


Mrs. Plum tapped Luce on the shoulder as he muttered.


“If you really have such a thought, I will introduce you to someone I know. He’s the architect who built the house I’m living in now and is quite good. If you say you came after being introduced to me, he’ll give you a discount.”


After listening to it, she thought it might be better that way.


She had a vague idea that building a new house would be pricey and expensive, but from what she heard from Mrs. Plum, it was a rather reasonable amount. 


Leaving everything else aside, she shouldn’t continue to be indebted to Rev. 


Luce thought she should talk to Rev if they met later. 


After saying goodbye to Mrs. Plum, Luce stopped at the General Store to buy a small gift.


‘Looking back, I feel like I’m the only one who has been congratulated. I gave medicines and scarves, but it was Rev who made cakes and food. I asked when his birthday was, but he didn’t tell me, so I couldn’t take care of it properly.’


Luce twitched as she put Rev’s share of gifts in her bag. 


It was snowing.


‘I like that my birthday is in winter. I can have a snowball fight and build a snowman.’ 


The sound of stepping on the snow was good, and it was good to hear the sound of snow piling up.


Although it was cold outside, thinking about the warm fireplace or thick clothes made her feel warm.


While she came out early without self-study, Luce, who was trying to make snow in the square and roll it small, realized that a lot of snow had accumulated before she knew it. 


It was unexpected that the carriage service was suspended due to quite a lot of snow, but Luce decided to walk, thinking this was also a winter romance.


‘Oh, there are multiple plants.’


Seeing the medicine she learned today was very nice, but the plural plant that blooms between the eyes is beautiful but poisonous. 


As she had learned from Mrs. Plum, Luce kept her eyes on the plant and hid them so that someone who had no knowledge of pharmacology wouldn’t touch them, saying they were pretty and walking slowly.


It was when she walked for some time. She could see Rev’s house in the distance. 


‘Oh, the light….’


There were a total of three rules of life that she promised while living in his house.


The first is not to enter the 2nd floor, and the second is not to take Rev’s medicine.


Up to this point, there was no difference from the existing rules, but there was one new addition.


Thirdly, don’t worry if she hears a sound from the second floor. It’s not a big deal. 


It’s only normal that noise is made when engineering products.


So the newly added third rule wasn’t too big a deal by Luce’s standards, but Rev confirmed it several times.


“It’s really nothing, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


“You know you’re saying that for the fifth time, right? Okay, I will never go up.”


Since there are rules, Luce didn’t pay much attention to the second floor.


When she saw a boy there, she gave him a quick look, but he wasn’t anything special, and she wasn’t very interested in his engineering tools.  


But the light was a little different.


When she woke up from her sleep, the lights flashed from time to time on the second floor.


At first glance, there were times when a person’s shadow could be seen reflected on the floor.


She wanted to ask if it was welding, but Rev’s studio had no windows. 


‘So that light isn’t the light that comes from making engineering supplies.’


What could it be?


In Luce’s narrowed eyes, along with the blue and sharp light, she could see the silhouette of a person without fail.


‘Is it Rev?’  


The shadow of someone very thin and tall was moving very slowly.


‘No, Rev isn’t that skinny… oh, it’s Rev.’


She could tell just by looking at the silhouette.


Rev stood next to the shadow of someone who was very thin.


‘Then what I’ve heard and seen so far is not Rev’s voice… it was someone else’s voice?’


Luce’s room was on the first floor.


Of course, Luce had no choice but to know when someone came in and out of the door, but she had never seen or heard anyone else coming and going through the front door.


Then who is that? It was around the time when Luce was thinking.


At the same time as someone tall and thin bowed his head to the fullest, the blue light flashed strangely.


And the light and someone disappeared at the same time.




Luce seriously doubted her eyesight.


‘That’s like… teleport.’


Her conclusion was clear even when she recalled the scene just before her over and over again.


The person who existed a moment ago disappeared along with the light. It’s something that can’t be explained other than the word teleport.


Is it new technology made by Rev?


‘But can you call that kind of thing in the realm of engineering?’


Even in Ximel’s estate, which was said to be one of the most advanced, magic engineerings was only used to speed up horses, no matter how advanced it was. 


Could this be possible? Luce, who had been thinking about it, headed home half-enthusiastic.


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  1. Thank you so much for the translation! I’m just kind of hoping she remembers her mother soon… while yes the grief is terrible I feel like forgetting the person entirely is worst ㅠㅠ